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Friday, June 24, 2022

Holy Soy Steve is Now Fully Agnostic — Blames Catholics for Militant Atheism

Clearly, they would deserve it because trads were mean to Steve! 

 Edit: after grifting for years on the Catholic Church, and writing frequent attacks on the motives and aspirations of Traditonal Catholics, Skojec is now blaming them for the strident and violent response of militant atheism against theism.

That weed Steve is imbibing is really doing the trick! Holy Steve is growing in confusion and malice. I’ll bet that what Steve considers the justifiable reaction of atheism, includes the mass murders of Christians for the last three centuries.  It’s clearly their fault.

He’s even crazier than Marcy Shea! I wish Marcy would renounce Catholicism and stop feeding at the New Church trough. 

Extra! Extra! Effeminate man mad that Catholicism doesn’t suit his whims! 


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Professional Catholic Cancer Bill Donohue Attacks Steve Banon

Edit: professional Catholics are the worst of the worst and anyone who's been around this site for more than a few years knows that we really despise Bill Donohue. Like an inner-city youth leader defending the crimes of local "youth", he's on the scene to defend his constituents, no matter what evil they've perpetuated, he'll jump to their defense. Instead of attacking the people pointing out how the Bishops hate their host nations, despise the West, despise the Catholic Faith, why not defend the Catholic Faith, instead, even though it's not as lucrative...

Steve Banon is absolutely correct about the bishops. They are a political extension of the DNC and like the DNC they see their political power enhanced by the invasion of immigrants. This is manifestly true and it's the mission of Pro-Catholics like Donohue to keep the laity from seeing this obvious fact.

[Catholic League] Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a remark made by Steve Bannon that will air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday:

There is nothing wrong about criticizing the bishops for any position they take on public policy, though when invidious motives are ascribed to them, such conjecture is unacceptable. That is what Steve Bannon has done with regard to their statements on immigration.

It is certainly true that most of the bishops promote a liberal position on illegal immigration. That is open to fair criticism, but to say that their motive is to “fill the churches” is inaccurate and unfair. Indeed, it feeds the worst impulses of anti-Catholics. The bishops are making their case based on their compassion for the dispossessed.

Link to Pro-Catholic Website... Notice how these leftist journalists are practically jumping to the defense of the Catholic Church. And he's a boomer.


Friday, September 9, 2016

Benedict XVI Criticizes German Church-Tax

Emeritus in Seewald-book: he had great doubts about whether the Church-tax system as it is now, is correct - "The automatic excommunication of those who do not pay it, in my opinion, is untenable."

Rome ( Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. has discussed in his interview book "Last Testament" about "the church-tax in Germany" in a Peter Seewald interview tape. He had great doubts about whether the church tax system in its current form is correct. Benedict XVI says: "But the automatic excommunication of those who do not pay it is, in my opinion, untenable." The book was published on Friday.

The Catholic Church in Germany is seen by Benedict XVI. generally in a critical light. "In Germany we have this established and highly paid Catholicism, often with employed Catholics who then confront the Church with a labor union mentality." The Church is just an employer for these officers, of which they are critical. For the Church in Germany is at a great risk that "a surplus of nonspiritual bureaucracy" arises through the many paid employees. "I am saddened at this situation, the excess of money, that is yet again too little, and the bitterness that comes of this, that malice, which is manifest in German intellectual circles." The readable introduction by Peter Seewald of his interview tape Pope Benedict XVI. is now available on in full length!
Trans: Tancred

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mark Shea Fired From NCR

Edit: in an official statement today at the National Catholic Register, professional Catholic, Mark Shea has been let go from his position because while his contributions to their paper met editorial expectations, his online presence elsewhere was not charitable. How about heretical?  It's still a good move and we applaud the Register for finally seeing the light after many long years.

Apparently, attacking John Zmirak, and slandering him was a bridge too far.

Good job, Remnant, for giving him a platform to spew.

Friday, April 15, 2016

"In This Respect There is an Explosive Power in Them" -- Amoris Laetitia and Schönborn's "Disobedience"

Baldisseri and Schönborn

"Farewell to the Magisterium"

(Vienna) The Catholic theologian and director of the left-liberal, and management of the  Austrian daily newspaper. Der Standard, Wolfgang Bergmann, identified the key to Amoris Laetitia yesterday in the ORF broadcast "Praxis - Religion and Society" (ORF-focus "Mother Earth"). He explains this by that which does not exist in the document, namely, the "Farewell to the Magisterium" and therefore to normative standards.
Bergmann is considered to be a "Church insider." He formerly headed the public relations of the Austrian Caritas and was communications director of the Archdiocese of Vienna. He was, until 1999. a close collaborator of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.
Amoris Laetitia was presented by Cardinal Schönborn not only on behalf of the Pope to the world, but has also contributed his handwriting in some cases. The first section of the controversial eighth chapter begins with the "gradualness", a keyword that  Schönborn coined in the first Synod of Bishops, 2014. Accordingly, there are no irregular situations in relationships between two people, but only a gradation in the realization of the marriage "ideal". It's a concept that has already been criticized at the time criticized as a relativistic dissolution of marriage sacrament, but it still found its way into an official papal document.

"Roman theology has come to the end"

According to Bergmann there has only been "very minimal progress" by Amoris Laetitia. However, the positive side is a "farewell to the Magisterium" initiated by Pope Francis.  The pope has written, "preaching, lyrically, citing writers, he is pedagogical-psychological [Some might say pedantic and deliberately insulting.], but theological only a few places."  But there is a reason, says Bergmann: "The Roman theology has come to the end."
Pope Francis had "opened the door for the sacraments" to public adulterers, Bergmann speaks of divorced and remarried, though in "only in two footnotes," and thus in a "hidden form".
Then Bergmann reported on the "Vienna Praxis." Cardinal Schönborn had been engaged in this praxis "for 15 years" even as he presented Amoris Laetitia at the press conference and thus even refuted  the reputation he's had so far - albeit with a decreasing tendency - the attributed Image of a "Conservative". [Nobody ever believed that once they got to know what he really was.]

"Schönborn has lived in disobedience here"

In the Archdiocese of Vienna, it had long been a practice given by Cardinal Schönborn, says Bergmann, "which was actually against the line of Rome, which Schönborn has lived in disobedience here," which could lead "to the blessing of remarried divorced couples."  "To that extent, this practice is now legitimized by Rome."
This also shows "that it is a very good to be a time disobedient, because one can be obtain later through praxis. This can perhaps now be extrapolated to other topics, including the blessing of homosexual couples. In this respect there is an explosive power in them." The "Vienna Praxis" would also include homosexual relationships.
Bergmann sees also in Amoris Laetitia a conscious "renunciation of power" by the Pope.  "In fact, exerts Pope Francis has engaged in a renunciation of power." This "renunciation of power" by its displacement to the local Churches must now, however, be specific and be exhausted, not only in announcements and "encouragement" but to prevent  a later reversal,  so says the Standard's manager.
Text: Martha Burger Weinzl
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Professional Media Catholic has to Find New Job

Tony Spence, director and editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service, a sinecure  he's held since 2004, resigned after he was asked to step down by USCCB's general secretary. 
In recent days Spence's leadership  had been called into question by the Lepanto Institute, Catholic Family News and Lifesite News, according to the other fake Catholic news service, NCR. The business drone was clearly unhinged by the recent media agitprop campaign against states refusing to bow to pressure, by allowing male sexual deviants to use women's restroom. It's quite a hill to die on.  He demonstrated his own deviance from Catholic teaching and had posted about the "controversial" religious freedom bills in North Carolina and Georgia. Some sane Catholics abovmwntiond accused Spence of "promoting the LGBT agenda." Doh!
Evil, fans of sodomy using the name Catholoc wailed ineffectually: "The far right blogsphere and their troops started coming after me again and it was too much for the USCCB," Spence told NCR in an interview Thursday.
There was no outcry from Patheos bloggers. Of course, the Patheos bloggers completely missed this one,  Mark Shea and Father Longenecker were too busy trying to blame faithful Catholics for the Church's problems, and attacking Lepanto Institute  as judgmental, divisive, mean and contentious.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Open Letter to USCCB Mouthpiece from Remnant

Edit: Old Liberal Bill Donahue has long run interference for decadent Old Liberal Bishops as a professional Catholic. His Civil Rights, cultural Marxist whiner organization does just about everything EXCEPT defend the Catholic Faith. Sometimes it even attacks real Catholics.
Here he is again, and an open letter from Remnant to this barnacle:

“These crazies are mad at Wuerl because he doesn’t believe in using the Eucharist as a weapon to smack liberal Catholic politicians. Wuerl has said that the refusal of Holy Communion “should be made only after clear efforts to persuade and convince the person that their actions are wrong and bear moral consequences.” Exactly. Wuerl is a great gift to the Catholic Church. These critics are as ignorant as they are malicious.” . . . Bill Donohue, “RIGHT-WING NUTS RIP CARDINAL WUERL”

Dear Mr. Donohue:

You have publicly stumbled (I hope it was an unwitting stumble) into endorsing, quite explicitly, a mortal sin.

The mortal sin in question is: giving Communion to a person who is obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin. It is a grave sin of scandal because whenever a minister of Communion gives such a person Communion, he: 1) publicly collaborates, with knowledge, in the commission of a sacrilege; 2) gives public approval to the communicant's notorious grave sin.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Notable "Catholic" Convert Decides to Join Church of England: Not a Big Surprise

Coren Selling His Literary Prowess and Reputation to the Anglican
Edit: interesting point.  Some people are going to be surprised by this, but I'm not sure how.  Do these Literary Catholics really embrace the true religion sincerely, or is this an opportunity to appear on EWTN, Catholic Answers and, in order to sell books. Michael Coren has recently left the Catholic Church again (the first time was in 1993), and returned to the Anglican Communion. He's written quite a lot about CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Ronald Knox.

We'd say it was pretty obvious just what he was back in 1992 when he was scandalized by the then Archbishop of Toronto saying things like "fricken" from Wikipedia:
In a 1993 book review he said "Can anyone imagine a detective priest? Regrettably, it is easier to conjure up the image of a priest being questioned by secular detectives over abuse charges." Also in 1993, Michael Coren had a falling out with the Catholic Church over an unflattering profile he wrote of Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic for Toronto Life magazine[citation needed]. The bishop, who made Coren a "Knight of the Holy Sepulchre" in a ceremony in October 1992, was quoted using words including "friggin" and "bitch", and said that Francisco Franco was a "conservative Roman Catholic and not a bad fellow." Coren defended himself, saying "He's an archbishop and he was vulgar...obviously what thousands of Roman Catholics expected me to do was lie. I still get hate mail about the article."
Although he was born in a Jewish family, Coren has found various temporary homes in various different Christian denominations where he's found plenty of opportunities to be nasty and polemical, to put it mildly. More recently, Coren has been a champion of the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

It certainly does bring to mind the almost programatic way in which other professional Catholics spirit themselves into Church circles to spread their "wisdom", but what can you expect from a spiritual and moral vagabond like this?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Minnesota Archbishop Held Viper to His Breast

Edit: as some people know, it's open season on conservative clergy (Just scroll down), in spite of themselves and their best efforts to put baddies in office, they seem to be routinely betrayed by their own employees with alarming frequency.  Father McDonaugh is an Old Liberal we thought had been relegated to some remote and insignificant post at a Monastery scrubbing latrines, but no, he'd been given a sensitive job to monitor the Diocese Sex-Abuse program.  Fox, here's the chicken coop.  Anyway, whatever poor judgments the Archbishop may have made, we don't know, but what we've noticed is that he's being systematically attacked and national attention is being drawn to his work as Archbishop, we think, because said in an address to Catholics that homosexuality is of the devil.  Let's not forget that Cardinal Marx of Munich recently hired a priest who was caught with child pornography on his computer for parish work, and where is the press now?  Nowhere.

No sooner did this appear in the national news, than the old machinery of the press rose up in vengeance against him. Can a Catholic Bishop not teach Catholicism in his own Diocese without being attacked and undermined by his own servants?

Stella Borealis recently posted an article a few days ago where he highlighted some more than glaring associations and indications about what kind of person the "whistle blower" Jennifer Haselburger is.  The article appears in the anti-Church Star and Tribune newspaper as a mounting media storm threatens to unseat a fairly conservative Archbishop and several clergy.  Despite the newspaper's anti-clerical bias, there are details within the article which we feel reveal this woman's intelligence and her Old Liberal allegiances.

First of all, she attended St. Catherine's University as an English Major.  One of her mentors, a Sister Thomasine Sampson was a non-habit wearing nun who exhorted Haseburger to live out her principles.
Sister Thomasine, retired from the habit, on the right.
Literature is a deeply political subject these days and is dominated by Leftists, as is true of the Liberal Arts in general. The tribune article cites a former Army officer's and attorney, Larry Frost, who endorses Haselburger as a devoted Catholic. He describes her as highly intelligent and savvy, in response to critics who say she is simple minded.   Major Frost might have been in Military Intelligence, but this qualifies him as a judge of a committed Catholic?  We doubt that.

Her mentor was an allegedly Catholic feminist professr at the University of St. Catherine's, Anne Maloney, who somehow manages to find the integrity to continue working at that institution which has been Catholic-in-name-only for a very long time.   This feminist instructor at the fake Catholic school has so much integrity, she won't even take her husband's last name.

More interestingly, of course, and consistent with her current behavior, is Hasseburger's apparent disparagement of Father Paul Marx of Human Life International. When the Pro-Life champion came to hold a Mass for Life at the Cathedral, the then Old Liberal Archbishop, Harry Flynn, publicly denounced Father Marx as an anti-Semite, even as groups promoting aberrosexuality gathered outside of the St. Paul Cathedral to disrupt Father Marx's Mass, and perform indecent acts.  This is the Mass in which the Archbishop refused to be the celebrant.  Being a ++Harry Flynn Catholic is a byword for dissidence.

The first inkling she got that Haselberger was a committed Catholic came in the wake of a controversy that involved then-Archbishop Harry Flynn. 
Though she says she has forgotten what it was about, a flurry of news reports from the period say that he had initially agreed to say mass in St. Paul for a meeting of a group opposed to abortion, but backed out after learning that its founder had made what many considered anti-Semitic statements.
Maloney was identified as a Flynn supporter, and Haselberger told her that her grandmother applauded her for supporting him. Shortly after that, Maloney said, Haselberger asked for her counsel in restarting the Students for Life club on campus.
The Archbishop unjustly denounced Father Paul Marx as an anti-Semite and Haseberger supported this.

Some will remember that ++Flynn had to be summoned back to Rome on two separate occasions to discontinue his practice of endorsing sodomy by giving sacrilegious communion to the so-called Rainbow Sash Movement members.

If St. Catherine's weren't bad enough, she also received her licentiate in canon law from the evil University of Leuven.
She went on to obtain a licentiate in canon law from Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. The "Catholic University of Leuven a few years ago dropped the "Catholic" from their name. American priests had longed ceased to send their seminarians there because the school was rapdidly ceasing to be Catholic, and they could get better educations for their men in Rome.
While rooting around in the Archdiocese's vault, she uncovered an autographed picture of convicted pederast Oscar Wilde which was addressed to the Americanist Archbishop, John Ireland, who has wrought so much destruction in the American Church. She displays the photography of the child molester and sexual predator on her office wall.

The Oscar Wilde Encyclopedia reads:

Queensberry's legal team proposed that the libel was published for the public good, but it was only when the prosecution moved on to sexual matters that Wilde noticeably baulked. He was challenged on the reason given for not kissing a young servant; Wilde had replied, "He was a particularly plain boy--unfortunately ugly--I pitied him for it."[14] The defendant's lawyers pressed him on the point. Wilde hesitated, complaining of Carson's insults and attempts to unnerve him. The prosecution eventually dropped the case, after the defence threatened to bring rent boys to the stand to testify to Wilde's corruption and influence over Queensberry's son, effectively crippling the case.

It was on this foray that she also discovered alleged child pornography as well:

Several years later she made another discovery in a church vault while she was reviewing files on a Mahtomedi priest seeking a new post. That’s when she ran across the alleged pornography that had been copied from one of the priest’s computers in 2004. Haselberger tried to persuade her superiors to report the matter to police, but they said the matter had been investigated before and told her to return the materials to the vault.

Haselberger reported the incident to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office and resigned in April 2012, then spoke publicly about the issue with reporters from Minnesota Public Radio. St. Paul police initially had closed the case without filing charges. But they reopened it last week after the matter became public and new evidence surfaced. Prosecutors in Ramsey and Washington counties say they will consider criminal charges if the investigation warrants them.

“She has either done a very stupid thing [She's not that bright] or a very brave thing, and I’d like to believe it’s the latter,” said Steve Cribari, a law professor at the University of Minnesota who is believed to be the first American lay person to obtain his licentiate in canon law, in 1977. But as a former federal public defender, he cautioned that there are more allegations against priests that are unfounded than one might think.

“We’re in a kind of reverse inquisition, aren’t we, in a lot of this,’’ Cribari said. “If the hierarchy doesn’t demonstrate it is pure, clean and absolutely altruistically motivated, then we all … vilify them. And I’m not sure that’s right,” Cribari said. “This is still the United States and you are still innocent until proven guilty in our courts.”

Photograph of Sister Sampson was stolen from dissident website.

Also, there was no similarly persistent campaign when there were more accusations of sexual abuse and also a large sodomist cabal in Miami, for example.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Apologetics Professional Catholic Cruiser is Sinking

Edit: it's not just the large salaries drawn by Catholic Apologists on staff as reported by Michael Voris recently.  Actually, we were surprised that Raymond Arroyo was only compensated with 100,000 a year, as compared to say, Bill Donahue's 399,156, but it's striking that Catholic Answers are so well compensated as Professional Catholics, despite the fact that they do so much to attack those who have legitimate grievances against the way the Church is run. But what's really interesting is that Catholic Answers has cut wages as much as 25%. Could it be that they are still suffering from Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum of 2007, which really put a dent in their credibility, as they were fairly hostile as a whole to such a movement? Louis Verrecchio takes them to task:
In a CA blog post, (which you are invited to read in full there), one of their staff apologists, Michelle Arnold (pictured above), attempts to dismiss concerns that the recent decree contradicts the provisions set forth in Summorm Pontificum as nothing more than a “freak out in cyberspace” on the part of those whose “tendency is to treat every development that is not 100 percent positive in favor of Traditionalism as if the sky was falling.”
Of course, these Professional Catholics do come to the aid of their own, as Neocon Fr. Dwight Longenecker makes a simpering assault on Voris' recent attack. It's not necessarily the fact that they are well compensated, but that they are compensated so well for being mercenaries. Longenecker asks what's wrong with being a "Professional Catholic". Actually, the Pope himself explained the harm done by such mercenaries:

Vatican City, 8 May 2013 (VIS) – “The men and women of the Church who are careerists and social climbers, who 'use' people, the Church, their brothers and sisters—whom they should be serving—as a springboard for their own personal interests and ambitions … are doing great harm to the Church.” This is what Pope Francis asserted in his address to the participants in the plenary assembly of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) whom he received in audience this morning. 
The pontiff spoke to the sisters of obedience, poverty, and chastity: “Obedience as listening to God's will, in the interior motion of the Holy Spirit authenticated by the Church, accepting that obedience also passes through human mediations. … Poverty, which teaches solidarity, sharing, and charity and which is also expressed in a soberness and joy of the essential, to put us on guard against the material idols that obscure the true meaning of life. Poverty, which is learned with the humble, the poor, the sick, and all those who are at the existential margins of life. Theoretical poverty doesn't do anything. Poverty is learned by touching the flesh of the poor Christ in the humble, the poor, the sick, and in children.”

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Careerists and Climbers Doing “Great Harm” to the Church

Edit: here’s the Pope asserting himself as Popes have in the past. Perhaps you’ll remember Pope Benedict’s statement about professional Catholics? We’ve known pro-Catholics in the recent past who’ve usurped the Pope’s authority, and even chosen to lay claim to the special minority status of certain protected groups for their own purposes. This lay apostolic magisterium doesn’t get to decide who’s Catholic, they have always struck as as being anti-Semites. Here’s an excerpt, thanks to Rorate Caeli:


Vatican City, 8 May 2013 (VIS) – “The men and women of the Church who are careerists and social climbers, who 'use' people, the Church, their brothers and sisters—whom they should be serving—as a springboard for their own personal interests and ambitions … are doing great harm to the Church.” This is what Pope Francis asserted in his address to the participants in the plenary assembly of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) whom he received in audience this morning.

The pontiff spoke to the sisters of obedience, poverty, and chastity: “Obedience as listening to God's will, in the interior motion of the Holy Spirit authenticated by the Church, accepting that obedience also passes through human mediations. … Poverty, which teaches solidarity, sharing, and charity and which is also expressed in a soberness and joy of the essential, to put us on guard against the material idols that obscure the true meaning of life. Poverty, which is learned with the humble, the poor, the sick, and all those who are at the existential margins of life. Theoretical poverty doesn't do anything. Poverty is learned by touching the flesh of the poor Christ in the humble, the poor, the sick, and in children.”

“And then chastity, as a precious charism, that enlarges the freedom of your gift to God and others with Christ's tenderness, mercy, and closeness. Chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven shows how affection has its place in mature freedom and becomes a sign of the future world, to make God's primacy shine forever. But, please, [make it] a 'fertile' chastity, which generates spiritual children in the Church. The consecrated are mothers: they must be mothers and not 'spinsters'! Forgive me if I talk like this but this maternity of consecrated life, this fruitfulness is important! May this joy of spiritual fruitfulness animate your existence. Be mothers, like the images of the Mother Mary and the Mother Church. You cannot understand Mary without her motherhood; you cannot understand the Church without her motherhood, and you are icons of Mary and of the Church.”

Link to VIS...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

German Caritas Association is Directed by an Abortion-Prelate

The Tie-Priest Fr. Neher, Caritas, endorsed the use of the abortifacient pill --
when will Cardinal Meisner remove him from ecclesiastical functions?
[Screen shot ARD, Broadcast cited in article]
In the ARD- broadcast "In the name of God -- how merciless is the official Church?" with Guenther Jauch endorsing Fr. Peter Neher as President of the German Caritas Association in a scurrilous erroneous interpretation of Cardinal Meisner's statements on "the morning after abortion pill".

Caritas President for Abortion

As to the question of anti-Church moderator Gunther Jauch, what the clarification of Cardinal Meisner on the "morning after abortion pill" now means to Catholic hospitals,  Suit-and-Tie-Prelate Peter Neher (Broadcast of 3 February 2013, 11:45,  section from 15 minutes and 15 seconds):

Fr. Neher:  "I think it's now relatively difficult to state the Cardinal's relatively clear statements again: did he intend this, didn't he intend it.  He has said quite clearly,  and as I understand Cardinal Meisner, he would never have made this public, if he did not have exact information. ... for me it clearly means, he had plainly decided between a preventative pill and a pill which effects an abortion.  He clearly differentiated that.  And what I find extremely important: he once again made it very clear, that Catholic hospitals also support a woman in her decision and, if the woman then decides to take this pill and that it has an abortifacient effect,  then it also has to respect the Catholic hospital.  And I think that's an enormous statement, because once again clearly establishes the value of personal conscience and the personal decision.  This is not a frivolous concession to the Zeitgeist, but I believe very well that the Cardinal has also made clear that there can be situations which actually lie between life and death and can affect even the woman."

There is no "pill afterwards" without possible death

Previously, the gynecologist Bernhard von Tongelen explained that there would be no "after pill",  which has a preventative effect.  As the fertilization of the egg takes place, these pill work as preventing implantation, and therefore have an abortifacient effect, thus killing a newly created life.

Link to

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Professional Lay Catholics Accuse Catholic Priest of Slander But Offer No Proof

Edit: over the past few days, a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, who is a Vice President of Missions for the organization Human Life International, founded by Father Paul Marx OSB, has been taking a familiar internet apostle, Mark Shea, to task for engaging in character assassination, legitimizing homosexual attitudes and  being deceitful.  Now it seems that some professional lay Catholics have gotten Church authorities involved.

What's also very bad is that some of his supporters are accusing Father West of slandering Mark Shea.  Of course, they refuse to give proof of this. Elizabeth Scalia, Steven D. Greydanus, and George Lower have persistently and maliciously, accused Father Peter West of Human Life International of slandering Mark Shea. I've asked all of them repeatedly for proof indicating that, and they have steadfastly refused to answer and instead make personal attackes.

Any normal Catholic employer would be eager to deal with such insulting behavior immediately. Justice might best be served if all of them were summarily sent to pack up their desks and go home with a little severance pay.

When the Communications Director asked Father West and Mark Shea to cease their public disputation, here's what Mark Shea wrote disingenuously in return:

"Thank you, Fr. Peter, for breaking off your campaign of defamation, rash judgment and calumny against me. I hope you will consider my request that you go back and restore my good name with the readers you have poisoned against me instead of merely leaving what you have said and suggested about me to linger in the air. I bear you no ill will and am still reeling from this unwarranted and unprovoked attack."

This is statement from the Archdiocesan Communications Director, asking Father Peter West to cease his statements and handle his disagreement with Mark Shea privately:

FatherPeter West and Mark Shea, I respectfully request that you both make a sincere attempt to discuss your differences one to one, verbally or in writing, rather than continue as you have been. Judging from the communications our office is receiving, this contretemps is causing no little disquiet among a number of the faithful. At the least, please endeavour to communicate publicly in measured tones on this matter so as to avoid causing unnecessary confusion and distress. I thank you for you consideration.

Mike Donohue 
Director of Communications
Office of Bishop Paul S. Loverde
Diocese of Arlington
The person the Communications Director should be talking to privately and not publicly on Facebook, is Mr. Shea, maybe a meeting involving a pink slip?

We'd also like to ask if Mark Shea plans on apologizing to Father Frank Pavone for slandering him?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Professional Catholic Bill Donahue Defends Leftist Prelate

Neumayr asks: What will the Pretty People think if I withhold Communion from powerful pro-abortion Catholic pols? Will the Washington Post editorialize against me? Will I lose my place of honor at posh parties? Will my dissenting priests think ill of me? Will I be scorned at the next USCCB meeting?

Editor:  No, not all, you'll also receive a hit piece by Bill Donahue, gosh darnit!

You Need Some Catholics Dealt With?
Edit:  We've been skeptical of Bill Donahue in the past.  Whether he's invoking hate crimes, or defending the USCCB, he can be counted on to be the Liberal crusader he truly is, although he does try to appear as the man in the middle. He has defended Cardinal Mahony in the past and he tends to resemble a beltway community organizer and professional Catholic than a defender of the Church's reputation he claims to be.  Bill Donahue is a professional activist who has defended politicizing prelates in the past.  Let's be clear.  Cardinal Wuerl crumbled to the the homosexual cabal and betrayed one of his priests just as we'd predicted he would.

Apart from looking at things from this artificial Left-Right continuum, Bill Donahue, who earns  $399,156  a year or so in his ACLU-like vocation, is looking out for the interests of Liberal prelates.  There's simply no way to defend what the disgraceful and traitorous behavior of the Cardinal, especially when he went behind the scenes to ask for Neumayr's dismissal  at the American Spectator for exercising his first amendment rights as a journalist telling the truth to boot.

Despite showing great sympathy, Father Guarnizo was censured and dismissed for simply doing his job for refusing communion to a lesbian Buddhist who confronted him in the rectory before a funeral Mass.  No thanks are forthcoming either to other professional Catholics, like Ed Peters, either.  Ed Peters joined in with other professional Catholics to besmirch the reputation and legitimacy of a great priest who was only doing his job and was well within his rights.

Maybe Ed Peters should resign?

Now, when a layman makes a stern but legitimate case against the furtive and vindictive ++Wuerl, who comes to the rescue, but the rainbow crusader, Bill Donaue!
Neumayr alleges that a priest in Cardinal Wuerl’s archdiocese was put on leave for denying communion to a lesbian at a funeral mass. His version has been contested by the Washington archdiocese [click here]: what led to the sanctions were “credible allegations” regarding the priest’s “intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others.” Even if Neumayr were right, his condemnation of Cardinal Wuerl in the vilest terms is inexcusable [How else are you going to describe how ++Wuerl sent his priest down the river on behalf of a Marxist agit-prop campaign?].
Neumayr says Wuerl is one of those “cufflinked cardinals” who “worry not about punishment in the next world but slights in this one”; their goal, he says, is to curry favor with the “Pretty People.” Worse, he has the audacity to put the cardinal on notice, exclaiming that “Wuerl can only earn the red of his rich robes through a willingness to endure the blood of Jesus Christ’s martyrdom.” Neumayr is not above wallowing in the dirt: he refers to the Washington archbishop as “Wuerl the girl.”  [Maybe you're overreacting, and misrepresenting him a bit Bill in your desire to do a hit piece?  He actually cites several insiders he knows who calls +Wuerl that.]  And in his latest screed, he comes completely unhinged when he charges that Cardinal Wuerl has “exposed the Holy Eucharist to sacrilege.”
I have never met George Neumayr, but it is clear that he is a right-wing fanatic, [You're a leftist shill, apparently] a man whose dogmatism is as scary as the authoritarians on the left. [The only thing that scares me is your ability to change sides on a moment's notice and muddy up the waters.]  On the other hand, I have known Cardinal Wuerl for about 25 years, [That's worrisome indeed] and I have nothing but respect for him. [Interesting admission, we're going to hold you on that, Mr. CDL activi$t]  When I was a professor in Pittsburgh, it was Pittsburgh Bishop Donald Wuerl who got me involved in the Catholic League. Unlike those who hit below the belt and then claim victim status (Neumayr says Noguchi’s phone call to TAShas created “troubles” for him), Wuerl is a real man. That’s the kind of person I like, not the girly-type who hit-and-run and then whine when confronted.


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pope: In Germany 'There is an Overhang of Structures Against the Spirit'

Edit: this is one of the clearest criticisms directed against the "professional Catholics" of the Official Church we've ever heard. It actually echoes Mathias Mattusek's comments earlier today wherein he suggested the end of the Church tax in Germany as a radical solution. It would certainly put a dent in many of the Old Liberal structures which constantly work against real reform and the work of the Gospel in Germany.

Benedict XVI. directed criticism against lay societies in his speech to the [very anti-Catholic lay board] Central Committee of German Catholics!  The actual crisis in the Church in the Western world is a crisis of Faith.

Freiburg ( At the meeting with the "Central Committee of German Catholics" Pope Benedict XVI expressed himself very critically over the situation in society and the Church in Germany:  "For years the so-called 'Exposure Programs' have been giving developmental assistance",  said the Pope.  "Those responsible in politics, business and Church life have participated in the concrete daily life for a certain time in Africa, Asia or Latin America.  They put themselves in the life situations of these people, in order to see the world with their own eyes and to learn to act in solidarity."

"Let us imagine that such an exposure-program were established here in Germany.  Experts from distance lands would sally forth to live a week with an average German family.  They would be amazed here, e.g., by the standard of living, the order and the efficiency.  But they would also be confronted also with much poverty through an unaccustomed glance:  poverty, that touches on human relations, and poverty in the religious area."

Benedict XVI. has diagnosed an "overhang of structures projected against the Spirit:  I will add: the actual crisis in the Church in the Western world is a crisis of Faith. If we don't find a real renewal of the Faith, any structural reforms will be ineffective."

Without naming the "dialog process" in the German Church, the Pope stressed the necessity to seek new ways for evangelization, where friendships are lived and also deepened in the regular common prayer before God. There are people, woh in our workplace and in the embrace of our family and circle of acquaintances who talk about these small experiences of the faith and form a new closeness to the Church in society.  To them it is shown more clearly that all this nourishment and live permits, the concrete friendship together and with the Lord.  The binding which takes place in the powerful current of the Eucharist remains important, because separated from Christ we can accomplish nothing [John 15,5]

Dear Brothers and Sisters, may the Lord enlighten us on our way, to be lights to the world together and show our fellow man the way to the source, where their deepest longing for life may be fulfilled."

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