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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Based Priest Offers Thanksgiving For End to Pornhub in Russia


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Monday, December 23, 2019

E. Michael Jones Debates Satanist on Pornography

Edit: I don’t think he’s altogether prepared to deal with this kind of evil, but Jesus will help us in these cultural engagements. E. Michael Jones is possibly leading a spiritual awakening that is inspiring many, especially the young. The most glaring point in the debate was where the Satanist denies the Jewish influence on pornography, and can’t make up gus kind whether it’s harmful or not.

Logos is rising.

EMJ also references Robert’s article on predatory capitalism.


Monday, November 4, 2013

60 Million Euro Church Tax For Porno- and Esoteric Store Weltbild

Edit: it's like an infestation of cockroaches. They just won't go away.

(Augsburg) The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising is till now the second-largest shareholder, will put 30 million euro of Church tax into  the little Catholic publishing and mail order firm, Weltbild. The Diocese of Augsburg will pay 15 million in church tax, although you would actually bail out as a shareholder. The diocese not been involved in Welbild, Mainz and Hildesheim, will now be a new partner and pump together with the Catholic Chaplaincy of  Soldiers Berlin ,15 million Church tax into the company.
Weltbild is one of the largest porn and esoteric-order companies in Germany and was already been heavily criticized by laymen, Protestant Christians and Pope Benedict XVI.. At times, the product range is partially adjusted, then after criticism has faded, the full load of porn and esoteric comes back in the catalog and in the stores. Porn bestsellers like Shades of Grey - Geheimes Verlangen   are  actively sold and advertised. This approach was recently endorsed  even by the Vice-Chairman Prelate Fuchs for the Tagespost (Edition July 15th, 2012).
In addition to the criticism of the product range, the Group is also criticized as an employer.  Recently, 140 people were dismissed from the customer service area on the one hand, but on the other side vacancies were advertised with an expensive branding campaign.
Even the retail book trade in the cities does not speak well of Weltbild. Of the booksellers, the displacement of their business is viewed critically by the Group. Normal booksellers have no church tax for their businesses, and personnel don't receive any grants.
Text: Linus Schneider
Trans: Tancred

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pornographer Monk Assigned to Jacob Wetterling's Home Town

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them." - St. Matthew 7: 15-16

 Edit: while some Bishops are concerned with abuses of the Liturgy and holding hands, other Bishops and Abbots, are seeing to it that their parishes are stocked with unsuitable and evil men, as if they wanted to curse, rather than bless, the Faithful, even putting the women and children in serious moral and even physical danger.
His Work Looks Violent and Evil.

Going back to the very earliest days of the so-called Sexual Revolution to today, there has been what can only be described as a festering malignancy at a Modernist Monastery in Collegeville, Minnesota, where a decadent clergy is bitterly fighting to hide and continue living out its evil crimes. Patrick Marker, who operates the Pine Curtain site, which is devoted to exposing this evil, has released a letter sent on January 7th to 1,100 residents of a the town of St. Joseph, which has been overseen by the Benedictines of Collegeville for more than a century and a half.  It is also the home of the currently missing Jacob Wetterling.

 Its current pastor, a man by the name of Father Jerome Tupa, is very much the kind of decadent pornographer, in fashion during this vulgar age.  He can be easily be compared to another such man whose works were proudly portrayed in Austria at St. Stephen's Cathedral, where Cardinal Schönborn exhibits the depraved works of a Communist named Hrdlicka, whose remains even desecrate the Cathedral cemetery, hang there to this day.  Some of Tupa's ourvre below, where he works in the medium of actual gold to represent the sexual organs in his eroticism:

Father Tupa enjoys a great deal of freedom and esteem today, and operates with impunity. In addition to being an "artist" whose distorted paintings reminiscent of madness and drug addiction has been turned loose on the small parish, in the home of the still missing Jacob Wetterling, despite being accused of being a sexual predator himself. As Pat Marker writes of a monk who suffered at Father Tupa's hands:

How different might Saint John’s had been if monks like Father Jerome Tupa left the monastery to pursue their own selfish pleasures and allowed individuals such as these two men, who were called to monastic life, remain! How many good men did Father Tupa drive from religious life?
The former monk himself writes:
“… my memories of those days are negative ones. There certainly seemed to be a great deal of ‘sexual’ tension and many of the monks seemed to have agendas aside from monastic brotherhood. As a young man and monk I ended up very confused about the whole experience. Upon leaving the monastery all those years ago I have never returned to the Catholic church. Although still a ‘believer’ I’ve just never gone back.”

Image source.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weltbild Scandal -- The Bishops Respond

"Lawyer's Whore" For Sale at Weltbild
(Augsburg) The range of Weltbild Publishing Group Ltd., one of the largest book retailers in Germany is in stark contrast to what its owner, the Catholic bishops, should preach. Last year's culmination of decades of public criticism for selling pornographic and esoteric books, and the book trade magazine book report was addressed the hypocrisy recently. Criticism from Catholic media or anxious letter from Catholics regularly remained unanswered. Including our recent issues, that we document here.

Weltbild has an approximate income of 1.6 billion Euros and is not only the largest of booksellers, but as industry insiders report, also the largest of porn distributors. The German book trade will be practically ignored by the Federal Censor for Media Dangerous to Youth. Pornographic print works, even in the most degenerate variants, even so are put on the list as violent youth-endangering media. Therefore, it is possible for retailers like Weltbild to buy and sell fully pornographic material unimpeded.

Our questions have supplied each of the shareholders of the Weltbild: Archbishop Reinhard Marx Joachim (Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, 13.2%), Bishop Felix Genn (diocese of Muenster, 2%), Bishop Wilhelm Schraml (diocese of Passau, 5.7 %), diocesan administrator Provost Dr. William Gegenfurtner (Regensburg Diocese 5.7%), Bishop Stephan Ackermann (Diocese of Trier 4.3%), Bishop Dr. Friedhelm Hofmann (Diocese of Würzburg, 5.7%), Bishop Henry Mussinghoff (diocese of Augsburg 11.7%), Bishop Dr. Konrad Zdarsa (diocese of Augsburg 11.7%), Archbishop Ludwig Schick (Archdiocese of Bamberg 5.7%), Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke (diocese of Eichstätt, 3.4%), Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Robert Zollitsch (Archdiocese of Freiburg 2.7%), Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen (Diocese of Fulda 6.8%), Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck (soldiers pastoral Berlin 4.3%) and as the largest shareholder of the Association of Dioceses Germany (VDD) with 24.2%, whose chairman is Archbishop Zollitsch.

Only from a single Diocese was there a minimalist response. An employee of an episcopal General Vicar announced: "I have forwarded your inquiry to the press office of the German Bishops' Conference." But by the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference was no answer. Secretary of the Bishops' Conference, Father Hans Langendörfer SJ. The Jesuit himself sits on the board of the publishing group of the Weltbild and is also an executive of the Association of German Dioceses (VDD), which holds 24.2 percent of the world's shares. Because of the problems associated with the publishing group in recent years some dioceses had transferred their shares to the VDD. In the hands of multi-functionary Father Langendörfer the threads come together from around the Weltbild group and make him a key figure. As the Weltbild-scandal a year ago, reached a peak,  Chairman Klaus Donaubauer was forced to resign. The Bishops' Conference said,  in a completely inappropriate overreaction to completely disconnect from the publishing group and gave it the impression that a Christian bookstore is no longer possible today. In fact, since then nothing has happened. A lack of action seems to be the responsibility of Father Langendörfer as the most influential of decision-makers. As the premier owner-representative on the board, it determines the orientation of the Welt group. As secretary of the German Bishops Conference, he impedes critical questions.

1) How important is the income of Welt for the German dioceses?

2) Nurses and teachers must be members of the Catholic faith and make her private life according to Catholic principles. Do these principles also apply to the management of the publishing group of Weltbild? 

3) Are you aware that Weltbild is still actively selling pornographic and esoteric literature and advertisements? Are you aware of how high revenues and profits from sales of pornographic and esoteric titles are? 

4) Customers who purchase over and the world eBook reader literature, leave stored data. Do you know whether these data are collected and used for marketing purposes? Customers will have acquired a pornographic or esoteric titles, are other titles suggested of the same genre suggested to them? 

5) Are you familiar with the statement of Monsignor Michael Fuchs, deputy chairman of the Publishing Group GmbH Weltbild,  made to the "Daily Mail" (24 July 2012)? Was it discussed with you? If so,  should it be regarded as official approval for the resumption of the distribution of pornographic literature by the German bishops? 

6) Will the world of German dioceses address data provided by Catholics?

Link to katholisches...

From text by Linus Schneider

Monday, December 3, 2012 Off Line Since Sunday: Anti-Catholic Forces Gloat

You Can't Stop
Edit:  basically, is being systematically attacked in the German press, and Der Kommissar is searching high and low for the shadowy figures behind Europe's largest Catholic website. Notably, the Nazi-founded Spiegel and other anti-Catholic organs of disinformation like this one, Die Zeit are eager to report an arrest.

The following article is significantly misleading.  It's poor.  It doesn't explain the bizarre alliance between homosexuals who distribute pornography, or the Green Party politician who has promoted sex with children and the German Bishops, but it stops slightly short of gloating.

Also in the Hunt for is David Berger, who the German internet site has exposed over the years, much to the chagrin of not a few people.  David Berger is probably most famous for slandering the Pope, accusing him of being a homosexual.

Here's the translation:
The pseudo-Christian website is off the net.  It may be a success for the activists who have been proceeding against the homophobia and racism of the site. 
The agitating website is offline.  The previous domain is no longer unavailable since Sunday afternoon. 
The coordinator of the initiative Stoppt, David Berger, sees this as a reaction incidental to definite public pressure.  He told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger that there are thre conceivable possibilities for this, that the site is now offline:  the operators are going under cover for a few weeks and hope to build a media storm, they are planning a change of server, or they are planing a completely new structure under a new name. 
Following the articles related to the deceased actor Dirk Bach, which showed the clear disposition of homophobia, the campaigne of Bruno Gmunder Verlags have offered an award of 15,000 Euro for juristically usable information about the figures behind the site.  In the meantime there are at least half a dozen names suspects being investigated and given to the Attorney General in Berlin.  It has also engaged the Attorney General in Vienna for popular incitement (Volksverhetzung). 
Inhuman Propaganda
Those who are responsible for have not been revealed yet.  The German Catholic Church has renewed its statement distancing themselves.  As Spiegel recently reported, there are in any case at least two dozen authors with an ecclesiastical back ground active on the site, among them priests, church employees and at least one religion instructor. 
The site has been suspected for a long time by Church authorities, as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitutional observes the site. As the reports the President of Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm,  wrote in response to Volker Beck:  "In so far as the articles as well as the commentary from this internet presence is significantly known for its Homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semetic expressions, necessitates an extremely aggressive statement." 
Several entries are not covered by the fundamental right of freedom of speech, and cross into the territory of criminal law.  "Inhuman propaganda"has been distributed.  In addition, it presents "evidence for efforts against free democratic fundamental order" , it said in the document. 

Link to source...

Props to Cathcon for its description of as "The Terminator".

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weltbild Business Manager Resigns

The ecclesiastical business has been under criticism for some time, because among other things they offer thousands of products on line with esoteric and erotic contents.

Augsburg (  Weltbild- Business Manager Klaus Driever is leaving the company.  AS the Catholic publishing group has informed on Thursday in Augsburg,  he is leaving his responsibilities for the second largest internet book seller's online part by his own desire for personal reasons.  The man from Emslander has worked for more than 14 years for Weltbild, since 2001 he has been a member of management.

Driever has left the firm prematurely and separated in the most amicable terms, it said.  The publishing group laments his departure.  Driever's responsibilities will be divided between the two other business managers.  Weltbild has been under criticism for the longest time, because it offers  thousands of products with esoteric and erotic contents for sale.

Link to

Thursday, October 25, 2012

News -- Paolo Gabriele Seen at Decadent Suppressed Monastery Santa Croce

Strange Networks -- Alcohol Auxiliar: 160 Hours of Public Service -- With the Homo-Terror in the Sex-totalitarianism -- Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method -- Socialistic Double Standard

Strange Networks

Vatican.  The Pope-betrayer Paolo Gabriele was connected with the Old Liberal Roman Cistercian Abbey of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme.  That was reported by the US-Blog ''.  The Abbey was suppressed by the Pope after serious allegations of decadence.  The author of the blog explained that Gabriele and his family were personally sighted in the Abbey.

Alcohol Auxiliary:  160 Hours of Community Work

Poland.  The Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw Piotr Jarecki must serve 160 hours of community service.  The judge condemned him after his alcohol fueled tripe with almost three per parts per thousand into a lamp post. (0.3% ++Codileone's was 0.11%)  The Auxiliary Bishop accepted his punishment.  He will lose his driver's license for four years.

Homo-terror in Sex-totalitarianism

Germany.  Soon, the German convert and writer Gabriele Kuby's book "Die globale sexuelle Revolution" will be published.  In almost five hundred pages she hammers many hot topics.  She shows how the UNO and the EU are puppeteers of sexual decadence.  She warns against sexual equality,  of political manipulation of the language and the plague of pornography.  Finally, Mrs. Kuby revealed the homosexual movement and its dependence on totalitarianism.

Against the Old Liberal Wooden Hammer Method

Germany.  Pastor Benedikt Bunnagel of Ratingen in the Archdiocese of Cologne dismissed the German wooden hammer manner of proceeding toward Church-tax.  This was reported by the 'Rhenische Post'.  AT present the German Church is sending a document to departing members, that informs them of their "serious mistake" against the Church community.  Fr. Bunnagel does not want to sign such a letter.  He announced this in his sermon and earned applause.  The Archdiocese of Cologne will not suffer any shirkers. The letter must be sent without alterations, explained the Press Speaker Nele Harbeke of the Archdiocese.   In matters of -- not demanded in central questions of the faith -- obedience canon there is no choice for the pastor.  A priest may only supplement a personal document.

Socialistic Double Standard

"Peer Steinbruck has collected at least 698,000 euros since 2009 through lectures and board activities.  There is data from the Bundestag, but also business reports with details of the compensation for a board of director's chair were accounted for."

From the online edition of the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' on 8 October.  Comrade Steinbruck is number one in the list of the best paid among German Budestag representatives.

Link to

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Germany's Catholic Publisher 'Weltbild' Sells Sadomasochistic Tripe

Who can wonder?  In the area of sadomasochism the German cringer and Church-persecutor Bishops have no limits.

(, Augsburg)  Since the 9th of July the English publication of  the pornographic "Shades of Grey" is available in German.

The violence dominated piece of tripe has appeared at the tripe publisher 'Goldman'

The private fantasies of a house wife

The author of the book is Britin Erika Leonard (49), who is also known as E.L. James.

She is the mother of two sons and worked briefly for a television broadcaster.

Time Magazine indentified Mrs. Leonard in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The more primitive, the better

From 2009, Mrs. Leonard published her tripe on the Internet.  The it appeared in a small publisher in Australia.

Since April she has been operating from a US publisher in grand style.

In English there are already 10 million copies that have been sold.

Depraved History

The porn involves a literature student (21) who becomes enslaved to a millionaire (27).

The millionaire was abused as a child and is psychologically disturbed.

The book excessively describes the violence, with which the student is inflicted.

Sado-Rubbish in 'Weltbild' branch

In German the book is also available from one of the affiliates of 'Weltbild'.

At the same time the publisher has distanced itself then as it writes in its website:

"The description of the oppression women in this book is contrary to the world- and human image, which we want to portray as a book seller."

This hypocritical distancing will hardly interest anyone.

On the website of '', which belongs to 'Weltbild' in any case, the tripe is available without a hypocrisy warning.

Slaves of the Market

A speaker of 'Weltbild' sees that her publisher for the Old Liberal 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur' (Catholic Information Agency)  is in a dilemma.

The sadomasochistic book is 'omnipresent' on the market.

'Weltbild' will not promote the title and its distribution in any way.

They have distanced themselves from its content and given critics room.

But it will be sold all the same.