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Friday, July 21, 2017

Regensburg Dompatzen: The Report and the "Coincidental" Names of Ratzinger and Müller

(Regensburg) "What a coincidence," wrote Vaticanist Marco Tossatti regarding the investigation of abuses in the Regensburg Domspatzen, after his acquaintance with the final report. He did not believe in "coincidences," said Tosatti, if they were to happen in "a country so precise and above every suspicion as Germany." This thought came to the attention of the Vatican, when he had to read yesterday that the "final" report on abuse was published at the Regensburg Cathedral.

The ORF and numerous other media yesterday headlined, "547 Children at Regensburger Domspatzen Abused." The verb "abused" makes you cringe and think of sexual abuse of minors. A rogue might think, with the ORF one would not have exactly intended that. A glance at the article shows that almost 90 per cent of the cases were physical chastisement, which was one of the most common methods of education in the period under investigation since the end of the war. The example demonstrates the enjoyment with which the "quality media" are currently, vehemently presenting themselves as the defenders of journalism against the spread of "fake news," in the event of resentment, in this case against the Church. The same year, the same ORF had used the verb "abuse" in connection with the Regensburger Domspatzen, as Der Spiegel did yesterday. In this case the "crux" is, as is often the case, in the large press agencies. They specify line and words that are taken over by the other media. Suspiciously, Tosatti, who does not mention the ORF report, is interested in the fact that the latter, in order to remain an example, comes from the "religion" section. At the latest, we can see that the issue is also about Church policy.

The "final" report presented on Monday speaks of 547 cases in the period of half a century, of which "thankfully, or thank God," only "concern 67 sexual abuse cases," says Tosatti. The rest are from educational methods, which at the time had been disapproved of by at best only a few parents.

More serious is sexual abuse. "The German Church did well to work it out with an investigation by a person responsible to someone external to the institution." 48 Victims were found. The two chief perpetrators have been dead for about 30 years, which is why prosecution is impossible. It would no longer be possible due to statute of limitations anyway. The victims will receive compensation of 20,000 euros each.

Case Ratzinger

"At this point, coincidences begin," says Tosatti. As "fate" would have it, Georg Ratzinger, the older brother of Joseph Ratzinger, had been the musical director of the Regensburg Dompatzen for 30 years appeared in the final report. Seven years ago he said in an interview that he had also handed out a few Ohrfeigen [boxing the ears] for his first few years in his role at that time. Those who were young at that time know from their own experience or at least the observation that head smacking [Kopfüsse] and Ohrfeigen were not a rarity in the fifties and early sixties. "If I had known something about the abuse, I would have done something," Georg Ratzinger said at the time. And also "I apologize to the victims." He also did it because of the pain that the good reputation of "his" Dompatzen was defiled by the deeds of others.

At the press conference on the presentation of the final report, however, the lawyer, Weber weighed in heavily. He gave Georg Ratzinger the responsibility of "closing his eyes" and not doing anything. Is Georg Ratzinger, who is not accused in the report of being himself involved in ill-treatment or even abuse, only a substitute accused because the real perpetrators are long dead? Or is he given the responsibility because he is called Ratzinger, and because his more famous brother was the head of the Catholic Church, and is still somehow so for a few Catholics? Was the side swipe only for media attention, which was promptly granted, or once again broke into that deep German anti-Ratzinger reflex?

Tosatti does not believe in any "coincidence" because of its timed occurrence with Benedict XVI's message for the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner. This message was read as a criticism of the state of the Church and of the shepherds who did not fight against the dictatorship of the Zeitgeist under which the German church groans.

Case Müller

"Then there is Cardinal Gerhard Müller," said Tosatti, who is also mentioned in the final report. Before his appointment as Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, Müller was the Bishop of Regensburg. The report criticizes how he had handled the "case" of the Regensburg Dompatzen. Above all, he is accused of a lack of dialogue with the alleged victims. To this Tosatti wrote:

"Poor Müller! It was not enough to step through the pope, and after the first stomach pain (see the interview with the Passau Neue Presse ), he had to pretend that nothing had happened, and that the Pope wanted him nothing but good. Now this sympathetic trifle came through his native Germany, where, as is well known, he is very popular among his countrymen."

The loser is the one who's mocked, says a German proverb. In the case of Cardinal Müller, it is evident that there is no lack of countrymen within and out of the Church, who are eager to show their disapproval. And whenever someone is down, it is particularly easy. In some cases, some seem to be interested in the fact that the Cardinal will never get up again. Yet he will not give them such satisfaction, which he will do even if he is weakened in his power.

At the same time as the presentation of the final report, the appointment of the new secretary of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith was announced in Rome . To this Tosatti wrote:

"The one who was appointed was not, as expected, the Assistant Secretary, Archbishop Agostino DiNoia, but the under-secretary, Monsignor Giacomo Morandi, the man who was placed in the Ratzinger and Muller Congregation a year and a half ago. A pretty quick career. He is really born under a lucky star, like that of Beniamino, the Prefect of the Clerical Congregation and the great director of the pope's court. All just coincidences."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Photo: ORF (Screenshot)

Trans: Tancred

Katholisches... AMDG

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bishop Vorderholzer Says, "Islam is Not Compatible With the West"

Bishop Voderholzer on a Pilgrimage picture alliance/dpa
REGENSBURG. The Rev. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer has denied Islam has the ability to integrate into Western culture. "Only someone who either does not know his own faith or  does not take it seriously, here a far-reaching integration of Islam as Islam is not possible to accomodate," said Voderholzer on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of his episcopal ordination.
"Islam, of course, with as much realism as we must muster, is a post-Christian phenomenon," the bishop said. Islam claims to "negate the core content of Christianity: the belief in the Triune God, the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, and his redeeming work on the cross."
We should not lump together all those who are concerned about Western Christian culture of having any possible pathological phobias, Voderholzer warned. The West was not a static quantity. While many influences and cultures were absorbed and integrated, they were transformed by Christianity. The West was not simply the sum or mere addition of different cultures. (Mv)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bishop Voderholzer: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, Whom Even Martin Luther Could Not Better Have Imagined."

Edit: one commenter laconically writes, "We have a Pope named Benedict XVI..."

Voderholzer said afterwards in sermon in St Peter: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined."

Regensburg ( A delegation of the diocese Regensburg has met Emeritus Benedict XVI. in Rome. The occasion was a pilgrimage to Rome for the Year of Mercy, as the diocese announced in Regensburg on Monday. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer handed Benedict XVI. a pilgrim scarf (photo available). The former Pope had folded this immediately and gave the pilgrims from home his warmest regards. Each participant got a photo with dedication.

In a sermon in St Peter, Voderholzer honored Benedict XVI before the pilgrims as well: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined. A pope who sees it as one of his first tasks, with all the powers of reason and historical knowledge, to give a testimony about Jesus Christ. He has as much recognition around the world found as the theologian Pope, whose legacy we treasure in a qualified way, in Regensburg, that we may preserve and carry it into the future."

Edit: looks like a reference to the Regensburg Speech, which Voderholzer probably didn't appreciate.

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bishop Vorderholzer and the New “World Christian” of the “Climate Neutral” Katholikentag

(Regensburg) Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg is of the opinion that the term layman should be replaced by  “World Christian" in the parlance of the Church, which should mean as much as Christian in the world and Christian to the world. This would better reflect the teaching of the Second Vatican Council of role and mission of the laity.
Bishop Voderholzer, a new member of the Congregation of the Faith in Rome, considers that the term  "lay" for baptized but not consecrated Catholics, probably with a view to the universal priesthood,  to be discriminatory. The bishop made this statement  on 31 May at the Katholikentag, [Catholic Day] which was held in his diocese. That’s when a controversy arose  in the context of a discussion of the role of the laity in the Church. The organizer of the Catholic Conference is the  Central Committee German Catholics (ZdK).
The bi-annual Catholic Day serves as a platform for all Catholics of Germany, or at least nearly all.  The restriction is necessary because the big event is dominated by progressive to radical progressive groups. Those looking for a truly Catholic,   offer true to the faith,  will not find it at Katholikentag  right away. Seriously faithful Catholics  have disappeared  for several years from such new events, such as the Congress Joy of the Faith of the Forum of German Catholics or the Congress Meeting World Church or the Church in Need. The Katholikentag is primarily a diluted,  a disintegrating on the margins Catholic milieu that maintains its more anti-Roman sentiment, constantly talks about “structural" reforms "struktuelle" because  what it lacks in  content, it  compensates by  hyperactivity.

"Catholic Lesbian" Instead of Pro-Lifers

A glance at the program of the Katholikentag "in which the taboos fall” confirms  any apprehension. While the non-negotiable values ​​whose defense Pope Benedict XVI.  had urged  were at best marginally represented, there were "Catholic lesbians", "gay Catholics", "women against the celibacy" and other groups, by definition, anti-church groups who were given a lot of space. The ZdK supports the government bill for abortion counseling system of women determined to have an abortion, whose hypocritical government neutrality allowed  and accepted the funded killing machine. Bishop Voderholzer initially had refused the participation of the Association Donum Vitae following Rome’s guidance, but then quickly caved in before ZdK.  In a joint statement by Bishop and ZdK it was said:  "While maintaining different fundamental views" recommended by both sides, Donum Vitae will be allowed at Katholikentag. The position demanded by Cardinal Raymond Burke that Catholics be “uncompromising” Pro-lifers would be hard pressed to find at Katholikentag.  Zdk does not want to offend  the zeitgeist because shows   pro-lifers the door. Tellingly would therefore translated better as "Toothless German Catholics" ZdK, or more accurately with “Zeitgeisty German Catholics.” 

Some years ago the ZdK published  a declaration on the Jews, which states that Jews need neither Christ nor the Church, as they are already members of the Old Covenant which has never been repealed. Finally, a heresy, but above all a fraud against the Jews, who are deprived of  salvation.

Trying to Garner Applause

The question remains, what Bishop Voderholzer with his proposal would like to express exactly beyond activism and zeal for reform. Why should the terms "Catholic" and "Christian"  no longer be sufficient? Since the claim in the self-designation of Christian has always been universal and transcends all boundaries of nations and states, the complement appears as "World Christian” is just as bulky as  it is a superfluous pleonasm. Or should priests and religious who leave the battlefield in the world a new type "World Christian"? Will it be said that the consecrated representatives of the Church give up the fight for the non-negotiable values, and the final decision is left to the “worldly Christians"?
Ultimately, the proposal of Bishop Voderholzer seems a rather unsuccessful attempt to garner  applause from ZdK and other disaffected progressive laity.  Perhaps the anti-Church Association We are Church, which recently hit the headlines with the excommunication of its president Martha Heizer, is adopting  the proposal of the Bishop of Regensburg.
What remains of the Katholikentag  in Regensburg than to “to touch a bishop"? Despite the "new openness" with the "Francis" effect, which the ZdK conspicuously benevolent "welcomed", enter in the "mature Christians”, who will in the future be possibly named "World Christians", even after several days of Katholikentag are frustrated by the same “unresolved problems of the Church”. It’s a burden  that they do not get rid of, if they do not accept the Church's teachings in faith, but believe they are justified here and there bending it according to their wishes.   Bishop Voderholzer would have had a large audience, had he called upon some basic things of being a Christian to memory.  As an aside, and it is noted in passing on the  ZdK,  that a Holy Mass in the Old Rite was not allowed in the Katholikentag extravaganza despite its more than 1,000 events.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pope Appoints Bishop Francis Voderholzer as Member of CDF

Previously suggested by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

Created by Vatican Radio on May 28, 2014 at 23:18 clock

Vatican / Regensburg (Catholic news / RV). Pope Francis has appointed the Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer a member of the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith. This became known this Wednesday. The Congregation is led by Voderholzer’s predecessor in the chair as Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Cardinal. In an interview with Vatican Radio, Voderholzer said Mueller has already indicated to him that the Congregation could well use another German theologian, and that Pope Francis also sees it that way. He wanted to see how much extra work that could be accomplished. Also Müller's pre-predecessor was adoptive Regensburger: Joseph Ratzinger, now Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Voderholzer is an editor of Ratzinger's collected writings. Other members of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith announced this Wednesday are the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the Archbishop of Poznan in Poland, Stanislaw Gadecki.

Photo: Regensburg Cathedral -
Image Source: Andreas Gehrmann
From Kathnews...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bishop Voderholzer Will Be Assigned to the CDF

Edit:  We just saw on Katholisches that Pope Francis has named the Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer as a member of the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.  It will be announced on Wednesday, today.

Some may recall that His Lordship said Mass in St. Peter’s with unjustly disgraced Bishops Walter Mixa of Augsburg and Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg.

He received his episcopal consecration from the hands of the Old Liberal Cardinal Marx.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gänswein: Commission Will Exonerate Tebartz-van Elst

Prefect of the Papal Household, "I do believe that the investigation will clear up allegations of wasting money, non-communication and skipping of controlling bodies in favor of the bishop" - Cardinal Lehmann: "media campaign."

Regensburg ( / KNA) The Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop George Gänswein (photo), expects the exoneration of Limburg's Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst by the Episcopal Conference Commission. "I do believe that the investigation will clear up allegations of a waste of money, non-communication and skipping of controlling bodies in favor of the bishop," Gänswein said in an interview with the online edition of the "Mittelbayerischen Zeitung" in Regensburg.

The result must then be submitted to the Congregation for Bishops in Rome, continued the private secretary of Benedict XVI. "Only then, and after careful consideration, the Holy Father will himself make the decision."

Gänswein took part on Sunday in the celebration of the 90th birthday of Georg Ratzinger in Regensburg, representing the emeritus pope. "For him, it was comforting that I have come to his side. But it is also naturally a bit difficult for him." Benedict XVI. will no longer journey to Regensburg, not even secretly, says Gänswein. "After so many years of experience, I think that's impossible."

Georg Ratzinger turned 90 years old on 15 January. Today he celebrated Mass  along with his brother in Rome, who is four years younger. On Sunday in Regensburg, a Pontifical Mass in his honor was held in the cathedral. There, the Cathedral Choir led by the former Director of Music for one of his own compositions on the Mass "L'Anno Santo". On Saturday they had surprised the former Director of Music with a serenade outside his home. Georg Ratzinger headed the world-famous choir from 1964 to 1994.

Cardinal Lehmann took a position in the CBA interview about Tebartz van Elst and replied that after a visit with Pope Francis, the matter should be made clear as soon as possible, so that it should not endanger the Church's spirit of optimism. Because the process fosters mistrust and a hostile sentiment against the Church.

"I told him that I think the Limburg Bishop is a very intelligent, well educated, communicative and polite man, of whom I have never experienced anything of wasteful swank," said Lehmann as to his view of the Pope's audience, however, a certain policy of secrecy is said to have burdened the process, and. «a media campaign has stoked it." 90th birthday of Monsignor Georg Ratzinger - With Curia Archbishop Georg Gänswein and Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer - Celebration in Regensburg Pontifical Mass in Regensburg Cathedral in honor of Domkapellmeister em.

Georg Ratzinger (C) 2013 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved. Archbishop Gänswein Photo (c) Paul Badde

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bishop Zdarsa Pays a Visit to FSSP Seminary in Wigratzbad

(Wigratzbad) On 21 November endowed Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg paid a visit to the traditional seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in Wigratzbad. It was the first visit by the diocesan Bishop, after the hunt and the resignation of Bishop Walter Mixa, who succeeded him in 2010. Wigratzbad located in the south of the Diocese of Augsburg, near Lake Constance.
Bishop Zdarsa celebrated solemn vespers with the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity of St. Peter, a solemn Vespers in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, which was held in the parish church of Opfenbach. Then the bishop visited the seminary. Regent Father Patrick Fay des Choisinet showed him the building and introduced him to the seminary community. The visit included a dinner in honor for the bishop.  It offered an opportunity to become aquatinted and exchange ideas.
The predecessor of Bishop Zdarsa, Bishop Mixa visited the seminary in 2008.
Wigratzbad also has a shrine and witnessed the establishment of the Catholic television station K-TV by Pastor Hans Buschor from the diocese of Sankt Gallen.

More pictures of the event at Katholisches...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Schüller Banned in Boston -- "Ultimatum" to SSPX in Regensburg

(Washington / Regensburg) "Helmut Schüller takes positions contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church and therefore may not speak in any community of the Diocese." By that reasoning, the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley gave the Austrian Helmut Schüller, a rebel priests in his archdiocese banned from appearing. Schüller was to speak on July 17th in Boston. The former Vicar General of Vienna and leader of the rebel group called Austrian Priest Initiative with branches in Germany and Switzerland, is touring from July 15th to the 7th of August in the U.S. and expects to appear in public in nine states.

He was invited by the schismatic spectrum of radically progressive circles. Considered in the secular world to be the hardliners of thed left wing church. It is considered controversial whether these groups are still part of the Catholic Church: Call to Action, Catholics s Alliance for the Common Good, Corpus, DignityUSA, Future Church, National Coalition of American Nuns, Nuevo Ways Ministry, Voice of the Faithful, Quixote Center, Women's Ordination Conference.

Schüller's Ban Does no "Damage" to the Church

The decision by Cardinal O'Malley received strong encouragement from faithful church circles that are sorry that some believe in the Church, to have free rein, taking advantage of brotherhood and charity. It has the more weight, as the Cardinal was appointed by Pope Francis to the eight-headed Cardinal group to advise him on the leadership of the Church.

"This is a huge injury to the body of Christ, the people of God," writes the progressive Catholic website Religion Digital about this. That the Cardinal has banned a priest who publicly calls for "disobedience" for his role against the teaching and discipline of the Church, has "harmed" the Church, has been described by the Spanish church historian Francisco de la Cigoña as "nonsense." It was a "duty" of a bishop to protect his flock from division and false prophets.

When do German-speaking Bishops Show Most Determination?

In Germany, the bishops of several dioceses imposed a ban, including Bamberg, Eichstätt and Hildesheim, on an appearance in the Spring against Schüller. As a true rebel it doesn't bother him much. In Nuremberg, a kindred spirit in the clerical habit nevertheless made his church available. For Schuller, who comes from abroad, this is easier. But how is it with the determinations of the bishops against their own disobedient priests? How long will the bishops tolerate an open rebellion as merely flirting with the zeitgeist? No one immediately calls for sanctions. The church has previously employed fraternal forms in dealing with error. However, if it becomes apparent that it is stubbornness, to soar the rebels "morally" and "essentially" jump over the Church, and thus disclosed the doctrine of the Church and its authority to mockery, then the bishops are required, because then there is imminent danger.

Faithful Catholics are waiting in vain for clear measures against the schismatic bishops, priests disobedient rebels in concubinage. The most "stringent" action recently was that an Austrian priest rebel, at the direction of Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, when could not be elected dean. Compared with the SSPX on the other hand, the bishops have always brave.

The new Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer, yesterday told Munich Radio Church , that he was expecting to give an "ultimatum" to the SSPX. The next step would be excommunication. The Bishop of Regensburg spoke as chief shepherd of his diocese, and did so without a doubt what is rightfully his to do.

Of an "ultimatum" to progressive rebel groups, such as the Pastors Initiative operating since 2006, however, is something completely unheard of. Although the degree of confusion, incited by the rebels in the German Church is objectively greater by far than it could ever have been instigated by the SSPX. This creates the impression that there is a double standard.

Critical Approach to Council Required for Renewal of the Church

Considering the published opinion of Bishop Voderholzer at Radio Vatican it should be noted: the German bishops should not be behind Rome and Pope Benedict XVI. and remain critical from the Second Vatican Council. After 50 years, the impression should be avoided above all, that the Council should not be criticized.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: La cigüeña de la torre / Trans: Tancred AMGD

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bishop Williamson Found Guilty in Regensburg of "Inciting Hatred"

Edit: a man can be tried as many times in German courts as they need to get a verdict they like, apparently.

 Regensburg (  The District Court of Regensburg has found British traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson (72) guilty of inciting hatred [Volksverhetzung] for a fine.  This will be 1,800 Euro, significantly lower than the 6,500 desired by the prosecutor.  The court had mitigated the sentence because +Williamson had tried after his interview with the Swedish broadcaster to keep his statements from spreading in Germany.  The attorney for the Bishop, Andreas Geipel, appealed immediately against the verdict after it was ruled.

+Williamson had estimated the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis at the most, at 300,000, and denied the existence of gas chambers.  The Judge, Andrea Hausladen said, that the Bishop had done this before running cameras and established his views at length over several minutes.  In conclusion of the recording he did not insist on any limitation of the use of the materials.  That was given as necessary for an intent to incite hatred.

+Williamson could have easily said that he didn't want any distribution in Germany, said the Judge.  "He didn't do that."   Otherwise the defendant had to know that other media would report over this explosive interview.  In this manner he at least tacitly approved of its distribution.  The defendant had, according to his earlier legal representative, Maximilian Krah, regretted his statements.  More importantly was the time of the broadcast, stressed Hausladen.

As far as the statement of Krah, that +Williamson had answered the questions of the journalists with "vanity and extensively" on the Holocaust, the Judge said: "Vanity sometimes leads one to do something which he later regrets."  As further grounds for the mitigating of the sentence, Hausladen introduced +Williamson's dismissal from the Society in October of last year, as well as the four year long duration of the proceedings.  The size of the penalty in consideration is difficult to ascertain. +Williamson lives at present exclusively on grants from friends.

His defender, Geipel described the verbal justification of the court as "not comprehensible".  The assertion that his client had pre-meditatively acted is an "innuendo".   Previous to the trial Geipel and his colleage Edgar Weiler spoke of a previous judgement of +Williamson.  In his pleading they talked about the expressions of the traditional Bishop, that they had been completely careless.  They moved for a dismissal to all public bodies.

+Williamson had already been condemned in a trial for a fine.  The decision was dismissed in February of 2012 by Nurenburg Superior Court because of procedural errors.

With his comments the Briton sparked an international scandal, because shortly after the publication of the interview, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI. had lifted the excommunications of +Williamson and three other traditionalist bishops. Later the Vatican explained, that the pope did not know about +Williamson's remarks about the Holocaust.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Appointment to Replace ++Muller of Regesburg

Edit: and so ends the speculation that the Pope's Secretary, Msgr Ganswein would be getting a See.

Passau/Regensburg (  Rudolf Voderholzer (53), should be named as new Bishop of Regensburg says a report on Thursday. "Passauer Neuer Presse" reported on Wednesday under a statment from "very well informed Church circles".   The Diocese hosted a press conference at 12 o'clock for an extraordinary press conference with Diocesan Administrator Wilhelm Gegenfurtner.

Voderholzer is a student of Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller,  who has directed the Diocese of Regensburg since the beginning of July and was called as Prefect of the Roman Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.  The Munich born man's primary occupation is as a theology professor at the University of Trier.  Otherwise he's been given an assignment by ++Muller to lead the Regensburg Institute of Pope Benedict XVI., which is republishing he work of [Pope] Joseph Ratzinger.

Link to

Saturday, October 6, 2012

German Federal Court tries to protect outdated Church-tax-system

Regensburg Cathedral

Edit: Excommunicating someone for not paying the Church-tax means nothing to people who go to church for purely cultural reasons, or aren't really concerned about being married or buried with a Catholic ceremony.  Apparently, you don't even really need to be Catholic to be truly honored in German-speaking parts like Vienna, you just have to be a famous Communist "artist" who ridicules the Catholic faith.  For those people who are loyal Catholics, it means a lot, and they're willing to expend a lot of time and money to ensure their Catholic names, even though those in charge are working against them.

Doctor Andreas Janker is a Regensburg, Germany born Engineer. He's also, for the time being, a Catholic in good standing with some serious concerns about the way the Catholic Church in Germany does business.

We'll get back to him in a moment. You see, like the United States and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, the German Bishops also support abortion, the use of birth control and other forms of non-transparent activities, they hope no one really will question. The Catholic Church in the United States, like the German Church, also receives substantial Government largesse in the form of Student Loans and Grants. Catholic Charities alone receives over $2.9 billion dollars a year from the Federal Government, which accounts for about 70% of its revenue.

While America's Bishops receive substantial amounts of money from the American Government just like the German Bishops do, American citizens are selectively taxed for these gracious offerings as they are in Germany. Each German Catholic , who pays income tax (i.e. of all catholics only every third catholic) has to pay about 8% of his income tax on a Church-tax, which the German Government collects on behalf of the Church and itself keeps a 3-5% fee for managing it.

Many people object to what both the Catholic Bishops in Germany and the US do with the money, and with good reason too, since they both support programs which in various ways, violate Catholic moral tenets and even honest business practices. But while a few American Catholics opt out of Catholic systems by refusing to give money to their Diocese, (Unfortunately, they have to continue paying taxes which support Catholic organizations who misbehave), they don't have to worry at this point about being excommunicated as faithful German Catholics do who try to buck the system.

There should be nothing wrong with the government supporting the Church. It's an ancient practice probably going back to the days of the Apostles. (Since the Apostles had wealthy Roman patrons and benefitted from Roman Law in various ways too.) But what happens when the individuals running the Church and the government start working against the Church's favor, and even continued existence? Should individuals be dragooned into supporting this auto-leisionistic (self-destructive) system?

People are probably familiar with the situation where the German Catholic Bishops have produced a document effectively excommunicating Catholics who opt out of the German Church-tax for any reason. They do not specify special cases, like those involving Zapp or Janker, as the famous Canonist Father Gero Weishaupt explains .

At present, this document threatens to alienate some of the only people in Germany who actually have Catholic belief and are courageous enough to want to see it lived out in its institutions. One such man, we've already talked about is Canon Lawyer Prof. Harmut Zapp, who, counter to the way it's been reported in the official German Catholic media, at KNA for example, just won his case against the German Bishops. Strangely enough, the National Catholic Reporter has accurately reported on his case, here. Zapp's Diocese, Friburg, has sued his town of Staufen-im-Breisgau and lost its case.

Basically, the Federal Administrative Court in Germany has decided that for the GERMAN state the Church as "community of believers" and the "Church as a Statutory Body" is the same thing. But it has also decided that his declaration only to leave the Statutory body of the Church is valid because it makes a declaration not invalid if somebody declares he wants to leave the statutory body. It can only be the task of the Church to decide about the consequences of doing so. So the Church who fought 5 years against this kind of declaration has now been lost and has to pay the bill, while Zapp won his revision and is now able to conduct this discussion, being at the same point he was five years ago, within the Church this time.  Which is actually what  he wanted a long 5 years before.
Zapp's case is also vitally important for another courageous Catholic, the aforementioned, and widely discussed, Dr. Andreas Janker. Janker, like Zapp, wants to opt out of the Church-tax system. He currently gives money to Catholic and charitable causes he trusts, so it's not about making the sacrifice.  He also has no desire to leave the Catholic Church and believes in God, certainly he believes in God more than he does the German Bishops.
Not wanting to see the money he's worked so hard to earn misspent, he's decided to opt out of what he regards as a "non-transparent" system. He does not want 8% of his yearly income tax to go to unworthy causes that lack transparancy and whose incompetence he's witnessed first hand, like the Lutheran-Catholic medical insurance organization 'Ecclesia', for example . In Germany, both "churches" (the Evangelical and the Catholic Church) are owners of one of the largest insurance brokers in Europe, the 'Ecclesia GmbH', which also settles liability claim cases for non-church companies. The cases can have nothing to do at all with any, any Church affairs! And they understand the protection of the financial assets of their clients - which are big insurance companies - as Christian value! With such a business goal they operate against legitimate claimants - which Janker has personally experienced with his helpless mother, who was treated very badly in a state hospital. [Note also a kind of parallel, between this situation and the 'Weltbild' scandal, which has the German Bishops profiting directly from the sales of pornographic literature, for very large amounts of money.]
Doctor Janker, His Wife Karin with his Mother

At present, Doctor Janker has not paid Church-tax since December 17, 2009 and is currently back in the Church after various legal paths over years up to the the highest court in the Catholic Church, the Apostolic Signatura and to Monsignor Francesco Coccopalmerio, the current President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts begging for help according Art. 158 PASTOR BONUS. As it was mentioned in the German Catholic news that his case is already at the Apostolic Signatura, then in Germany, in the city of Regensburg the entry in his baptism register was removed only to make his cause in Rome "without grounds", and to keep the ball in the German field.
Ordinarily, the situation had been settled but the General Vicar of the current Archbishop Mueller of the CDF, who was his Bishop, intervened in turn to (vindictively in our opinion) put Dr. Janker back on the Church-tax rolls at the Civil Registration Office, urging via the Bavarian State that the civil-registration office has - after nearly 2 years - to withdraw his declaration of 2009. Dr. Janker has to sue against this withdrawal of the declaration, that it will not become valid and that his old declaration will become invalid,  and Janker has also argued successfully for a stay in order to await the decision of the highest court in Leipzig (Zapp´s identical case).
Consequently, the Civil Registration Office has been waiting  for the related case of Harmut Zapp to be ruled upon in the Federal Administrative Court at Leipzig. Now that the Federal court case has been decided in Harmut Zapp's favor, it should have a favorable result in that now Janker's case will be treated the same way, but very probably Janker and maybe Zapp also will be very soon "excommunicated" (again) by the German Bishops, i.e. the same punishments as before but described as "this is NO excommunication, that's just how you feel!"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New CDF Prefect Insists on Hermeneutic of Discontinuity

The CDF's New Doctrine Gardener!

Edit: Isn't defining doctrine the job of an ecumenical Council or a Pope? has noticed it.  Here, the new head of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, stops nearly short at declaring the unprecedented doctrines ancillary to the Second Council as dogmas.
The following is an interview which the new Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller in the today's anti-Catholic Suddeutsche Zeitung.

With all the problems with Catholic Bishops denying central tenets of the Catholic Faith, there was still no mention by the journalist of the fact that most of the Church's Bishops don't really abide by the Vatican Council.

It would be equally nice if they asked the Archbishop about how it is he can deviate from orthodox teaching himself and call himself a defender of orthodoxy, or how he managed to get away with moving a predator priest around his Diocese in order to protect him.

Can one who can't even protect the children of his Diocese be expected to defend the doctrine of the Catholic Faith, which he himself doesn't seem to hold in its entirety?

[Suddeutsche Zeitung] Another work area which you have undertaken, are the negotiations with the Traditional Society of Pius X [sic]. They have rejected the terms by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for a return to the Catholic Church. Is this the end of the negotiations?

One belongs to the Catholic Church when one has to fill certain requirements -- above all an orientation to Holy Scripture, the Tradition and to the Church's teaching office. Whoever does not accept parts of that, puts himself then in a certain distance from the Church, even if he describes himself as Catholic. If the Society wants to resolve this separation, they must accept, what belongs to Catholic teaching -- and that means that the Second Vatican Council is binding. Naturally: one can discuss the relationship to the media. The statements on Judaism, religious freedom, the human rights have, in contrast, dogmatic implications. These can not be rejected without militating against the Catholic Faith.

 The General Superior of the Society has put already put you under suspicion of heresy. Is that finally nipped in the bud?

 We must await the official explanation froim the Society. Our position is clear. [No it's not]

  The Society has stated otherwise: that the Pope is eager to unify with the Society. Only the CDF is against it.

 That is only media politics, which doesn't have anything to do with reality.

Friday, June 29, 2012

German Press Says +Müller Next CDF

Edit: some may remember that Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller was out of the running for the office of the CDF and that there were other Bishops being considered for this important job.  The Bishop of Regensburg is hostile to Tradition if not just traditionalists.  He does not maintain the orthodox position with regard to Our Lady's virginal character.  He is also a creature of +Lehman.

At present, the German press is cheering for this man.  The German press has been poorly informed before and are almost invariably partisans of the Left.

La Stampa is also reporting that he is back in the running, but they've been wrong before as well as reported at the G. Gilbert site.

Let's see if they are wrong as they have been before.

Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller will apparently be the new Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith --- the decision will be made next week.

Regensburg (  The die has clearly fallen. The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller will apparently be the new Prefect for the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith.  This has been reported by several German papers.  An official report is at present unavailable.  As far as can learn, this decision, important for the Church worldwide, will be announced next week.  Bishop Muler is at present active in several Roman boards and may be the successor to William Joseph Cardinal Levada.

Link to in original German...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cardinal Brandmuller Recommends Tough Measures Against Schismatic Austrians

Edit: What with the way that the Swiss Catholic Bishops are treating the Rome-true Bishop Huonder these days, things are starting to well up from beneath the surface and the cracks are forming around the edifice as significant portions of the Church in the German speaking zone threaten to break off to form their own time-kept projects.

According to Chiesa, Cardinal  Brandmüller [83] is recommending sterner measures against the dissidents fomenting rebellion.

 A few days ago, we translated an article about a similar priest rebellion from which developed in Bohemia and Slovakia in 1908. That rebellion involved not a mere 400 signators of an internet petition, as is the case with the present schismatic "Pastor's Initiative" in Austria, but held 1300 priests in Czechoslovakia. The schism still exists today and contains about 100,000 members. Despite having many points in common with the Pastor's Initiative, they are still waiting for a change from Rome.

 Clearly, a certain  Bishop of Regensburg should be eager to take some lessons from history his own past notwithstanding,  if he intends to be the next to fill the shoes of Cardinal Levada, President of the Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith.

VATICAN CITY, March 20, 2012 – "How a schism was born": this is the title of an article that appeared recently in "L'Osservatore Romano" with the byline of the Bavarian cardinal Walter Brandmüller (in the photo). An article with an historical slant, but with explicit references to current events.

An article that from the very beginning recalls the anti-Roman movement "Los von Rom" that emerged in Austria between the 19th and 20th century, which "was able to drive about a hundred thousand Austrian Catholics to separate from the Church."

This movement – the cardinal continues, coming up to the present – "was revived following Vatican Council II." But not only that. "Similar tendencies seem to be reemerging from time to time in our days as well, in some of the appeals for disobedience toward the pope and the bishops.."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Orthodoxy Averse Bishop of Regensburg is Campaigning for CDF

Heretical goat is being considered for the Church's faith gardener.

(, Regensburg) The Pope has to decide whom he will name to the Congregation of Doctrin and the Faith.

This is what Heresy-Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller (64) of Regensburg said yesterday for the German agency 'dpa'.

Msgr Muller has already had talks in Rome about his appointment to the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.

The current incumbent, Cardinal Levada (75) will soon retire.

Disclaimer He needs the appointment for his ego

Msgr Muller is at the moment working to improve his heretic image by saying conservative things.

As far as the office goes, he's interested in:

"It would not irritate me in the sense that I needed the nomination for my own ego, but of course it is an activity that has to do a lot with my career as a theology professor.

Dubious theology career

As a theology professor Msgr. Muller presents a very mixed record.

In his wordy and long winded work "Catholic Dogmatic" he denied, among others, the Virgin birth.

Upon this it happened -- says Msgr Muller -- "not to deviate from physiological particularities in the natural process of birth (such as something like the non opening of the birth canal, the non-injury of the hymen and not experiencing the pains of birth), rather it's in the healing and saving influence of the Grace of the Savior on human nature."

The heretical work appeared in 2010 in an uncorrected third edition.

A denier of the Dogma of Transubstantiation

In 2002 Msgr Muller's work " Die Messe – Quelle christlichen Lebens". [The Mass: Source of Christian Life]

There he says that the body and blood of Christ are not "in reality" the material parts of the person Jesus during his lifetime, nor would it be represented by his transfigured body.

Or he believes that the Eucharist is present in that we participate in Community with Jesus Christ through eating and drinking the "bread and wine".

Msgr Muller compared Holy Communion with a small gift: "Already in the interpersonal area it may represent an approximate message of friendship between people and the receiver is to embody and demonstrate, so to speak, the emotional connection to the addressee.

Thus expressions pass like: "The natural purpose of bread and wine must be attached anthropologically.

He denies the Dogma of Transubstantiation -- the essential change in the Eucharistic substance:

The natural essence of bread and wine will be transformed by God in this sense that the being of bread and wine only are understood to consist, realized and present in the holy community with God."

An Ecumenical Kamikaze Attack

Last October Msgr Muller proposed numerous ecclesiological heresies.

He did this with scandalous praise for the Lutheran Laybishop and homosexual propagandist Johannes Friedrich.

As far as the relationship between the Church and the Protestants he said: "We define our relationship to one another no longer actually with existing differences in teaching, life and constitution of the Church, but over the commonalities, which are fundamental, are where we stand."

He openly denied the unity of the Church: "There is therefore -- strictly speaking -- not several churches together, but there are divisions and splits within the one people of God and his house."

Msgr Muller made complete fools of his audience by claiming that 'Dominus Jesus' -- the Declaration of the Congregation for the uniqueness of Christ and the Church he built in 2000 -- did not deny protestants were part of the Church.

On the contrary: The Doctrine is "far away from that", the Protestants adhere to the being of the church -- stated the distorter.

He "won't say no" to the Pope

Msgr Muller will not refuse an offer to the post:

"Formally, you could probably say no, but is simply not enough to say no to the Pope' -- he joked.

The Pope said he desired a correction to the incorrectly translated German words of transubstantiation, which has yet to be carried out in his diocese today.

Link to original...

Bishop Muller Decries SSPX

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heterodox, Hostile to Tradition. Regensburg Bishop to CDF?

Editor: There's some speculation from Vaticanista Tornielli and in the German press about who the next head of the CDF will be.  Bishop Muller is said to be "close" to Pope Benedict.  Not sure how that works, but the man is thoroughly incompetent to the job, unless he's being kicked upstairs.

Bishop Muller can't even really be said to be Catholic as he denies the physical inviolability of Our Lady even in child birth.  He says that the Virgin birth was "not from the abnormal physiological particularities of natural progression in birth, [uh, like the non-opening of the birth canal, the inviolability of the hymen and that she didn't feel the pains of birth] , rather in the healing and saving influence of the Savior's Grace for human nature."

The German translated above: „nicht um abweichende physiologische Besonderheiten in dem natürlichen Vorgang der Geburt (wie etwas die Nichteröffnung der Geburtswege, die Nichtverletzung des Hymen und der nicht eingetretenen Geburtsschmerzen), sondern um den heilenden und erlösenden Einfluß der Gnade des Erlösers auf die menschliche Natur“.

As far as Vatican appointments go it has been noticed significantly, that the candidate for the post is incompetent.  In that respect he would be an ideal candidate.  A commentary by Leopoline Mayrbichl.
© Dr. Meierhofer, GFDL

( Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller is up for the umpteenth time as prefect of the Congredegation for the Doctrine and the Faith.

The same is said with the same regularity about Vienna's Christoph Cardinal von Schönborn. One has the impression that these most worthy masters would squelch the rumors in order to come closer to their desired positions.

Their press secretaries are understandably instructed, to approach everything dutifully -- as if one would rather remain a pastor. These theological heavy weights must be reminded, however, that the wealth of God is won by service -- not to honors and positions.

The consolation prize

It is generally well known, that the Prefect of the CDF since 2009 also the President of the Papal Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' is appropriate to the traditionalists.

Actually with his unintelligent and hostile disposition to the traditionalists and the Old Liturgy Bishop Muller would be considered unsuitable to this position.

The people, for whom he is responsible, would face a serious challenge in dealing with him.

In this sense he has sunk his own career.

The antagonism remains

Apparently, Benedic XVI was supposed to have made a visit to Regensburg to take the Bishop to task.

The Pope had attempted to hold him back from his hostility to tradition.

Then the Bishop allowed the Old Mass in Regensburg.

Actually, as the hope of a quick Cardinal's purple flew, then he began to put employees of the ordinary under pressure.

They were expected to distinguish themselves from traditionalists.

Theologically Clueless

Still of greater concern are the serious deficiencies in the theological competence of the Bishop.

Although he was once a professor of Dogmatic Theology -- but unfortunately only at the decadent and Old Liberal Theological Faculty of Munich.

He really doesn't know much about Catholic theology.

Correspondingly, he's spread some blatant heresies regarding the Virginity of Mary, the Eucharist and ecumenism.

As a successor for Cardinal William Levada(75)as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith, Bishop Charles Morerod(50)of Lausanne-Genf-Freiburg is recommended.

One would be advised to appoint him soon -- before he is furthered compromised by the Old Liberal powers in his Diocese.

Link to

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

German bishop prepares for funeral of ecumenism

Edit: this is yet another astonishing event.  Since when have Catholic Bishops ever expected the partners in ecumenical dialog to be consistent about anything, or even to be equal partners in a discussion?  Here's something big from Catholic Church Conservation.

Passau: Bischof Müller sieht Zukunft der Ökumene gefährdet - PNP-Interview | Passauer Neue Presse - Politik - Heute in Ihrer Tageszeitung - Heimatzeitung für Niederbayern und Altötting:

The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller has accused representatives of the German Protestant Church of driving "a wedge" into the Catholic Church. In the interview with PNP, the Bishop responsible for the ecumenical movement within the German Bishops' Conference attacked "controversial statements" during the Pope's visit to Germany and put Catholic-Protestant ecumenism as a whole in question.

Muller was particularly critical of the Berlin Protestant bishop Markus Dröge, who had written that Benedict XVI had "no concept of ecumenism". Such statements are "just to be dismissed as totally without basis," said the Regensburg Bishop, stating: "If one continues on this line, this would be the death of ecumenism."

German bishop prepares for funeral of ecumenism

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Father: "Catholicism is Impossible Without Mary"

Vatikan. Yesterday the Pope received a twenty member delegation of the Marian Congregation for men from Regensburg. The Pope reminisced that seventy years before he joined this Congregation as a fourteen-year old - he said in his speech: „We were taken up to the Congregation, but immediately after that the war began against Russia, then the Seminar was scattered and the Kongregation had been scattered to the four winds. “It was, however, made clear to them, „that Catholicism without Mary's meditation cannot be“.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

German "Far-Right" Politician Leaves Political Party For Church But Reprimands SSPX

'National Democratic Party Germany' politician from Regensburg, W.W. [known to the editor of, who's revealed himself Willi Wiener and authored a clarification for which follows further below, where he challenges the SSPX for using his conversion to support the CDU] has decided to leave the "far right" NDP Party which some consider fascist, because he feels it conflicts with his Catholic\Faith. This story underlines a certain tension going on within the Society regarding ways and means about how much to participate in politics.  Mr. Wiener hasn't said the Church has no role to play in politics, but he's sure that it shouldn't be contributing to the debate.

In the past, Wiener was the President of the NPD-District Chapter of Regensburg and active in the Right organization, 'Free Resistance Regensburg'. This is according to the Landshut print edition of their 'Weekly Paper'  [German] on the 26th of February last month. He gave the following statement:

"On 30 November I have put down all of my responsibilities with the NPD and have left the party."

Here's his statement to a baffled "Wochenblatt' which seems to understand the murky world of fascism even less than it understand the Catholic religion:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself that it no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

W. took with that the consequences: "As a believing Catholic I can no longer serve as a member of the NPD."

He will not forsake his political engagement in the future, however:

"There I mean to fight for the love of the one true, triune God and my German Fatherland, against the creeping Islamicization, the dissolution of National States, the mass murder of unborn children, homosexual marriage as well as against social injustice and to protect the rights of disabled people."

Pleasantly Surprised

The German Nazi-crazy media had revealed in June 2010 W's presence at the SSPX ordination in Zaitzkofen in Regensburg in order to use it against the Society.

The German website of the Lefebvrists commented on the conversion of the politician:

"Even if Mr. W.W. were not personally known to the editorship: if his conversion is sincere, then therefore we'll go out and can only congratulate him!"

The article noticed that this turn of events brought a "remark of praise" from the decadent German Bundestag:

"The Society of St. Pius X has helped to bring about a reduction in the extreme right scene."

Why the Society of St. Pius X will never adjust itself to the Zeitgeist. A few clarifications to my resigning from the NPD. by Willi Wiener.

Fear Makes a Terrible Adviser

( I have been unwillingly been turned into grist for the mill of the Media after my exit from the NPD.

Ex-NPD Politician Willi Wiener

The Society of St. Pius X has given a prominent place to a corresponding report from the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' and under the addendum of an unhappy politically fawning commentary [referred to above].

For that reason my Damascus experience and return to the Catholic Church was already in January 2009 -- and actually not to the Society of St. Pius X, rather to the Holy Mass in the Old Rite in the so-called official Church.

Naturally I am aware of the media campaign against Bishop Richard Williamson in the Society of St. Pius X.

I recommend the SSPX and it brought me there but have come to appreciate -- clearly later -- completely normal believers, who themselves happen to practice their Faith there.

I did not want to damage the Society by my presence as an NPD Functionary and received the encouraging news that Jesus died for NPDer's also, as I made my first Exercises with them at the end of December 2009.

It was at first with these Exercises that I began to attend Holy Mass regularly.

I left the party at the end of November in 2010 -- in any case not from any compulsion or even suggestions from the side of the official Society of St. Pius X.

The motives for my exit were and are completely from my own personal belief and understanding.

My basic political coordinates, which I had given in interview with the 'Regensburg Wochenblatt' are the same as given:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself to no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

The 'Wochenblatt' did not cite my next statement: "I am now completely departed in any case from Party Politics."

I made it very clear to the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' that there are no alternatives for me as a voter among the established political parties.

On the contrary: "The Left, Greens, FDP, SPD and also the supposedly Christian CDU/CSU are putting our land in danger, because they are standing for Islamicization, for the dissolution of our Fatherland in the EU, abortion, homosexual marriage as well as in general for values-- and the diminuation of the Faith.

Well it was with bewilderment and deep disappointment that I came to understand that the Society had taken it upon themselves -- initially they took it directly over the report of my exit from the Party -- to use this as a means of a voter initiative for their members and sympathizers to shamelessly call for an open vote for the CDU in Baden-Württemberg.

From this point forth I want to completely disassociate myself from its Press representative, Father Andreas Steiner.

It is clear to see from this that a Catholic Organization should never campaign, when there is more than effective and sufficient grounds that the CDU is undeniably anti-Catholic.

One thing must be clear: I did not leave the NPD in order that I can now be turned into a quasi campaign society for the CDU.

The Society of St. Pius X is become my pure spiritual home -- when they fancy from naked fear of persecution -- fear of the closing of their schools, fear from being taken to through the federal courts -- that they can seek favor politically and align themselves, then I will not follow in this.

Fear is always a poor adviser. And your political opponents sense this fear, so they use it -- just like a priest stumbles on the other, like falling dominoes.

As a believing Catholic and from my political experience I can only warn the Society of this.

For from political and cultural alignments will come softening and leveling in the religious area.

Kreuznet original, here.