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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Masses for Remarried Divorced and Aberrosexuals with Communion "For Everyone"

(Vienna) A "disobedient" priest and a suspended deacon "anticipate the Vatican." They have announced that they will be offering this  summer of  their own "services for remarried divorcees, gays, lesbians and single mothers" as Die Kleine Zeitung Graz reported.
The whole thing takes place in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau in Pfarrverband Kirchberg an der Raab-St. Margaret in the Austrian province of Styria. Bernhard Preiss, the pastor of the parish association, is one of the "disobedient" priests of the Pfarrers Initiative of the former Vienna Vicar General and Caritas Director, Helmut Schüller.

"Disobedient" Pastor and Suspended Deacon  

For Preiss and his deacon there are "signs of change". Starting this  summer the Parish Community will offer  a "service" for "remarried divorcees, homosexuals and single mothers", in which "all can receive Communion." The initiator and organizer is Deacon Gottfried Url, who defers together with pastor Preiß,  to Pope Francis. Deacon Url is actually no longer a Deacon because he was suspended from duty. He is himself  divorced and remarried and is thus is engaged in his own self-interest.
"I have now read many texts of the Pope - and everywhere  Francis writes of compassion and solidarity", said Url who is quoted by the Kleine Zeitung and draws  arbitrary and just as far-reaching conclusions. "My office has been made quiescent, but when I'm asked, I help", is how Url describes his idiosyncratic understanding of obedience. He "assists" at funerals, Easter food blessings or, "this year at the Easter Vigil in Loipersdorf".

Second Marriage "No Contradiction" Main Thing "First Partner is Financially not Left Hanging"

The fact that a second marriage is not contrary to the ideal of lifelong  bond  is something  of which the deacon is "convinced" for obvious reasons. The teaching of Christ on the sacrament of marriage does not seem essential to the "deacon".  What is "Important"   for him is only, "not to alienate first partner  and not to leave him financially in the lurch." Marriage teaching for him is just a product of Church history, which is why he also does not have to respect this.

"Spring Awakening in the Church" by Pope Francis

Pastor Preiß sees in  Pope Francis a "Spring awakening in the Church." In the new parish Journal 2 /2014 of the parish association, he writes: "Spring Awakening means that new impulses, the Sun of love and fertile rain of trust are also effective in the Church."   The new "Spring Awakening"  Preiß presents in direct connection with the Second Vatican Council, which had overcome "a 400-year long period of intransigence and control.". The Church's doctrine and its defense is reduced by the "disobedient" pastor to  "fears, institutional thinking, ideologies, stubbornness, habits, and questions of power." John XXIII. had  "reformed" the Church by the "vernacular", "people's altar", the "appreciation of laymen versus the Cleric (Priest) in the Church" and the "priesthood of all people." But then  "the reinforced rather re-enforced  reactionary forces."  Now, however, "only with Pope Francis, once again we hear other sounds from Rome."
The Austrian bishops returned from Rome "thrilled and full of praise." Cardinal Schönborn had admitted that they had yet  been too "timid" in Rome for "local church autonomy" and "decentralization". Preiss quotes the Cardinal with the words: "I struck    my bishop 's breast: We have surely trusted too little,  to say what our situation required and how we see things."  "A good, albeit late acknowledgment," says  the rebel Preiss who feels himself confirmed. According to Preiss also quotes the words of the Honduran Cardinal Maradiaga, who criticized  Cardinal Prefect Müller: "The world is my brother is not so. You should be a little flexible when you hear other voices. "

From "Carnival Mass" to "Homo-Liturgy"

For Pastor Preiß there is no Mass, but only "Worship". In  last March 2 he called on all "worshipers" to come "masked" as to the "Carnival Mass" because "God loves to laugh."
Url turns with his "service" to all of those who are "Excluded", he arbitrarily says. The "services" to be held "alternately in Kirchberg and St. Margaret" and  four times a year "on the first Sunday" in season. The first date is going to be 22 June at Kirchberg.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: My district (screenshot)
Trans Tancred

Monday, November 25, 2013

German Bishops Test the Situation and Want to Extort the Pope

Guest commentary by Winfried Boniface

(Stuttgart) Coercive pressure by a significantly de-Christianized society, political extortion by the state governments turn off the money tap for Catholic hospitals and institutions (the morning-after pill decision of Cologne after the Green Health Minister waved the rod is in recent memory) for insubordination; a lay apparatus in the Church service, which is not infrequently Protestant to the bone after celebrating 50 years of the Council; a part of the clergy, who after decades of attacking the sacramental priesthood, are working as imperceptibly as possible for the "general" priesthood of the baptized; frustrated faithful Catholics, priests and religious, who are tired of being neglected or treated as pariahs because they interfere with the Bishops and Ordinaries attempting to give themselves a world-compatible appearance.

A small, honestly answered test of faith predominantly of priests, full-time church staff, parish councils and Catholic associations would probably unearth a frightening picture. Bishops incidentally are not the exception. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that the Catholic Church has no more power for influencing the society of German-speaking countries, its appearance is distorted and  Catholic doctrine is confused by many voices. The de-Christianization here follows no law of nature. It has causes, an origin and strands of retraceable historical development. Much of it is the responsibility of the Church due to the mistaken thesis of the need to reflect the diversity of society in the Church, rather than as a Church to be a homogeneous, solid faith and a decisive factor in society. Something like this, the situation of the Church in German lands represent a Church where everything has to be taken "with joy" in  platitudes and pretending to see "a chance",  even if it is something ever so far from the Church.

Besiege Rome Without Armies,  But With Six Billion Euros

And who is surprised that the German bishops attempt open revolt. They do it on the subject of remarried divorcees and while raising their voices loudly against their former brother, the former Bishop of Regensburg and present Prefect of the CDF in Rome, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller. He doesn’t particularly like the current rebels much anyway. The rebellion is directed in reality against the Pope as the Vicar of Christ, the Church's teaching and discipline.

The German bishops have long ago lost their armies, but they can try to extort the Curia and the Pope with a bulging wallet (6 billion euros in 2012, church tax). Maybe even with a small threat of schism in the package? In fact, they have already done this on a small scale. An Austrian archbishop and cardinal have some experience with this. The bishops have their knowledge of rebellion in the German language area. The declarations of bishops in  Koenigsteiner, Mariatroster (Austria) and Solothurn (Switzerland)   send their regards. A disobedience that was is still not overcome today and spreads its poisonous blooms. This also explains why the bishops are so passive, compared to the disobedient priests around the former Monsignor Helmut Schüller.

Benedict XVI.’s Attempt To Make The German Church Less Worldly Meant a Break

It needed not the media favorite Francis to be reminded by a pope to poverty, although such a desecrated impression by the media was conveyed to the masses. The dramatic call by Pope Benedict XVI. in the Freiburg Concert Hall in September 2011, that the German church should become less worldly is unknown in modern church history. But the German church apparatus refused, any discussion was suffocated immediately and a good part of the bishops broke, if not openly, behind the scenes with the Pope. He had been already more tolerated than loved, as long as he did not too meddle too much in German affairs. Ultimately, however, he was in the way of the pandering to the Bundesrepublik cartel.

New Pope, New Attempt

The extortion of Benedict XVI. on the issue of remarried divorcees was a complete non-starter. Cardinal Lehmann knew that. When Pope Francis, the fleet footed Latin American, which by his Romanesque origins seemed to lack German dogmatism, gives cause for hope. And you're ready, behind the media fueled enthusiasm, to put the Argentine to the carrot and the stick, like the angry reactions to the reaffirmation of Catholic doctrine in matters of marriage sacrament shown by Archbishop Müller. The proverbial checkbook policy of the German Federal Government has its parallel in the German church. And that, unfortunately, is not always to the advantage of the Church. The Rhenish alliance, which called the shots at the Council, knew to gather votes in the Third World.

It is becoming apparent that much will depend on the employees in the looming tug of war that threatens to surround the Pope. The Roman Curia, which some residential bishops so would like to weaken or at least to bruise has yet to fulfill important tasks. Pope Francis has been exposed to some danger in recent months by some over-zealous and some little sense of the importance and dimension of the papacy. He has opened doors that were closed with good reason. The German bishops are now trying penetrate with their list of demands for the Church. Pope Francis does not seem impervious to advice, so the hope is that it gives the right consultants his ear, as was the case in recent weeks. Whether it was only a wave motion that knows the tides, is yet to be seen.

Much Will Depend on Vatican Employees, Even More For Those who Pray

Francis may not have been aware of some dangers. However, it is time that he becomes aware of them. The rumblings among Germany's bishops will be brought hopefully to his ears. We can only hope that he finds better counselors than those who told him last summer, to submit to questions in two Scalfari articles and the need to recommend a "dialogue" with the atheist opponents of the Church. A "dialogue" which, while it harvested much fruitless applause, yet caused substantially abundant confusion.

The Pope who is being assaulted with a breakaway rush of rebellious German bishops like Reinhard Cardinal Marx (Munich-Freising), who is also tragically a member of the C8 Cardinal Advisors, or the bishops Stephan Ackermann (Trier) and Gebhard Fürst (Rottenburg-Stuttgart), to call a few by name, have some work to do. Whether and how he will be able to repel the intent of this Fronde and to preserve the Catholic doctrine intact, will be decided by how he will go down in Church history. The despised and oppressed faithful Catholics should be ready to talk. They will be very persuasive, especially in prayer, atonement and sacrifice, but also by their voice to the world to participate in this struggle to fight off and defend the Church.

Picture: Papa Benedetto
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patheos Blogger Gushes Enthusiastically for Call to Action Import

SPLC Blogger Priest
Edit: What hath Patheos to do with Jerusalem? It's pretty clear to a lot of people out there by now that the Neocatholic crowd, which strikes a conservative front, is deep down, truly hostile to Catholicism and loves to attack personalities while it promotes personalities and anti-Catholic agendas like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Indeed, this penchant isn't the sole province of Patheos bloggers, but other long-standing termites at work on the Barque of Peter. In light of Catholic Answers' recent attack on "traditionalism", Patheteos Blogger attacks from "Father" Longenecker and here, among others, it is interesting to note what a former Buddhist and exponent of centering prayer has to say about dissidents and their deviant doctrines, which are usually sidestepped or minimized by other Neocatholic bloggers on Patheos and elsewhere. Let us point out, also, as the author does, that the Austrian dissident priest, Helmut Schüller, is in good standing with the Catholic Church while others, like the Society of St. Pius X, are not.    It's a good thing that Patheos bloggers, even if they aren't particularly orthodox, are also, at least, in good standing with the Church!

Thus we address the recent story about the dissident Pastor's Initiative which is headed by a renegade Austrian priest, Father Helmut Schüller, on a Patheos Blog called On the Way [Or "In the Way"?] by Phil Fox Rose. Fox begins by blandly describing the activities and background of the Pastor's Initiative, which is Austria's Call to Action crowd, some of its reasons for being, and even explained that he himself had attended one of these anti-Church conferences. While he goes to great lengths to describe and enthuse about, Schüller's work, particularly his attacks against the authority of the Church, promotion of aberrosexualism and defiance of Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, he makes his own allegiances much more clear when he later expresses his disappointment at the fact that most of those in attendance are over 60. He laments that Schüller is restricted to speaking at Protestant churches and believes this is a message Catholics need to hear. You will remember that Cardinal Sean of Boston doesn't even want this Austrian carpetbagger around.

Fox enthuses about Cardinal Schönborn's inaction:

Some of this, perhaps, is possible because of Cardinal Schönborn’s open-mindedness – it’s hard to imagine the same being tolerated in most American dioceses. In fact, because it’s been made clear his message is unwelcome and several local bishops have forbidden him to appear on church property, all the venues for Schüller’s American tour are Protestant churches or secular buildings except one, Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, which is hosting him in active defiance of Archbishop Chaput. As Schüller said on Tuesday at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan, this is not a problem for him, but it is a problem for American Catholics. It is not a prohibition of him to speak — he can speak anywhere. It’s really an attempt to prohibit the Catholic laity from listening to his message.

He later expresses his pleasure in the comments to a dissident nun, that there are young people participating in this We Are Church disobedience.

Sr. Christine, I'm delighted to hear about the involvement of young adult Catholics. I was reacting to what I saw at the New York event as well as Fr. Schuller's own remarks on the subject, but it is encouraging to hear that there is a serious young adult component nationally. On the Eucharist without a priest present, I did understand that Fr. Schuller meant using bread previously consecrated by a priest. I intended the term "Eucharist" to refer to the consecrated host, not to the mass, and called it "communion services" elsewhere in the piece. I've changed the wording in that one case to avoid confusion. Thanks for pointing it out. I appreciate your comments. Peace, Phil

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Bars Old Liberal Founder of Pfarrer's Initiative

Edit: the decadent Ex-Monsignor (He had the honor stripped last year) and former Rector of Vienna's scandal Diocese is in the news again. It's fitting he will not be allowed to speak in a Catholic Church, but in a Unitarian one instead. Now someone needs to convince Cardinal Schönborn to join him.

Now we hope he does the same for the comparable Father Bryan Hehir.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley is banning an Austrian priest from speaking at a Catholic parish in Dedham because the priest advocates ordaining women and making celibacy optional, stances that place him in opposition to church teachings.

The Rev. Helmut Schuller was invited to speak at St. Susanna Parish July 17 as part of a 15-city tour of the United States called “The Catholic Tipping Point: Conversations with Helmut Schuller,” sponsored by a coalition of reform-minded Catholic organizations, including Voice of the Faithful, based in Needham.

But O’Malley has declared he will not allow anyone to speak on church property who advocates beliefs in conflict with church doctrine.

As a result, the coalition that invited Schuller has moved its event to a nearby Unitarian Universalist church.

Schuller is the founder of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative, which advocates allowing women and married people to become priests and greater lay participation as ways of addressing a priest shortage. About 1 in 10 Austrian priests are members, the Austrian Independent newspaper reported; priests’ groups have sprung up in several countries, including Ireland and the United States, and Schuller has said he hopes the movement will spread worldwide.

Link to Boston Globe... No one wanted to talk about the hundreds of priests and lay faithful who signed Gehorsam (Call to Obedience).

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dissident Fr. Helmut Schüller Loses Title of Monsignor

Zivilpriester Helmut Schüller darf keine
Soutane mit violetter Paspelierung mehr tragen.

© Catholic Church (England and Wales), CC BY-NC-SA
Disobedience Initiative

Politics in the Conciliar Church:  doctoring with various honorary titles in stead of dealing with problems.

( The leader of the Austrian "Ungehorsams-Initiative" and the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schuller has lost his papal honorary title "Monsignore".

This was something lamented by the Austrian media bosses who've been carrying water for him.

That his title will be removed from him will be imparted to him shortly.

Secular Priest Without Monsignor Soutaine?

The apostle of disobedience received the title for his activity for the alleged poor relief organization 'Caritas'.

The title "Chaplain to his Holiness" allowed the secular priest Schuller, to wear the soutane with the violette pipping.

The Reason? Three Guesses

Through the removal of the title, Fr. Schuller will not have his "fundamentals shaken".

An explicit reason for the removal has not been provided.

Now he will clarify the situation in the Vatican.

He Returns the Title Himself

The Holy See has only acquiesced to the desire of Fr. Schuler himself.

He explained himself in December 2010 about the title of Monsignor:

"I will send the decree back.  I will write therefore that I don't need the title any longer and: thanks for the appointment."

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Renewal of the Church Through Gentrification and Adultery

Call to Disobedience

The Zeitgeist ones want a lobby for the adulterous.  On the contrary the adulterers don't have any interest in this lobby.

(, Linz)  Yesterday the dissident assocation "Pfarrer-Initiative' held their General Convocation.

This was reported by the anti-Church newspaper 'Der Standard' today.

Most Stayed at Home

At the General Convocation which took place on Sunday of all things,  so only a fifth of the five hundred charter members of the group showed up.

Those present decided to expand the board from eleven to eighteen members.

At a press conference they announced the Zeitgeist concerns yesterday evening, that they intend to hold in disobedience.

They denounced the idea that this is "out of fun and games" -- rather allegedly out of "love of people".

Vienna's Cardinal Pays for His Inactivity

The head of the wheechair reform, Fr. Helmut Schüller wants next to agitate the Parish Council.

They are rebelling against the planned destruction of Vienna's parish structure.

Fr. Schüller expects to organize a meeting for next spring for that reason.

Gentrify the Church

The anti-Church newspaper 'Die Presse' reports that the Disobedience Initiative will stop talking about the laity.

They have invented the term of "Kirchenburger" (Church Citizen).

Additionally the wheel chair reformers want to demand women's ordination in contradiction to the Gospel.

Talk up Adultery

They want to define adultery as a "second marriage".

The same immoral conception must also apply for a third or a fourth marriage and function for bigamy too.

In any case Fr. Schüller wants to "lobby" for adulterers.

The problem: adulterers don't have any interest in the Church.

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