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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Viganò, Viganò" Shouted From the Crowd at the General Audience Today

(Rome) There was an incident at today's general audience in St. Peter's Square. A group of the faithful called out, "Viganò, Viganò".
The leftist Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano reported the episode and documented the incident with a video. The report was written by journalist Francesco Antonio Grana, a Bergoglian:
"At the end of the general audience today, Wednesday, a group of faithful joined the chorus, Viganò, Viganò '. A clear tribute to the former Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò, who recently called for Bergoglio's resignation."
Certain media, notably the New York Times, attempted to downplay the implications of the Viganò memorandum and cast doubt on the credibility of the former top diplomat of the Holy See, speaking of an intrigue of "ultra-conservative" circles against the "good" pope. In the same style an attempt was made to reinterpret the protest of the faithful in St. Peter's Square. The believers called not "Viganò" but "Italo," referring to Bishop Italo Castellani of Lucca in Tuscany, who had attended the general audience with the names of his diocese.
The reality in Rome is so different now that the dossier of the former nuncio in the US has rocked Santa Marta like no other document in the past five years.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pope Francis Writes Forward to Sex-Abuse Victim's Book

Freiburg i.Ü., 14.2.17 ( For four years Freiburg resident, Daniel Pittet was raped as an altar boy by a priest. The 58-year-old father wrote a book about it. He describes to the long path from abuse victim to the abuse book.

Maurice Page
"On August 15, 1971, at the age of twelve, I forgave the priest who raped me before I was out of his clutches," says Daniel Pittet in conversation with "It was the forgiveness of a child, sure. But on that day I heard him preaching about the Mother of God. People dried their tears with handkerchiefs. I knew I should be raped by Father Joël Allaz after the Mass. This was almost like a 'liturgy'. I said to myself, 'He is a priest, and what he says is right. There is another man in him, a creep, a pig. I made my accounting. I forgave him.'
The conversation takes place at the kitchen table. The former altar boy in Freiburg Cathedral recalls: "I have prayed to the Mother of God and to Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus (Thérèse of Lisieux, editor) to take me away from this man. I have cried streams, filled bathtubs. It took some time, however, before I was transferred to the St. Paul sisters, where my great aunt lived, who decided that I should not go to that Father Joel."

«I remain a fragile man»

Actually, Pittet does not want to return to the past, "because I was built on this. Who would I be today if I had not experienced this? I'm sure I would not be better. I have suffered a lot. I have learned modesty. The enthusiasm that I had as a child, I still have. I founded a family. I would not have found a better way, even if I am mentally and physically quite damaged. I remain a fragile man, but I know that what I am saying is true. I also know that certain people in the Church will be horrified. But you have to make a clean slate."
But you have to make a clean slate
Pittet comes from a broken family. The father left them when the boy was four years old. "When I told my grandmother and my mother that I was going to a Capuchin in the nearby cloister, they were very proud. They were glad to see that he took me up and brought me back. I have never dared to tell them anything. My mother had asked the priest to give me sexual education classes."
«Such facts break a family»
The priest regularly raped  boys from 1968 to 1972. "The most beautiful photo of my childhood comes from Father Joël. He published it in their magazine 'Foyers' and added a text that was full of ambiguous allusions. At school, the teachers noticed that something was wrong, but this led this to the death of my grandmother and the problems in the family after the departure of my father. I was also with a psychiatrist who did not find anything or say anything. He never addressed me on sexual matters. Either he hadn't done his job or then he assumed that a judge would never have believed me. Such facts leave a family broken. So no one dares to talk about it."
He took 'difficult' guys up there with him

«This is for me»

The Capuchin Joël Allaz was a person highly esteemed in Freiburg. "One of the brothers witnessed a rape and asked the priest to leave me alone. He told me not to come any more. Father Joël, however, chuckled him off with the words 'Shut up.' He was only a brother and probably did not dare to interfere."
"He was good, even very good, in the 'professional' field. When the matter became public, I had many problems with people who knew him. In the Order, he enjoyed much autonomy and did not have to account to anyone, both in pastoral care and finance. In La Roche (in the Friborg Voralpen, the editor) he rented a chalet from a women's religious order. There he took 'difficult' guys with him. He knew very well how he could make up children who suffered, and of those whom he thought: "This one is for me."
Happy years in Einsiedeln
Three years after Daniel Pittet had been freed from the priest's grip, the latter disappeared from his memory. The young man went to Einsiedeln where he was "protected as in a cocoon" in the abbey. Retrospectively, Pittet referred to this time as "four years of happiness for my reconstruction." He appreciated the spiritual life and worship. The past had disappeared from consciousness. "Father Joël was wearing the robe of the Capuchins, I that of the Benedictines. I was never aware that we were alike in any way."
But I wanted the capuchin leave children alone
Pittet worked as a novice in a regional hospital. When he was 22 years old, a woman who had suffered a traffic accident died in his arms. Pittet suffered from a severe inflammation of the brain [meningitis?]. He went back to civilian life and said good-bye to his career in the Order.

Faith or Non-Faith?

"I had to decide whether I wanted to keep faith or not. I followed the advice of Cardinal Charles Journet, for whom I had been a altar server: if you are suffering, then go nine times to Bourguillon (a place of pilgrimage to Marienwall near Freiburg, the editor.). OnAt the ninth time I met a girl in the chapel who was crying. I entrusted her to the Mother of God and had chosen to believe."
In Freiburg, Pittet joined the prayer movement of the Prayer Apostolate and became its president. Under his leadership in Freiburg, the Catholic meetings "Praying and giving testimony," which are directed primarily to church youth. In this context, he encountered other victims of abuse. In 1989, he came upon a victim of Father Joël. "It was like waking up. I fell into a trance. My whole story came back to the surface. "
Like a hot potato returned
Pittet did not want to swallow it anymore and contacted the official (judge) of the diocesan section of the diocese of Lausanne-Geneva-Freiburg, Jean-Claude Périsset, later Vatican diplomat and nuncio in Germany. This gave him faith. He confronted the Capuchin himself. Joel Allaz acknowledged the deeds. "At that time I was the only applicant." He received a paper confirming the facts. "But I wanted the Capuchin to leave children alone." He was transferred to France. "They told me he was going to be treated and that I should not take care any longer about the matter. Whatever I did."
First contacts with the media
The matter rested until 2002, when Daniel Pittet discovered that the Capuchin was still "active" in Grenoble, France. "The diocese had indeed returned Father Joel to the Capuchins like a hot potato, and the Provincial has sent him elsewhere."
The media became aware of the matter. A friend of the journalist contacted Daniel Pittet and asked if he knew anything. "I'm not quite sure, but there is me." The passage into the media relieved the victim, he gave anonymous information. But there were also people who suggested that he should keep his mouth shut. This led him to a depression. He was ill for several months.
Encounter with Francis
The well-known French homeless priest and longtime friend, Guy Gilbert, advised him to write a book, and made contact with his publishing house "Philippe Rey". With the help of the Freiburg author Micheline Repond, the book came about. The last impulse to publication was given by Pope Francis. Pittet met the Pope during the time of origin of his book , "Loving is Giving Everything."  Francis had asked him where his enthusiasm came from. During the conversation, I said: "I was raped by a priest for four years, when he took me in his arms" the Pope responded, "This is extraordinary." 
Francis wanted to know more and asked if the priest was still alive? "Yes." The Pope asked him to give witness to this in a book. Pittet promised to bring an Italian translation of the already existing manuscript to Rome. "I asked him to write a foreword. He did not answer me clearly but promised that we would meet again." The Pope wrote this preface.
When I saw him, it hurt

Victims challenge perpetrators

Pittet also considered that his "tormentor" could express himself in the book. He wanted to say to him, "Thanks to you, I was in shit. It must be for you too. You must be able to talk about your suffering." West Moravian bishop Charles Morerod sought the priest. In the afterward to the book, the bishop reported on the encounter.
Pittet continues: "When I read the story (of the priest, editor), I said to myself," That is terrible. I had even more sympathy with him."n There was also a meeting between the two in the monastery. "When I saw him, it hurt me, for it strengthened me in what I had been thinking for forty years: he was a perverse, sick pedophile." He spoke as an egoist only of himself and his suffering. He had no word for the victims.
It needs a preface from the Pope so that he will be excluded from the priesthood
He was convinced that he would end up in hell. "I replied," You are not the only one who has done terrible things. When you confess and the priest forgives you, we will meet again in heaven. It was as if I'd betrayed him with a 'trick' to go to heaven. I'm glad I could tell him that."
Open questions
Daniel Pittet is pleased today that he is supported by good persons, his wife, a close friend and also by priests and religious. He could now be "completely free" behind the book.
The diocese today takes the situation very seriously, but must go even more to the victims, who see him as a "flag carrier". The abuse of children is still not taken seriously anywhere. Thus the Pope had told him: "Pedophiles in Italy? That does not exist." Pittet hopes that his book will draw more people's attention to the problem.
There are unfortunately some drops of bitterness. The Capuchins have released Joël Allaz of all positions and pastoral tasks. But he was not excluded from the Order. Pittet: "It is presumably because of the preface by the Pope that he is excluded from the priesthood. But if he were not in the monastery, he would have resumed of his nature, or would have been killed." ( / Translation to German from French: Georges Scherrer)
The book "Mon Père, je vous pardonne" by Daniel Pittet has been published by French publisher "Edition Philippe Rey". On request, the publisher declared that it was necessary to check whether a German-language translation would be given, but "assumes it".
Edit: the story was also covered in CNA, kind of a puff piece.  They don't go into Francis' own congtroversial statement, or that the priest himself is unrepentant and still in the order.
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Accusations Against Cardinal Marx for Handling of a Sex Abuse Case

The President of the German Bishops' Conference is being criticized in a suspected case of sexual abuse of a minor ten years previously by a priest in the diocese of Trier.

Trier ( The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Reinhold Cardinal Marx is being criticized in a suspected case of sexual abuse of a minor ten years previously by a priest in the diocese of Trier.

As reported by Saarland Broadcasting, Marx knew as the then Bishop of Trier in 2006 of the legal proceedings against the clergyman. While the accused had partially confessed to the abuse of a young person, the charges had reached the statute of limitations and the authorities discontinued the investigation. The diocese of Trier had thoroughly questioned the pastor, after the latter had denied the allegations. The files of the judiciary were not requested.

As a spokesman for the prosecutor of Saarbrücken confirmed on Wednesday for the Catholic News Agency (KNA). the diocese was informed in 2006 about the termination of the criminal proceedings. However, that was probably done informally - without giving any reasons, such that the adjustment was made ​​due to the statute of limitation.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising confirmed on the same day that Marx took part in a meeting of the Staff Council of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trier in 2006, in which a message of the prosecution was that the case was being handled by discontinuing the investigation. The procedure was followed "according to the then applicable guidelines of the German Bishops' Conference" from the year of 2002. "Today, such a case would have been handled otherwise, it would have initiated its own investigations," said the spokesman. "The German bishops have experienced consequences from the bitter experiences and corresponding decided upon new guidelines that apply to all dioceses."

The Church's handling of the prosecution in cases of abuse have been clarified in the guidelines of the German Bishops' Conference in 2010 and then again in 2013. As amended in 2010, it states that a preliminary canonical investigation would be conducted regardless of method of secular justice. But they served only as much given the results of state prosecution.

In 2013 was the first handling of unsolved cases was to be regulated by state counsel. So it says in paragraph 39: If a statute of limitations period has occurred, "but factual indications exist which justify the admission of sexual abuse of minors or adult wards, the competent ecclesiastical authorities should take pains to clarify it within their own means."

As the diocese of Trier announced in May, an investigation of the public prosecutor took place in 2006, 2013 and 2016,against the now 64-year-old priest. The respective investigations have in the meantime been discontinued. The records of 2006 had only been received by the diocese in the spring of 2016. Those documents offer a reasonable initial suspicion for acts involving a then underage person which indeed is barred under state, but not by canon law. The Vatican has tightened the statute of limitations for such crimes in recent years several times.

On this basis, the current Bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann, initiated an ecclesiastical preliminary investigation against the priest, according to the diocese. The priest, who was around 30 years in a parish in Saarland, has been prohibited since, from worshiping openly and maintaining contact with children and adolescents. The clergyman had since undertaken multiple vacation trips with young people, according to the diocese.

Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Celebrity" Priest Attacks Hollywood Hypocrisy on Gossip Magazine

Edit: whatever one thinks of Father Robert Sirico, he's right about this.  Of course, the entertainment industry has a huge problem with sex abuse that is covered up by a modern cabal of secrecy.  The Boston Globe, among others, also celebrates sexual predators like Allen Ginsberg and Harvey Milk. The Boston daily is full of favorable, if not laudatory pieces on Allen Ginsberg and others of his criminal ilk.

 I don't know Boston Globe and Hollywood, perhaps you should have done some fact checking before you gave positive reviews?


Father Robert Sirico
 -- a celebrity [sic]  in his own right for his political and cultural commentary -- eviscerated the Academy for embracing "Spotlight" while it celebrated a child molester in its own ranks.

We got the Catholic Priest -- who writes for the NY Times -- and asked about the church scandal that became the centerpiece of the movie.  

You gotta hear his answer ... and he's right. Roman Polanski won Best Director in 2003 for "The Pianist," the same time The Boston Globe was breaking the molestation stories.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Serbian Orthodox Church Dismisses Controversial Bishop

According to Serbian media reports, the highest governing body of the Serbian Orthodox Church has decided to dismiss the right-wing nationalist Bishop Filaret (Micovic). An official statement of the Church did not exist initially
Belgrade( The Serbian Orthodox Church has dismissed the bishop of Milesia in the southwest, affected by several scandals. According to Serbian media reports from late Thursday evening, the highest governing body, Patriarch Irinej I. who heads the Holy Synod in Belgrade, has decided to dismiss the right-wing nationalist Bishop Filaret (Micovic) against his will. An official statement of the Church is not forthcoming.

Recently there were protests in January protests against Filaret, because he had given an ecclesiastical distinction to anf the alleged Serbian war criminal, Vojislav Seselj. Three human rights groups, including the Serbian Helsinki Committee, called on the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej I, to distance themselves from the bishop. A person like Seselj, who was responsible for genocide, should not be worshiped as a model. There has been a process against Seselj before the International Criminal Court in The Hague for years.

Filaret, who has been bishop for more than 15 years, posed during the 1991 Balkan War for photographers with a machine gun in front of a tank. He has repeatedly emphasized his sympathy and solidarity with Serbian defendants in The Hague. Last summer, Filaret said he no longer belongs to the church. IRINEJ I admonished him and then asked him successfully to withdraw his statement. In addition, the bishop has been accused of sexual abuse of children.

His followers praise him, however,  among other things, that his episcopal palace, which originates from the 13th century monastery Mileseva, is a stately residence and has also established a radio station.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Suspicion of Sexual Abuse Against Viennese Pastor

Edit: if they have pornography, it should be a done deal.  Some will remember Father Fabian Vordermayer  who was sentenced to four years in prison. The accused priest's name isn't mentioned here.  Further inquiries will be made.

Archdiocese puts clergyman on leave from duty as "precautionary measure" till clarification

Vienna ( A priest engaged in pastoral ministry in Vienna is under investigation for sexual abuse. According to a report on it is alleged to be the result of the sexual assault of a young person. Nina Bussek, spokesman for the Vienna public prosecutor's office, confirmed the report Wednesday on APA. The man will also accused of possessing child pornography images. In a search on Friday a week ago, several media were seized, which are now be evaluated, says Bussek.

The Archdiocese of Vienna has published a statement on its website. Thus the priest was placed on leave from duty "as a precaution" pending clarification of suspicion by the state authorities. This service exemption was no prejudice. This corresponds to the guidelines of the Austrian Bishops' Conference for measures against abuse and violence, maintains the Archdiocese. It is hoped that eventually the respectability of the priest will be facilitated by governmental investigations and point out that he is presumed innocent. The priest also rejects all accusations.

All concerned have been offered professional guidance by the archdiocese, it said in the statement. The parish will be led during the leave of absence by the relevant dean and other priests. Copyright 2014 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved.

Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pope Describes Sex Abuse as a "Satanic Mass"

Vatican (Catholic news). According to a Spiegel Online report dated today, there has been on the return flight the three-day Middle East trip by Pope Francis a press conference. The Holy Father addressed child abuse among other topics, Pope resignation and celibacy. In terms of child abuse by clergy, he reiterated as his predecessor Pope Em. Benedict XVI. the Church's zero tolerance. "Sexual abuse is a terrible crime, because a clergyman who does such things, commits treason to the body of the Lord. It's like a Satanic Mass", said Spiegel, quoting the Pope. Currently there are three bishops being investigated, one has already been convicted. In addition, the Holy Father announced a Mass that he wants to celebrate with eight abuse victims next week. After that, he wants to talk to them in private conversations about their experiences. On the resignation Pope Francis said Benedict XVI has opened a door and set an example for future popes. A Pope would have to ask the question resignation when he realizes that his ability wanes. Also Pope Francis didn't rule out resignation for himself. He'll do what the Lord commissioned him, "... I will pray and try to fathom His will ..." said Francis. Celibacy was also discussed. Unmarried priests are a gift to the Church and not a dogma of faith.

Link to Kathnews...
By: Andreas Gehrmann
Trans: Tancred


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Researcher: The Influence of Pederasts on the Greens More Significant Than Expected

The so-called City Indians at a Party Meeting of the Green's in
Saarbrucken (1980): The Greens have to come to terms
with their past.  Photo: picture-alliance/Sven Simon

GÖTTINGEN. The Goettingen Institute for the Study of Democracy has submitted an interim report about  the entanglement of the Greens with pedophile circles. The Institute was commissioned to do so by the party. For the Greens it was  "entirely unavoidable  to recall, even though it may be painful and, 'electorally detrimental '"  is the conclusion the 118 page study drew. "The participants were to know exactly what they had actually debated and decided upon and which boundary lines have been left vague or had been consciously exceeded."
Indeed, the Greens were "neither the first nor have they been the only point of contact for pedophile activists", but due to their cultural claims and their organizational structure that the party offered "a special sounding board for the concerns of minorities and marginalized groups".  "Pro-Pedophile forces" had  been thus been capable for several years, "to feed their views and demands in the decision-making process of the country".
Paedophilia was never made it "ever in any way to  the core of the party or party identity development", but "it turned up  at least until the mid-1990s in the debate here and there once more in the party." The Greens can not, therefore, rely "on a particular zeitgeist, to only a few strays and marginal sectarians in their own ranks." The authors cautioned the participants against an "apologetic trivialization of their contributions."  Such are guild before the "victims of sexual abuse". (FA)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Child Sexual Abuse Every Day in the Green Commune

Edit: here's a summary from the German newspaper from on conditions in a Child Commune by a Green Executive Memeber. [Photo: 'Die Welt'.]  No wonder the Greens, including Volker Beck, have been trying to distance themselves from this.

Green Molester-Commune

In a former school camp on the Dachsberg near Kamp-Lintfort close to the Dutch border, the Alternative-Left rehearsed the sexual revolution with daily child abuse.
The head of "Community of Life" was the late architect Hermann Meer.
He was a member of the State Executive Committee [Landesvorstand] of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia from 1980.
The Commune belonged outwardly to Emmaus Community that relied on the selfless Frenchman, Father Pierre. They had nothing in common besides this.
They played the social reformers, were anti-authoritarian, non-violent and sexually liberated. Esoteric, self-awareness troops and primal scream therapy were at a premium. A perfect example of the left hippie generation.
Here also prominent "Greens" met on the way to "anti-nuclear demonstrations."
The Child Molester Reality
Hermann "Meer, wore his pedophilia openly for  show. Since there was no secret of it, but it was even advertised. Even the Greek philosophers had had their sexual pleasure with boys and dealing with their students. These were sentences that were commonplace for me,  facts so to speak, since no one had objected." Says an abuse victim for  "Die Welt".
Relevant articles were always articles tried out for size. And images of David Hamilton's "Bilitis", "latent pedophile" soft porn, who reported the sexual experiences of a 13 year old.

"Green" -Executive Hermann Heer- a Gay Pedophile

In contrast to the child abuse commune of Otto Muehl in Austrian Burgenland,  the 60-year-old pervert Meer was exclusive to boys.
The sexual assaults took place daily. Even guest children were not spared.

Police Sought Child Molester

Meer was not an isolated case. Thus, a child molester sought by the police, who sympathized with the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion], lived at the Commune.  His preference for children was well-known in the Commune - the younger, the better: those at ten years of age were quite to his sexual tastes.

"Children and Youth Congress" of the "Green"

On the 24th  and 25th of September, 1983  the "Greens" in the child abuse commune were directed to form a "Children and Youth Congress".
Of the party: the occupants of the Commune "City Slickers" from Nuremberg. Their main demand was the legalization of child abuse.
They discussed whether the statute should be at age six, eight or twelve years.
This "Congress" was organized by Werner Vogel, since 1980 a member of the NRW state board of the "Greens".  As these moved in 1983 to the Bundestag, he delivered the first speech of a "Green" in the Bundestag. It was his Nazi past which ended his career, not his perversions.

Working Group "Gays and Pedophiles"

The "Groundwork"  was determined on the 9th of March 1985, in the electoral program of the "Green" in NRW.
The election was lost, the pederasts were still to be  suffered for some years by the "Greens"

Fund for the Victims of the "Greens"?

Now one asks himself: Where's the fund for the victims of the "Greens" for those who were defiled by the party functionaries of the "Greens"?

Link to

Daily Sexual Abuse at Green Commune in Die Welt in German.

Edit: Here's an excerpt from a article on the Green's pedophilia past in June which featured a speech by Dr. Erika Steinbach in the Bundestag  in 2010 on the hypocritical position of the "Greens" on child abuse.

In an interview by "Deutschlandfunk" on the 1st of April, 2011, Erika Steinbach, a Conservative German politician, aptly described the Greens:  "The Greens have appointed a Foreign Minister, who had a violent past" -- and further:  "They have a stately number of proponents of pedophilia in their ranks, including Volker Beck at certain times.

Note: Volker Beck has won the support of the German Bishops to go on a hunt for recently, when the Traditionalist website came under attack after stating that a decadent German comedian was in hell.  The German Bishops has the most revolutionary Bishop's conference in the world.

Translation: Tancred

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Careful: The Abuse-Hoax is a Diversionary Tactic

A German homosexual-ideologue is using the the timeliness of the hour in order to strike more homopolitical capital from the abuse-hoax.  A Commentary, translated from
More homosexuality means, necessarily, more abuse.

( The Jesuit, homosexual-ideologue [are there any others?] and striking Rector of the Berlin Cansisius College, Father Klaus Mertes is once again the homo-propagandist underway in German lands.  This, according to the 'Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung' today.

On Sunday he indoctrinated the participants of an event at the Jesuit-led Old Liberal Philosophy-Theology faculty of the University of St. George in Frankfurt am Main.

Father Mertes is known for covering up the real reason for the very infrequent cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

This consists in over eighty percent of the cases of abuse, homosexual perpetrators of sexually mature boys.

With preemptive complaint about the supposed discrimination against homosexual perps finds Fr. Mertes usually insisting that this problem has been made a taboo by German society.

At the same time he insults the Church because it is the only institution in the West that has the courage to condemn homosexual depravity.

With his attacks on the Church, the priest diverts attention from the homosexual problem.

In the case of the Berlin Canisius College the then supervisor categorically declared, since which -- as it was later exposed -- not having any information about the abuses at the school.

Actually the homo-ideological Jesuits aren't concerned about the protection of minors from homosexual perpetrators.  He wants to revile the Church.

So, he portrays one aggrieved of homosexual abuse as a "victim of a church pastor".

During his attack on the Church, the German priest imitates the national-masochism of his homeland.

This rages from a sexually morbid self-depreciation.  Example?

The Church never offered to approach the victims once in a "therapeutic manner" -- as the Jesuit waltzed into the slime.

Or:  It won't do, "to instrumentalize the victims as learning experiences for the Church".

Or: "What does the institution recongize, when they look from the perspective of the victim, when they see themselves in the mirror held for them by the victim?"

His answer: "The Church is also a sinner".

Naturally -- the tabooization undertaken by the Jesuits of the homosexual perpetrator only functions when the guilt can be pushed onto another -- on the Church.

After this cheap diversionary maneuver, Father Mertes published his own concern.

He can't get around, "to declare that from the perspective of the victim the fundamental question is placed in the context of Church sexual morality and the definition of spiritual power."

All clear?

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homosexual Propagandist Abused Boy: Priest Sentenced Ten Years

Editor: It certainly bears repeating.  There is a confluence between liberalism and the sexual abuse of children by homosexuals.  It also goes hand in hand with what the Holy Father said recently.

This priest has fought publicly for the widening of homosexual perversion in the Church.  Actually now, he's behind bars.

Fr. Pezzini on the Website ''
(  Fr. Domenico Pezzini (74) has been sentenced today to ten years in prison in an abbreviated trial for the charge homosexual abuse.

He must also pay his victim 50.000 Euro.  This has been in the Italian media.

Fr. Pezzini who was always clothed as a civilian was known as the "Priest of the Homosexuals".

He is been in jail since his apprehension in May.

In June a Judge refused a release on bail because of the "alarming way of carrying on" of the Priest and because of his numerous contacts with young men from the third world.

His condemnation was based on the serious sexual abuse of a pubescent male from Bangladesh.

Pezzini had repeatedly raped him between the years of  2006 to 2009.  The abuse began when the boy was 13 years old.

The victim lived in the street and was picked up by the priest in a park.

During the investigation he requested one more foreign victim by undercover Police.

It was clarified that the homosexual priest was to have abused a boy younger than fifteen years old.  This misdeed was in any case barred from taking place.

Fr. Pezzini was a professor for English Linguistics at the University of Verona and was also an instructor at the Catholic University of Milan.

For years he promoted the homosexual ideology in the Italian Church.

He founded homosexual groups and fought for Church rectification of homosexual perversion.

One of his last books bore the title: "The Hands of the Potter:  a homosexual son.  What must be done?" [If the book title sounds like it's creepy, it probably is.  Reminds us of "Father" Richard Rohr, who advocates getting naked on retreats.]

In the past the abuser criticized the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for the uncompromising repudiation of homosexual perversion.

So he said in 2005 for the newspaper "Corriere del Veneto':  "In homosexual circles, even among Catholic homosexuals, the name Ratzinger doesn't sound good."

The priest's house yielded  an abundance of homosexual pornographic materials.

The earlier preisident of the largest homosexual organization of Italy, 'Arcigay', Arelio Mancuso, pretended to be surprised at the arrest of Fr. Pezzini:

"In this moment there are a lot of discouraged homosexual Catholics , who knew Pezzini personally or through his deeds."

Homosexual lechers  could "always" depend on the attentiveness of the priest.

The abuser is said to be "a defender of the worth of homosexuals within the Church."

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Alone Could have Cost the Munich Bishop the Cardinal's Hat

Editor: He was supposed to have gotten his hat, according to Vaticanist Paolo Rodari, but this story, persecuting Bishop Mixa and attacking the Prior and Abbot of Ettal (who were later exoherated) for alleged child abuse, probably explain why. Here's why he probably didn't, and might not get, the Cardinal's hat.

Church enemies organizsed in the name of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising, for the promotion of more AIDS, more Mortal Sin, more Divorce and more Child abuse.

[, Mühldorf] In the coming Saturday, the alleged 'Catholic Jouth Center Mühldorf" have organized a workshop against the Sixth Commandment.

The horrible occasion was held under the title "For me or for you? Themes between Bed and Confessional".

Mühldorf am Inn is around 80km to the northeast of Munich.

The Catholic Youth Center in rural Mühldorf is an outpost of the 'Archdiocesan Youth Office of Munich and Freising'.

The promotional day with conference portrayed itself -- says the advertisement -- "in the background of life realities of the youth and Catholic sexual morality".

A particular focus of the promotional day was the theme sodomy, child sexual abuse and extra-marital sexual activity.

The participants in the discussion event in the afternoon, presented their position on the website of the 'Youth Center Mühldorf".

Much Sex, Little Love, No Marriage

One of the is Christian Agi (24). He is the President of the Diocesan Committee in the 'Organization of German Catholic Youth':

"Sex as the composed decision and interaction of two mature people can never injure human worth" -- he preached on a Jungle Moral learned in 'Bravo'.[1]

Agi speaks about an Ape Congress: "Sex is as natural as breathing or eating, nnd there is no difference between sex either before or after marriage."

The only thing immoral is only morality: "Sex is sex -- and the prohibition against pre-marital sex is much more a "heavy infringement against the worth of the person".

Julia Dotzauer (20) is a youth delegate of the 'Organization of German Catholic Youth' in the Archdiocese of Munich.

For her, "homosexuality is neither sinful nor a sickness!".

Then the impure girl became the schoolmarm and said: "Even the Catholic Church will see that gradually."

Priests speak with pubescents

The secular priest Fr. Martin Garmaier of Waldkraiburg stepped in for the non-pruductive marriage act:

"With their one sided statement of a general prohibition of artificial birth control makes the Catholic Church increasingly unbelievable, which incapacitates the associated responsibility of the parents." -- he stuttered.

Next to other functions of the decadent old Liberal establishment the occasion will permit members of the homosexual organization 'Lesbians and Gays in the SPD' slavering against the truth of Catholic teaching.


[1] Bravo is a German Teen Magazine which features nude photos of adolescents.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

German Bishop Blames Abandonment of Moral Theology for Sex Abuse Crisis

This is one of the finest and most aggressive explanations of this difficult discussion we've ever seen and finally makes clear what we're up against: Liberals are responsible, not the Church. This is just absolutely stellar thinking on the part of the Augsburg prelate. It's in recognizing in him a true shepherd that we realize our unworthiness as the penitential season begins.

The current imbroglio of homosexual abuses became possible on a large scale only after the break with Church moral teachings at the end of the 60s -- explained the Bishop of Augsburg.

[Augsburg] "sexual abuse of persons under age is unfortunately a common social evil, which arises in various manifestations from the family to the school or to the sports club."

Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg in the interview with the regional newspaper 'Augsburg General Zeitung".

The Monsignor also carefully identified the causes of homosexual abuses: "The so-called sexual revolution, in whose process by particularly progressive moral critics as well as its legalization is not innocent of the charge that it demanded sexual contacts between adults and persons under age."

In the last decades the media would have advanced an increasing sexualization of the public, promote "the previously limited abnormal sexual inclinations".

Holy Church Full of Sinnners

Homosexual abuse by a clergyman is something the bishop describes as a "particularly horrible crime."

The authors sin against themselves and the souls of their victims, and they also sin against the Church.

The Bishop points out that Catholics have already injured laws and rules established since the beginning of the church and abused them in their own atrocities.

Monsignor Mixa did not exclude that therefore "in the church some responsible person was too naive in the past in relation to sexual crimes with children and young people and moved someone in the vain hope that the culprits would improve themselves in a different position in a wholly unauthorized way:

"Responsible parties in the Church are possibly also influenced by the Zeitgeist, which itself in the area of Criminal Law employed "Resocialization" in the place of punishment."

The "Spiegel" -- Lie has flown

Bishop Mixa criticized also the anti-Catholic periodical "Spiegel", without naming it:

"In some media there is an unspoken rule, to characterize child abuse automatically as a Church problem."

Since 1995 there have been in Germany around 210,000 criminally registered cases of child abuse.

The number of cases applicable to Church institutions occupy an infinitesimally small number of individuals per thousand.

That in no way diminish the damage, but should really put the facts and relationships in their proper light"

Has nothing to do with Celibacy

Monsignor responded on celibacy and he said that it has to do with the homosexual abuses of young people but "nothing at all to do with celibacy".

"One of the prominent experts for abuse in Germany, Hans Ludwig Kröber, does not see any note that for example that celibate teachers are more frequent paedophiles than other teachers."

Bishop Mixa got straight that the completely majority part of the homosexual abuses are committed "by married men, often closely related to the victims."

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© picture: Bischöfliche Pressestelle diocese Augsburg