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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pope Names "Transparence Commission" for Bishops' Synod-- Tense Atmosphere in the Vatican

Bishops' Synod: Press Conference of Cardinal
Baldisseri and Speaker Lombardi
(Rome) Behind the walls of the Vatican there is currently an uphill struggle. Pope Francis especially to criticism that there would be little transparency  in the forthcoming Synod of Bishops. To allay fears appropriate that were the Pope several times, argued vociferously most recently  by some cardinals after the bad experiences of the previous year in Santa Marta, today announced the establishment of a transparency commission was announced. It's an unusual step that reveals the tense atmosphere on all sides.
A ten-member commission whose spokesman for the Synod  will be Cardinal Peter Erdo from Hungary, will be  "to ensure full transparency" said Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops today in Rome. The Commission will bring together representatives from all five continents. The Commission's appointment is seen as confirmation of the criticism which was put forward last year by cardinals like Raymond Burke and Gerhard Müller,that the Holy See wished to validate a unilateral information policy in a certain direction. What he meant was the direction set by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Vatican spokesman: Synod Fathers will have no restrictions in dealing with media

"A  final text  is desired that will be the outcome of the considerations and interventions of various Synod Fathers", said Cardinal Baldisseri that this did not specify whether this is to be a final document of the Synod or a Post-Synodal Letter of the Pope. In recent days, it was reported by well knowns such as Vatcanist Sandro Magister  and Edward Pentin, that there would be no final report of the Synod. The reason for this is, so the supposition, is that the pope did not wish to be bound by it.
The criticism for lack of transparency is also being responded to by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ, who said at today's press conference, that there were no restrictions on the synod in dealing with journalists. The Synod Fathers could talk "responsibly" with media representatives. The Vatican spokesman did not disclose whether the 2014 practice information blackout on the interventions at the synod, is to be repealed.

Ceremony "50 Years of the Synod of Bishops" the Vatican - Pope appoints Cardinal Schönborn to guest speaker

This coming Sunday, the second and final part of the Synod of Bishops on the family begins. Nearly 300 bishops and 120 experts will discuss three weeks in the presence of Pope Francis on Marriage and Family. Controversial topics are the proposal of Cardinal Walter Kasper to allow divorced and remarried to the sacraments under conditions, and the proposal of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to recognize homosexuality factually.
The prelude just before the start of the Synod will be a prayer vigil on Saturday from 6 O'clock on St. Peter's Square.
On October 17th, a ceremony will be held around  the Synod, the Synod of Bishops celebrated 50 years as a Jubilee. The institution of the Synod of Bishops was introduced as an independent, advisory body of the world church at the end of the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI. Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers will participate in the ceremony. For the main speaker, the Pope appointed the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a declared Kasperian.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Polish Bishop Suspends Msgr. Krzysztof Charasma

Edit: from Toronto Catholic Witness:

The Bishop of the Diocese of Pelplin, Ryszard Kasyna has issued a canonical admonition to Msgr. Krzysztof Charamsa, who yesterday came out as a practicing homosexual. He has since been removed from active duty in the CDF. 

The original Polish may be read at Polonia Christiana:

Statement on Father Krzysztof Charamsa:

In connection with the communique issued by the Holy See Press Office concerning the declaration of Fr. Krzysztof Charamsa and his statements to the media contrary to the Scriptures and teachings of the Catholic Church, whereas according to the norms of the Code of Canon Law, Fr. Krzysztof Charamsa has been admonished by the Reverend Bishop of Pelplin to return to the way of Christ's priesthood.

At the same time the Bishop of Pelplin asks all priests and the faithful to pray for this intention.


Fr. Ireneusz Smagliński, spokesman for the Bishop of Pelplin

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

France: Muslim Faces Three Months in Prison For Refusing to Officiate "Gay Marriage"

Sabrina Hout is being recommended by prosecutors for
three months in prison, because she refused to
conclude a "gay marriage".
 (Paris) France teaches you to  rotate the world around yourself and be confused.  Three prosecutors are seeking three months in prison for a Vice Mayor, Socialist and "practicing Moslem"   because she had refused to officiate a "gay marriage."
Sabrina Hout was voted in the municipal elections in 2014 as part of the ruling Socialist Party of Francoise Hollande as  President to the Municipal Council of the VIII. Secteur Marseilles. Actually, the case should have been handled with caution. But it turned out differently.The Marseilles prosecutor, Marie Blanche Regnier, is asking for three months in prison and a fine of 1,500 euros because of "discrimination based on sexual orientation". The young District Vice Mayor in the second largest city in France after Paris refers to herself as "a practicing Muslim" and demanded "respect for her religious beliefs".

"Gay marriage" law does not provide for conscientious objection

Sabrina Hout is the first case in France, where a government representative has been brought to justice, since 2013, the Socialist Party, to which  Hout belongs,  legalized "gay marriage" (Marriage pour tous). The law put in force   by President Hollande does not provide a clause for conscientious objection.
As at 16 August 2014, two lesbians appeared at the city hall of the VIII. Secteur to enter into a "gay marriage,"  while  Hout,  who is responsible for the family area, asked another council to represent them. That would, however, not have been possible for legal reasons. Hout, therefore, had to sign the relevant documents for the couple, but was represented at the ceremony for the actual formal act.

"Instead of Catholics and fascists we have a young, modern, leftist Muslim in front of us"

The Deputy Mayor was denounced in-house. The lesbian "gay marriage"  was first canceled and then subsequently confirmed. The result was that they initiated a complaint against the Deputy Mayor.  District Mayor Samia Ghali, of Algerian descent, also Moslem and socialist as Hout, withdrew her colleague from all responsibilities. The prosecutor opened proceedings for the falsification of documents.
On September 29 Hout will know whether the judges will follow the recommendation of the prosecutor.  The prosecutor referred to her  plea to fight  on behalf of the two lesbians as "legitimate and correct."
The lawyer of the two complaintants, Philipe Vouland, is also pushing for a condemnation, "to set a precedent." Literally he said: "In the fight for marriage for all, the [homosexuals]  associations expect to have to cross  blades with proper heterosexuals,  Catholics,  sexists and fascists. Instead, we came across a young, modern, single, leftist woman,  and Moslem."

Aberrosexual organizations have labelled Hout as a "homophobic monster"

Hout told the court that she had "never wanted to discriminate against  anyone," but just wanted to respec her religious beliefs. She finds support in the Mayors'  Association mayors pour l'enfance.  This found that the Taubira-law legalizing "gay marriage" known as Article 9 of the ECHR,  infringes upon the assurance to every person of freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.
President Hollande had assured the French Mayors on 20 November 2012: "The law is applied to all, but in respect for freedom of conscience."
2015 brought nothing more to hear. The aberrosexual organizations have branded Sabrina Hout  as a "homophobic monster."  "You have insulted me by calling me a homophobe, which is completely false.  I've been through Hell. My name was in all the newspapers ... At  work I was insulted in every possible way, even as a terrorist and Jihadist!"
The lesbian couple, Claude and Helene, hopes to reach a judgment against Sabrina Hout  that "is an example for the implementation of the law".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Did Pope Francis Really Encourage Lesbian Author Who Has Written "Gender" Children's Books: "Keep Going"?

Edit: there was another book disseminated by an Argentine publisher, featuring the pope involving these themes, which the Vatican also distanced itself from, apparently.
(Rome) Two lesbian authors of "gender" books provided a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State for discussion, which was submitted on behalf of Pope Francis. The lesbians advertised this saying that the pope had "encouraged" the to "keep going."  The headline of Corriere della Sera (online edition) was on Friday: "Pope Francis Writes the Author of Gender-books: 'Keep going. '"
A denial from the Vatican came, in this case, as soon as possible. Together with Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ,   Vatican spokesman Vice Father Ciro  Benedettini CP clarified: "The Pope has not encouraged the gender theory".

Rapid correction by the Press Office of the Vatican

The full text of the statement by the Deputy Vatican spokesman Benedettini, as published by the Holy See Press Office:
On answering journalists' questions the deputy director of the Press Office of the Holy See made ​​the following statement today from the morning: 
In reply to a polite and respectful letter by Francesca Pradi to the Holy Father, the Secretariat of State has acknowledged its receipt in a simple and pastoral style and clarified in following, that this is a question of a private reply and it was therefore not intended for publication (which was unfortunately done).
In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State wish to endorse practices and teachings   that do not match with the Gospel, but expressed desires for "to bear ever more fruit for activity in the service of  generations of the young and the spread of authentic human and Christian values."
The blessing of the Pope at the end of the letter applies to the person and does  not portend  any eventual teachings, that do not correspond with the doctrine of the Church, as the Holy Father has emphasized on several occasions in recent years. An exploitation of the contents of the letter is therefore totally inappropriate.

Aberrosexual author sent the Pope her books

Francesca Pradis Aberrosexual animals, which do not exist in reality
This past June 19 Francesca Pradi had written to the Pope, and also sent him 30 of her books. In the letter she complained to have been attacked in the past year and a half by "homophobes", claiming that some Catholic organizations  insisted that she writes books  with content that does not exist in reality. Pradi is with her aberrosexual partner, Maria Silvia Fiengo, the founder of the children's book publishing house "Lo Stampatello" and the author of numerous "gender" children's books advertised as children for  "homosexuality".
Pradi's publications are on the list of books that could be removed from the Mayor of Venice, kindergartens and schools of the lagoon city.

Answer by the State Secretariat - "I was surprised and touched"

Pradi received from the Vatican Secretariat of State a letter of reply on behalf of the Pope, which is signed by the Assessor, Peter Brian Wells. The author made ​​the response public by claiming that Pope Francis had encouraged them in their actions, to "continue". She had been "surprised" and "touched" by  the words of the Pope, to spread to the gender ideology, so went Pradi's interpretation willingly supported and given by the Corriere della Sera. 
The State Secretariat explained within a few hours by its press-service, that this  had  been a  merely routine letter of reply. Indeed, Assessor Wells  signs 60,000 such letters in one year. It had been a standard response of ten lines. To want to derive from that letter, a support and encouragement for the gender ideology, is totally inadmissible.
Pope Francis spoke repeatedly about the gender theory. On the 15th of April at the general audience he said most clearly: "The elimination of the distinction is the problem, not the solution".

What the Press Office makes clear and what not

Correction of the Vatican Press Office
The Press Office of the Vatican made ​​clear the fact that the gender theory does not agree with the teaching of the Church and could not be supported by Catholics, which contradicts the teachings of the Church.  "One important clarification," said Traditio Catholica.
The Press Office also clarified that the words "keep going" were not used in the Vatican reply, but was fictitious from the lesbian author. In addition, the papal blessing is directed to the person and not some doctrine  in force.
The press office did not deny the existence of the letter, but gave the contents a different reading. But why is a "gender" author even supposed to "actively bear more fruit," although they had sent their books and were thus incompatible with Catholic doctrine, the ideological orientation would have been easy to verify. Is there anyone at the State Secretariat  to routinely respond or "routine"?
"The suggestion that the 'authentic human and Christian values ​​will be disseminated ' are laudable, creates the context but, at best, of an ambiguity. Likewise, it may be that the blessing of the person was not their ideology, but the person is a whole. They can not be separated from their ideas. That's like saying, 'I bless xy, but not the ideology that he represents'. That seems a sophism." said Traditio Catholica.

Venice mayor is the new object of hatred of the aberrosexual lobby

In a time in which there is no day on which the aberrosexual-associations do not invent a new "enemy" it wants to bring down; in a time in which the homo lobby, like a horde of beatniks that interject, as aggressive as it is exhibitionist  in its intolerant message, levity is in dealing with the gender theory and their representatives is a luxury that the Catholic Church and all people of goodwill can not afford. This has not altered anything, that the instrumentalization of the pope is obviously not against the Church, but against the mayor of Venice.
The studied architect and entrepreneur, Luigi Brugnaro has been Mayor of Venice since June 14, 2015. After 22 years, he managed to take the mayor's chair from  political left. The Conservatives have clear ideas about Gay Pride ("Carnival"), and gender ideology, which were sponsored by his leftist predecessors with zeal. One of Bugnaro's  first acts was to remove from the libraries of schools and kindergartens all books in which the gender ideology is represented. Since then he is a preferred object of hatred of the "gay" lobby.

Pradis gay penguins and their defiant phrase

The removal of the books also includes Publications by Francesca Pradi, including the richly illustrated story of two gay penguins, they are-- naturally-- male, adopt an orphaned baby penguin.
After rectification by the Vatican, Francesca Pradi took a quick turn. In one of the statements she's been  spreading around, it now reads:
"Pope Francis has not written to me, 'Keep Going'. His answer is not an opening towards homosexual parental families. But it's certainly a change of tone. He gives us the respect back that we deserve, as individuals and as families."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riscossa Christiana / Amazon (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pressure on Africa's Bishops for Aberrosexual Agenda -- Are Swiss Bishops Also Participating?

Will Bishops of Sub-Saharan Africa be Put Under
Pressure by Catholic European Organizations to
Accept Aberrosexual Agenda
(New York / Lucerne) At the end of the Synod of Bishops in 2014 on the family  Bishop Nicolas Djomo Lola of Tshumbe, President of the Bishops' Conference of the Democratic Republic of Congo , complained in an interview from NBQ that the pressure on poor countries is very strong: "The agencies United Nations and non-governmental organizations, many of them from Europe, make their aid more and more dependent on whether or not the recipient accepts the gender ideology with its negative consequences for the family."
The Congolese Bishops expressed deep concern in the wake of the interview  that there is a  desire to make  "undue exercise of pressure" that is also noticeable in "European Catholic associations". This is in any event his personal impression that he had come to. This impression seems to find much confirmation.

Gift from Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics for Homo project against Africa's bishops?

Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that the relief organization of the Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics along with a well-known US foundation, the project of homosexual activists funded to counteract the attitude of African bishops at the upcoming Synod of Bishops.
At first it was a matter of producing a documentary that should support "LGBT Catholics" in black African states. The producer is the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups based in the Netherlands. In its Annual Report 2014/2015 it states that the Forum is reacting "to the extremely negative impact of the African bishops to the final document of the Synod Family 2014." "We have considered it important to give greater attention to the voice of LGBT Catholics of this region."

Arcus Foundation invests millions in gay organizations

The Arcus Foundation from the United States offered several hundred thousand dollars  for the film project. The Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics are supposed to  have paid a grant of 15,000 dollars. The support of the Arcus Foundation is not surprising. It has promoted aberrosexual activities of all kinds for many years. On their website it says that the Foundation has invested $ 17 million in 2013 aberrosexual organizations alone.
The  Arcus Foundation was established in 2000 by aberrosexual John Stryker, a billionaire trust recipient. The Foundation was able to distribute114 million dollars in 2014. It is committed to the conservation of nature and the natural habitat of animals, especially monkeys, for 'social justice' and especially for LGBT rights. 
In 2014 John Stryker donated $ 200,000, "to help LGBT supporters to influence the position of the Catholic Church and oppose their ultraconservative supporters." Here some American bishops were explicitly mentioned who are committed in a special way for the promotion and protection of the family.

Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics

Things are quite different  for the Swiss financiers. Fastenopfer is the official international aid agency of  Swiss Catholics based in Lucerne. The Fund was established in 1961, collects either directly or through the parish donations. Financial contributions also flow from the federal government and some cantons and political municipalities. In 2014 they received 18.5 million Swiss francs. The President of Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics is Bishop Felix Gmür from Basel. Two of the new board members are directly appointed by the Swiss Bishops' Conference. The objectives of the Arcus Foundation is completely unrelated  Catholic charity Aid and its objectives.
According to Catholic News Agency, co-financing the homo-film project was not decided by the Lenten -Director Patrick Renz, and not approved by the Foundation or the Foundation President, Bishop Gmür. Although the director commissioned for the project backed out of the film at the last moment due to health problems,  it was still implemented.

New homosexual network holds first meeting in Rome in front of the Synod of Bishops 

Instead of a documentary, interviews were conducted in an anthology just before the start of the Synod of Bishops by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics which are to be published in English and Italian.
This new  network wants to hold its first meeting in Rome from 1st-4th October and thus immediately before the start of the Synod of Bishops on October 4.
On the website of Catholic Fastenopfer there is no indication as to working with the Arcus Foundation and the support of aberrosexual project. The CNA report was also previously denied. If confirmed the flow of money, it would be a further confirmation of the concern expressed by Bishop Djomo that Catholic organizations themselves are taking part, contrary to the teaching of the Catholic doctrine, to exert pressure on Africa to accept the aberrosexual agenda. This includes the cooperation of Catholic organizations in the fields of development aid and human rights with non-Catholic organizations, whose aims are the promotion and enforcement of abortion and gender ideology (see Catholic Women's Movement in Austria in the Network of Abortion Lobby and Gender Ideology ).
Eleven black African bishops are raising their voices in a forthcoming book  against the gender ideology.  To be treated but overlooking the Synod of Bishops  there will also be topics such as,  environment, food, globalization, economy, peace, and dialogue between religions
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ / Catholic Lenten Fund / Arcus Foundation (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bishop Huonder Receives Death Threat

The shepherd has consulted the police about to a letter to him with a bullet.

Zurich ( KNA) The Bishop of Chur Vitus Huonder was apparently threatened after his comments about aberrosexuality. The dioese has been advised by the police about the safety of the bishop, said the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (Sunday). Among others Huonder had received an anonymous threatening letter with a bullet, diocese spokesman Giuseppe Garcia told the paper. The diocese has ruled out criminal charges. The bishop will be praying for those who threatened him.

Huonder had cited in a lecture in Fulda on July 31, among other biblical passages from the Old Testament, the Book of Leviticus. This calls sexual acts between people of the same sex an "abomination" and that they are to be "put to death". These passages quoted alone, said Huonder, "would be enough to give the issue of homosexuality a right turn from the perspective of faith." This triggered strong criticism. Subsequently, the Bishop of Chur apologized "to all people" who "felt hurt" by his remarks on the subject of abberrosexuality. His lecture on marriage, family and sexuality was at one point, "not thought out," he told the Swiss tabloid "Blick". He would now "comment in more detail and the whole presentation when he submits it for further review." (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved. Any media use and forwarding only under written agreements with CBA allowed. Photo: (C) sb Link to Trans: Tancred


Monday, July 6, 2015

Aberro-Delusion: "The Fool Wears His Heart on His Sleeve"

"Wisdom is like a prison to the fool, understanding is a
shackle to the uncomprehending."  Sirach 21:18
(Madrid) "Are they crazy?" Is what Spanish church historian and well-known Catholic blogger, Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña, wonders in connection with the accompanying picture. It shows Argentine Catholic women religious and gay activists who are shown together laughing  around gay flags and other LGBT flags.
Lesbian women religious or Catholic homosexuals? Neither is likely to be the answer, but it's the big new fashion to engage in propaganda for homosexuality and even to be proud it. The nuns are from the Argentine city of Saenz Peña Chaco.
Homo-flags hang from ministries and town halls. Christian Democratic parties do not differ from those of liberal or leftist parties. Everyone wants to be in the big race not to be too late  to be fashionable. Homosexuals are marching proudly in front, even among politicians, as they had reached a highly developed state of humanity with their unnatural sexual practices.  "No one has anything to say?" Asks de la Cigoña into space. A variety of responses were received on his blog: "Why should not a few women religious and lay Catholics join in  this fashion as they've run after other fashions in previous decades? That's much more convenient than to preach and evangelize," went the ironic query of a commentator on de la Cigoña.

"Consensus-relativism always at the expense of Revelation"

"The political left wrapped itself in the homo-flag, just as left-Catholicism also has gripped this flag. Who follows whom here? The left the cross? It is rather the other way around, as in the past. From history people learn hardly anything anyway," said another.
"This, 'gay pride' in the picture emblematically presents the consensus-relativism of our time. Everything is up for grabs, not categorical, but  submitted to the dominant opinion. How likely is it that the dominant opinion is Catholic? The consensus-relativism therefore is always at the expense of the revealed word of God,"  said another comment. And another: "In the Book of Sirach it says. The number of fools and gossips is infinite."
"If they do misguided things, then they drag out the habit, otherwise they run around in civilian clothes."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Torre de la Cigüeña
Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 3, 2015

Radio Vatican Shows its Pride: Attacks Catholic Moral Theology

Update: removed the photo which is a licentious photo of two women kissing each other. It seemed important to include the photo to document just how far Radio Vatican has gone, and that they've done this before. (People probably complained about the two sodomites kissing and waving a flag, too.)

Edit: the photo and the following article appeared in Radio Vatican, German Section. Obviously, the people who work in the office who endorse moral depravity are still there, from the last time we noticed an article like this. The Servite priest from Tyrol being extolled here is, by considerable negligence, along with others like him, is still able to address these issues for the Vatican. Apologies in advance for the photo, but blame Vatican Radio German Section. Here is a translation:

The Church's sexual morality "is in motion". Sexuality will be "perceived in its  personal and holistic dimension more and more"  explains Brixen moral theologian Martin Lintner in the current issue of the Christian weekly newspaper "Die Furche". The President of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" explained his assessment with a shift away from natural law concerning certain "moral acts" in which every single sexual act was judged on whether he corresponded to "natural sexuality" towards a view  already expressed in the Second Vatican Council that "sexual behavior applies to physical communication." 
At the level of concrete sexual ethical norms, despite this positive change, things have not changed much  for the better in the Catholic Church,  writes Lintner. This is revealed in the issue of homosexuality, where the argument of biological procreation function continues to stand apart from the criteria of personal judgment. A mediation between the natural law and personal reasoning is difficult here.
Nevertheless, this reveals a "rethinking", according to  Leitner, not least in the discussions during the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in the autumn of 2014 and the recently published working paper for the family Synod in October 2015, in dealing with gay people: "The Church is sensitive to the suffering experiences of victims and families where gay people live." This development appears to  the renowned South Tyrolean moral theologians and members of the Servite Order as "significant,"  even if the Church emphasizes that a homosexual partnership differs from  a marriage.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Archbishop Condemns Abuse of Church for "Ideological and Political Promotion"

Archbishop Osoro Condemns Homo-Homage in
Madrid Church
(Madrid) Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Madrid expressed in a press release his "pain" over the abuse of the Madrid Antonius Church. The archbishop was responding to the attribute of June 9th for the deceased homosexual activist and avowed atheist Pedro Zerolo, which took place in the church and was organized by the Catholic Association Mensajeros de la PazThe association is led by Catholic priest Angel Garcia Rodriguez.
Archbishop Osoro recalled in his statement that "the church is open to all  for prayer and the celebration of the mysteries of the Lord, and not to ideological and political rallies, which have nothing to do with the mission of the Church, which Pope Francis calls us. This was the mission for which you entered the church, and I expect that the leaders of the church to act in the sense of this mission."
The Spanish church historian and well-known Catholic blogger Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña paid tribute to the Archbishop of Madrid  with praise "for the quick response".  At the same time, he expressed doubts as to whether a press statement was sufficient to return Angel Garcia Rodriguez on the "right path". "His church is the Church of Angel Garcia, not the Catholic Church. As long as the bishop does not deprive the one responsible for the Antonius church, he will do, considering his anarchic self-possession and due to his poor formation, more of the same. Let us hope that the Archbishop has learned from the incident."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Cigüeña de la Torre
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aberrosexualist Bishop of Antwerp to Represent Belgium at Bishops' Synod

In a press release issued this afternoon, Tuesday, June 16th, by the press service of the Vatican that Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp will represent Belgium as a Synod Father. The Synod will take place in Rome from October 4th to the 25th.

It boggles the mind that such men are clergy much less bishops heading ancient Sees and holding honor.

H/t Katholieke...


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Journalist Pope-Critic and Anti-Mason Danilo Quinto Fired -- "Purge Continues"

(Rome) The press agency SIR (Servizio Informazione Religiosa) of the Italian Bishops' Conference has dismissed Danilo Quinto, a renowned Catholic journalist and publicist.  They  fired  him  for criticizing Pope Francis. Quinto is one of the best connoisseurs of the secular-Masonic agenda. For 20 years he was a militant activist of the radical liberal, anticlerical Radical Party, whose treasurer he was.
He has the necessary insider knowledge and knows radical secularist actors like Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, and their motives personally. After his conversion to Christ and his return to the Catholic Church, he broke with the anti-Christian Party and its ideology. In his book "From the servant of Pannella to the free child of God" he settled with this party and its mindset, Founded in 1877, Italy's Radical Party, which was the political wing of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy in Parliament and government. It was a settlement that led to Danilo Quinto receiving public attacks, slanders and  public humiliations, as far as the arm of his opponent could reach.

Dismissal because of critical remarks about Pope Francis

SIR news agency of the Italian Bishops Conference
Since the spring of 2013, Danilo Quinto,  was a regular contributor to the press agency SIR. At the express request of the press agency his articles were published under a pseudonym. A decision that was taken by SIR out of concern not to provoke the radical liberals. Since then SIR has published 316 articles by Quinto, an average of three per week.
As Danilo Quinto announced himself, this collaboration was abruptly and unilaterally terminated by SIR. The dismissal was justified not with articles he wrote for SIR, but with contributions which he wrote for other media. In a telephone conversation with SIR editor in chief, he was told  on the eve of his release, that it was because of the item broadcast on the traditional Internet sation Radio Spada. In it Quinto voiced criticisms to some of the statements and decisions of Pope Francis. Criticism is not tolerated in official church media.
The dismissal was carried out by SMS:
"In full respect for your freedom, I take note that your position to the  pope is in clear contradiction  to that of the SIR. I will share with the agreement of the management  - since the relationship of trust with the director is no longer present -  that with today's release of your two most recent articles your collaboration with the agency SIR will be considered terminated. Good Luck. "

The main reason: Quintos book against the Church's surrender to the aberro lobby

"Ancilla hominis", Danilo Quinto's latest book oppose gay heresy
However, the main reason is his latest book Ancilla hominis .  Published in the publishing house of Radio Spada, the book critically analyzes the Catholic Church's approach to the gay agenda under Pope Francis. Danilo Quinto askes in the subtitle: "If the Church is the mystical body of man?" On the book cover is a caricature depicting Pope Francis showing him with an outstretched hand and giving a thumbs up   against the background of the colors of the gay organizations, signing his approval.
Quinto had also leveled criticism that Pope Francis called the abortion lobbyist and declared enemy of Church Emma Bonino Quinto. It is not the act itself that was so wrong, said Quinto, but its handling,  it necessarily gives  the public the impression that the Church of today would even recognize the inhuman, anti-Christian attitude of Bonino. "The task of the Pope,  is not to converse with just anyone," said Quinto  (see"Woohoo" by Pope Francis with radical abortionist Emma Bonino in German). Bonino was from 1995-1999 EU-Commissioner, from 2006-2008 Italian Minister on International Trade and European Affairs and 2013/2014 Italian Foreign Minister.
The dismissal was surprising because Quinto at SIR worked under a pseudonym and the news agency received no embarrassment  by his pope-criticism, which he published under his full name elsewhere.
The press agency SIR emerged 27 years ago as an initiative of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies Italy, most notably the Church newspapers and the Italian Episcopal Conference.

"The cleansing" against Pope's critics "continues"

Emma Bonino with Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy
Danilo Quinto thus joins himself to an ever-lengthening list of Catholic journalists and writers who have been dismissed because of their criticism of Pope Francis. The purge began in fall of 2013 with the release of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi  at Radio Maria. "The cleanup continues," said Radio Spada about Quintos dismissal.
From Radio Spada, a relief operation has been launched to financially help the family man Danilo Quinto, because the employment at SIR (net 1,200 euros) represented the livelihood of his family. That Quinto yet will find a job in an official Catholic media in this pontificate, seems very unlikely. magazine for Church and Culture would like the colleagues Danilo Quinto to express its solidarity    and thank him for his previous work  as a qualified Catholic journalist and publicist.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Radio Spada / MiL
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Treason of the Clerics -- Ireland and the Vote on "Gay Marriage"

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, a Traitorous Old Liberal Bishop
For a Long While
(Dublin) Looking for an explanation of how a Catholic people like the Irish could vote with 62.1 percent for the legalization of "gay marriage", some try to push all the blame on the illegitimacy of the government. Others prefer  to cheer in chorus, since the voices of "progressive Catholics" emphasized the crucial vote. However, even the term "progressive Catholic" is a contradiction in terms, because either one is truly Catholic, that is to say Catholics without any adulterations, or you are not really Catholic, but then it is not about Catholics.
In reality, there is a third factor that was decisive for the serious vote, in addition to the two mentioned: the betrayal of the clergy.

"Openings" by Certain Shepherds to the Homo Lobby

There is no doubt that the so-called "openings" by certain pastors have toward the gay lobby generated confusion among the faithful and influenced the voting behavior at the polls.
If the current mainstream sings its "homosexual song", there are also among the righteous one, who considering   the one-sided advertising and the path of least resistance are then described as "modern" and "contemporary." Thus the opposing voices  could  hardly have  been heard among the opinion-forming media in Ireland, had the voice of the bishops had a greater weight.
The press agency Médias Press release accused the Irish episcopate of "weakness and inability", of building a viable line of defense against the homosexual march on the island of Saint Patrick. Some bishops were quite successful. However, the veering of the others offered opponents the tactical opportunity to convey an image of disunity and hush up the timid,  to award the favorable voices visibility and to silence the others.

Dublin's Archbishop and Squaring the Circle

So the statements of some Irish prelates are, to say the least, problematic before the referendum. These prelates include Dublin's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who tried to square the circle. He spoke of a coexistence of the "ethics of equality," and recognizing the homosexual "affective relations", and the unique nature of a relationship between a man and a woman.
From a Mea culpa- driven complex, he added apologetically: "I am aware that the severity with which  gays and lesbians  have been treated in the past in the Irish Church, in some cases are still treated today, so that makes it difficult for LGBT Persons  hard to accept the sincerity of what I am proposing. "
In fact, the archbishop remained faithful. After the announcement of the voting results, he directed attention to the so-called power of the factual. We must now "face facts," which can "not deny the obvious"  and must recognize a "social" and "cultural revolution" in the result. These words were picked up by the media with great satisfaction.

Bishop McKewon: Catholics Should Make a  "Mature" Decision, Whether Yes or No

Bishop Donal McKewon of Derry assisted the archbishop at once in this position. Before the ballot itself McKewon had prompted the faithful to make a "mature" decision, regardless of whether they would vote yes or no. If that was  worth as much as the other and ultimately indifferent to any decision for Catholics. Even more: "I do not want that anyone would vote out  of bad, that is, sectarian and inappropriate reasons or because of intimidation against."  What  it did was gave the impression as if it were next to impossible to vote solely against the legalization of "gay marriage", because that's the only right decision.
Then  Bishop McKewon, conversely added his statement: "I have no doubt that there are many Church-abiding people who are for a yes. I will not say they are wrong. " A statement, which is tantamount to a capitulation, and even more so a resignation from his duties as a bishop when he has to call attention to the doctrine of the Church and defend it.
It irritated and unsettled not a few believers that these sorts of politically correct prelates are not reprimanded for their unfortunate statements (formulating it as quite harmless), but can act completely undisturbed or are even encouraged in their attitude.

Irish Constitution as Washed Away

Of course, for the vote in Ireland was not only just the result of the "Treason of the Clerics." Even the constitution of the island nation was hit hard by this stab. In the Irish Constitution it states verbatim: 

"In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred, We, the people of Éire, Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial, Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation, And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our country restored, and concord established with other nations, Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution. ... "
Everything seems washed away by the outcome of the referendum. Ireland and the Irish people is now in the  rather sad list of countries and peoples, who require a new evangelization.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Pope and the Transgender --- Scandal or No Scandal?

Transexual Receiving Communion at Prison Liturgy
(Rome) "The Pope and the transsexual", is how the media similarly described  the Holy Thursday liturgy of Pope Francis in the Roman prison Regina Coeli. On the first day of the Triduum Paschale, the Pope again followed his practice of having deserted the liturgically provided cathedral church of Rome and went to the "margins".
This year the Pope visited the Roman prison Regina CoeliHe washed the feet  of male and female prisoners and celebrated in the "Lord's Supper" in the prison hall.

Vatican Television rendered images all over the world

Among the prisoners, whose feet the Pope washed, there was also a transsexual. He then also received Holy Communion from  another priest. The Pope's visit was accompanied by numerous television cameras that transmitted the Liturgy on  Vatican Television and on other television stations around the world.
The sight was for pious Catholic, and perhaps unbelievers, a scandal.  "At first glance", the most famous of Catholic bloggers, Francisco Fernández de la Cigoña did not make it out.  De la Cigoña is known for his direct language and has already even criticized Pope Francis "with respect for his office  and  his dignity."

In prison one  meets the prisoners

"The Pope has celebrated the Last Supper  in prison. There are even murderers, robbers, pedophiles, cheaters, rapists, prostitutes ... " The Pope could not count on anything else "and we could expect nothing less in a prison."
"This time it was just a transsexual offender. Is it worse than a pedophile, rapist or murderer?  Innocent convicts are rarely found in a prison," said de la Cigoña. The Church doesn't go on the Penal Code, but the soul of man. " The transsexual has been excommunicated? Can they not be pardoned for  sin? Even a transsexual can become a saint."

Transsexuals are not the problem, but the impression

"It has even me, a little astonished," said de la Cigoña, "that one of the persons whom the Pope washed in prison, is a transsexual." But Jesus washed the feet of Judas Iscariot. The problem was not that person or other offenders. The question is whether those who were invited for Communion, were in a state of grace. However, the Church doesn't require a statement of confession. Why would they need one in a prison?
Precisely because of this connection: penitence, confession, contrition, forgiveness are not conditions for receiving Holy Communion and even faithful Catholics often are familiar with the scandal of the offense of images from prison that were carried into all the world. The Church has helped sinners at all times. She  has done well, not to broadcast certain things  out loud. Not to excite or give offense, but to avoid confusion. "We do not know what happened in the prison. But the wrong impression, however, should always  be avoided: all were able to unconditionally receive the Lord."
We are in a period in which the gender ideology and the homosexualization are imposed by force, nor is this a  question of whether there was an accidental or deliberate play with gestures and pictures. Someone had chosen those who were to be admitted to the washing of the feet, like two years ago someone had selected prisoners of various religions in youth prison in Rome. It is difficult to accept that it was done without consultation with the Vatican.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: La Cigueña de la Torre
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Cardinal Caffara: "Insult of Christ on the Cross by Diabolical Perfidy"

Most "Harmless" Photo From Blasphemy
(Bologna) The Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra strongly condemned the action of the local gay organization Arcigay. The organizers spoke of a "heretical and superstitious" evening with "Enttaufungsstelle".
Cassero  calls itself Arcigay -Local in Red Bologna. The recent initiative of the gay organization is called "Venerdì credici", a "heretical and superstitious" evening which was advertised for with posters, flyers and advertised on the Internet with photos in which three men can be seen that are dressed as Christ and the two are thieves, but commit degenerate acts and mime the abuse of a cross. A reproduction of the image is impossible. The most "harmless" was  selected.
On a "ponta sbattezza" (debaptism place), visitors of the event could be "debaptized". (It's a formal process of renouncing one's religion, usually Catholicism, in Italy.)

Blasphemous photos end up at the prosecutor

There were many protests against these blasphemous representation, including the right-wing opposition parties, but also the Catholic wing of the ruling Democratic Party (PD). It especially caused offense hat the homo-organization is funded by the city government under Mayor Virginio Merola with public funds for "cultural" events.
The homo-associations showed zero sensitivity and understanding, much less consideration for the injured religious sentiments of Christians. Franco Grillini,  President of Gaynet only made more insults and taunts on Facebook with "Hands off the Cassero! The religious police of our Ayatollahs have run to the prosecutor's office because of a banal satire against religious oppression." Grillini continues: "A month ago, they were all Charlie Hebdo, but today all Al-Baghdadi!"
Only after fierce criticism came did there come a half-hearted apology from the person in charge of Cassero, which reveals little insight: "Some people felt offended by those photos: out of respect for these people - and not for an ideology or a command - we apologize. Those who call for sanctions  by taking advantage of an opportunity to strike Cassero, they are the real blasphemers. "

The Opinion of Cardinal Caffarra

Bologna archbishop, Cardinal Caffarra, strongly condemned the images and the event: "The photos of the evening edition of 'Venerdì credici' in Cassero of Bologna are an insult of unprecedented baseness and diabolical perfidy of Christ on the cross. For such a contempt of the Christian religion and of those who profess it, did not even spare the death of Jesus on the cross, which is represented by a despicable vulgarity. It hurts, but not surprisingly, it attempts by these means by trying to spread the idea that Christianity, and especially Catholicism, are the enemies of freedom, justice, scientific progress, secularism and democracy. Any ideology that does not manage to subdue the Church, they brutally persecute, either by killing Christians,  or ridiculing what is most precious to them. And it looks correct: in a Church that is faithful to the Gospel, they would not find the unconditional and blind support needed for their every lie, in order to survive. And what is to be said at this moment when the Cassero drama is desecrates  Calvary and the cross and other Christian symbols, and  on the other   shore of the Mediterranean, the Islamic State has destroyed churches? If one refers to the freedom of expression to justify a freedom to insult, one has to wonder if the end of democracy is near. And one also wonders under what title the city government can provide free public buildings to groups, which they use to turn them into places of insult and mockery,"  said Cardinal Caffarra.

The display

Today, several opposition councilors of Bologna and members of the regional parliament of Emilia-Romagna have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor. "It is unacceptable that such kinds of events with which the Catholic Church and the Christian religion are ridiculed, are financed with public funds from community funds and a building is provided free of charge to the value of EUR 100,000 annual rent," said Galeazzo Bignami, the Group President of Forza Italia in the regional parliament.

Homo-association involved for years in programs of school sex education

Manif pour tous Bologna declared in a press release that the aberro organizations should no longer be allowed to participate in school programs. "Whoever despises the values of others, has no place in our schools." The leftist  city government has allowed the aberro organization Cassero, "access to public schools, to teach our children about sex education for years" and "to enable them to deconstruct the stereotypes of sexual identity" and "provide accurate information about sexual orientation, to mediate  gender identity and gender roles," cited Manif pour tous from the self-promotion literature of the homosexual group.  "Such an attack against the family by promoting homosexualization may no longer be tolerated," said the family rights organization.
Text: tempo / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred