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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

MSM Still Can't Figure Out the Motive For Mass Shooting in Boulder Colorado

[Local Yokel News] Dougherty said the person in custody was the shooter, who was identified Tuesday morning as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21.

CBS Denver helicopter footage captured authorities escorting a shirtless man in handcuffs who appeared to have a bleeding leg from the scene, but authorities would not confirm if that man is the person in custody.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Schönborn Trivializes His "Warning" of Islamic Threat

Is Cardinal Warning of an Islamic Invasion of Europe?
(Vienna) "Schönborn warns of Islamic conquest of Europe" (ORF), "Schönborn: 'Many Muslims want a conquest of Europe.'" (OE24). The headlines reveal a suspicious departure from the current "Welcome Culture". But is that really true?

Active Advocate of Unrestricted Border Opening

Vienna's Archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, was thought to be one of the most active advocates of an unrestricted opening of the border for mass immigration. It's a  process which proceeds more under the heading "Refugee Aid", and has dominated the political debate since last year not just in Austria.
Church institutions are among the main service providers that organize the reception of refugees professionally on behalf of the state. However, a majority of them are economic migrants, as government politicians now admit. The proportion of genuine refugees under the international conventions is given, depending on the estimate at 20-33 percent. Each genuine refugee, therefore, is up to four economic migrants entering the country.
However, Cardinal Schönborn has refused to make, together with Caritas and much of the political elite, any differentiation. It's a refusal which corresponds to the attitude of the immigration party par excellence, the Greens, which was taken in 2015 from still unknown reasons from both Austrian government parties, the Social Democratic SPÖ and the Christian Democratic People's Party. The resulting bold slogan, Refugee Welcome, comes from the vocabulary of the extreme left.

Voting Advice for the Candidates of Immigration Party par excellence

Last May, Cardinal Schönborn, in the context of the subject of mass immigration and Islamization campaign, made a bizarre voting recommendation - which he did not want to be understood as such - for the federal presidential candidate of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen. The president of The Austrian Bishops' Conference made ​​the statement:
"Nobody has the truth, and you yourself do not."
In Catholic circles in Vienna  the statement, unusual for a Catholic bishop, was read as a benevolent signal to the lodge brothers. Van der Bellen had been a member in 1975 of the Masonic Lodge in Innsbruck. In contrast, his opponent Norbert Hofer, of the nationalist, conservative Freedom Party of Austria at (FPÖ), has the Order of St. George, by which the Cardinal seems but very little impressed.
Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun  previously responded to voters of Catholic organizations for Van der Bellen after which the diocesan bishops, including the Archbishop of Vienna, were enveloped in silence:
"That Christians are, either  thoughtless or, even worse, are already so brainwashed  that they are prepared to choose a declared God and therefore enemy of the Church - and that others also want to seduce - shows what condition circles in the Church are."
The election was subsquently annulled by the Constitutional Court because of irregularities and must be repeated in the autumn. Whether Schönborn will repeat his election manifesto, which not supposed to be one, will be repeated or not, should be the test of truth for statements made last Sunday and the credibility of the Church in Austria.

Consistently Incorrectly Analyzed Mass Immigration

In December 2015 Schönborn had, for the Slovak weekly magazine Týždeň, sharply criticized the "refugee policies" of the immigration policies of countries neighboring Austrian: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. He accused the governments of these countries of being "blinded by a vicious propaganda". He was "ashamed" of the rejection of a mass immigration by these countries "in so-called Christian arguments" like the "fear of Islamisation". A "rational calculation" shows that Europe "needs millions of immigrants to maintain our lifestyle." What Schönborn honestly reveals, indicates that there are in reality very different motivations behind the "refugee crisis."
Yet on March 13, 2016, Schönborn reiterated on ORF television Press Hour of the Austrian Church Hierarchy "consistently incorrectly analyzed mass immigration" (see The Church "Refugee" - Craze Continues - Cardinal Schönborn's Dangerous Illusions and the Decline of the Church ). The attitude of the church hierarchy was marked by "clandestine agreements, self-censorship, confused talk" and "siding with the powerful," says the Catholic theologian and Pro-lifer Wolfram Schrems.

But what is Cardinal Schönborn saying now?

"Today 333 years ago, Vienna was saved. Will there now be a third attempt at an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims think and wish that and say: This is Europe at the its end. And I think that Europe today should ask as Moses today's reading and what God the Merciful does with his younger son: Lord, give us another chance! Do not forget that we are your people just as Moses reminds him: It's YOUR people, YOU have led them out, YOU have sanctified them, they are YOUR people."

Schönborn's Maria Name Day sermon and its "clarification"

The statement is less spectacular than some media have stressed. And yet, from the mouth of Vienna's archbishop it is something spectacular to hear that he is convinced that "many Muslims think and wish" that there will be a "third attempt of an Islamic conquest of Europe". As to being a real "warning", such as claimed by the ORF, it was not, however.
Where id it the cardinal said this?
The statement came on September 11, at the end of his homily for this year's Mary Name Day Ceremony in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral. The festival is an annual meeting, which was founded by the Franciscan Petrus Pavlicek at the 1947 prayer a0ction,  "Expiatory Rosary Crusade."
Cardinal Schönborn is reputed to have the adaptability to accommodate his respective audience. Is this true for his homily last Sunday? Was it a rush of realization from a process of reflection that led the Cardinal to the conclusion that "Europe is at the end" that Europe "is well on the way of forfeiting its Christian heritage"?  Or is the Cardinal only addressing a pious and "conservative" target audience?

The Relativization

When his unusual statements appeared on the Internet and spread fast. they were interpreted as a departure from the previous "Welcome Course" in matters of immigration and asylum, the Cardinal quickly addressed a corrective. On Twitter, he was eager to dispel this false impression:
"Do not get my message as a call to arms against the refugees".
He also referred to the website of the Archdiocese of Vienna, where "the intention of the sermon was again clarified" than as ORF reported. The archdiocese had published the sermon  in the text and to be safe, included commentary to prevent any misunderstanding from arising.
The blame does not fall upon Islam, not even the Islamists,  insisted the cardinal.  "We put the Christian heritage of Europe in danger."
The commentary explains: "Islamism could indeed may be the beneficiary [...]. But hope lies in the mercy of God." Then the comment is even clearer: "From the context it is also clear that  the Cardinal does not care to enter into a defensive struggle to defend Christian values ​​against Islam ".
In the Sonntag,  weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese, Cardinal Schönborn issued the "following clarification":
"Europe's Christian heritage is at risk because we Europeans have squandered it. It has nothing to do with Islam or even the refugees. It is clear that many Islamists would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for our weakness. We are, the Europeans ourselves."
So there is nothing new in Vienna? "Nothing new," confirms a Viennese informant.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: OE24 (Screeenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jihadist: "Will Pray in Rome" -- New Video by ISIS

Islamic State: The Goal is Rome

(Rome) The terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) has released a new propaganda video. The video shows a suicide bomber shortly before his deed. In his message he appears certain that Islam will carry "victory"  and the followers of Allah will soon pray in Rome instead of the Christians.
The suicide bomber blew himself up shortly after recording his video message in Benghazi in Libya in the air. He turns in his message to the jihadists in Syria and Iraq, who he wants to "win" and  to "pray in Rome".
Abdel Rahman el-Libi is the name of the Islamic kamikaze. He refers in his message to the "prophet" Mohammed, who had already predicted the victory over Rome. The Islamists should not fret neither the unity of the "crusaders," nor the Arab tyrants who were against them, Allah will give them victory. "We are a united nation and sharia will prevail throughout the world."
The video lasts 14 minutes and shows several pictures of suicide attacks in Libya and references inter alia to the Libyan General Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the army of the government of Tobruk.
According to the press agency Alwasat, Abdel Rahman el-Libi was killed in a suicide bombing last July 30 against a center of the Libyan army in Kawarsha in Benghazi. His video has just now been released by the Islamic State (IS) on the Internet.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: SxS (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coptic Christian Beheaded in Egypt

Copts are suffering a new wave of Islamic violence.
(Cairo) on Monday, July 4, a Coptic Christian was stabbed in Tanta (Gharbia Governorate) by Islamists and then beheaded.
The 33-year-old pharmacist and Coptic Christian, Magdy Attia, was lured with a medication order into a house and killed there. According to Egyptian media reports, the house is inhabited by Salafists.
Witnesses said they had seen Magdy Attila half an hour with two men outside the building in a lively discussion. Other witnesses reported cries for help, which came out of the house.
The body of the Coptic Christian was found with nine stab wounds and beheaded. Video surveillance cameras were recorded two men covered with blood who left the house. They were identified and arrested by the police.
The police did not have any further details about the background of the event. The arrested men are Muslims.
Egypt is currently beset by a new wave of anti-Christian violence. On Tuesday, a Coptic Orthodox nun was killed. According to police, it had been a "tragic accident". She had been killed  by an "stray bullet". A few days earlier the Coptic priest, Raphael Moussa, was killed on the Sinai Peninsula. The attack was acknowledged by the jihadist militia known as the Islamic State (IS).
The city Tanta in the Nile Delta is located approximately halfway between Cairo and Alexandria and has approximately 450,000 inhabitants.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: asenseofbelonging (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coptic Nun Killed -- Local Police Say "Stray Bullet"

Coptic Christians continue to suffer Islamic persecution.
(Cairo) Yesterday, July 5, a Coptic nun was shot dead in Egypt.
The police called it a "tragic accident".  It currently not being treated as a crime. The nun was accidentally caught in a shootout between two rival clans. An stray bullet  killed the nun, says Fides .
The Orthodox nun Athanasia was, along with two sisters and a driver, on the way back from Cairo in the monastery Mar Girgis in Alexandria. In al-Khatatba, a bullet suddenly  struck one of the Women Religious in the vehicle. Sister Athanasia was killed on the spot.
The first reports reported an anti-Christian attack.The investigating police of Guizeh denied this, however, describing the shooting between two local Muslim clans as the reason for the "accidental" death of the nun.

Sister Athanasia +

Burned Christian houses

On June 24, several Christian homes had been burned in al-Baeda in Alexandria. A Muslim mob had gathered after Friday prayers in front of the house of Christian Naim Aziz because the false rumor was spread among Muslims, that the house may be converted into a church. The Muslims shouted the slogan: "Under no circumstances will there be a church here." To be sure, deeds followed their  words, and and they burned down the house of a Christian and a few other Christian homes for good measure.
The Church of the Christians of al-Baeda, is located  six kilometers in the neighboring town.

murdered Coptic priest

Father Raphael Moussa +

The Christians of Egypt have been experiencing a new wave of Islamic violence for months. Last Thursday a Coptic Orthodox priest was murdered on the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt. The priest Raphael Moussa was 46 years old. After the Holy Mass, which he celebrated in the Mar Girgis Church of the city of El-Arish in the north of the peninsula, he was killed in the parking lot in front of the church by a targeted shot. The murder was claimed by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).
El-Arish is located on the Mediterranean coast, with nearly 150,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the Sinai. The city, is where in 1118, Baduin I., the first king of Jerusalem, died during Crusader period, and was besieged and occupied in 1799 by Napoleon, and made the headlines recently because of organ trafficking. Bedouin tribes kidnap African migrants and remove their organs, which are sold to hospitals. This has been confirmed by the German government.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Coptictoday / Fides (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Silent March for the Kidnapped Metropolitans in Amman

Damascus / Beirut, 20.5.13 (Yarmulke) On Tuesday the Christian churches organized a silent march in which they are demanding the release of the two Bishops abducted a month ago in Aleppo, Metropolitan Mar Gregorios Yuhanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi. "The initiative is to have all Christian denominations connected,” said Archbishop Maroun Lahham, Vicar General for Jordan of the Latin Patriarchate Jerusalem for Vatican news agency Fides.

At the same time in the Old City of Jerusalem, the release of the two metropolitans Aleppo is required. On Tuesday, the Christian churches call in Amman, Jordan in a silent march for the release of the two. (Photo: Andrea Krogmann, 2013) Also on Tuesday there will be an international conference on the situation of Christians in the Middle East, in which the situation of the disappeared Aleppo metropolitans and the other victims of abduction will be raised, at Notre-Dame-du-Mont monastery in Beirut. It has been organized by the World Council of Churches, together with the Near Eastern Churches MECC conference, for which 150 participants are expected, in particular, it should also address questions of Christian-Muslim relations, the threat of extremism and social justice. [Oh, that slippery concept again.]

In the last MECC General Assembly, a proposal was drawn up, which was taken by the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches in 2011. The Central Committee noted at the time that "the living faith of Christians has its roots in the Middle East. This faith is nurtured by the unbroken testimony of the local Churches, whose roots go back to apostolic times." Without the Christian presence there, the coexistence of peoples of different religions and cultures in the Middle East, which is "a sign of God's love for all humanity", would be in danger.

Solidarity and Ecumenism

Michel Nseir, who is responsible for the activities of the World Council of Churches Middle East, emphasized now that the "ecumenical concern for the importance of the Christian presence in the Middle East" significantly differs from the attitude of those "who want to inflame Islamophobia". Just down the road on the forthcoming 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan, it was necessary in the "pilgrimage for peace and justice” to involve the churches in the Middle East and their take concern with "generous solidarity and a truly ecumenical spirit of unity in action". Among the speakers at the conference - scheduled for the 25th of May - is the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, Samuel Kobia, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Former (Orthodox) Lebanese Minister Tarek Mitri and the Coptic scientist and former adviser Mursi Samir Morcos.

Assad talks about the Abduction

Syrian President Bashar Assad has taken the first time publicly on the fate of the two abducted Aleppo metropolitans position. In an interview published at the weekend with the Argentine daily newspaper "Clarin" he was asked, among other things about the two bishops. Assad replied: "We have preliminary information that they are close to the Syrian-Turkish border. We are pursuing this matter very closely and cooperating with the Orthodox patriarchates, so that the Metropolitans will be freed from the hands of terrorist groups, by whom they have been kidnapped."

(Kipa / cap / on)

Edit: just for once it would be nice to have something like this not become co-opted by agitating Socialist entities like the World Council of Churches (another ape of the Catholic magisterium) and their quest for “social justice”, however, any ecumenical effort on behalf of these men is something most Catholics can agree upon.