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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Head of Austrian Caritas Endorses President of Dissident Priest Group for Bishop

The anti-Roman Landau Religion Mobilizes for the anti-Roman Schüller-Religion

A poser priest  with a questionable career trajectory from a Jewish background, and now  endorses a heretical priest in his struggle to create a market for smugglers.
Caritas in Pinstripes: Michael Landau remains faithful to his anti-Rome Course f - a kind of prerequisite for a career in the Schönborn Church [Image: Encyclopedia Dramatica CC]

Human Traffickers Business

A clear winner of globalization is the illegal and highly organized business of human trafficking. The mafia gangs seem to have church-related servants who realize their campaigning for human trafficking with the aid of church funds. Thus Caritas has also used our Church funds in its portion of production and channeling of international refugees to  assist in  destroying the resident people, its culture and the Catholic religion.
This destruction is one of the essential tasks of Caritas, which is why it has also funded abortions:

The Social-Industrial Combine of Caritas

The most important for the socio-industrial combine of Caritas is not to alienate any human traffickers is because the charity needs  Human Trafficking-Industry people, who ship well-paying economic refugees here, so that they can then sneak benefits.

In this Way the Church is Made to Look Ridiculous, it is Intended:

An exodus of the few remaining Catholic faithful was the launched in 1939 by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, was also intended to give life to the Nazi Church-tax club:
Revenue from the Nazi church contribution Law of 1939 should be able to be freely used for socialist agendas and at the same time faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be destroyed and the Masonic do-gooder will withdraw. This plan seems to be persistently followed by  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.
There is no other explanation that a priest performer of a Jewish family with a questionable meteoric career and the  Big Boss of the socialist do-gooder group "Caritas"  agitates for the anti-Roman Schüller-religion.

Caritas is the Opium of Heretical Priests

So, the big boss of the Social-Industrial combine Caritas, Fr. Michael Landau   confirmed on the occasion of his appointment as Caritas Austria CEO: Hw. Helmut Schüller would be an "excellent candidate for office of a bishop".
The poser priest Landau probably allowed himself a pre-Christmas April Fool's  by bringing a priest who has been charged as a  heretic into play, for office of a bishop. It is only by going back to Arthur Seyss-Inquart's Church-tax club that calls for a  bishop who calls for disobedience to the Vicar of Christ could ever  be conceivable. 
This alignment of the anti-Roman Landau religion with the anti-Roman Schüller-religion is a worst-case scenario for the Catholic faith in Austria. This seems to be something Cardinal Christoph Schönborn  has pulled all strings to strive for.

Stay Roman Catholic!

Whoever has a conscience,  will depart from the Nazi, Catholic faith destroying, Church-tax association founded in 1939  - and remain a Roman Catholic !

Trans: Tancred

NB: German speaking countries have a Church-tax system which in Austria's case was imposed in 1939 under the Nazis.  This sytem, has been a vehicle for the destruction of Catholicism in German countries, especially since the Second World War.  The Church-tax in this case is being used to fund Caritas, which is an abortion supporting, immigration promoting, organization.  If that's not insulting enough to the faithful Catholic, its current president, an alleged convert from a Jewish background, has praised the dissident founder of Call to Disobedience, a priestly version of USA Call to Action.  They promote disobedience to Catholic teachings on a range of issues from abortion, to women priests and celibacy.