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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another Old Liberal German Bishop Squanders 50,000 Euros on Invasion Fleet

Like the evil Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, Archbishop of Paderborn Hans-Josef Becker also supports "Mission Lifeline" with funds - money comes from the Disaster Fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn

Munich ( For the private refugee rescue ship "Mission Lifeline" there is another 50,000 euros from a German bishop. After the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is now supporting the controversial ship with funds. The 50,000 euros come from the disaster fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn. The ship's captain, Claus Peter Reisch, is currently being investigated in Malta on the grounds that his ship is not properly registered and that he has failed to comply with instructions from the Italian Coast Guard to allow the rescue of boat people to the Libyan Coast Guard. Reisch is currently promoting a controversial fun T-shirt with the inscription "Tug King" on the front and "Team Umvolkung" [Umvolkung is a term describing the elimination of German identity.] on the back.

Whether it makes more sense to rescue the boat people directly in front of their home coast without returning them  to their home, but to ship them to Europe, is currently very controversial. Proponents say it would reduce the number of dead if the refugees were rescued and brought to Europe, they consider Reisch’s relief action  as exemplary and he received, for example, in July 2018, a prize from the Bavarian state parliament. Critics argue that this is just an  encouragement, and that even more people will be encouraged to start ou in unseaworthy boats on the dangerous crossing, so the number of dead will actually rise with rescue operations. In addition, it is not common for people in distress to be taken to remote ports that are not even their home, although they are often picked up close to the coast of their home countries.

Claus Peter Reisch, the ship's captain, also shills controversial T-shirts on Twitter, which read "Tug King" and "Team Umvolkung".

Trans: Tancred

Friday, January 21, 2011

Diocese of Essen: A Farewell Toast for the Church

The Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is giving  itself away.  translated from Valeria Kurz's original German.

( In the Diocese of Essen they are intensivly occupied with harvesting the bad fruits of the Second Vatican Council.

Ever since the conversion of German it's been unheard of that a Bishop should preside as a bankruptcy attorney.

The most recent victim was the church of he Redemptorists, Maria Hilf in the down town of Bochum.

It has been for decades a church where many of the faithful go for confession and penance.

Actually last Sunday, it was closed after 143 years.

Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck celebrated his last Holy Mass in the cloister church.

The remaining Redemptorists have been moved away.

In Bochum at present there are still five priests.  In the gold old days there were eleven. There wasn't a single young priest in sight.

On Sunday no one responded to the question why there is no growth in the Order -- Msgr Overbeck, neither.

Only some words of gratitude were sufficient -- garnished with some shibboleths: "Out of all that is history, is a new departure."

Actually, considering departure, is the Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is hardly to be seen at all.

Both clergy and faithful have lost their will to live.

Instead of fighting for the church, one celebrated a Requiem for the Redemptorists -- with a farewell toast. is the original...

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Auxiliary Bishop in Münster

Editor: another clerics averse pastor for the Diocese that gave us the +Clemens von Galen and Joseph Pieper.

Today Pope Benedict XVI has elevated the Münster Cathedral Chapter to Auxiliary Bishop.

(, Münster)  The Diocese of Münster has published the naming of Stefan Zekorn as Auxiliary Bishop.

Msgr Zekorn assumed the assignment from Msgr Franz-Josef Overbeck, who has been Bishop of Essen since 2009.

 The new Auxiliary Bishop was brought to the light of the world on 3. October 1959.

 On 8. October 1984 he received priestly ordination in Rome by Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

Then he was released for his study in the Doctorate.

In 1985 he was made chaplain of Warendorf St. Larentius.

Two years later he became the private secretary and chaplain of the old Liberal Bishop Reinhard Letterman.  At the same time he was Cathedral Vicar of St. Paul's Cathedral and employed at the Episcopal Office in Münster.

By  1992Msgr Zekorn was Formation Director in the Borromaeum at Münster and Master of Ceremonies in the St. Paul Cathedral.

In 2006 the Bishop named him the Pastor at the Marian Shrine of Kevelaer in the same year also the non-resident Cathedral Chapter in Münster.

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