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Friday, February 1, 2013

CDF Challenges German Bishops and SSPX

Rom ( The Prefect of the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine and the Faith, Archbishop Mueller, sees a pogrom continuing against the Catholic Church, in and interview with the newspaper "Die Welt", that a "deliberate campaign to discredit" against the Catholic Church in North America and in North America and with us in Europe has accomplished, that priests in some areas are now become completely public pariahs. The Prefect speaks of artificially manufactured anger which already today recalls a pogrom. In blogs and also in television Müller continued, "were attacks aimed against the Catholic Church, whose armaments go back to the assault of totalitarian ideologies against Christendom. "

Archbishop Mueller has directed criticisms also on the dialog process of the German Bishops' Conference and said: "dialog process is good. But the substance must be discussed and not the same old problems on the table as like new." As an example of always new problems on the table, Mueller named "the promotion to sacramental orders for women. It is not possible. Not because women are of less value, but because it is in the nature of the sacrament, that Christ is represented as the groom in relation to his bride." Also, an acceptance of same sex partnerships are not possible for the Catholic Church. These partnerships are not to be compared in any way to marriage " The Prefect also defended celibacy: "Celibacy of the priest corresponds to the example and word of Jesus and has a special spiritual significance in the spiritual experience of the Latin Rite.

There is "no indication that those presiding in the Church would be shaken, from certain false statements, as if it were a necessity, to practice sexuality, within or outside of the Church. The un married state "has been established in the kingdom of heaven in the Gospel." Mueller gave that in so far as there is a "lack of reform" in the Catholic Church, that "substantial themes" are not being tackled.

The Prefect meant here concretely the participation in the Sacraments and the knowledge of the Faith." Also the The theme of the "Pius Society" which he spelled out clearly. The patience of the Vatican with the separation of Traditionalists is not endless: "The Congregation has presented the Society with the Dogmatic Preamble. There has been no answer to it. We won't wait forever." [But the patience is endless for dissident Bishops and clergy]

Daraufhin ist bis jetzt keine Antwort erfolgt. Wir warten aber nicht endlos."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Father Schmidberger: There Isn't Much More to be Expected From the Pope

Father Franz Schmidberger: Volte Face in the Vatican

"What use is the Motu Proprio to the Old Liturgy if a year thereafter, one of the worst opponents of this Liturgy is given a key position?"

(  There are rumors that in the case of the regulation of the Society of St. Pius X that a certain western European country will have its ambassador to the Holy See threatened with resignation.

This was explained by Father Franz Schmidberger, Mathematician and German District Superior of the Society in an interview with the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

The Vatican Appeared Satisfied with the Answer

The clergyman recapitulated the most recent history of the negotiations of the Society with the Vatican.

On the 16th of March the CDF attempted to give an ultimatum to Society General Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, to accept the Dogmatic Preamble of September 14th.

Thereupon Bishop Fellay published a dogmatic text, which stressed the persistence of the Society in the Catholic position:

"The proposal of Msgr. Fellay went as far as we could, to satisfy the side of the CDF's position, and on the other side not to give up any of our positions."

The text found, according to Schidberger, "clearly the approval of the Holy Father and also the agreement of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith".

Pressure Was Put on the Pope

Then there came an unexpected change of position: Bishop Fellay received a new text on June 13th frot he CDF.

The new demands contained within were described by Father Schmidberger as "very surprising".

 The Pope was not made happy happy, according to the CDF, with a subsequently specified interview, which Msgr Fellay gave on the recognition of the the Society.

At the same time, there was probably pressure put on the Pope.

Not Acceptable

The new demands bound the recognition of the legitimacy of the New Liturgy.

That was not acceptable according to Father Schmidberger: "How can one recognize a Liturgy as legitimate, which flees from the Catholic Faith and not to it?"

The second demand touched upon the Pastoral Council: The Society many only still discuss particularities of the Council.

They must then -- against their convictions -- attempt to reconcile it with the continuity of the earlier Magisterium.

Bishop Fellay had answered this text according to the statements of Father.

The Pope Speaks and Negotiates With a Forked Tongue

Father Schmidberger believes that the appointment of the heterodox Archbishop Gerhard Luwig Müller as guardian of the Catholic Faith was responsible for a change of course toward the Society in the Vatican.

He also criticized the appointment of Archbishop Arthur Roch as Secretary of The Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments:

"What is the point of a Motu Prorprio about the Old Liturgy, if you appoint one of its worst opponents to a key position, which will counteract the Traditional Mass?"

Catholic, Roman Catholic

However, Father Schmidberger decisively rejects any separation with Rome.

He cited the founder of the Society, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: "Neither Liberal nor Modernist, nor schismatic, rather Catholic, Roman Catholic!"

This devise of the Archbishop called for almost a daily tightrope walk for the society in view of the Church crisis.

A Pilgrimage for Lefebvrists?

The future of the negotiations with the Vatican would be dependent upon Archbishop Augustine Di Noia and his scope of negotiations.

Father Schmidberger discerns then that the Society still has to remain in its current position of misunderstanding.

He appealed to the faithful, not to be bitter toward the Holy See, rather to preserve love.

Some prelates in and out of the Curia have pleaded for the Society:  "They have recognized how important the effect of the Society in the official area would be."

Father Schmidberger thinks:  "Would the consideration not have value, if it meant the pastoral care of a pilgrimage or another seminary?"

The Errors Are Finally Discussed Openly

Father Schmidberger can't imagine a renewal of the Excommunication of the Society.

At the same time he insists that Msgr Muller is "really not our friend".

He demands the acceptance of the the errors, which have led to the Conciliar and post-Conciliar decline.

The recognition of the Society would mean for the ecclesiastical confession, that certain expressions are to be corrected and requires the Traditional Mass for the healing of its members.

Father Schmidberger expects little of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.:  "Humanly, since his last personal decisions in Rome, there is not overly much to be expected."

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

German Federal Court tries to protect outdated Church-tax-system

Regensburg Cathedral

Edit: Excommunicating someone for not paying the Church-tax means nothing to people who go to church for purely cultural reasons, or aren't really concerned about being married or buried with a Catholic ceremony.  Apparently, you don't even really need to be Catholic to be truly honored in German-speaking parts like Vienna, you just have to be a famous Communist "artist" who ridicules the Catholic faith.  For those people who are loyal Catholics, it means a lot, and they're willing to expend a lot of time and money to ensure their Catholic names, even though those in charge are working against them.

Doctor Andreas Janker is a Regensburg, Germany born Engineer. He's also, for the time being, a Catholic in good standing with some serious concerns about the way the Catholic Church in Germany does business.

We'll get back to him in a moment. You see, like the United States and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, the German Bishops also support abortion, the use of birth control and other forms of non-transparent activities, they hope no one really will question. The Catholic Church in the United States, like the German Church, also receives substantial Government largesse in the form of Student Loans and Grants. Catholic Charities alone receives over $2.9 billion dollars a year from the Federal Government, which accounts for about 70% of its revenue.

While America's Bishops receive substantial amounts of money from the American Government just like the German Bishops do, American citizens are selectively taxed for these gracious offerings as they are in Germany. Each German Catholic , who pays income tax (i.e. of all catholics only every third catholic) has to pay about 8% of his income tax on a Church-tax, which the German Government collects on behalf of the Church and itself keeps a 3-5% fee for managing it.

Many people object to what both the Catholic Bishops in Germany and the US do with the money, and with good reason too, since they both support programs which in various ways, violate Catholic moral tenets and even honest business practices. But while a few American Catholics opt out of Catholic systems by refusing to give money to their Diocese, (Unfortunately, they have to continue paying taxes which support Catholic organizations who misbehave), they don't have to worry at this point about being excommunicated as faithful German Catholics do who try to buck the system.

There should be nothing wrong with the government supporting the Church. It's an ancient practice probably going back to the days of the Apostles. (Since the Apostles had wealthy Roman patrons and benefitted from Roman Law in various ways too.) But what happens when the individuals running the Church and the government start working against the Church's favor, and even continued existence? Should individuals be dragooned into supporting this auto-leisionistic (self-destructive) system?

People are probably familiar with the situation where the German Catholic Bishops have produced a document effectively excommunicating Catholics who opt out of the German Church-tax for any reason. They do not specify special cases, like those involving Zapp or Janker, as the famous Canonist Father Gero Weishaupt explains .

At present, this document threatens to alienate some of the only people in Germany who actually have Catholic belief and are courageous enough to want to see it lived out in its institutions. One such man, we've already talked about is Canon Lawyer Prof. Harmut Zapp, who, counter to the way it's been reported in the official German Catholic media, at KNA for example, just won his case against the German Bishops. Strangely enough, the National Catholic Reporter has accurately reported on his case, here. Zapp's Diocese, Friburg, has sued his town of Staufen-im-Breisgau and lost its case.

Basically, the Federal Administrative Court in Germany has decided that for the GERMAN state the Church as "community of believers" and the "Church as a Statutory Body" is the same thing. But it has also decided that his declaration only to leave the Statutory body of the Church is valid because it makes a declaration not invalid if somebody declares he wants to leave the statutory body. It can only be the task of the Church to decide about the consequences of doing so. So the Church who fought 5 years against this kind of declaration has now been lost and has to pay the bill, while Zapp won his revision and is now able to conduct this discussion, being at the same point he was five years ago, within the Church this time.  Which is actually what  he wanted a long 5 years before.
Zapp's case is also vitally important for another courageous Catholic, the aforementioned, and widely discussed, Dr. Andreas Janker. Janker, like Zapp, wants to opt out of the Church-tax system. He currently gives money to Catholic and charitable causes he trusts, so it's not about making the sacrifice.  He also has no desire to leave the Catholic Church and believes in God, certainly he believes in God more than he does the German Bishops.
Not wanting to see the money he's worked so hard to earn misspent, he's decided to opt out of what he regards as a "non-transparent" system. He does not want 8% of his yearly income tax to go to unworthy causes that lack transparancy and whose incompetence he's witnessed first hand, like the Lutheran-Catholic medical insurance organization 'Ecclesia', for example . In Germany, both "churches" (the Evangelical and the Catholic Church) are owners of one of the largest insurance brokers in Europe, the 'Ecclesia GmbH', which also settles liability claim cases for non-church companies. The cases can have nothing to do at all with any, any Church affairs! And they understand the protection of the financial assets of their clients - which are big insurance companies - as Christian value! With such a business goal they operate against legitimate claimants - which Janker has personally experienced with his helpless mother, who was treated very badly in a state hospital. [Note also a kind of parallel, between this situation and the 'Weltbild' scandal, which has the German Bishops profiting directly from the sales of pornographic literature, for very large amounts of money.]
Doctor Janker, His Wife Karin with his Mother

At present, Doctor Janker has not paid Church-tax since December 17, 2009 and is currently back in the Church after various legal paths over years up to the the highest court in the Catholic Church, the Apostolic Signatura and to Monsignor Francesco Coccopalmerio, the current President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts begging for help according Art. 158 PASTOR BONUS. As it was mentioned in the German Catholic news that his case is already at the Apostolic Signatura, then in Germany, in the city of Regensburg the entry in his baptism register was removed only to make his cause in Rome "without grounds", and to keep the ball in the German field.
Ordinarily, the situation had been settled but the General Vicar of the current Archbishop Mueller of the CDF, who was his Bishop, intervened in turn to (vindictively in our opinion) put Dr. Janker back on the Church-tax rolls at the Civil Registration Office, urging via the Bavarian State that the civil-registration office has - after nearly 2 years - to withdraw his declaration of 2009. Dr. Janker has to sue against this withdrawal of the declaration, that it will not become valid and that his old declaration will become invalid,  and Janker has also argued successfully for a stay in order to await the decision of the highest court in Leipzig (Zapp´s identical case).
Consequently, the Civil Registration Office has been waiting  for the related case of Harmut Zapp to be ruled upon in the Federal Administrative Court at Leipzig. Now that the Federal court case has been decided in Harmut Zapp's favor, it should have a favorable result in that now Janker's case will be treated the same way, but very probably Janker and maybe Zapp also will be very soon "excommunicated" (again) by the German Bishops, i.e. the same punishments as before but described as "this is NO excommunication, that's just how you feel!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Archbishop Müller Continues to Attack the SSPX

Faith Goat in the Glass House

It's not the Protestants, but the SSPX which are for him "so to say in schism"

With the naming of the Regensburg Ketzer Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Benedict XVI has sent a clear sign:  The declared Reform of the Reform was a diversionary maneuver  in order to fool Catholics. The Pope put the important posts in Old Liberal hands. -kreuznet [I don't necessarily support this position that the Holy Father has used Reform of the Reform to fool people, but I find it increasingly hard to deny it.]


 (  The faith goat of the Pope, Ketzer-Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has continued to slaver against the Society of St. Pius X.


\He gave an interview to Ingo Brüggenjürgen, the chief director of the Old Liberal, Cologne 'Domradio'.


Schidbauer oder Schmidburger? 


Brüggenjürgen posed a question about the Society, which portrayed his complete cluelessness as to what day it is.

In an interview "of Schmidbauer" he gave "harsh words" -- he made a fool of himself: "Will you excommunicate or something?"

There is no Schmidbauer in the Society.  It is also unclear what "harsh words" Brüggenjürgen supposed.

Perhaps he was reading from the most recent interview with Father Franz Schmidberger -- Mathematician and German District Superior of the Society.

In that he spoke in the margins and with great respect about the usual heresies of Msgr Müller.

What is "that"?

Msgr Müller clearly is unaware of the video.  After a short pause he continued to speak about it never the less.

Everyone "that reads"  can imagine for himself, how far "that" is from reality, he said out of the blue.

He wants to comment on "that" not "with the same words":  "I believe it's not worth the effort."

Father Schmidberger or others of his charges are not the judges in questions of the Faith -- he defended his heresies.

Heretic to Heretic

The Archbishop maintains that the Society has supposedly "distanced itself from the Church".

It even sits, "so to speak, in a glass house of schism".

One October 11, 2011, Msgr Müller had included the Protestagays, who deny the Papal and Episcopal office as well as the seven Sacraments and propagate abortion and homosexual-concubinage,  -- as a part of the Church.

He defends his own career

Finally, the careerist criticized the Society's critique of him on his promotion.

"If the Holy Father selects his immediate collaborators in the Dicasteries, then I believe that it is befitting that such people not criticize the decision of the Pope."

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Pope Will Not be Saying the Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite

Edit:  at least the new CDF doesn't have to sign the Preamble.

Since the publication of 'Summorum Pontificum' the Pope has limited himself to writing mid-range books and promoting preachers of homosexuality and teachers of error into key positions.
Poster With Caption Changed

( On November 3rd thousands of pilgrims from all over the world are coming to a Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite in St. Peter's.

The one to celebrate the High Mass is still not known.

The usually well-informed blog '' indicated in mid-September that the pilgrimage would go down in the history of the Church, if the rumors about the celebrant were true.

Observers indicated to this with the allusion  that Pope Benedict XVI -- whose "Reform of the Reform" had some sand in the gearbox -- could use this opportunity to say his first Pontifical Mass in the Old Rite as Pope.

The time will be moved

 On November 3rd Benedict XVI will celebrate the New Mass for the deceased Cardinals and Bishops from the course of years.

With that it is clear that he will not be the celebrant at the High Altar, which will take place on the same day in the afternoon.

At least he won't come

The planners must at least have no fear that the Pope will not command his teacher of error and Prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith, Archbishop Ludwig Müller to say the High Mass that afternoon.

Because Msgr Müller -- who doesn't understand the Liturgy any more than Dogmatic theology -- would not be in a position to celebrate the Mass in the Rite of the Roman Church.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New CDF Prefect Insists on Hermeneutic of Discontinuity

The CDF's New Doctrine Gardener!

Edit: Isn't defining doctrine the job of an ecumenical Council or a Pope? has noticed it.  Here, the new head of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, stops nearly short at declaring the unprecedented doctrines ancillary to the Second Council as dogmas.
The following is an interview which the new Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller in the today's anti-Catholic Suddeutsche Zeitung.

With all the problems with Catholic Bishops denying central tenets of the Catholic Faith, there was still no mention by the journalist of the fact that most of the Church's Bishops don't really abide by the Vatican Council.

It would be equally nice if they asked the Archbishop about how it is he can deviate from orthodox teaching himself and call himself a defender of orthodoxy, or how he managed to get away with moving a predator priest around his Diocese in order to protect him.

Can one who can't even protect the children of his Diocese be expected to defend the doctrine of the Catholic Faith, which he himself doesn't seem to hold in its entirety?

[Suddeutsche Zeitung] Another work area which you have undertaken, are the negotiations with the Traditional Society of Pius X [sic]. They have rejected the terms by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for a return to the Catholic Church. Is this the end of the negotiations?

One belongs to the Catholic Church when one has to fill certain requirements -- above all an orientation to Holy Scripture, the Tradition and to the Church's teaching office. Whoever does not accept parts of that, puts himself then in a certain distance from the Church, even if he describes himself as Catholic. If the Society wants to resolve this separation, they must accept, what belongs to Catholic teaching -- and that means that the Second Vatican Council is binding. Naturally: one can discuss the relationship to the media. The statements on Judaism, religious freedom, the human rights have, in contrast, dogmatic implications. These can not be rejected without militating against the Catholic Faith.

 The General Superior of the Society has put already put you under suspicion of heresy. Is that finally nipped in the bud?

 We must await the official explanation froim the Society. Our position is clear. [No it's not]

  The Society has stated otherwise: that the Pope is eager to unify with the Society. Only the CDF is against it.

 That is only media politics, which doesn't have anything to do with reality.