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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Archbishop Zollitsch’s Battle for the Centrist Dictatorial Regime in Brussels

The Honorable President of the German Bishop’s Conference
has preserved an anti-Catholic model of a centralized
pseudo-Europe. [photo: Kirche in Deutschland]
The anti-German "German Bishops' Conference” is calling for the dissolution and disintegration of the German state and prescribed a devout political propaganda, as has not been in 75 years.

Eurozentralismus-Tümmelei The "Badische Tageblatt" said the chairman of the "German Bishops' Conference," Archbishop Robert Zollitsch: "Our future is in Europe and not in its return to the national states."

Archbishop Zollitsch probably wanted to insinuate the following:

-EU Europe would have something like a future.

- The future of Germany and its homeland is not Afghanistan, but somewhere on the Western Eurasian landmass.

- There are no nation-states (not "return to the nation-states").
It is more than obvious that the Catholic Church in Germany only serves mammon. It serves the abolition of moral nation-states and the realization of the claim to power of the Brussels subculture.

Eurocentralism brings about the destruction of the values

Just as in Europe, the institution of the family is destroyed on purpose, and the nation-states (such as curved cucumbers) are destroyed. The resolution of family and state brings the atomization of de-christianized wage slaves who are then collectivized into a larger unit.

Mammon instead of values

This new collective, which is nothing more than an oligarchy of the unscrupulous, called the hypocrites, for example, "European community of values" - actually it's all about mammon . Globalist politics and the Church in Germany to serve the international private banks and not their own people or the will of God.

Only when it comes to Mammon (or homosexuality), does the tax-Church suddenly become present and with a vengeance.

Whom does Zollitsch so serve, is solely the financial feudalism.

When Archbishop Zollitsch is for the centralist dictatorship in Brussels, then he is concerned that the big capital is subsidized with tax money and citizens who are systematically dispossessed and impoverished.

The barbaric regime in Brussels has managed to combine the bad side of capitalism with the bad sides of communism - and Archbishop Zollitsch apparently wants to be the prophet of this oversupply of the bad.

Honorable President of the tax-Church

For reasons of age, the tax-Church regime will of Robert Zollitsch will mercifully end in March 2014. Then nothing will be better, because the Masonic Temple at work on Europe will continue undaunted in the de-Christianized communities of the tax-Church.

The EU shatters and destroys the autonomy of EU nations worse than in Ancient Rome, that they can spread their wicked rule and the smell of a new world order on everything.

The nucleus of the homeless and senseless society of Europe are now in the back room of the Brussels power ghetto - and not our children. These are like lab rats, the euro makes the European people a sacrifice to scientific investigation - if it goes according to the plans of the president of the anti-German "German Bishops' Conference.”

Mr. Zollitsch (as the modern man speaks to his Archbishop)! Take note that all empires will pass away - only Christ's kingdom is everlasting!