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Monday, March 18, 2019

Hypocrisy of Austria’s Judiciary — What’s OK for Socialist Jews Not OK for Pro-Life Protestants

Honest and Dishonest 

Emil Goldberg, Christ on the Cross Mocker, complains of the new Good Friday rule

The sudden concern of SPÖ and Andreas Schieder member for a Christian festival

Email Goldberg, SPÖ: in 2015 with a Christ mockery on Good Friday he had become noteworthy, yet he is now concerned in 2019 for the Good Friday holiday [Pictures: twitter Email Goldberg]

Good Friday 2019

Strange. That anti-clericals from the SPÖ [Socialist Party Austria] and trade unions suddenly fight for Good Friday as a holiday, although they first supported the lawsuit in the European courts, which was directed against the favored holiday arrangements for Protestants. Logical consequence: The alleged factually unjustified leave of absence is to end.

How honest the concerns of the SPÖ and the union are, is shown by the example of Emil Goldberg, from the twitter account "Informationshandwerker für @spoe_at and @ SCHIEDER".

Good Friday 2015

On the twitter account of Emil Goldberg, then as today (Jewish) member of the SPÖ, there is Christ mockery believed extinct since the Nazi era (top right picture).

"Special conditions" for SPÖ employees

The judiciary makes an offer to Emil Goldberg to avoid criminal prosecution:

"Understanding of the accused of wothdrawl of the criminal prosecution under determination of a trial period
and payment of a fine

The Federal Police of Vienna Have filed against you a preliminary investigation for the offense under § 188 StGB. Accordingly, you are under suspicion. You publicly posted a picture of the crucified Jesus on Twitter on April 3, 2015, saying, "If you're Jesus and you know ... Clap your Hands," which person is the subject of the worship of one in the nationally existing churches, degraded by posting this.

If you file an expense contribution for the costs of the proceedings in the amount of 90.00 EUR within 14 days of service of this notice, you will not be prosecuted for the charge. Account: Provincial Criminal Court Vienna

BIC: BUNDATWW IBAN: AT62 0100 0000 0546 0449 "

Goldberg: "A farce"

Emil Goldberg denies the prosecution's letter, "Jesus joke costs $ 90, ‘expense contribution’, and I have to be good for a year now. Alright. Nevertheless, a farce," can be found on twitter @ emil_goldberg (October 30, 2015).

Mind you: It was an expense for the Christ mockery, but no fine!

Time passes, prosecutor inaction

Only after a press query with the public prosecutor's office in Vienna was the application for punishment for disparagement of national religious teachings with the district court Döbling. For now, however, under a faulty continuation request.

No procedure at BG Döbling

At our request for the continuation of the proceedings, the head of the district court, Dr. Ing. Barbara Helige, granted that this procedure would certainly not be negotiated at the BG Döbling: It was not responsible.

Anti-Catholic General Tendency

Then finally the criminal complaint was addressed by the Provincial Court of Vienna. With a thoroughly curious - according to the anti-Catholic basic orientation of the Viennese courts - court order to reject the criminal complaint without trial:

"In the criminal case against Emil Oliver GOLDBERG for the offense of degrading religious doctrines according to § 188 StGB in connection with § 1 Abs 1 Z 12 MedienG the criminal complaint of the public prosecutor of Vienna from 13.04.2016 in accordance with § 485 Abs 1 Z 3 in conjunction with § 212 Z 1 StPO rejected and closed the case.” (twitter" Emil Goldberg "on May 30, 2016

"Court’s Decision"

"The readership of Twitter messages, including those who are being incriminated, include people from all walks of life who are interested in the personal opinions of individuals, organizations, businesses and celebrities on an unlimited number of topics. The only prerequisite is Internet access, so that the readers are mostly younger persons and persons who are experienced in dealing with modern media.

The reader from the aforementioned circle of readers summed up the incriminated tweet, especially in connection with Good Friday, in such a way that the defendant has a critical attitude towards religious communities, in particular the Christian denomination, and wants to shake up believers with his publication and start a discussion process by mocking one person, Jesus, and a symbol, namely, his crucifixion, worshiped by followers of Christian doctrine. The aforementioned readers see in the incriminated publication no factual statement, but see it as a valuation of the defendant, who would like to express his personal disregard of the mentioned religion in the form of satire. In particular, the inserted speech bubble with the words "Fuck!" clearly expresses to the reader that now Jesus Christ realized that his sacrifice was not a good idea for humanity.

Another characteristic of satire is the lack of seriousness of said depiction. This was also in connection with the follow-up tweet, which focused on the then well-known discussion of a statement by a former Justice Minister. Rather, it is therefore a provocative statement expressed in the form of art, at best the depreciation of a central person of the Christian faith, which, however, is not suited to provoke legitimate annoyance within the meaning of Section 188 of the Criminal Code. Thus, the defendant's tweet may well be considered a provocation of a person critical of religious sensibilities, especially given the timing of the publication, namely on a Good Friday, but this statement remains under the threshold of a punishable act and, in the absence of direct attack on a religious community in the framework of the right to freedom of expression, because an account such as this never triggers a profound (negative) feeling on the part of the average person or average member of the "challenged" religious community. "(Quoted from status / 737207480804118528 / photo / 1)

Catholic persecution by the Vienna Regional Court - Double Standard

Just two weeks later, Dr. Alfons Adam, founder of the "Christian Party" and committed fighter against abortion killings, was convicted of the same § 188 StGB by the Vienna Regional Court, although he did nothing but to co-copy a pamphlet with quotes not doubted by the court, from the writings of Buddhism and  to reprimand the Dalai Lama for contacts with former Waffen SS members and his foreword to a book by a representative of racial doctrine. The prosecution also involved the Regional Court of Krems (sentencing abrogated), the OGH and the Higher Regional Court of Vienna, as well as the General Prosecutor.

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Richest Church in the World Pays Abuse Victims 5,000 Euros

Bundestag vice-president Kubicki "If we consider that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust.”

Berlin ( An abuse victim is typically paid only  5,000 Euros for compensation in Germany in the past few years by the Catholic Church. This was reported by BILD, citing the Central Coordination Office. This had been recommended until autumn 2017 for 1788 applications of 8.7 million euros in compensation, which on average is only 5,000 euros per victim. Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki made heavy criticism of these compensatory payments: "If we bear in mind that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust." Those affected are outraged by these low payments. "For years, the richest church in the world has been offering ridiculous compensation payments to its victims. 1000, 3000, 5000 Euro are a new humiliation for those affected," says Matthias Katsch of the victim association Eckiger Tisch. "In the US, victims were awarded millions of dollars, but there the state carries out the proceedings, in Germany because of the statute of limitations, the church itself.

Edit: it has more to do with the German Church being a spiritual, welfare arm of the Bundesland.

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another Old Liberal German Bishop Squanders 50,000 Euros on Invasion Fleet

Like the evil Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, Archbishop of Paderborn Hans-Josef Becker also supports "Mission Lifeline" with funds - money comes from the Disaster Fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn

Munich ( For the private refugee rescue ship "Mission Lifeline" there is another 50,000 euros from a German bishop. After the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is now supporting the controversial ship with funds. The 50,000 euros come from the disaster fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn. The ship's captain, Claus Peter Reisch, is currently being investigated in Malta on the grounds that his ship is not properly registered and that he has failed to comply with instructions from the Italian Coast Guard to allow the rescue of boat people to the Libyan Coast Guard. Reisch is currently promoting a controversial fun T-shirt with the inscription "Tug King" on the front and "Team Umvolkung" [Umvolkung is a term describing the elimination of German identity.] on the back.

Whether it makes more sense to rescue the boat people directly in front of their home coast without returning them  to their home, but to ship them to Europe, is currently very controversial. Proponents say it would reduce the number of dead if the refugees were rescued and brought to Europe, they consider Reisch’s relief action  as exemplary and he received, for example, in July 2018, a prize from the Bavarian state parliament. Critics argue that this is just an  encouragement, and that even more people will be encouraged to start ou in unseaworthy boats on the dangerous crossing, so the number of dead will actually rise with rescue operations. In addition, it is not common for people in distress to be taken to remote ports that are not even their home, although they are often picked up close to the coast of their home countries.

Claus Peter Reisch, the ship's captain, also shills controversial T-shirts on Twitter, which read "Tug King" and "Team Umvolkung".

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cardinal Marx Donates 50,000 Euros to Islamic Invasion Fleet

According to the archdiocese, the money comes from funds that are "available" to Marx - theologian David Berger: Marx is making more dead refugees in the Mediterranean  - Captain of the boat on Twitter: "Team Umvolkung" [Umvolkung is a National Socialist German word for the process of making the German people forget who they are.] for  and "tug king"

Munich ( The Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has donated 50,000 euros for the not uncontroversial private sea rescue by the German ship "Lifeline" in the Mediterranean. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the archdiocese, as the BR reports.

Numerous critics accuse the private rescuers that they are contributing to trafficking through these "rescue operations". According to the archdiocese, the money comes from means "available" to Marx. However, it is unclear whether Church  taxpayers' money will be used or Marx paid for it privately. His monthly income is according to the BILD newspaper 12.526 euros. Most recently, the Lifeline attempted to sail under the Vatican flag. This was rejected by the Vatican.

In his blog, the theologian David Berger sharply criticized Marx's donation: "With the donation of 50,000 euros to the NGO / Mediterranean ship Lifeline, Cardinal Marx from Munich is not only negligent in dealing with funds that do not belong to him, he also causes more dead refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and supports the Islamization of Europe, and those who continue to co-finance it are complicit.

Claus Peter Reisch, the ship's captain, also distributes controversial T-shirts on Twitter, which read "Tug King" and "Team Umvolkung". [Team Deracination] 

Kathnet tweets an admonition to the Cardinal about the passage in Mathew that a man who gives alms should not let his left hand know what his right is doing. Bravo Kathnet!

Mr. Plantiko points out that this is Church-tax money, not money from his own estate.
Sea Captain Reisch thanks the Archdiocese for the 50,000 to fund an Islamic invasion of Europe and Germany. Apparently, the AfD Party which is influential in Freising wont be happy about this.

Here’s the “Tug King” with one of his controversial t-shorts.

Trans: Tancred


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Benedict XVI's Criticism: Far From an Example, the German Church is a Black Hole

Benedict XVI's criticism of the worldly German church with the faithful
of a "Trade Union Mentality" because there are "too many" employees
of the church (pictured is Cardinal Marx of the German Bishops'
(Rome) "From because good example for the world. The German church is a black hole," was the unflattering judgment of Vaticanist Sandro Magister on the Catholic Church in the Federal Republic of Germany, whose highest representative office is the German Bishops' Conference. The Vatican expert summed up the damning verdict by Benedict XVI. about the German church, which he expresses in the new interview book with Peter Seewald.
In Germany there were some people who have always wanted to destroy him, says Benedict XVI. As an example, the former head of the church was deceitfully accused of anti-semitism by some countrymen when he changed the Good Friday prayer for the Jews.

The interview book, says Magister, was an "accusation" by Benedict XVI. against the German church. He accuses it of being too worldly. He had already hurled charges of worldliness on the 25th September 2011 in Freiburg, and called for a "detachment from the world." Although at that time everyone understood what was meant, an entire church apparatus, including courtiers and minions started to move in order to claim that what was meant what not what was meant, and everything would remain as it is.

"Too many Catholics as Church employees with a Trade Union Mentality"

Secularization is a danger that accompanies the Church constantly. Where it has gone too far, the Church has suffered serious damage in its history. To focus on Germany: The outbreak and even more so, the success of Luther's "Reformation" revolution had largely to do with the secularization [laicization] of the Church and especially with the benefice saturated Prince Archbishop of Mainz, who was at the same time Archbishop of Magdeburg, Elector, Archchancellor of the Empire and Primate Germaniae, in one person, Albrecht of Brandenburg (House of Hohenzollern). By today's standards he would be the President of the German Bishops' Conference .

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

In Freiburg in 2011, Benedict XVI did not mention the church tax system by name. In the interview book he does, probably to prevent a renewed "reinterpretation" of his words. Benedict does not criticize the levy in itself because every baptized person is bound by his means  to contribute to the maintenance of the clergy and to provide support, so that the Church can fulfill its apostolic and charitable tasks. However, Benedict criticized the linking of church tax with excommunication.That is, says the former Pope, untenable.
The result of the church tax system is a highly organized Church, but in the - so the downside - Catholics are often merely employees of the Church and a "trade union mentality" prevails. The Church will no longer be perceived by them from the dimension of faith, but more as an employer, which is  to be criticized as such. The motivation of faith is lacking. Also it becomes an expression of the secularization of Church life.

"Impressive contrast between Benedict's criticism of German Church and Francis' favor for the German Church"

The Church in Germany is, after the government, Germany's second largest employer. The gigantic apparatus has transformed the church into a "secular bureaucracy."   It's a situation that Benedict XVI.  finds tragic.  That much money is not good for the Church is because in the end it is still too little and creates only sarcasm from  intellectual circles.
"It impresses the contrast between this harsh criticism of Benedict XVI. and the favor the same German Church enjoys today from Pope Francis, as if it were the vanguard of the hoped-for renewal of a world Christendom defined by poverty and mercy, while in reality, in front of everyone, it is obvious that the Church is neither poor nor merciful in Germany but - even worse - is smothered by its own apparatus, and especially by the world where many central themes of morality and dogma is on its knees. "
What Magister does not explicitly mention: Currently there are German bishops and subordinate representatives on their knees in "Luther fever." Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishops' Conference, declared Luther a "bombastic figure" while Cardinal Walter Kasper announced: "Luther was right."
Magister explains the German church tax system with its compulsory payments that level the threat of excommunication for non-compliance. The Vatican expert points out that the German Bishops' Conference last year, received more than five times what the Italian Episcopal Conference received through voluntary church donations.

Modern indulgences: disobedience and heresy do not matter, the main thing is that you pay the church tax

Whoever doesn't pay the church tax in Germany will be excluded from the Church. This was confirmed again by the German bishops in  2012. Who does not pay, is excluded from the sacraments.

Of "mercy" says Magister, there  is no trace. In Germany, a considerable part of the church is disobeying doctrine and discipline of the Church. Schismatic and heretical tendencies are tolerated without the slightest suspicon. The remarried divorcees "go unabashedly Communion everywhere, and aberrosexual unions are increasingly being blessed in church."   Excommunication was nowhere mentioned however much it might encourage some. "But woe", if someone does not pay church tax. One could speak of a new "indulgence." The main thing is you pay, then you can do it any way you want, the services of the Church are always available.  Subservience to the zeitgeist prevails accordingly in a deafening silence about the mass murder of unborn children through abortion.
This past July 17  Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the secretary of Benedict XVI., also lamented this contradiction in an interview with the Swabian newspaper .

A lot of money: influence on the many poor diocese and also in Rome

"There is no mention of the influence which the German Church has on many poor dioceses in the southern hemisphere, they support financially," said Magister. The same applies to the Holy See in Rome, who is also a big beneficiary of German monetary flows.
As early as 2011 there the church in Germany was peeved at Benedict XVI.'s critique of the worldliness of their church.  Since he is then no longer Pope, they no longer have to take out all the stops to appease public opinion. This part was adopted at this time by the Jesuit Andreas Batlogg, editor of the Jesuit magazine "Stimmen der Zeit". He said that the interview book by Benedict XVI. "should never have appeared", and Cardinal Marx would do to silence criticism.
The German church knows, so the impression, that a nerve has been struck when one criticizes her luxuriant flowing money.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / ACIprensa (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Friday, September 9, 2016

Benedict XVI Criticizes German Church-Tax

Emeritus in Seewald-book: he had great doubts about whether the Church-tax system as it is now, is correct - "The automatic excommunication of those who do not pay it, in my opinion, is untenable."

Rome ( Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. has discussed in his interview book "Last Testament" about "the church-tax in Germany" in a Peter Seewald interview tape. He had great doubts about whether the church tax system in its current form is correct. Benedict XVI says: "But the automatic excommunication of those who do not pay it is, in my opinion, untenable." The book was published on Friday.

The Catholic Church in Germany is seen by Benedict XVI. generally in a critical light. "In Germany we have this established and highly paid Catholicism, often with employed Catholics who then confront the Church with a labor union mentality." The Church is just an employer for these officers, of which they are critical. For the Church in Germany is at a great risk that "a surplus of nonspiritual bureaucracy" arises through the many paid employees. "I am saddened at this situation, the excess of money, that is yet again too little, and the bitterness that comes of this, that malice, which is manifest in German intellectual circles." The readable introduction by Peter Seewald of his interview tape Pope Benedict XVI. is now available on in full length!
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spanish Diocese Want Financial Independence From the State

Spanish Bishops With Pope Francis
(Madrid) The attacks against the Catholic Church have recently increased in intensity in Spain. In the parliamentary elections in December 2015, the progressive Partido Popular (People's Party) lost its majority. However, the left-wing parties were unable to form a government within what is the stipulated by the Constitution. This coming June 26, therefore, new elections are to be held. Another shift to the left is not excluded.
The attacks against the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, by representatives of the Left parties, may be significant as a new sign of the escalation against the Church. The former curial Cardinal was defending the natural family and criticized the gender ideology. Cañizares turned especially against "false" laws which are contrary to human nature and therefore run counter to the government's mandate to provide for the general welfare.
It's a position of the left-wing parties (PSOE, Podemos, IU),  which is barely tolerated any more. They want to muzzle the Church, and prefer to bring it into silence. The recent campaign in itself, which is being carried out initially by clerical employees who are active in left-wing political parties, who have publicly insulted  high church officials, shows that freedom of expression is in serious danger. It's a phenomenon that is not only to be observed in Spain.
The context of these recent events involve the efforts of the Spanish Church, to become independent of state funding.  The proportion of state financing accounts for between 10 and 50 percent, at present, of the annual budget of Spanish dioceses.
The state contribution to the financing of the Church is governed by a democratic transition agreement in 1979 signed between the State and the Church. The Left has agitated against the financing of the Church by the state since the 80s. In 2007, the left-wing Zapatero government put into effect a supplement that abolished the direct subsidy to the Church by the state. Instead, it was determined that the state would withhold 0.7 percent of personal income tax (IRPF) for the Church from those taxpayers who so wished it. The scheme is modeled on similar provisions which have been laid down in the 1984 Concordat between the Catholic Church and Italy.
Since the revision of 2007, the Catholic Church no longer receives subsidies from the tax budget. It will only be paid the money that Catholics want their pay voluntarily by an explicit statement on the tax return. In contrast, to the Church-tax in Germany, the tax is voluntary. Only the rate is fixed. 
The Archdiocese of Madrid is financed up to 18 percent from the IRPF tax. In Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Barcelona, ​​the figure is 34.1 percent, in the diocese of Cordoba it is at 14.5 percent.
Overall, the indirect subsidies from the government (transitory items IRPF tax) amounted to around 250 million euros annually. It's a modest sum compared to the more than five billion which sustains Germany's church through the church tax. Accordingly modest are also the salaries of Spanish priests which stand  between 700-1000 euros.
Nevertheless, there are discussions within the Spanish Bishops' Conference of renewed efforts to seek independence from the indirect funding by the state   and switch the budget of the dioceses entirely to self-financing. Financial dependence, be it only indirect, could restrict the freedom of maneuver and independence, and freedom of expression, as things are in Spain. The money supply has ever been a popular form of pressure for currently ruling authorities at any time.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Infovaticana
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Head of Austrian Caritas Endorses President of Dissident Priest Group for Bishop

The anti-Roman Landau Religion Mobilizes for the anti-Roman Schüller-Religion

A poser priest  with a questionable career trajectory from a Jewish background, and now  endorses a heretical priest in his struggle to create a market for smugglers.
Caritas in Pinstripes: Michael Landau remains faithful to his anti-Rome Course f - a kind of prerequisite for a career in the Schönborn Church [Image: Encyclopedia Dramatica CC]

Human Traffickers Business

A clear winner of globalization is the illegal and highly organized business of human trafficking. The mafia gangs seem to have church-related servants who realize their campaigning for human trafficking with the aid of church funds. Thus Caritas has also used our Church funds in its portion of production and channeling of international refugees to  assist in  destroying the resident people, its culture and the Catholic religion.
This destruction is one of the essential tasks of Caritas, which is why it has also funded abortions:

The Social-Industrial Combine of Caritas

The most important for the socio-industrial combine of Caritas is not to alienate any human traffickers is because the charity needs  Human Trafficking-Industry people, who ship well-paying economic refugees here, so that they can then sneak benefits.

In this Way the Church is Made to Look Ridiculous, it is Intended:

An exodus of the few remaining Catholic faithful was the launched in 1939 by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, was also intended to give life to the Nazi Church-tax club:
Revenue from the Nazi church contribution Law of 1939 should be able to be freely used for socialist agendas and at the same time faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be destroyed and the Masonic do-gooder will withdraw. This plan seems to be persistently followed by  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.
There is no other explanation that a priest performer of a Jewish family with a questionable meteoric career and the  Big Boss of the socialist do-gooder group "Caritas"  agitates for the anti-Roman Schüller-religion.

Caritas is the Opium of Heretical Priests

So, the big boss of the Social-Industrial combine Caritas, Fr. Michael Landau   confirmed on the occasion of his appointment as Caritas Austria CEO: Hw. Helmut Schüller would be an "excellent candidate for office of a bishop".
The poser priest Landau probably allowed himself a pre-Christmas April Fool's  by bringing a priest who has been charged as a  heretic into play, for office of a bishop. It is only by going back to Arthur Seyss-Inquart's Church-tax club that calls for a  bishop who calls for disobedience to the Vicar of Christ could ever  be conceivable. 
This alignment of the anti-Roman Landau religion with the anti-Roman Schüller-religion is a worst-case scenario for the Catholic faith in Austria. This seems to be something Cardinal Christoph Schönborn  has pulled all strings to strive for.

Stay Roman Catholic!

Whoever has a conscience,  will depart from the Nazi, Catholic faith destroying, Church-tax association founded in 1939  - and remain a Roman Catholic !

Trans: Tancred

NB: German speaking countries have a Church-tax system which in Austria's case was imposed in 1939 under the Nazis.  This sytem, has been a vehicle for the destruction of Catholicism in German countries, especially since the Second World War.  The Church-tax in this case is being used to fund Caritas, which is an abortion supporting, immigration promoting, organization.  If that's not insulting enough to the faithful Catholic, its current president, an alleged convert from a Jewish background, has praised the dissident founder of Call to Disobedience, a priestly version of USA Call to Action.  They promote disobedience to Catholic teachings on a range of issues from abortion, to women priests and celibacy.

Monday, November 25, 2013

German Bishops Test the Situation and Want to Extort the Pope

Guest commentary by Winfried Boniface

(Stuttgart) Coercive pressure by a significantly de-Christianized society, political extortion by the state governments turn off the money tap for Catholic hospitals and institutions (the morning-after pill decision of Cologne after the Green Health Minister waved the rod is in recent memory) for insubordination; a lay apparatus in the Church service, which is not infrequently Protestant to the bone after celebrating 50 years of the Council; a part of the clergy, who after decades of attacking the sacramental priesthood, are working as imperceptibly as possible for the "general" priesthood of the baptized; frustrated faithful Catholics, priests and religious, who are tired of being neglected or treated as pariahs because they interfere with the Bishops and Ordinaries attempting to give themselves a world-compatible appearance.

A small, honestly answered test of faith predominantly of priests, full-time church staff, parish councils and Catholic associations would probably unearth a frightening picture. Bishops incidentally are not the exception. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that the Catholic Church has no more power for influencing the society of German-speaking countries, its appearance is distorted and  Catholic doctrine is confused by many voices. The de-Christianization here follows no law of nature. It has causes, an origin and strands of retraceable historical development. Much of it is the responsibility of the Church due to the mistaken thesis of the need to reflect the diversity of society in the Church, rather than as a Church to be a homogeneous, solid faith and a decisive factor in society. Something like this, the situation of the Church in German lands represent a Church where everything has to be taken "with joy" in  platitudes and pretending to see "a chance",  even if it is something ever so far from the Church.

Besiege Rome Without Armies,  But With Six Billion Euros

And who is surprised that the German bishops attempt open revolt. They do it on the subject of remarried divorcees and while raising their voices loudly against their former brother, the former Bishop of Regensburg and present Prefect of the CDF in Rome, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller. He doesn’t particularly like the current rebels much anyway. The rebellion is directed in reality against the Pope as the Vicar of Christ, the Church's teaching and discipline.

The German bishops have long ago lost their armies, but they can try to extort the Curia and the Pope with a bulging wallet (6 billion euros in 2012, church tax). Maybe even with a small threat of schism in the package? In fact, they have already done this on a small scale. An Austrian archbishop and cardinal have some experience with this. The bishops have their knowledge of rebellion in the German language area. The declarations of bishops in  Koenigsteiner, Mariatroster (Austria) and Solothurn (Switzerland)   send their regards. A disobedience that was is still not overcome today and spreads its poisonous blooms. This also explains why the bishops are so passive, compared to the disobedient priests around the former Monsignor Helmut Schüller.

Benedict XVI.’s Attempt To Make The German Church Less Worldly Meant a Break

It needed not the media favorite Francis to be reminded by a pope to poverty, although such a desecrated impression by the media was conveyed to the masses. The dramatic call by Pope Benedict XVI. in the Freiburg Concert Hall in September 2011, that the German church should become less worldly is unknown in modern church history. But the German church apparatus refused, any discussion was suffocated immediately and a good part of the bishops broke, if not openly, behind the scenes with the Pope. He had been already more tolerated than loved, as long as he did not too meddle too much in German affairs. Ultimately, however, he was in the way of the pandering to the Bundesrepublik cartel.

New Pope, New Attempt

The extortion of Benedict XVI. on the issue of remarried divorcees was a complete non-starter. Cardinal Lehmann knew that. When Pope Francis, the fleet footed Latin American, which by his Romanesque origins seemed to lack German dogmatism, gives cause for hope. And you're ready, behind the media fueled enthusiasm, to put the Argentine to the carrot and the stick, like the angry reactions to the reaffirmation of Catholic doctrine in matters of marriage sacrament shown by Archbishop Müller. The proverbial checkbook policy of the German Federal Government has its parallel in the German church. And that, unfortunately, is not always to the advantage of the Church. The Rhenish alliance, which called the shots at the Council, knew to gather votes in the Third World.

It is becoming apparent that much will depend on the employees in the looming tug of war that threatens to surround the Pope. The Roman Curia, which some residential bishops so would like to weaken or at least to bruise has yet to fulfill important tasks. Pope Francis has been exposed to some danger in recent months by some over-zealous and some little sense of the importance and dimension of the papacy. He has opened doors that were closed with good reason. The German bishops are now trying penetrate with their list of demands for the Church. Pope Francis does not seem impervious to advice, so the hope is that it gives the right consultants his ear, as was the case in recent weeks. Whether it was only a wave motion that knows the tides, is yet to be seen.

Much Will Depend on Vatican Employees, Even More For Those who Pray

Francis may not have been aware of some dangers. However, it is time that he becomes aware of them. The rumblings among Germany's bishops will be brought hopefully to his ears. We can only hope that he finds better counselors than those who told him last summer, to submit to questions in two Scalfari articles and the need to recommend a "dialogue" with the atheist opponents of the Church. A "dialogue" which, while it harvested much fruitless applause, yet caused substantially abundant confusion.

The Pope who is being assaulted with a breakaway rush of rebellious German bishops like Reinhard Cardinal Marx (Munich-Freising), who is also tragically a member of the C8 Cardinal Advisors, or the bishops Stephan Ackermann (Trier) and Gebhard Fürst (Rottenburg-Stuttgart), to call a few by name, have some work to do. Whether and how he will be able to repel the intent of this Fronde and to preserve the Catholic doctrine intact, will be decided by how he will go down in Church history. The despised and oppressed faithful Catholics should be ready to talk. They will be very persuasive, especially in prayer, atonement and sacrifice, but also by their voice to the world to participate in this struggle to fight off and defend the Church.

Picture: Papa Benedetto
Trans: Tancred

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

German Secular Court Rules That German Catholics Must Pay Church Tax to Remain Members

Edit: this just came out from BBC. They usually don't get the facts straight, but after a year, things have taken place just as Doctor Andreas Janker has predicted, and he and Harmut Zapp's case has been ruled against. While there is general criticism of the Church-tax overall, Network of German Priests, an association of conservative, or say, truly Catholic German priests has been critical of a regime which imposes a Leftist agenda which is not Catholic.
All Germans who are officially registered as Catholics, Protestants or Jews pay a religious tax, worth an extra 8-9% of their income tax bill. This had been challenged by a retired law professor who said he wanted to remain a Catholic but not pay the tax. Last week, a new bishops' decree warned that anyone not paying the tax would be denied the right to religious rites.
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Spaemann: Priests May Deny Dogmas, but Believers Can't Refuse the Church Tax

Edit: in light of recent events with Bishop Tebartz van Elst and the German Bishop's complicity in distributing pornography with Catholic's donations, enforced through the church-tax, this statement by philosopher Robert Spaemann on September 9th of 2011 really cuts to the quick.

( / KNA) The philosopher Robert Spaemann has criticized the church tax. "It is scandalous in our church tax, that he who pays no more church tax, is excommunicated," the Catholic said this for the newspaper "Die Welt" (Friday). "You can deny the resurrection of Jesus, but then you are not suspended as a priest. Yet when it comes to money, it gets serious. This coupling of church membership and church tax must fall. "[How about suspending heretical priests, instead?]

Spaemann also welcomed the speeches held by the Pope on his visit to Germany and his plea for the Church's detachment from the world. "As Archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger once told me on a walk: You know, what the biggest problem of the Church in Germany is? She has too much money."

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Bishop of Basel Allows Blessings of Same Sex Pairs -- Homo-Schism in the Swiss Church?

(Basel) Catholic teaching is clear by divine revelation on the subject of homosexuality. The Bible uses strong words to describe the phenomenon of sexual disorder. Nevertheless, there are Catholic priests who are unfaithful to the Church's teaching and give aberrosexual couples even their blessings. Die Neue Zürcher Zeitung published an article ​​on 28 July calling attention to the contradiction. Adamim, the “Association of Gay Pastors of Switzerland ", another paradox, advertises on its website the “Offer” of homosexual-friendly priests who are willing to also bless aberrosexual couples in a religious ceremony. It would be no exaggeration to assume that among the 20 homoheretical priests that there are at least some active sexually. Such as "Mario, Cath. Pastor” on Adamim’s page, must tell of his aberrosexual history without being a whit ashamed, although he is a Catholic priest.

Aberrosexual Priest Reading of the Bible with “Gay Glasses"

"I had my first boyfriend at 17. Thanks … in the single rooms we were able to live a very close and intimate relationship. Since my childhood ... I wanted to be a priest. This profession has always been very intriguing. At 30 years ... I took my first parish as priest. 15 years ... I had no sexual partner, but masturbated regularly. I was happy ... As a young pastor I fell head over heels with our sacristan. He was 9 years younger than me and not gay. The whole thing was horrible ... passionate for me. I was jealous when he talked with other people. Finally ... I realized that I could no longer keep the whole thing under my cover. It was clear to me that the sacristan, without realizing it, had opened all my gay valves. I only worked… kept to my role and made on action, so in my inner emptiness, and loneliness I felt dry in any spare moments. I ... took a long time out, cured me and started a psychological therapy. Now ... I learned to trust my assessment. I accepted it and tried to incorporate it into my life. I came out to my family and in the pastoral care team. To my great surprise, no one has rejected me. These experiences have made me ... really strong that I even felt the joy of time on my being gay. It's still like that. I stopped now actively looking for a partner. I went for the first time to gay bars and discos. I even made ads in gay magazines. I also met men know and had relationships. That these men also stayed in the rectory and shared time with me, did not bother anyone. There were ... but also crises. The fact that I was a pastor and a public person, also deterred men, and that they could not live with me in general. There was also a time when I wanted to give up the office. There were times when I thought I could never bring my work and my private life under one roof. It was then a gay friend (no sex partner), who had strongly advised me to stay in the church because it would be very important - also for gays, that I as an open gay priest would act out with my homoeroticism. I began to grapple with gay theology. By that time I read the Bible with gay glasses. My relationship with God was different. My religious language was soft and tender. It was clear to me personally that there was a gay variant in the history of creation, and that God was not a homophobe. The topic of homosexuality ... is now public and no longer a taboo. "

Adamim, The Gay Pastor's Association of Switzerland

Everything under the eyes of the competent bishop, who seems to look away from all the "positive experiences".

The association Adamim, based in Bern, is published on its website in open contradiction to Catholic teaching as follows:

We are an active group of gay men in the service of the church: pastors, pastoral workers, priests, catechists, theologians, hospital chaplains, religious ...... from different denominations. Living as a homosexual in the Christian churches is not always easy. As an association, "Adamim", we work in the public sphere so that homosexuality is recognized as a natural variety of human sexuality, and it is the unique ability to love someone of your own sex.

The Catholic "gay pastors" maintain good relations with the Lesbian and gays of church-based Basel (LSBK), an "ecumenical community for all" "gay, lesbian and transgender" with his own "church". The "services" take place at the Elisabethen Church (OKE): "In the spirit of the community-based services they are prepared by alternating teams together with pastors and priests of the three national churches (Reformed, Old Catholic, Roman Catholic). This creates both traditional worship and new and experimental forms. In every service we celebrate a Eucharist or Lord's Supper, "it says on the website of LSBK. The Catholic viewer gets the creeps. The Open Church Erzsébet part of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the City of Basel, which is "fully behind the project".

Basel-based Aberrosexual with Catholic Participation

The website of the Lesbian and Gay Church Base Basel also states: "For several years the OKE is known to be supported by the Roman Catholic Church of the city of Basel. Operating since 1999 at the OKE, Catholic theologian and pastor, wife Eva Südbeck-Baur, as a commitment to OKE and LSBK has given a courageous witness, laying emphasis on her appointment to office, her installation on the 19th of September in 1999 will be celebrated as part of a LSBK-worship." Whatever that says. The fact is that the Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of the City of Basel is co-sponsor of the OKE and also finances this. [With Church-tax] It is also fact that Südbeck-Baur at the Elisabethen Church has celebrated "services" for aberrosexuals. The cantonal church is a peculiarity of Swiss church law.

The Catholic Church of the City of Basel is promoting the Open Churches Erzsébet officially on their website:

You experience new forms of worship and celebrations (...). On Wednesday afternoon pastoral care is offered on Thursday afternoon laying on of hands. (...) The Open Church Erzsébet City is the first church in Switzerland. (...) It offers new, low-threshold access to faith and church, invites, without forcing, those interested and enables new approaches, the challenges of the modern city needs, without losing their profile.

Eva Südbeck-Baur: Homo-service, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Criticism of the Church, Charity

Eva Südbeck-Baur is the example of a "modern" Catholic multi-functional official in service of the Church: the lesbian and gay worship, worship of experimental design, inter-religious dialogue, Christian-Jewish understanding, publications critical of the church by the Caritas staff. Südbeck-Baur in the fall of 2012 left the Open Church Elsbeth and since the beginning, has been primarily employed with Caritas. Together with her ​​husband Wolf Südbeck-Baur is an employee of the newspaper critical of the Church - Independent Journal of Religion and Society[Unabhängige Zeitschrift für Religion und Gesellschaft]. The journal "is interested in what breaks through on the fringes of the denominations and religions" and "exerts a critique of structures and institutions, agencies and individuals, rites and dogmas, anything short of all that prevents religious awakenings." The latest issue of Aufbruch is dedicated to the theme: "Homosexual on the road to equality."

In the Diocese of Basel Church Blessing Celebration for Aberrosexual Couples a Long Practice

In the diocese of Basel "church celebrations" for gomorrist couples have long been the practice. That was under Bishop Kurt Koch [Current Curial Official for Christian Unity] who did nothing about it before he moved to Rome in 2010. Back in November 2003, a Pastoral Conference of Cantonal Church of Basel-Country, a "blessing ceremony" for aberrosexuals was approved by a large majority, although the Swiss Bishops Conference had rejected such. 2004 events were organized in several parishes in the Canton of Basel-Country as completely normal: held for lesbians and gays as in the Parish Center Bruder Klaus in Liesta and the parish center Epiphany in Füllinsdorf . "Partnerships for gays and lesbians still have a hard time finding recognition in our society and in our Church," says one of the Pastoral Conference Basel booklets published, Celebrate the Love? Bless Love. "That's why they needed a sign a binding and strengthening commitment" 'to live the gift of their love as a valuable and liberating gift.'" As early as 21 January 2004 an enthusiastic Basler Zeitung wrote: "Specifically: Gay and lesbian partners have the opportunity to bless their love before a pastor of their confidence. Legally, this blessing really has no legal consequences. But to us, it is about making a mark,' said Father Felix Terrier. "Terrier is pastor of Liestal.

Bishop Gmür Silent on Gay Heresy in His Diocese

While the Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder strongly condemned the practice of blessing aberrosexual couples in the Catholic Church by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Felix Gmür was conspicuously silent. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung therefore headlined its article with, "Bishop of Basel Tolerates Blessings of Homosexual Couples."

The Catholic People's Party (KVP) of Switzerland sees "a need for clarification regarding its sexual orientation and practice" by Bishop Gmür. In the diocese of Basel, the bishop is elected according to the old Cathedral Chapter and not only suggested. The Pope has the right of confirmation. "The drafting of the profile of requirements of the new bishop was on the side the church's canons, 'required' gender competence," says the Catholic People's Party . As Gmür was elected by the chapter to bishop in 2010, he fell into a conversation with the newspaper Thurgau on the subject of sexuality as a "matter of conscience for each individual," which says everything and nothing. The newspaper knew, but also reported that the new bishop from Rome would work for the abolition of celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood. Gmür did not intend to defend celibacy. This is not necessary if he "personally" lives a "well ordered" life. Another response that raises more questions than it answers. His toothless dealing with the parish initiative, the Swiss branch of the Austrian and West German Pastors' Initiative comes in a formula to express the act most of the bishops in the German language by the "expansion of dialogue, not sanctions." The formula actually means to suspend the responsibilities and consequences.

Horror Missae: Ordinations of 2011 by Bishop Felix Gmür of Basel: 

Colorful Dub hands instead of Christian symbols on the new priest stoles

Horror Missae with Bishop of Basel - When is The Right Feeling Lost

 Bishop Gmür has already been seen in the middle of an image in the category of Horror Missae. It shows the Basle bishop surrounded by new priests full of colorful stoles with daubed hands. In 2011 he was inaugurated the successor of Cardinal Kurt Koch at the forefront with three new priests of the traditional Swiss Diocese. The ordination took place on 5 June 2011 in Saint-Pierre de Porrentruy. The priests ordained were Romain Gajo, François-Xavier Gindrat and Antoine Dubosson. Four to eleven year old children had designed the stoles. Children understandably do as they are led by adults who should know better. Because we know: not all that well-intentioned, is also well taken.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: LSBK / ADAMIM / Messa in latino (screenshoots)
Trans: Tancred AMGD

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+Schönborn’s Cathedral: Like an Expressionistic Crib Figure in Satan’s Manger

The Presence of the Holy Will be Brought to Silence by
Cardinal Schönborn.  Vienna’s Stepansdom, Bust in ridicule of
Sr. Resituta [photo:]
Ed: while pious ninnies and apologetics hustlers slander Catholics, evil Bishops mock God and His Church from within.

Mockery of Sr. Restituta As an expressionist nativity figures at the cradle of Satan

Since 27 May 2009 a Stalinist bronze relief statue can be ogled at the Barbara Chapel of St. Stephen's Cathedral. This bust was bare-breasted, produced at the request of the Vienna Cardinal from one of the last Stalinists (with the exception of the European Union), Alfred Hrdlicka. How long?

The presence of the Holy is silenced by Cardinal Schönborn. St. Stephen's Cathedral, a bust to mock the Blessed Sr. Restituta [image:] Faithful Martyr Sister Maria Restituta was murdered on 30 March 1943 by the Nazi Provincial Court in Vienna. The Blessed Sister Maria Restituta sacrificed her life for Christ's cross and died as a martyr under the guillotine - which is named after a Freemason Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, a tool for streamlining the breaking of the 5th Commandment of God.

With this central tool of the Jacobin, Leftist terror, Blessed Sister Maria Restituta was killed by the Nazis in Vienna provincial court because she would not be the same align herself to a socialist ideology. This Gleichschaltung was made up by those responsible for the St. Stephen's Cathedral in 2009.

The St. Stephen's Cathedral was Consequently Decorated Vulgar Materialistic

The wealthy high ranking Stalinist Hrdlicka, at the request of his employer, Cardinal Schönborn, removed the divine image of the martyrdom of Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Kafka, and brought instead the Blessed as a demonic creature from a vision of hell for display.

The bare-breasted Blessed Sister Maria Restituta hangs on the wall of St. Stephen's Cathedral as an expressionist nativity figures at the cradle of Satan. Beneath are only Hrdlicka’s following words, "I'm a big German”.

The Devil is Inside the Church

This mockery of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta by those responsible for the St. Stephen's Cathedral is an involuntary allegory of the fact that the Holy Church is exposed to persecution from inside by the devil.

There are on God's earth no dedicated site where a Blessed is mad as a disgraceful, bold, irreverent and barbaric representation as in the Stephansdom in Vienna.

For the traditionless, who are closely pegged to the short moment (as Schönborn, Faber, Schuller & other theological apologists and analacrobats), the dishonor of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Kafka is characterized as a "work of art" identifiable, because the bare-breasted representation of the Blessed in St. Stephen's Cathedral is vulgarly presented.

For those who do not suffer from spiritual amnesia, still know: "The true, the good, the beautiful and the Saints are identical". But those responsible for St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna have the same understanding of art and aesthetics, the same as of theology.

Vienna School of heresy?

In disobedient and defiant Vienna is the pursuit of the ugly, falsehood and evil. The soul must, in order to be receptive to truth and beauty, have certain conditions, which have been wiped out by the officials of the tax subsidized Archdiocese of Vienna.

Souls are not charged to the supernatural beauty and heavenly, but at best to aberrosexual kitsch and the disregard for the sanctity.

The Blessed Sister Maria Restituta was killed by the Nazis because she stood with God. The Vienna School of heresy called to disobedience, however, denies the will of God and panders to the sexually immoral.

Therefore, a disobedient, Viennese pastor can’t bear the beatified Sister Maria Restituta (like the Nazis), which eventually led to her mockery of the Stephansdom in Vienna.

Church funds to Communist Drunkard

For this desecration of the Blessed Martyr, Sister Restituta Kafka, Cardinal Schönborn had to let go of 80,000 euros for the drunkard Hrdlicka - the equivalent of 5,300 bottles of premium Ukrainian vodka.

The dishonor of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Stephansdom in Vienna is a high-proof image of the spiritual suicide through which the Archdiocese of Vienna supplying many souls to hell.

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Archbishop Zollitsch’s Battle for the Centrist Dictatorial Regime in Brussels

The Honorable President of the German Bishop’s Conference
has preserved an anti-Catholic model of a centralized
pseudo-Europe. [photo: Kirche in Deutschland]
The anti-German "German Bishops' Conference” is calling for the dissolution and disintegration of the German state and prescribed a devout political propaganda, as has not been in 75 years.

Eurozentralismus-Tümmelei The "Badische Tageblatt" said the chairman of the "German Bishops' Conference," Archbishop Robert Zollitsch: "Our future is in Europe and not in its return to the national states."

Archbishop Zollitsch probably wanted to insinuate the following:

-EU Europe would have something like a future.

- The future of Germany and its homeland is not Afghanistan, but somewhere on the Western Eurasian landmass.

- There are no nation-states (not "return to the nation-states").
It is more than obvious that the Catholic Church in Germany only serves mammon. It serves the abolition of moral nation-states and the realization of the claim to power of the Brussels subculture.

Eurocentralism brings about the destruction of the values

Just as in Europe, the institution of the family is destroyed on purpose, and the nation-states (such as curved cucumbers) are destroyed. The resolution of family and state brings the atomization of de-christianized wage slaves who are then collectivized into a larger unit.

Mammon instead of values

This new collective, which is nothing more than an oligarchy of the unscrupulous, called the hypocrites, for example, "European community of values" - actually it's all about mammon . Globalist politics and the Church in Germany to serve the international private banks and not their own people or the will of God.

Only when it comes to Mammon (or homosexuality), does the tax-Church suddenly become present and with a vengeance.

Whom does Zollitsch so serve, is solely the financial feudalism.

When Archbishop Zollitsch is for the centralist dictatorship in Brussels, then he is concerned that the big capital is subsidized with tax money and citizens who are systematically dispossessed and impoverished.

The barbaric regime in Brussels has managed to combine the bad side of capitalism with the bad sides of communism - and Archbishop Zollitsch apparently wants to be the prophet of this oversupply of the bad.

Honorable President of the tax-Church

For reasons of age, the tax-Church regime will of Robert Zollitsch will mercifully end in March 2014. Then nothing will be better, because the Masonic Temple at work on Europe will continue undaunted in the de-Christianized communities of the tax-Church.

The EU shatters and destroys the autonomy of EU nations worse than in Ancient Rome, that they can spread their wicked rule and the smell of a new world order on everything.

The nucleus of the homeless and senseless society of Europe are now in the back room of the Brussels power ghetto - and not our children. These are like lab rats, the euro makes the European people a sacrifice to scientific investigation - if it goes according to the plans of the president of the anti-German "German Bishops' Conference.”

Mr. Zollitsch (as the modern man speaks to his Archbishop)! Take note that all empires will pass away - only Christ's kingdom is everlasting!

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Swiss Parishes Accused of Illegal Handling of Church-tax Dollars

Edit:  the battle continues in the interesting Diocese of Church against the corruption of the Church-tax system which allows a bloated Old Liberal bureaucracy to oppress the Canton’s Catholics.  It’s an important battle as paying your Church-tax is a matter of Church membership in some parts of Europe.  The local Bishop has already indicated that being designated as a Catholic for tax purposes need not be the same as being a Catholic and that Catholics may opt out of the system if they wish.  Hardly surprising since so much of the official apparatus actually undermines the Church and the Bishop himself.

Schwyz, 04/08/13 (Kipa) Hot heads could be attending the next meeting of the Catholic Canton Swiss Church Council of 26 April. Delegates are confronted with the accusation of breaking laws because some Church congregations have withdrawn funds from Democratic scrutiny. The accusation comes from the former president of the Cantonal Administrative Court, Werner Bruhin. Today he faces the "Legal Department" of the Cantonal Church.

Aerial View of Schwyz  (Image: /)
The Cantonal Church Council has determined that provide various parishes have made "significant contributions" to ecclesiastical foundations, writes Bruhin in the "Annual Report 2012" of the Cantonal Church. The money would not serve the ongoing maintenance of buildings, but inserted in endowment funds. This action by the church council is viewed as "problematic" if not "inadmissible”.

This “Fund” [Fondierung] approach undermines the principle of fiscal sharing. The purpose of which would be lost if communal revenue sharing funds of parishes and thus revenue sharing contributions are marked for "reinvestment" in favor of third parties, in this particular case, for the use of foundations. This “Fund" is contrary to the Budget Law, which advances in specialized lending are allowed only if the assigned revenue expenditure is temporarily covered. It is only permissible means for the ongoing effort to be devoted to the endowments, but not for Funds [Fondierung].

"Chur" tricked?

The Cantonal Constitution abiding by the Cantonal Church and the Church communities, have organized themselves according to democratic principles, Werner Bruhin wrote. If resources are moved to a parish church foundation, “then the parish can no longer have it available." Rather, the Board of Trustees determine the use of funds.

These have also have to “audit the episcopal approval for decisions". This goes beyond the current management, as had been agreed between the Diocese of Chur and the Cantonal Church. Furthermore, is the “the investment of collected tax funds in stock is prohibited,” insists Bruhin.

Church taxpayers are snubbed

The proceeding of the congregations could be met by many Catholics on its head and urge them to leave the Church, warns Bruhin. The tendency of the church exit could be increased, "if only Catholics bound to the Church are loosely related to taxpayers’ money being hoarded in funds over which the parish has no determination.”

According to annual report 2012, Switzerland's Cantonal Church late last year had about 400 less members than at the beginning of the year, although the population has increased slightly in the Canton. On 1 January 2013, the Catholic Church had just over 96,000 members in the Canton of Schwyz.

Bruhin hopes that the leaders of some parishes improve its "understanding of constitutional and democratic process." The Cantonal Church Council hopes that the situation will improve by "cooperation and education" and "a mechanism of sanctions will not have to be employed.”

(Kipa / gs / am)

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News -- Paolo Gabriele Seen at Decadent Suppressed Monastery Santa Croce

Strange Networks -- Alcohol Auxiliar: 160 Hours of Public Service -- With the Homo-Terror in the Sex-totalitarianism -- Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method -- Socialistic Double Standard

Strange Networks

Vatican.  The Pope-betrayer Paolo Gabriele was connected with the Old Liberal Roman Cistercian Abbey of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme.  That was reported by the US-Blog ''.  The Abbey was suppressed by the Pope after serious allegations of decadence.  The author of the blog explained that Gabriele and his family were personally sighted in the Abbey.

Alcohol Auxiliary:  160 Hours of Community Work

Poland.  The Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw Piotr Jarecki must serve 160 hours of community service.  The judge condemned him after his alcohol fueled tripe with almost three per parts per thousand into a lamp post. (0.3% ++Codileone's was 0.11%)  The Auxiliary Bishop accepted his punishment.  He will lose his driver's license for four years.

Homo-terror in Sex-totalitarianism

Germany.  Soon, the German convert and writer Gabriele Kuby's book "Die globale sexuelle Revolution" will be published.  In almost five hundred pages she hammers many hot topics.  She shows how the UNO and the EU are puppeteers of sexual decadence.  She warns against sexual equality,  of political manipulation of the language and the plague of pornography.  Finally, Mrs. Kuby revealed the homosexual movement and its dependence on totalitarianism.

Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method

Germany.  Pastor Benedikt Bunnagel of Ratingen in the Archdiocese of Cologne dismissed the German wooden hammer manner of proceeding toward Church-tax.  This was reported by the 'Rhenische Post'.  AT present the German Church is sending a document to departing members, that informs them of their "serious mistake" against the Church community.  Fr. Bunnagel does not want to sign such a letter.  He announced this in his sermon and earned applause.  The Archdiocese of Cologne will not suffer any shirkers. The letter must be sent without alterations, explained the Press Speaker Nele Harbeke of the Archdiocese.   In matters of -- not demanded in central questions of the faith -- obedience canon there is no choice for the pastor.  A priest may only supplement a personal document.

Socialistic Double Standard

"Peer Steinbruck has collected at least 698,000 euros since 2009 through lectures and board activities.  There is data from the Bundestag, but also business reports with details of the compensation for a board of director's chair were accounted for."

From the online edition of the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' on 8 October.  Comrade Steinbruck is number one in the list of the best paid among German Budestag representatives.

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German Federal Court tries to protect outdated Church-tax-system

Regensburg Cathedral

Edit: Excommunicating someone for not paying the Church-tax means nothing to people who go to church for purely cultural reasons, or aren't really concerned about being married or buried with a Catholic ceremony.  Apparently, you don't even really need to be Catholic to be truly honored in German-speaking parts like Vienna, you just have to be a famous Communist "artist" who ridicules the Catholic faith.  For those people who are loyal Catholics, it means a lot, and they're willing to expend a lot of time and money to ensure their Catholic names, even though those in charge are working against them.

Doctor Andreas Janker is a Regensburg, Germany born Engineer. He's also, for the time being, a Catholic in good standing with some serious concerns about the way the Catholic Church in Germany does business.

We'll get back to him in a moment. You see, like the United States and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, the German Bishops also support abortion, the use of birth control and other forms of non-transparent activities, they hope no one really will question. The Catholic Church in the United States, like the German Church, also receives substantial Government largesse in the form of Student Loans and Grants. Catholic Charities alone receives over $2.9 billion dollars a year from the Federal Government, which accounts for about 70% of its revenue.

While America's Bishops receive substantial amounts of money from the American Government just like the German Bishops do, American citizens are selectively taxed for these gracious offerings as they are in Germany. Each German Catholic , who pays income tax (i.e. of all catholics only every third catholic) has to pay about 8% of his income tax on a Church-tax, which the German Government collects on behalf of the Church and itself keeps a 3-5% fee for managing it.

Many people object to what both the Catholic Bishops in Germany and the US do with the money, and with good reason too, since they both support programs which in various ways, violate Catholic moral tenets and even honest business practices. But while a few American Catholics opt out of Catholic systems by refusing to give money to their Diocese, (Unfortunately, they have to continue paying taxes which support Catholic organizations who misbehave), they don't have to worry at this point about being excommunicated as faithful German Catholics do who try to buck the system.

There should be nothing wrong with the government supporting the Church. It's an ancient practice probably going back to the days of the Apostles. (Since the Apostles had wealthy Roman patrons and benefitted from Roman Law in various ways too.) But what happens when the individuals running the Church and the government start working against the Church's favor, and even continued existence? Should individuals be dragooned into supporting this auto-leisionistic (self-destructive) system?

People are probably familiar with the situation where the German Catholic Bishops have produced a document effectively excommunicating Catholics who opt out of the German Church-tax for any reason. They do not specify special cases, like those involving Zapp or Janker, as the famous Canonist Father Gero Weishaupt explains .

At present, this document threatens to alienate some of the only people in Germany who actually have Catholic belief and are courageous enough to want to see it lived out in its institutions. One such man, we've already talked about is Canon Lawyer Prof. Harmut Zapp, who, counter to the way it's been reported in the official German Catholic media, at KNA for example, just won his case against the German Bishops. Strangely enough, the National Catholic Reporter has accurately reported on his case, here. Zapp's Diocese, Friburg, has sued his town of Staufen-im-Breisgau and lost its case.

Basically, the Federal Administrative Court in Germany has decided that for the GERMAN state the Church as "community of believers" and the "Church as a Statutory Body" is the same thing. But it has also decided that his declaration only to leave the Statutory body of the Church is valid because it makes a declaration not invalid if somebody declares he wants to leave the statutory body. It can only be the task of the Church to decide about the consequences of doing so. So the Church who fought 5 years against this kind of declaration has now been lost and has to pay the bill, while Zapp won his revision and is now able to conduct this discussion, being at the same point he was five years ago, within the Church this time.  Which is actually what  he wanted a long 5 years before.
Zapp's case is also vitally important for another courageous Catholic, the aforementioned, and widely discussed, Dr. Andreas Janker. Janker, like Zapp, wants to opt out of the Church-tax system. He currently gives money to Catholic and charitable causes he trusts, so it's not about making the sacrifice.  He also has no desire to leave the Catholic Church and believes in God, certainly he believes in God more than he does the German Bishops.
Not wanting to see the money he's worked so hard to earn misspent, he's decided to opt out of what he regards as a "non-transparent" system. He does not want 8% of his yearly income tax to go to unworthy causes that lack transparancy and whose incompetence he's witnessed first hand, like the Lutheran-Catholic medical insurance organization 'Ecclesia', for example . In Germany, both "churches" (the Evangelical and the Catholic Church) are owners of one of the largest insurance brokers in Europe, the 'Ecclesia GmbH', which also settles liability claim cases for non-church companies. The cases can have nothing to do at all with any, any Church affairs! And they understand the protection of the financial assets of their clients - which are big insurance companies - as Christian value! With such a business goal they operate against legitimate claimants - which Janker has personally experienced with his helpless mother, who was treated very badly in a state hospital. [Note also a kind of parallel, between this situation and the 'Weltbild' scandal, which has the German Bishops profiting directly from the sales of pornographic literature, for very large amounts of money.]
Doctor Janker, His Wife Karin with his Mother

At present, Doctor Janker has not paid Church-tax since December 17, 2009 and is currently back in the Church after various legal paths over years up to the the highest court in the Catholic Church, the Apostolic Signatura and to Monsignor Francesco Coccopalmerio, the current President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts begging for help according Art. 158 PASTOR BONUS. As it was mentioned in the German Catholic news that his case is already at the Apostolic Signatura, then in Germany, in the city of Regensburg the entry in his baptism register was removed only to make his cause in Rome "without grounds", and to keep the ball in the German field.
Ordinarily, the situation had been settled but the General Vicar of the current Archbishop Mueller of the CDF, who was his Bishop, intervened in turn to (vindictively in our opinion) put Dr. Janker back on the Church-tax rolls at the Civil Registration Office, urging via the Bavarian State that the civil-registration office has - after nearly 2 years - to withdraw his declaration of 2009. Dr. Janker has to sue against this withdrawal of the declaration, that it will not become valid and that his old declaration will become invalid,  and Janker has also argued successfully for a stay in order to await the decision of the highest court in Leipzig (Zapp´s identical case).
Consequently, the Civil Registration Office has been waiting  for the related case of Harmut Zapp to be ruled upon in the Federal Administrative Court at Leipzig. Now that the Federal court case has been decided in Harmut Zapp's favor, it should have a favorable result in that now Janker's case will be treated the same way, but very probably Janker and maybe Zapp also will be very soon "excommunicated" (again) by the German Bishops, i.e. the same punishments as before but described as "this is NO excommunication, that's just how you feel!"