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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Communist Revolutionary Begs Pope Francis' Forgiveness

"Timochenko" in letter to the pope: former terrorist group wants to renounce any expression of hatred or violence - Pope trip "will leave a deep impression on Colombia's history"

Bogota ( The leader of the Colombian ex-guerrilla FARC, Rodrigo Londono Echeverry, has asked Pope Francis for forgiveness in a letter for the suffering that his organization caused in more than 50 years of civil war. "Your repeated references to God's infinite mercy make me plead for forgiveness for any tears or pain that we have inflicted upon the Columbian people or its citizens," wrote the "Maximo Lider" in a Friday, in the Colombian media, to the Pope, who is still in the South American country until Sunday.

Londono alias "Timochenko" or "Timoleon Jimenez" apologized for not being able to meet the pope personally for health reasons. He assured him, however, that the FARC wanted "to deny any expression of hatred or violence" and had the firm intention to forgive all those who were their enemies so far. "We feel the repentance needed to see our own mistakes and to ask for forgiveness for all the victims of our actions," the opposition politician said.

The basic intention of his grouping was a good one, "Timochenko" emphasized that justice was being sought for the excluded and persecuted of Colombia, as well as the overcoming of inequality and disadvantages. "We are dreaming that you and your father will understand us," the party leader now told Francis. He expressed his happiness and gratitude for the Pope's comments, according to which the exploitation of poor countries by rich people was just as displeasing as the rejection of diversity, or the contempt for human dignity by striving for profit.

Lodino's admiration for Francis was expressed in the most direct terms. "Since you took the first step into my country, I feel that something will finally change," says the Marxist leader. The pope is leaving a deep impression in the country's history, mobilizing all sections of the population and giving them a message, and shows the "tears of the emotion of men, women and children who admire your smile, your goodness and the splendor in your eyes. Only a saint like you does that," wrote Lodono, who also compared the pope with his surname Francis of Assisi and Jesus.

The FARC had agreed to sign the peace treaty with the Colombian government, but some members of the government had refused to ratify their consent by being absent, complained the former Guerrilla. He asked Pope Francis, "with the great power of his prayer," to keep the Colombian people from "frustration" after the negotiations of peace had been an enormous force, Londono wrote. The FARC also prays for it.

The government and FARC had signed the peace treaty in November 2016, after four years of negotiation in Cuba. It was only through the signing that the guerrillas could be disarmed and demobilized, which in the summer became once again an opposition party with the same party leadership as a political force under the leadership of London.

Trans: Tancred

Monday, May 8, 2017

Venezuelans Protest Pope's Support for Socialist Venezuelan Regime

(Caracas) In the late afternoon of May 7, the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference published a letter from Pope Francis about the situation in Venezuela. The letter is addressed to the bishops. The letter, dated 5 May, expresses the papal "concern for the difficult situation" in which the Venezuelan people live.
On the Saint Peter's Square yesterday, Venezuelan Faithful  with black crosses drew attention to the oppression in Venezuela at the Regina Coeli. The names of the dead were written with white  on the black crosses, who have been shot or killed in the latest protests against the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro.

The dead of Venezuela as a reminder to Pope Francis
The silent protest should not only draw the attention of the world to the situation in the Latin country, which has been under the "Bolivarian Revolution" for 19 years. The protest with the black crosses was also an answer to Pope Francis'  letter to the bishops. It was an invitation to join the Venezuelan people and give up his support for the PSUV regime.
To this end, the Pope was not ready in his letter to the bishops. In this he repeated his call to seek "dialogue" with the regime and to come to "agreements" with it.
The Venezuelan prime minister, Cardinal Jorge Urosa, and the faithful protested against the oppression of the Socialist regime on Sunday in Rome with the cross in their hands. The Pope simply ignores the fact that the regime, which calls itself "revolutionary," uses "dialogue" to "suppress the people" and gain time to introduce even harsher oppressive measures to maintain power." This criticism also touches Pope Francis, who is accused of supporting the regime and of wanting to split the opposition.
Don José Palmara, one of the most famous priests of Venezuela, accused the Pope of "the complete ignorance of the situation in Venezuela".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: SMM (Screenshot)

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

France Backs Down on Gender Ideology Confrontation --- Philippe Zeller Will Be Ambassador to Vatican

(Paris) France's new ambassador to the Holy See is Philippe Zeller. The appointment was preceded by a lengthy tug of war. Early in 2015 the professing homosexual career diplomat Laurent Stefanini had been appointed by the Socialist government in Paris. This was widely perceived as an open provocation against the Catholic Church and a propaganda campaign for normalizing aberrosexuality.
The Vatican Secretariat of State rejected Stefanini because of his sexual disorder, although the Archbishop of Paris Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, had supported appointment.
Already in 2007, the designated appointment, Frank Eich Kuhn-Delforge had been rejected by the Vatican for his depraved way of life as an ambassador.
In April 2015 , Pope Francis the rejected seeing Stefanini in audience, however, reiterated the no to his accreditation. It is not quite clear whether the rejection was made ​​because of his homosexuality, or because the French government tried to coerce the Vatican ideologically with his person.  Officially, the Vatican never commented on the issue.
Shortly after, France demonstratively confirmed Stefaninis as ambassador to the Holy See. Since the Vatican refused accreditation, Stefanini remained an ambassador without portfolio, as France had to be represented in Rome by an executive diplomat.
Observers have assumed that French President François Hollande would not back down  for reasons of prestige, and the question could be thus be held off until after the presidential election in 2017.
After one year, there has been a turning point. After 18 months of vacancy, the government in Paris has dispensed Stefaninis' appointment as various French media has unanimously reported.  The new  Ambassador to the Holy See is to be the career diplomat Philippe Zeller, who is currently Ambassador of France in Canada.
Zeller, born in 1952, is one of the graduating class "Pierre Mendès France" (1978) of the Ecole Nationale d'Aministration (ENA), which forms the cadre of the French civil service. In the same year he entered the service of the Foreign Ministry. In 2010 he was made ​​an Officer of the Legion of Honor.
Philippe Zeller is married, father of two children and grandfather.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: La Croix (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Neo-Cardinal: "We Must Fight Capitalism, As We Fought Communism."

(Rome) The  Vatican expert, Giacomo Galeazzi   conducted an interview with the previously little-known Archbishop of Ancona, Msgr. Edoardo Menichelli, whom Pope Francis has made a cardinal this past Saturday. The interview was published by  Vatican Insider. Cardinal Menichelli is considered a "veteran of the Progressives" (Huffington Post).He was for many years the personal secretary of Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, a "herald of Ostpolitik" (Huffington Post). Now is following the critique of capitalism which coincides with papal statements and the reception of Alexis Tsipras by Pope Francis.

"Rewarded" for "Intervention for the Least"

As the  Italian weekly magazine Famiglia Cristiana, which lists in the same direction, wrote, Pope Francis wanted to "reward"  the elevation to cardinal  for those who show "commitment to the least" in a special way. Who is meant by the "least"? Menichelli is 75 and has already submitted his resignation. For which services he was rewarded left some observers to employ some guesswork. The hint maybe have even been provided by the Pope himself: Francis had appointed  Menichelli  personally at the Synod of Bishops Synod in October 2014. There, the Archbishop,   who took part in the sometimes heated debate, put in the word to give communion to "remarried" divorcees  and for the aberrosexuals. Four months later, he is a Cardinal and papal elector. 
Also, toward the faithful of the traditional rite,  the Archbishop of Ancona is considered "liberal".  Since all the other bishops of that brand  have disallowed the celebration in the Roman Rite,  he has  granted it generous hospitality.

Critique of Capitalism Evangelii Gaudium to Tsipras?

The responses from the interviews are similar to those of professional politicians in the back benches, making it difficult to attempt a substantive classification. Or is it superfluous because it remains unclear whether the baggage handler  thinks so or only repeats what the superiors want to hear. So the assembled slogans seem urgently meant for certain ears, perhaps the papal ears. Francis had received last October 28,  the Greek leftist Alexis Tsipras in the Vatican and  thus conveyed a "higher consecration."  The signal was not for the tiny crowd of Greek Catholics, but a political direction in Europe and worldwide. Tsipras is now prime minister in the country of the Hellenes.
What aggravates the crisis?
If the money is at the center, the person loses importance and society becomes a desert of values. Society reduced to the mere finance kills and the damage is visible for all to see. The politicians should remember the people and not their parties. It requires solidarity and sobriety: a policy of work for all. One must start again, restore the dignity of the person and eliminate injustices in the last.
More involvement in the social?
The social dimension is part of faith. In "Evangelii gaudium" Francis warns against the ideologies that defend an absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation. Already Benedict XVI. called for a political institution which returns the financial and monetary system to function, granting credit to the workers, families, businesses and local communities.
What more can the church do?
Charity must guide every action to rush to the aid of those who have lost their jobs, experience human suffering and risk losing their social identity. The Church is called to appear sensitive and attentive. It must not  support political oligarchies who disregard the needs of civil society and create a distance between ruling class and the people. Globalisation is to align the common good. And the Church, "which goes forth," must always intervene against selfishness and relativism.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Venezuelan Bishops Warn Pope Francis About the Evils of Socialism

Edit: an anonymous poster made us aware of this from American Thinker , reporting on a story originally from the Investor's Business Daily, that there are some bishops, in Latin America of all places, who are being critical of Pope Francis' championing of Socialist ideas.  Who better to criticize those ideas than bishops who have to live with the realities, hardship, persecution of a Socialist country every single day?

Venezuela's bishops Monday blamed "Marxist socialism" and "communism" by name for the horrors and chaos gripping their country, according to a story in El Universal.

The bishops said the long lines of people trying to buy food and other basic necessities and the constant rise in prices are the result of the government's decision to "impose a political-economic system of socialist, Marxist or communist," which is "totalitarian and centralist" and "undermines the freedom and rights of individuals and associations."

The Venezuelan bishops specifically stated that the private sector was critical for the well being of the country. The document, read by Monsignor Diego Padron in Spanish, said the country needs "a new entrepreneurial spirit with audacity and creativity."

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Driving out Clergy in Schönborn's Church

Friday, August 15, 2014 From the local "Conciliar Church"

Cleric eviction in the Schonborn Church 

As the Archdiocese stabs of one of its own, faithful religious teachers and seminarians, without any factual basis  in the back 

For the Socialists under anti-pope-monger Faymann (so the prosecutor has been interested in the former SJ-leader) is Christine Mann, director of the Archdiocesan Office of Instruction and Child Development of the Archdiocese of Vienna, a "reliable partner, representing what is in  common, [ note, Socialist education policy] over that which divides [i.e., the Catholic beliefs]"- Quote of the then socio-Secretarry Easter Mayer with explanatory as well as interpretive editorial comments. In July 2013 Mrs. Mann was honored by the Socialists. Just a note: The shirt hangs on her as a sign of "modern church" apparently wanted  to wear  the out. [Image and citation: Archdiocese Vienna]

Theologian, Priesterseminarist and Religion Teachers

Professor D. (his name is known to us and he can be addressed here at any time) is religion teacher. Or, more accurately, he was.

After completing his degree he moved at first to Austria, in one of the hereditary Catholic lands. He entered the seminary of the Archdiocese of Vienna and began teaching at a secondary school there.

Unfortunately, the  director, likely very modern oriented, was not among his friends; there can be speculation about the reasons for this.

Disciplinary Minimum Standard

 One day Professor D. saw a common situation in today's school life  - he was tattled on. In the classroom. Since it was his religious education,  Professor D.  prevented this. This resulted in  a complaint from a sensitive mother of one of the  pupils, who did not wish that the teacher would mix as such in the privacy of her daughter.

This complaint was  taken up by the administration to explore a possible act of violence by the teacher against the student.

The Archdiocesan School Administration Disavowed Its Own Cleric 

The Archdiocesan school administration was immediately involved (a Schönborn confidante known for controversial personnel decissions ) and the rector of the seminary (the Schönborn Favorite, Tatzreiter ); and suddenly there was also a corresponding abuse commission (!) dealing with the fact that a religion professor at the archdiocese had attempted to enforce minimum standards of discipline.

All this ongoing effort, one in theory really conceivable (maybe somehow sexual?)  determination if an attack by the Catholic religion professor actually took place after half a year, finally, resulted in the withdrawal of said professor from the classroom and in his exit from the seminary.

Professor D. was simply of the opinion,  that he wasn't willing to offer any longer. He has now turned to more interesting job offers.

Why the Vienna archdiocese Rejects Priests

 What may well have been the reasons that the diocesan internal apparatus in Vienna was apparently intensely anxious, to be rid of this man? A man at the beginning of his middle age; a solid character,  at least on the impression of a long acquaintance with him here in Austria; a highly trained and apparently very experienced teacher who  was also willing to undertake the effort of the priesthood to himself.

Because he is Catholic? 

It may have played a part, the fact that Professor D. had simply been too successful with his teaching, missionary to a certain extent. You know what I mean -   religion and the new age, are just  not really compatible.

And hinder the "Church of the Council", which does indeed become increasingly really hard on faithful views, for these prevent these days, as we know,  today's Christianity's adaptation and submission process.

Faith, therefore, as Christ's command to his disciples, to put it in a "contemporary" language, contrasted  increasingly with the unconditional church functionary contemporary "Yes to today's world" (to quote media reports of the Episcopal meeting with parish councils on June 18, 2014 in Mariazell ).

To sum ​​it up succinctly: Professor D. was probably not incompetent enough and above all, he was Catholic. (a member of the Catholic Fraternity !!).

 Rehabilitation After Examination by the Socialist Town Council

 Professor D. was, incidentally, after a thorough review of his case, fully rehabilitated by the relevant city council . But since, he has, after the successful and fraternal cremation of his reputation, as he himself put it,  fortunately left behind the local intra-Church progressivism of Austria now.

However, he remains Catholic, regardless of all of the pastoral efforts directed at him to exacerbate the shortage of priests. A fundamentalist, quite obviously.

See also: Fairness for Father Fabian...   Shönborn's Sexiest Pastor (Sentenced)....

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Friday, January 17, 2014

French Education Minister Visits Kindergarten to Tell Boys They Can Be Girls: Man Dumps Tons of Manure in Front of Parliament

French Minister indoctrinate young children in kindergarten with the gender ideology(Paris), France's Minister is going to kindergartens  in order to explain to the boys that they should play with dolls and the girls that they want to play with the beginning of the program of "ABCs of Equality" . This is an attempt to work "against gender stereotypes" in the age group of three to six year old children. Minister of Education Vincent Peillon and women's rights minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem form  the ideological spearhead of the socialist government, who are going to kindergartens to start yet another  new government program.
The fight against "gender stereotypes" is officially underway in France. In order to put  the ideological re-education in effect, it already starts with small children in preschool. The state takes over the education of children and wants to start as soon as possible with a one-sided indoctrination. The program is based on   gender ideology, which states that  the biological sex is not decisive, but the perceived gender. The left-liberal "liberation struggle" will "liberate" man and woman allegedly from  socially "enforced" gender roles.

Book Recommendation: "Father Wearing a Skirt"

The socialist government program aims to "educate for a culture of equality between the sexes" and  "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes that can be the basis for discrimination."
The government has set up a special website to spread among the teachers "appropriate" instructional material for the support of the ideological perspective of the Socialist Party (PS). The largest teachers' union, which belongs to the left trade union cartel, supports the government and recommends that the teaching staff to use books that are "deconstructing gender stereotypes".  For that reason, books are recommended like "I Have Two Dads Who Love Each Other" or "Father Wearing a Skirt".
Minister Peillon (see separate report France: Jewish Education Minister: "We need to replace Catholic Religion by a Republican Religion" ) and Minister Vallaud-Belkacem (see separate report France: Website of the Government for Abortion and Against Pro-Lifers [German]) are both socialists and firmly anchored in the Masonic network  (see report Hollande's "Charter of Laïcité" Identical with Masonic Proposal - Pure Coincidence ). The two Ministers continued their "struggle" in kindergarten on Monday  "against all forms of self-censorship" and continued by holding highly charged ideological speeches to children aged 3-6 years: "both boys and girls can play with toy cars." Or: "Today, there are many women who make war and are therefore called soldiers." Or, "Are they only reserved to be dancing girls? Can a woman be a bricklayer? Can a boy play with dolls?"  Of course, the minister told the children and encouraged them explicitly to do so.

Euthanasia, abortion, divorce

The fight against "gender stereotypes" is not the only ideological battle front of  Francois Hollande's government.On the day after his two ministers marched out for the first time out in a kindergarten ideologically to coerce infants, the President announced a plan to introduce euthanasia. For the next 13 February, the socialist ruling party summoned their senators to discuss for the introduction of a bill for a "dignified death".
The abortion law will again be debated in the French parliament on January 20th. The government also wants to raise the unpunished killing of unborn children to a "human rights like the others."  According to the Estrela Report, which failed two times at the level in the European Parliament, France's Socialists want to continue the way single-handedly.
Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, is the originatress of the famous-infamous Loi Taubira "Marriage pour tous" , in which "gay marriage" was legalized in 2013, according to the journalist and author Sophie Coignard of the female Grand Lodge 'Grande Loge Féminine de France' (GLFF). A year ago Taubira issued instructions to immediately recognize that children born  abroad  to surrogate mothers are French citizens. A first step towards the legalization of surrogacy which is banned in France surrogacy, which is urged by aberrosexualist organizations. The atheist from French Guiana will now impose the quick divorce as well. If a divorce is based on consensus, they will in future be recognized by court clerks with an informal act.

Protest Against Government Policy

"The killing of an unborn child will be reduced to a trivial solution, to which one could have access at any time," said Archbishop André Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris, criticizing the new abortion plans of the government. Regarding the express divorce, he said: "This is a serious way to conceal the harmful consequences for society. Because people are acting as if there were no consequences."
Meanwhile   a man unloaded several tons of manure to protest against President Francois Hollande outside Parliament in Paris. On 2 February the civil rights movement Manif pour tous is back on the streets in Paris to protest against government policies.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Priest Excommunicated for Membership In Masonic Lodge -- Church Infiltrated by Freemasons

(Paris) Freemasons in the Catholic Church have something in common with  El Diabolos: They both want to make you believe that he does not exist. The Vatican has now asked the Bishop of Annecy, Monsignor Yves Boivineau, to suspend the pastor  of Sainte Anne d'Arly-Montjoie of Megeve from his office. This is due to his membership in the Grand Orient of France. Abbè Pascal Vesin, 43 years old, was ordained a priest in 1996. He was initiated into a Masonic lodge and joined the Grand Orient, the largest Masonic order in France, such as Riposte Catholique reported in 2001. Ever since Abbé Vesin had tied on the apron of the  lodge, the lodge was his real home. Since then he has infiltrated the Catholic Church with Masonic ideas.
Rome's mills grind slowly, but they grind. In 2010, the Bishop of Annecy, this is the See of St. Francis de Sales, was informed of the lodge membership of this priest. The bishop asked and the priest denied. After 2011, it was evident he belonged to the lodge, the bishop then asked him to leave the Freemasonry, to exclusively to fulfill his priestly order. "Brother" Vesin relied on an "absolute freedom of conscience" and insisted that he can belong to both the Catholic Church and Freemasonry. [Familiar, isn't it?]
His benevolent bishop was prepared to continued to dialogue, so that the priest would reconsider its position. From the beginning, the aproned minister was informed about the planned ecclesiastical punishment. Since Vesin still clung to his lodge work, the Congregation made a decision in March. The bishop asked the Apostolic Nuncio as to the time necessary to inform his Priests. Three members of the Council were assigned the task to meet her "brother" Vesin. He still refused to leave the lodge.
Today, the Vicar-General met with the parish council of Megeve and explained these sanctions and made arrangements that the faithful will be informed at the Sunday Masses.
In the official press release of the Diocese, it was stated that "the penalty could be waived" if the priest  "unequivocally expressed his will to return to the Church."
Abbé, aka Brother Vesin, had represented progressivist positions as a priest in Megeve. He called for the abolition of celibacy, defended the secularization of state and society, artificial contraception and the introduction of "gay marriage". In January 2013, he publicly condemned people who were against the Taubira  bill, with which the socialist government was about to introduce the "gay marriage".
On Monday, the Diocese of Annecy has called a press conference on the Vesin case. Since yesterday, the former priest has been excommunicated. It is forbidden for him to receive the sacraments.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique

Friday, May 10, 2013

Vienna Elementary School Removes Crosses From Classrooms

For the firs ttime since the time of the National Socialists the cross of Christ is being banned from class rooms.
The cross as a sign of God is an eyesore to National Socialists, Communists, anti-clericals, 
Jacobins and Muslims. 
Totalitarian systems have always fought it [Image:]

The Cross is Hung in All Classrooms

The Vienna school law rules that in obligatory schools, in which the majority of the students belong to the Christian communion, a cross may hang in all classes.

What is not ruled is, what will happen to the cross if this majority is no longer present, respectively if this is not in the entire school, or if it is still in the individual classes.

Finally, in Vienna the mother of a female student has successfully appealed for the suspension of the cross.  That was last seen during the time of the Nazis.

She feels  "religiously imposed upon".  Clearly she is unteachable and is still placed in grade school instruction.

The mother has been bullying the school for a long time, till it finally gave in.

The socialistically governed city of Vienna (at present through a coalition of Socialists and Leftist "greens") has already been noticeable through its abolition of St. Nicholas Feast in kindergartens.

Atheist Advance

The Jacobin Atheist-Association is pleased to say "religion is a private matter".  Here is another indication that further action will be undertaken.

The president of this Association is Heinz Oberhummer, whipmaster and organizer of the soon to be complaining anti-Church-"people's" desire: "As a humanist I am for service to the humanity, not for service to God."

Counterposition of Freedom

The FPÖ- Education Speaker in the National Assembly was clear in his statement:  "It is already astonishing, how an individual person with her minority opinion can boss around the majority. ... Normally such questions must be decided by the school council. That on the other hand a single person can force a silent majority, has nothing to do with civil courage, but with a failure of mature democracy.  It doesn't mean that it is only his will what is imposed, who screams the loudest."

Parallel Case in Lower Austria

The attacks on Catholicism are not new.

Already in 2009 a "self-described" lower Austrian atheist demanded the removal of a cross in a kindergarten.

He wanted that his daughter, "be raised to religious maturity without a religious denomination, but committed to be open to the world and pluralism,"  he waffled.

He would have his human rights violated through this.  Through Thanksgiving and the Feast of St. Nicholas, the atheistic upbringing of his daughter was made impossible, although the participation was not mandatory.

Therefore his daughter is really not "open to the world", but raised in anti-clericalism (and even preventing the acquisition of Catholicism by the other kindergartners).  Perhaps he probably wouldn't have a problem, that his daughter also learns about Christian holidays.

ÖVP for the Installation of Crosses

At that time the standing ÖVP State representative Johanna Mikl-Leitner (now Interior Minister) in a positive statement for the installation of crosses explained:  "It is a proposal which goes against the foundations of the West."

In March 2011 the Constitutional Court recognized the installation of crosses in a kindergarten as constitutional.

Initiative comes from publicly visible advertising?

If the Church haters are consistent, a referendum against advertising in public space may be expected in the near future - so that the children do not "patronized" but can be educated as "open to the world".

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Friday, April 26, 2013

French Police Go Berserk: Arrest Everyone Who Wears Pink Hoodies! Pink Panther at Large.

Arrest Everyone in Fuscia!
Edit: as Galliawatch says, translating from Le Salon Beige, there are numerous reports coming in of people being arrested for wearing the Manif Pour Tous colors and logos. The desperate Socialist government of France is entering a new level of hyperbolic paranoia as it attempts to curb the growing discontent with its social engineering and inability to heal the ailing economy.

A woman was arrested tonight at place du Trocadéro, as she was driving home from the demonstration. Her crime: a flag of the Manif Pout Tous was waving on her car. As he questioned her, the police officer admitted that his orders were to stop any car sporting the colors of the Manif Pour Tous.

It seems to us that you’d have to be a particularly robotic servant of the state to obey these ridiculous, and apparently illegal, orders.

See also, Bruvver Eccles...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Socialist France Rushes to Sign Own Death Warrant

Edit: Socialist Prime Minister Hollande who has breathlessly rushed the passing of pernicious and immoral legislation amid growing popular dissent,  will probably signed the execrable legislation into “law”, if such can be done.  We also think it will be done.

St. George, pray for us!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

France: Calls to Dissolve National Assembly at Scandal Ridden Socialist Government

The furor (see English-language video above) over the revelations of the offshore bank accounts of former Socialist budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, now banned from the Party, has produced a tidal wave of articles, speculation, recriminations against the government, calls for the resignation of the prime minister and, from Marine Le Pen, repeated calls for the dissolution of the National Assembly. In a brief video at Nations Presse, she commented on François Hollande's television appearance on April 10 during which he denounced the deeds of Cahuzac as an outrage to the entire nation. This was Hollande's second address to the nation in one week:

"He reiterated his desire to fight against tax havens, but you have the feeling that you've heard this speech fifteen times already. I'm surprised because I thought that at the G20 Summit on April 2, 2009, he had declared the end of tax havens. And now I see that in reality that was never done! When there is a rupture of confidence in the men who are leading us, when there is a total rupture of confidence as is the case with the political and economic policies that are being followed, then it is time to dissolve the National Assembly. But that was not the decision made by the president. I am sorry, because there too it was a measure that was, I believe, expected by the French people!”

Back on April 3, 2013, when the public was still reeling from this explosive scandal of tax evasion and lying, Gilbert Collard, deputy from le Gard, who ran on Marine Le Pen's coalition party in June 2012, commented on the responsibility of the government to step down. In the video below, the reporter asks him if he feels, as Marine Le Pen does, that the National Assembly should be dissolved and that the government should resign. He responds:

"The situation is no longer manageable, the government is dysfunctional, the government no longer governs, the president no longer presides, the National Assembly is monolithic - one side systematically says yes, the other side systematically says no. We must arrive at a process that defines our policies."

Link to Gallia Watch….

Thursday, October 25, 2012

News -- Paolo Gabriele Seen at Decadent Suppressed Monastery Santa Croce

Strange Networks -- Alcohol Auxiliar: 160 Hours of Public Service -- With the Homo-Terror in the Sex-totalitarianism -- Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method -- Socialistic Double Standard

Strange Networks

Vatican.  The Pope-betrayer Paolo Gabriele was connected with the Old Liberal Roman Cistercian Abbey of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme.  That was reported by the US-Blog ''.  The Abbey was suppressed by the Pope after serious allegations of decadence.  The author of the blog explained that Gabriele and his family were personally sighted in the Abbey.

Alcohol Auxiliary:  160 Hours of Community Work

Poland.  The Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw Piotr Jarecki must serve 160 hours of community service.  The judge condemned him after his alcohol fueled tripe with almost three per parts per thousand into a lamp post. (0.3% ++Codileone's was 0.11%)  The Auxiliary Bishop accepted his punishment.  He will lose his driver's license for four years.

Homo-terror in Sex-totalitarianism

Germany.  Soon, the German convert and writer Gabriele Kuby's book "Die globale sexuelle Revolution" will be published.  In almost five hundred pages she hammers many hot topics.  She shows how the UNO and the EU are puppeteers of sexual decadence.  She warns against sexual equality,  of political manipulation of the language and the plague of pornography.  Finally, Mrs. Kuby revealed the homosexual movement and its dependence on totalitarianism.

Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method

Germany.  Pastor Benedikt Bunnagel of Ratingen in the Archdiocese of Cologne dismissed the German wooden hammer manner of proceeding toward Church-tax.  This was reported by the 'Rhenische Post'.  AT present the German Church is sending a document to departing members, that informs them of their "serious mistake" against the Church community.  Fr. Bunnagel does not want to sign such a letter.  He announced this in his sermon and earned applause.  The Archdiocese of Cologne will not suffer any shirkers. The letter must be sent without alterations, explained the Press Speaker Nele Harbeke of the Archdiocese.   In matters of -- not demanded in central questions of the faith -- obedience canon there is no choice for the pastor.  A priest may only supplement a personal document.

Socialistic Double Standard

"Peer Steinbruck has collected at least 698,000 euros since 2009 through lectures and board activities.  There is data from the Bundestag, but also business reports with details of the compensation for a board of director's chair were accounted for."

From the online edition of the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' on 8 October.  Comrade Steinbruck is number one in the list of the best paid among German Budestag representatives.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Poland's Socialists Want to Deny Broadcasting License to Catholic TV

Edit: Poland's government has been hostile to Catholic broadcasting in general, and continues to be so.  It's been trying to shut down "Radio Maryja" It does not what to grant a Catholic broadcaster a cable license for frivolous pretexts. 

In Poland, there is growing criticism of the National Broadcasting Council because of its relation to the Catholic TV-Station >>Trwam<< [I persevere]. The regulating authority does not want to grant the station a digital broadcasting license.

Warschau ( Poland, there is growing criticism of the National Broadcasting Council because of its relation to the Catholic TV-Station >>Trwam<<[I perservere]. The regulating authority does not want to grant the station a digital broadcasting license. The current counsel to the Polish Bishops Conference has addressed the Broadcasting Council on Monday that the decision will infringe on the principle of diversity of opinion in Digital-TV. For this the Bishops consider this decision as a violation against the "equality before the law". They are appealing to the Broadcasting Authority, since the TV-brance of the conservative right >>Radio Maria<< has already been granted a provisional digital television license for the summer of 2013.

A speaker for the Broadcasting Authority has based the decision to refuse a license for >>Trwam<<  on its lack of program diversity and poor financial security.  According to Polish media the decision is still not final.  The director of >>Trwam<<  and >>Radio Maryja<<, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, and the conservative right opposition in Parliament have given their strong protest in the last week.  Rydzyk claims, his TV station is being discriminated against, because he does not support the government.

In 2003 the TV station carried among other things, numerous Masses and the foreign trips of Pope Benedict XVI. live.  It has broadcast its program till now from non-terrestrially, but only over satellite, cabel and internet.  Without a digital license he will be automatically flying with no cable network.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Catholic" scholars say those who thwart labor unions commit mortal sin

Hey, if we can't eliminate man's natural abhorence of sin and disorder, we can at least try to misappropriate that to support our collectivist ideology!

Monday, May 17, 2010

By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service

Delicious Digg Facebook MySpace Twitter Google Yahoo TechnoratiWASHINGTON (CNS) -- A group of Catholic scholars contends that management efforts to break labor unions are a grave breech of the church's social doctrine and tantamount to committing mortal sin.

A statement from Weymouth, Mass.-based Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice, released May 1, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, offers a detailed argument that actions to thwart union organizing campaigns, stifle contract talks, unilaterally roll back wages and benefits, and break existing labor agreements are a "grave violation of Catholic social doctrine on labor unions."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

US Catholic is styling its USCCB Seamless Garment

US Catholic writer Bryan Cones is angry about Deal Hudson's attacks on the USCCB for its relentless pandering on behalf of liberal social and political agendas.

One thing Mr. Cones doesn't seem to understand is the idea that we may not participate in a moral evil that good may come of it, as we do in the case of working with Planned Parenthood, and the Catholic idea of subsidiarity, which gets completely lost in the USCCB's breathless and sycophantic support of the neo-Marxist ideas promoted by the Democratic Party.

This is a pretty good example of the seamless garment argument created by one of the most heterodox champions of modernism in the American Church. It basically entails the mistaken idea that you can work with one anti-Catholic agenda and ignore another anti-Catholic agenda (Abortion rights movement, or Pro-homosexual movement), while the former is deceptively camouflaged as a Catholic position: in this case, the idea that the Catholic Church should support wealth confiscation (theft and envy)and present it, deceptively, as Charity.

Of course, the ecclesiastical hissy fit usually flows from this erroneous position in the typical manly response that goes like this:

Can we just be honest here? Deal Hudson is a Republican. He thinks everyone should be a Republican, and he thinks if you're a Catholic, you should be a Republican because the only issues you should ever cast a vote on are abortion and gay marriage (as if the GOP is really pure in practice on either of those issues). Abortion and gay marriage are, after all, why Jesus came to earth. And Catholics aren't allowed to take political action on any other pressing social issues that cause human beings to suffer and die until (1) abortion is illegal and (2) gay people aren't permitted any recognition in civil law for their relationships or families. Catholics should just vote for the GOP candidate and write a check to Catholic Charities in the meantime to help care for all those people that are left behind while we work on abortion and gay marriage.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Irish Catholic Primate Advances Economic "Reform"

The Irish Cardinal Primate is eager to hail the Devolution of police and justice powers from London to Ireland, but he is just as eager to use this as an opportunity to advance the cause of greater government control over the economy. We hear, repeatedly, the summons from both individual prelates and national Bishop's conferences to greater government control of the economy. Their cheerleading for more socialism is not accompanied by any explanations, we're simply told that things like Healthcare Reform and federal stimulus packages are a good thing. What's worse is that the Bishops often tell us that they are pursuing "social justice" and "human rights" by helping and encouraging legislators to put still more restrictive chains on human endeavor and enterprise. Ironically, these government stimulus packages actually make people poorer in the long run by their hobby of promoting creeping Socialism.

Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, has issued the following statement in response to the announcement of an agreement on the Devolution of Policing and Justice Powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

I warmly welcome the news that agreement has been reached on the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly and on a range of other issues. As a wider consultation on the proposals begins, my prayer is that everyone in our society will reflect on what has been agreed today with a spirit of generosity and concern for the good of the whole community.

Local politicians are best placed to deal effectively with the issues that most affect the day to day life of people in Northern Ireland, especially the need for a shared approach to policing, security and justice. We need an urgent and united effort to stimulate economic recovery, address social need, to ensure the best possible education provision for children and to build on the vast improvement in community relations which has taken place in recent years. We need to show to each other the spirit of neighbourliness, welcome and generosity which others from outside so often see and celebrate in us. A local devolved Executive, working efficiently and in partnership for the good of everyone in our society remains the most effective way of achieving this.

I want to express my particular hope that efforts to address the issue of parades will be met with generosity, sensitivity and a willingness to go beyond old ways of approaching each other on all sides. Respectful dialogue and a willingness to treat each other with dignity and respect have been shown time and time again to be the most effective way of resolving the issues which challenge our society. This remains the only way forward and the most effective way of refuting those who would wish to bring us back to the futility of violence and division.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Political programs cannot achieve justice and equality, Pope says in Lenten message

In his message for Lent, Pope Benedict XVI cautions against a purely secular approach to achieving justice in society.

While Jesus "surely condemns the indifference that even today forces hundreds of millions into death through lack of food, water and medicine," the Holy Father writes, nevertheless "distributive justice does not render to the human being the totality of his due." Man seeks for something much more-- for salvation-- which can only come through Christ and his Church.

The Pope's annual message takes its title from St. Paul's letter to the Romans: "The justice of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ." Pope Benedict begins with some reflections on the meaning of the word "justice." He notes that the most common definition involves giving every person his due. But a problem arises immediately, he notes: "What man needs most cannot be guaranteed to him by law."

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Federal Funding for Needle Exchange

No doubt the good folks at NPR think this is a good thing in their lemon latte world of easy virtue.

Speaking of virtue, if such a thing can be said to exist, we have more false charity on the way and if you think you're performing a meritorious act by voting for "social change" which will extort money from you fellow taxpayers... Never mind the limousine liberals, they can protect their wealth in numerous ways. The middle class and those "rich" people with combined incomes over 90k will pay for this non-sense.

More creeping, frog soup, socialism and degradation especially provided by the inestimable power of your Federal Government.


After two decades, Congress has voted to lift a ban on federal funding of needle exchange programs. AIDS activists are cheering the move, saying it legitimizes needle exchange in the nationwide fight against HIV/AIDS.

For years, needle exchange programs in three dozen states have provided clean needles to intravenous drug users as a way to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. But the programs have relied solely on state and local funding because of a longtime ban at the federal level. For years, some regarded needle exchange as an incentive for drug addicts to continue to use.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fake Catholic Groups Working Overtime for Healthcare Bll


It's sad to report, but report we must: The same fake Catholic groups that helped President Barack Obama get elected have rallied to the cause of the health-care bill, abortion funding and all. As reported by, Catholics United (CU) and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) are warning Catholics not to get too hung up on things like federal funding of abortion.

Interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor, CU president Chris Korzen commented, "The wrong thing would be for anyone to be so firmly entrenched in their positions on federal funding of abortion that they're not willing to come to the table and talk about a compromise."

Victoria Kovari, the interim president of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, claimed, "We share all the bishops' concerns," adding that the "difference is [our] feeling that we would be morally remiss if we walked away from all of the health care [reform]. We have to take seriously our call to be about what's good for the whole human family."

In other words, pass the health-care bill, even if it contains abortion funding. This is precisely the kind of proportionalist reasoning that I fear many Catholics are using to brush aside concerns about abortion funding: The evil of abortion, those like Korzen and Kovari argue, is offset by the many benefits of health-care reform.

Catholic teaching explicitly rejects such self-justifying tactics (see Veritatis Splendor 75), and the U.S. bishops have been unwavering on this point. As Richard Doerflinger, associate director of the USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat, remarks in the same CSM article, "There are moral absolutes that we can't get beyond."

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