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Monday, June 3, 2019

Bishop Mixa Silenced for Speaking Out on Islam at AfD Event

The former Augsburg bishop Mixa wanted to speak at an AfD event on the topic of Islamization. After sharp criticism, he has cancelled his appearance.

[Augsburger Zeitung] The retired former Bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa had his planned lecture on "Islamization? Christianity” canceled at an AfD event in the Augsburg Arsenal. His reasoning: He had not known that the Augsburg AfD city council member and Member of Parliament Markus Bayerbach, who had invited him a good month ago, "is an AfD man.”

Mixa was interviewed on Monday by Catholic News Agency. Mixa added that he had received other invitations from the AfD, including from Hamburg. He will not appear for this either. His refusal was made independently of a corresponding request from the diocese of Augsburg.

AfD politician Bayerbach contradicts the former Augsburg Bishop Mixa

AfD politician Bayerbach did not want to leave that event on Monday afternoon without comment. Mixa got to know him in spring at an event as an AfD member of parliament, and there had been correspondence with Mixa about the event "on paper with AfD logo,” according to Bayerbach. Mixa phoned his office on Monday and canceled the appointment on May 24th. Bayerbach had announced that there would be  an event on this day - "on the topic of religion and freedom of expression".

Mixas’ planned appearance at an AfD event in the Augsburg Arsenal had caused indignation - even within the Catholic Church. "The news about the appearance of the emeritus Bishop Dr. Walter Mixa at an upcoming (election) event of the AfD in Augsburg was taken note of by the diocesan leadership with amazement,” said the diocese of Augsburg on Monday morning. It further stated that this appearance was, “neither coordinated with Bishop Dr. Konrad Zdarsa nor with his Vicar General Harald Heinrich.”

Such an appearance would be "expressly rejected and not approved by the two," it said: "The bishop will ask the emeritus bishop in writing, not to appear at this event in the territory of the diocese of Augsburg. According to our editorial staff, he could rely on a statement from the Apostolic See regulating relations between a diocesan bishop and a bishop emeritus."Apparently, the emeritus bishop is unaware," the statement went on to say, "that his behavior causes great dismay to many people, especially to many believers, and thus causes serious damage to the Diocese of Augsburg and the Church as a whole.”

Former Bishop Mixa wanted to speak at AfD event in Augsburg

In addition, AfD politician Bayerbach said in an interview with our editorial on Monday afternoon: "I find it extremely scary how the Church makes policy here. As a committed Catholic, I find it difficult to be satisfied with the administrative staff of the Church. "He accused the Augsburg diocese of Berne that it was enthusiastic for the Greens. Bayerbach demanded: "I now expect a conversation offer from Bishop Konrad Zdarsa and his Vicar General Harald Heinrich.” They have closed themselves off and don’t take their task of pastoral care seriously, if it does not come to a clarifying conversation, said Bayerbach.

The former Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa wanted to attend the event on 24 May - just two days before the European elections - to speak on the subject of "Islamization? Christianity.” He would have supported - whether wanted or not - the Alternative for Germany in the election campaign.

The event was advertised on the website of the AfD district association Augsburg-Land on Monday afternoon as one of the "highlights in May". In social networks it was heavily criticized at the weekend. Cemal Bozoglu, Augsburg member of the Greens, spoke of a "scandal.” He commented that the former bishop Walter Mixa became "part of the AfD propaganda" was regrettable. Two days before the elections to the European Parliament, the City of Religious Peace Augsburg will be the scene of an event that wants to split society and foster fears. The Munich Greens leader Gudrun Lux, member of the Central Committee of German Catholics, wrote on Facebook briefly and all the more concisely: "He should be ashamed."

The Augsburg AfD City Council and Member of Parliament Markus Bayerbach could not understand the excitement. At the request of our editors, he emphasized on Monday morning that Mixa’s appearance  "is not a party event of the KV Augsburg city, but a lecture evening by the MdL Markus Bayerbach (in organizational cooperation with the State of Augsburg)".

AfD MP Bayerbach resisted criticism

Bozoglus criticism pointed sharply back at Bayerbach: "If a Catholic member of parliament in Catholic Bavaria invites a Catholic dignitary for a lecture, this should be a matter of course. The fact that he has to be tackled by a Green politician with a migration background and stir up fears and divide the society is nothing but blunt campaigning propaganda against the AfD. "And further:" As a Christian, I invite my church representatives, when and wherever I want, and do not let that call me into question. It is precisely when we are denied the right to question the role of Islam in our society, as we here are no longer allowed to hear our bishops, that the question of a possible misguided development is obvious and relevant.”

Bozoglu, according to Bayerbach, was in his view also completely unsuitable to make such statements, and here he organizes populist sentiment against the AfD only shortly before the election. He himself was "personally interested in the topic from the point of view of a bishop" - that's why he invited Mixa for a lecture. "Anyone who knows me knows that provoking is not my political stylistic device, but Im also not going to remain silent about problems," Bayerbach explained.

Already in January, Walter Mixa had talked about the same topic at an AfD event in Stuttgart. At the time, he said, among other things, according to a newspaper report, that Islam is called "submission." Islam has the perspective that one can kill those who "do not submit." In addition, Mixa spoke of the will "for the Muslimization of Europe".

Not only does that make him interesting as a speaker for the AfD, but his positions on family politics or on abortion do not only correspond to those of right-wing and arch-conservative Church circles, but also those of the AfD. Although it was stated by the National Association of the Bavarian AfD in its election program for the state election in 2018  that it was a “lobby group” for the Catholic and Protestant church. Nevertheless, there are similarities, even great ones, between traditionalists within the Catholic Church and the AfD. "Abortion is therefore fundamentally wrong"; "Intentional, ideologically motivated disorientation is intended to break up and neutralize the values ​​and reference systems that have been handed down in families, and to replace them with pseudo-family models"; "Instead of the ever further penetration of the society with the gender ideology the proven traditional family picture is to be strengthened" - such were core statements from the AfD election program.

Mixa, in turn, is unforgotten and controversial for his statements during his time as diocesan bishop. For example, when he drew parallels between the Holocaust, the six million killed Jews, and the number of abortions. In April 2010, he had to offer the pope his resignation because of allegations that he beat students as well as allegations of misappropriation. Since then things have - at least in phases - calmed down around him. Walter Mixa lives as a chaplain in the "Diocesan house, Barbara,”  an Art Nouveau villa in Gunzenheim in the Danube-Ries district, which belongs to the diocese of Eichstätt. He says Mass and may - with "consent and thus on behalf of Bishop Gregory Maria Hanke" - in July 2019 also offer the sacrament of confirmation for the parish association, as it was requested by our editors in January.

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cardinal Müller Celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Basilica -- With the Bishops Tebartz-van Elst and Mixa

(Rome) Cardinal Müller knows as a longtime bishop of Regensburg in Bavaria, that you belong to God and to the gregariousness of  life. For this reason he planned a Holy Mass of thanksgiving for the occasion of his receiving the Cardinal's hat  on Monday  in St. Peter's Basilica and then to a festive gathering in the CDF.

 Last Saturday, Pope Francis had officially admitted him to the College of Cardinals. On Sunday, he concelebrated with 18 other new cardinals, at the Pontifical Mass of the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica. On Monday morning, the new Cardinal and Prefect of faith celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on the second high altar of St. Peter's, called the cathedra altar under the gigantic Bernini wood reliquary of the papal throne. Present among the cardinals and bishops, there was also Müller's successor as Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Vorderholzer.

 There were also concelebrants  next to  Vorderholzer two victims of the anti-Church party: Bishop Emeritus of Augsburg Walter Mixa, and the almost-retired Bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst. The Cardinal gave proof, that he does not share the reservations of some German Church circles. While Bishop Mixa, has been prohibited from public activity for  a long time, now operates as an Internet pastor, Bishop Tebartz van Elst has been for almost half a year in quarantine in the Lower Bavarian Metten Abbey. In his homily, Cardinal Müller, said that it was his first task as Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, to defend and spread the faith of the Catholic Church. Among the many faithful who attended the Thanksgiving Mass and celebrations which followed, were close family members, among others Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, president of the Vatican bank IOR, Ernst von Freiyberg, former Bavarian Finance Minister Georg Fahrenschon. Numerous other representatives of the Church, politics, economy and culture, especially from Germany, including numerous prelates and former students of the former professor of Dogmatic Theology (1986-2002).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will Green Party Chief Apologize to Bishop Mixa?

Mixa's "controversial" statement hit the mark! We recall what happened in February 2010 when a hysterical outcry in the media land, after the then-Bishop of Augsburg Walter Mixa had declared: "The so-called sexual revolution, in the course of particularly progressive moral critics is also certainly not innocent attempting the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors,” the Catholic Shepherd mentioned not only the actual connection between sexual revolution and pedocriminal abuse, he also criticized the dubious dealings of many in the media with sexuality." We have in recent decades just in the media, witnessed an increasing sexualisation of the public that where abnormal sexual inclinations are also promoted rather than limited.” With both statements the Bishop of Augsburg hit the mark, but in the press was running in circles - and also the “Spiegel" turned out as expected against Mixa's statements. The most audacious was and not for the first time, was the Green Party leader Claudia Roth, who likes to agitate for their lives against the Catholic Church. (Roth had insulted Bishop Mixa previously as a "wacky, divisive Oberfundy" because - says Roth - he has denigrated women as "breeding machines." In reality, he behaved exactly the opposite.. Had the then Catholic Chief Shepherd of Augsburg in the context of Kita debate declared mothers were not breeding machines, which is why they should not rush to give their babies to in-home care.)

Back to the topic of sexual abuse of children and minors: In an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine" of February 2, 2010, Bishop Mixa was accused by the Green Politician in an absurd "logic” according to which he "makes a mockery of the victims” in an almost “unprecedented” way. The newspaper introduced her interview by saying, “The Church leader taunts the victim if he would give a sexualization of society as the blame for the incident, said Green Party leader Claudia Roth in an interview with our newspaper." The politician really said: "It is not only outrageous, but also an unprecedented insult to the victims of sexual abuse, if others are to be blamed for this scandal within the Catholic Church.” With his "unfortunate comments” instead the bishop called into question, adds Roth, "to what extent is there a credible interest in the Catholic Church educate and be relentlessly self-critical about the terrifying level of abuse cases." The Greens leader then called upon the Catholic Church in Germany, "to distance themselves in the strongest was from these rationalizations of their bishop." How about now, if the cheeky Roth finally distance themselves from their unwarranted attacks on Bishop Mixa and would apologize to him as fairness and moral responsibility require? Or has the months-long debate about the Greens share of responsibility for pedosexual crimes passed her by without a trace? - That would be even more devastating!

Source: Christian Forum
 Photo: Reichstag in Berlin - Picture source: Marcela Commons, CC
Trans: Tancred

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bishop Walter Mixa Concelbrates Requiem for Otto Habsburg

Edit An Emperor's dying wish? There was a lot of carping in the comments column about calling Otto Habsburg, "Emperor". If we say it, we don't mean it sarcastically. In any event Bishop Conrad Zdarsa is apparently the main celebrant, although we were hoping it would be done in Vienna. No mention of why. One commenter even complains that there were no photos of people kneeling for communion, but at least they had a shot of some of the family members in mantillas.

Did the late Emperor do this? Two archenemies meet at the Altar of the Lord.

( Last Saturday at the Church of St. Pius in Pöcking, a Requiem was celebrated for His Imperial Majsty, Otto von Habsburg.

Pöckingis a  community of 5600 in upper Bavaria in the County of Stamberg in the vicinity of Munich.

The place belongs to the Diocese of Augsburg.

Otto von Habsburg died on the early morning of the 4th of July in Pöcking, where he'd lived since 1954.

The Emperor's Requiem was concelebrated by none other than the disgraced and dishonored Bishop Mixa, cast out of his Diocese of Augsburg.

Msgr Mixa concelebrated Mass at the expressed wish of the Emperor.

After the Requiem, Bishop Mixa was positively euphoric.

He ran to children and people in wheelchairs in order to lay hands upon them in blessing.

His face beamed at this.

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© Pressefoto

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rock Star Abbot Doesn't Believe in Pope Benedict or Bishop Mixa

[Radio Vatikan]The Abbot Primate of the Benedictines, Notker Wolf, warns of a slanted view of the Church. He said this to a group of mass servers from his Bavarian homeland on Tuesday from the Benedictine Center of Saint Anselmo.

"What has bothered me the whole time: everything depends on the Pope and Mixa -- I don't believe either in the Pope or in Mixa, rather Jesus Christ, and that is final! That the Church is human, let us not be mistaken -- it was always thus. And we are indeed only human. But I believe, it is completely important that we see: We believe in the Church and we believe in Jesus Christ! And the Pope is just in the Church is -- but he's also a man at the head. He can't do everything..."

Abbot Notker advised that Catholics should not nurture an illusory, withdrawn image of the Church. Notker is also famous a Rock Musician and Bestselling Author: "We always want a Church beyond the clouds, almost without body and soul."

Even today the Church is capable of giving the seeking person a footing, says Abbot Notker. He pointed to the headline of a newspaper, that showed the memorial service for the victims of the Duisberger Love-Parade: "There is the Chancellor, Merkel, the President (Wulff), the President of the Parliament (Lammert)-- and where are they standing? In the Church! Who really has the time or the power in the main, to show a sign of hope in this mad emergency. This is our Faith, that is our Church! I don't believe that anyone in the Mayor's office of Duisburg has received much mercy... rather the people have found mercy from God. And not just anywhere from God, but in an absolutely concrete way in the Church!

This is the man responsible for giving shelter and temporary residence to Francisco Schulte, here.

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Photo credit: Idle Speculations.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bishop Mixa Pipes Up

German Media Mafia: "Sadly, the media only partly reports the truth, when they are not reporting in a contrived manner".

[] On July 27th the user 'Miriam' published a letter to the dismissed Bishop of Aubsburg, Msgr Walter Mixa on the Social Networking Site, ''

'Miriam' reports: "A little while ago there was an address where someone could write Bishop Mixa to congratulate him on his fortieth jubilee as a priest."

That's what she did: "Today I found in my mailbox a letter from Bishop Mixa."

Augsburg, in July 2010

Bishop em. Dr. Walter Mixa

Dear Frau Frie...

may God heartily reward you for your congratulation on my fortieth priestly jubilee and especially for the prayers in what has been for me a very trying time!

The past weeks were personally very difficult to endure; this was only possible through the prayers of many true believers and through the tangible help of God.

The media have only report part of the truth, when they haven't just reported in a contrived manner and thereby not only knowingly damage my own person, but also the reputation of the Church.

We are here in a time, in which we must be afraid as Christians, must show and live in faith in the help of God in the truth of the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Only through Jesus Christ, through his human trials, through his bitter suffering and death on the Cross and through his Resurrection could we find in various situations of our life a true help and power for our existence in life and in death.

As a community of Catholic Christians we must be supported and stand together in the truth of our traditional Faith and in the celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist!

With all good wishes and tender blessings I am,

Dr. Walter Mixa
Bishop em. of Augsburg

The thank you letter contained the following text:

Lord Jesus Christ,
You Shepherd and Head of Your Church, stand by our Bishop
with the power of Your Blessing,
that he will be inflamed with zeal,
to us an example through his transforming,
to us borne through his love,
to us strengthened by his patience,
to us held in the joy of the Holy Ghost,
to us we receive knowledge from his teaching,
and he unites us to be Your Holy People
and to acclaim at the Liturgy
in the spirit and in the truth

Johann Maria Sailer

I ask for your prayer
for your support
in my service.

Your Bishop +Walter

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Naming is Official: Bishop Mixa's Successor Is Neoconservative

Today at noon the Diocese of Augsburg made the following decision known: Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Gorlitz assumes the Southwest Bavarian Diocese. 'Pressplitter'

Named just before the Summer Vacation:

"Pope Benedict XVI has chosen the Bishop of Gorlitz, Msgr Konrad Zdarsa as the successor for Bishop Walter Mixa as the Bishop of Augsburg. The Vatican made this information public on Thursday. The document has the date of Wednesday, was also signed before the Pope's summer vacation." [Eponymous notes: which means he chose this Bishop himself]

'From the report of German 'Katolischen Nachrichtenagentur'.

A Neoconservative

"He is a promoted canon lawyer and studied in Rome. [Bishop] Zdarsa is valued as a proven conservative. His selection proclaims "For HE is our Peace".

From a report of the German 'Katholiscen Nachrichtenagentur'.

The Labels Correspond to Reality

"It would be false to mistake Bishop Zdarsa with a label, which are so beloved of inner-Church hostiles, but which wear upon the life of the Church. The faithful in any case have little interest, if one puts [Msgr] Zdarsa to the left or the right. They desire a Bishop, who transcends these mental barriers -- through example and encouragement, through an unostentatious lived piety, through personal integrity and bearing, but also through a clear witness of faith, undisturbed by the Zeitgeist.

From a commentary by Markus Günther, Chefredakteur the Newspaper, ‘Augsburger Allgemeine’.

Standing Orders from the ‘Süddeutschen’

"In Saint Ulrich's Publishers [...] the business director Dirk Herman Voss still gives the tone, who as media coordinator of Bishop Mixa had participated in the turbulence in the Diocese related to Bishop Mixa. He is considered to be the string-puller of the conservative church wing in the Diocese, many priests and laymen have confirmed this int he past: Voss must go. [Msgr] Zdarsa can expect therefore great provocations. Simultaneously, Augsburgers wait on his reputation as a peacemaker.

From the article of the in the previously cited naming of Bishop Zdarsa in the ‘Süddeuschen’.

"[Msgr] Zdarsa, who is at this time the Bishop of the smallest Catholic Diocese in Germany, is also being discussed as the successor of [Bishop] Mixa as military Bishop.

From a report in the newspaper 'Frankfurter Allgemeine'

Praise from the False Corner

"Bavaria's [Abortion and Homo-] Culture Minister Ludwig Spaenle shows himself to be overjoyed, that a successor for [Bishop] Mixa had been found. The ruling of the Holy See shows itself as forceful and welcome. The selection of the Bishop is in the sense of state government. Only could one further develop the Diocese of Augsburg effectively.

From a Report of 'Bavarian Rundfunks'.

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Note: bracketed titles before Bishop Mixa's name were added by us at Eponymous.

Pope names new bishop in Germany after resignation over scandal

By The Associated Press (CP) – 4 hours ago

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI has named a new bishop for Augsburg, Germany, filling the post vacated when the former bishop resigned amid accusations of physical abuse, sexual harassment and alcoholism.

The Vatican announced Thursday that 66-year-old Bishop Konrad Zdarsa was moving from the Goerlitz diocese to Augsburg.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mixa locutus -- causa finita?

The actual "Mixa File" is still not closed -- No clarification of the German Bishops' clarification -- Why the diocese has clearly the directives of the German Bishop's Conference.

Augsburg ( Even after the clarifications of the German Bishops Conference on Tuesday and the letter from Bishop Walter Mixa this Wednesday, the Causa Mixa is still leaving a number of questions unclear.

One question remains in connection with the clarification of the German Bishops Conference (GBC), which on Tuesday had affirmed the alleged "Secret Dossier" on Mixa. It says: "They affirmed that the documents and accusations against him in April 2010 had been passed on to Rome. Pope Benedict XVI acted upon this and accepted Bishop Mixa's resignation."

It is completely unclear on the one hand, if the accusation is to be seen as true, if there has been an orderly investigation and if it on the other hand, there is a causal connection between the Pope's decision and the accusation. One inquiry to this theme led to Matthias Kopp, the speaker for the GBC, who gave the following answer: "Please understand that I can't answer your questions as if they were represented in a text of the presiding Bishops today."

It is certain that in the past week not one of the high-ranking Bishops of Germany knew of the "Secret Dossier" as was aware. Clearly, only the closest circle of the German Bishops Conference, some of the members of the Diocese of Augsburg and the Archbishop of Munich were privy.

It is as good as in the hand that the internal Church correspondence from this circle was directing the FAX and the South German Times. Bishop Mixa himself clearly knew nothing of this correspondence.

"That the press has access to the archive of the Vatican or the Papal Nuncio, is for the time being improbable. Therefore the source is especially nebulous like the reported occurrence," explained Mixa-Attorney Gerhard Decker on Sunday to Even in the 3-sided-correspondence of Bishop Mixa to the Bishops Congregation, where all of these accusations are theoretically arising, it is not certain.

For more confusion yesterday as members of the Augsburg Diocesan administration and by Bishop Walter Mixa approved a "joint clarification" in a passage. "The Diocese will seek, while a final decision for the successor to the Bishop's office is not known, a temporary home for Bishop Emeritus Dr. Mixa. A confirmation is being sought with the Bavarian Bishops per their clarification of the current day." An explanation of the Bavarian Bishops is till now not forthcoming.

It is exiting that on the beginning of July that Bishop Mixa and Pope Benedict will meet. It's somewhat absurd in this relation to point to #3 of the joint clarification: "the invitation of the Holy Father to a meeting in Rome with Bishop Emeritus Dr. Mixa will happily proceed; his resignation and his circumstances will not be the subject of this discussion."

What the Pope will discuss with Bishop Mixa no one knows and whoever knows the Pope knows that he will surely not let himself be limited. How should this resignation with all its open questions not be a topic? It is clear from the 3-page-letter of Bishop Mixa to Rome, that this will be the motive for his visit.

Mixa's criticisms of the instigation of his colleagues stand out in the room like before: "It should have been brotherly. I should have been advised of a leave till all the accusations were thoroughly investigated. Instead they hurried to the Pope and showed the so-called abuse case like a trump, which de facto consisted of not more than six hand-written sentences of a highly dubious, scribbled memo.", he said to "Welt" a few days ago.

Even high-ranking Church officials of the Diocese of Augsburg refrain from criticism. They have, in the matter of the supposed abuse case about Bishop Mixa, clearly not followed the corresponding guidelines of the German Bishops Conference.

It is clear, that the "educational abuse" was already apparent to the Eichstaetter Pastoral Associate L. already on the 25th of March 2010 in Augsburg. In conjunction with the directives of the German Bishops Conference: "The accredited agent researches the circumstances and is the contact person for the law enforcement authorities."

Accordingly, the accredited agent of the Diocese of Augsburg, i.e. Cathedral Vicar Heinrich hasn't researched this. He has not to-date sought any contact with the suspected victim.

Even in another point the Diocese of Augsburg has clearly violated their own guidelines. The indifference to the complaint was a serious break of the valid directives on the part of the Diocese of Augsburg, as it states: "every complaint or claim of suspicion will be thoroughly investigated. Immediately after becoming aware of suspicion or an incident, the responsible party must commence investigating.
He conducts an interview with the accused, upon which he consults a lawyer. A protocol is to be followed during the interview, for which the responsible party is obliged to follow. With the (presumptive) victim respective his legal guardian will be contacted. According to the protocol, the incident will be assessed and established, how the victim is best to be helped and how to further proceed."

Fact: This did not happen in the Diocese of Augsburg at all. There was no interview with Bishop Mixa and there was no protocol, which would have been undersigned by the participants.

If the victim was approached, may be doubted, for the directives of the GCB states further: "The welfare of the Church goes first to the victim. The defense of the victim from further abuse or public release of information is to be especially avoided. There is also a responsibility for the welfare of the accused. He remains until proven otherwise, innocent. If it is found that the suspicion is groundless, the necessary steps will be taken to restore the good reputation of the person." Presently, there hasn't been any apology to Bishop Walter Mixa.

If one looks exactly at the directives of the GBC and the incidents in the Diocese in conjunction with the alleged victim, then it is clear, that the suppositions of the Diocese of Augsburg could not stand.

On the 16th of June a communication was made by the Diocese: "Those responsible in the Diocese have followed what is just and necessary and appropriate to the directives of the German Bishops Conference and the Freisinger Bishops Conference. The Diocese of Augsburg expressly denies that it had made public any accusations of abuse.

Otherwise the prosecuting attorney's initial inquest was not known at the of Bishop Emeritus Walter Mixa of the Diocese of Augsburg's signing of his resignation."

This supposition is in any event in complete contradiction to the copy of the original act of the State Prosecuting Attorney. From him it was clear, that the Diocese even previously must have known of the alleged abuse case.

In the memo concerned, by Augsburger Pastoral Assistant F., who advocated as a "representative for possible victims of sexual and physical violence", said elsewhere: "On March 25 2010 I have spoken about the case with Mr. Heinrich [Responsible Party for Abuse in the Diocese!]. Bishop Mixa had incidentally signed his resignation on 21 April 2010.

Even a Church critic like Alan Posener had stated in Cicero, that Mixa is being treated unjustly. Posener maintains, that Mixa has the same rights as every other Citizen has. "That belongs to his personal rights, which follow, that the worth of a man is unassailable." Fact: The actual "Acta Mixa" is not closed.