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Friday, June 5, 2020

Is Pravda Fanning the Flames of Civil Unrest?

Edit: Just a couple of stories showing some dishonest reporting from Pravda. Shocking, I know, Communist news organ trying to whip up violence and make the job of establishing order harder for police officers and National Guard.

In one situation, an officer lightly touches an uncoordinated elderly man who foolishly and illegally approaches a line of riot police, causing him to topped backwards on his head. Meanwhile, some commentators on the WFBO twitter are doxing the officer that was just doing a difficult job. It's a job that might not be as hard as keeping "millions" of Catholics informed in today's Church, but a very hard one nonetheless. This tragic event (the man may die from that injury) is being castigated by the usual Marxists ruling New York who routinely make law enforcement more challenging than it needs to be:
[Pravda] A chilling video captured an elderly protester being shoved to the ground by officers in Buffalo as they moved in to clear the area after the curfew. The man could be seen lying motionless while bleeding from his ear. 
Graphic footage shows police officers swarming the area in front of City Hall in Buffalo, New York right after its 8pm curfew went into effect on Thursday. As police advance on protesters, a man with what looks like a smartphone in his hand approaches the officers leading the procession in an attempt to confront them. 
It’s unclear from the video what the man tells the policemen (in full riot gear), but the confrontation did not last long before he is forcefully pushed by the officers, losing his balance and falling backwards onto the pavement. A trickle of blood can be seen flowing from his ear after the fall. As police call medics to the scene, the man appears to be unconscious, lying motionless in the same spot.

 In another scene Pravda mendaciously claims an officer had clubbed the rioter in the head as he was interfering with a police arrest:

[Pravda] A student accused of attacking a policeman during a protest in Philadelphia has been cleared of wrongdoing, with footage of the incident belying the assault allegations and showing officers unleashing batons on demonstrators.

All charges were dropped against the 21-year-old student, Evan Gorski, on Wednesday after prosecutors viewed online videos of the encounter, according to Gorski’s attorney, R. Emmett Madden.

“The police were lying. We had a protest against police brutality, and then police brutalize my client and try to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit,” Madden said.

It's almost like Pravda wants to inflame rioting by deliberately misrepresenting things as they occur.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

We Demand! Open Letter of German Religious Instructors

Homosexualization of the public space - and the religious teachers are at the forefront (or guiding zeitgeist?).

By a Catholic woman.

While in May Catholic sexual morality, women's priesthood, and celibacy were the central arguments by the Church strike activists of Mary 2.0., Catholic religious teachers with similar demands for reform of the Church now appear on the scene. The Federal Association of Catholic Religious Teachers at College Preparatory Schools [Gymnasia] has sent an open letter to the German bishops on 3 June. In a 10-point catalog, they call for "structural changes in the Church.”

The religious teachers emphasize that they act out of responsibility for the future viability of the Church as a "credible community of believers.” They could no longer offer students a sense of credibility in the face of abuse scandals, "religious power source of a clerical priestly self-image", "demonization of sexuality," "taboo of homosexuality and alternative forms of love and life" and "exclusion of remarried divorced".

However, given these questionable catchphrases, one can not help feeling that teachers are formulating their own agenda for the decatholicization of the Church under the guise of concern for our "pupils" who "in these contexts are an opaque, dishonest, power-oriented official Church who respect the protection of the sacrality of her institution more than the people who entrust themselves to her.”

In their letter the religious teachers urge among other
things, represent a "rethinking in questions of sexuality especially of homosexuality", the "end of a repressive dealing with innovative (sic!) thinking theologians" and a courageous ecumenism by the "dismantling of all barriers, which are based in the Catholic understanding of office.”

The religious educators are very self-confident. They see the fulfillment of their demands as a presupposition that "the Church and faith probabaly have future." Yet the human presumption that links the survival of the Church to autonomous contemporary operations in the body of the Church of Christ, denies the revelation of the Lord.

Superbia? The wording of the letter is at least very autocratic: we are ready to engage in the reform process with our theological and pedagogical expertise as soon as the first clear steps are taken with regard to the implementation of these demands. Participation in the "synodal path", which was decided upon at the spring meeting of the German bishops, is the conditio sine qua non.

It remains to be hoped that the theological expertise of at least these teachers of religion will be spared us, who, after reading the open letter, can only be assessed as "unsatisfactory". (A rating on the same scale, unfortunately does not yield a better result for many shepherds and pastors.)

Under these circumstances, perhaps it would be time to not only question religious education as a proper subject within the framework of the state mission of schools, but to think about its abolition. Too great is the danger to our children that they will not meet religious teachers who are faithful to Catholic doctrine and understand Catholic sexual morality as the foundation of moral life. [Orthodox instructors tend not to survive long in any level of Catholic education, whereas this was once only the case at in German Universities like Tübingen, which have been nurseries of Modernism at least since 1814 when it began its Catholic department.]

But the Episcopal Conference is not likely to refrain from having parts of religious education as an extended arm. Moreover, without religious education in the classroom, it would be openly recognizable in the pastoral duty to offer catechism lessons, as it is known, for example. happening in secular France outside the school on its own initiative by the Church. And it would certainly be harder to catechize the same mislabelling as is the case with "Catholic" religious education. Because that's the point, according to the teachers' words, "primarily about value communication, not about value eradication.” In fact, the departure from catechesis had begun with the decisions of the Würzburg Synod of Bishops (1971-1975).

There are hopefully many more religious teachers who are not behind the open letter, but unfortunately obviously too many who are no longer on the ground of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Image: VaticanNews (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Double Standard Continues -- C8 Kasperian Cardinals in Lap of Luxury Get a Pass -- German Tax-Church Dominates World Church

Edit:  Since Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is again in the news about his "luxurious" living quarters with which Pope Bergoglio, from his entire floor in a four star hotel, was once furious, we thought it would be a good idea to remind people about Cardinal Marx's luxurious lifestyle, whether he's driving in a BMW 730Ld with 258 PS. In comparison to Marx's palace villa in Rome, Cardinal Bertone's expenditure is around 300,000 Euros for his apartment sounds rather modest, but you wouldn't know that from most of the English language coverage, again, such as the Daily Beast, which has nothing but praise for the Pope's "humble" living quarters. 

Cardinal Marx certainly isn't the only one in the German Bishops' Conference with such lavish accomodations, including a 10 million euro villa in Rome and a rennovation project that far outspent the disgraced Bishop Tebarstz-van Elst's project, but then, he's been entrusted to the Pope's fabulous C9.

Yes, the following article is about three years old and nothing much has been done about Marx's lavish lifestyle.  We expect that the corrupt German Tax-Church enjoys a great deal of approval far and wide.  What does that say about the malignancy of those who hail these men as worthy prelates?  We still don't understand how Cardinal Zollitsch was able to get away with trying to push Tebartz-van Elst to suicide.... Of course, the German Church does continue to bleed members who are opting out of paying for the Church-Tax. Apparently, the burial and convalescent home coverage which is covered by this aren't enough of an enticement.

This is also something to think about with respect to the Kasperians lording it over the rest of the Church.

The article is from

A noble rococo palace in Munich's old town is the recent home of Archbishop Marx. The restoration of the magnificent building has cost 8.7 million euros - paid mostly by Bavaria.

 The official residence of the archbishops of Munich and Freising in rococo palace Holnstein in Munich is now ready after years of restoration. The edifice, built by court architect François de Cuvilliés was renovated in 2008 for 8.7 euros.

One of the showpieces is a restored ceiling fresco by the painter and plasterer Johann Baptist Zimmermann in the historic staircase. had succeeded in consuming work, largely to enable the painting of allegorical figures of Justitia (right) and Pax (Peace) back to its original state, said the head of the Department of Art at the Archdiocese, Norbert Jocher. The Munich Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx did not participate in the tour.

Chandeliers, tiled stoves, dressers

The house is one of the few Baroque mansions that have survived almost intact. In several rooms an old chandelier was also mounted in light Murano glass. Valuable too are the two baroque ornamental ceramics, but they are not just decorative.

In addition, some furniture such as dressers were erected in the 18th century. Several paintings, including two works by Zimmermann, were donated by the Freisinger Museum from its storage.

Archbishops Immortalized in Paintings

Another new feature is the gallery of the archbishops. The contemporary Düsseldorf painter Thomas Jessen immortalized in paintings the dignitaries who have resided in the Palais, from Lothar Anselm Freiherr von Gebsattel (archbishop from 1821 to 1846) on to Pope Benedict XVI. up to the current Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

Otherwise offices, representative reception rooms, guest rooms and a chapel are housed, with an altar from the 18th century in the structure. Marx also has his office here and a service apartment with roof terrace.

Church paid around 2.2 million euros

Financing of the work was largely by Bavaria, to which the Palace belongs. Around 2.2 million euros were contributed by the Church. With the renovation, many structural damage had to be removed, including dry rot. Since last March, Archbishop Marx has lived in a newly refurbished residential and commercial seat.

Elector Albrecht had the palace erected from 1733 to 1737 for his illegitimate son, Franz Ludwig Graf von Holnstein. Since 1821 it has been the residential and official residence of the archbishops of Munich and Freising.

dpa / ah

Monday, February 29, 2016

Vatileaks 2: Pope Francis Draws a Line Under it with "Act of Mercy"

Vatileaks 2: Five defendants before the Vatican Court  (Vallejo Balda, Chaouqui, Fittipaldi, Nuzzi)

(Rome) Pope Francis wants to end the scandal of Vatileaks 2 "by a great act of mercy". This was reported by the Catholic Spanish press at InfoVaticana who cite, "sources at the State Secretariat."
"This is to prevent media fire will return again on corruption and Vatican finances again," said the press service.
Last October 31st the Spanish prelate, Lucio Vallejo Balda, was arrested by the Vatican Gendarmerie near Florence. Since then, he has been in Vatican in custody. Italian PR woman Francesca Chaouqui was arrested at the same time. After she had agreed to cooperate with the investigating authorities, Chaouqui was released after several days of detention. This generosity had to do with her pregnancy, but also with the Italian judiciary, whose investigation of Chaouqui, her husband and some public figures of Italy are ongoing in several other cases. Incarceration in the Vatican would have obstructed justice in Italy.

Two books, two scandals, different thrust

The scandal is related to the publication of two books that have been presented simultaneously by Italian investigative journalists. These are the books Avarizia by Emiliano Fittipaldi and Via Crucis by Gianluigi Nuzzi.
Nuzzi was a connected with the first Vatileaks scandal against Benedict XVI.  Although the German Pope was a victim of the scandal, the leading mass media directed the scandal against him and called for his resignation.
Such things did not happen under Pope Francis. Nuzzi even wrote his book, which triggered  Vatileaks 1  against the reigning Benedict XVI., while he has protested several times now that his new book is in support of Pope Francis and "reform".
Never the less it seems Pope Francis wants to put an end to the negative headlines associated with Vatileaks. 2

Five defendants are in the Vatican in court

The two journalists, Valleja Balda, his secretary and Chaouqui have to stand trial in the same case before a Vatican court. It is about abuse of power, breach of the employment relationship and the obligation of secrecy and illegal disclosure of documents.
The opportunity for a "generous act of charity" can drawn a line under the scandal to serve  the Holy Year of Charity and  approaching Easter, says InfoVaticana .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vatileaks Bunglers Provide Information for Books that Celebrate a Humble Reformer

Edit: so the bungling duo, two people who are clearly opportunists, if you paid attention to some of their activities since becoming favored by Bergoglio, releases information for books that make their master into a real hero.

He'll probably ensure the pair are pardoned.

I think we can now safely assume that this is a manufactured event designed to make Bergoglio look good.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Two new books by Italian journalists depict a Vatican plagued by mismanagement, greed, cronyism and corruption and where Pope Francis still faces stiff resistance from the old guard to his reform agenda.

The books, "Merchants in the Temple," by Gianluigi Nuzzi and "Avarice," by Emiliano Fittipaldi, which are being released in Italy on Wednesday, have already been condemned by the Vatican.

On Monday, the Vatican said the books "generate confusing, partial, and tendentious interpretations" in a statement that announced the arrest of two members of a commission the pope had set up to study financial reforms.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Polish Bishop Sacks Aberrosexual Priest

Edit: he might have been a great help to Synod Fathers who were defending Catholic doctrine in the family at the Synod. His flamboyant and narcissistic outburst might have been the Kasperian sect's undoing.

Warsaw (AFP) - A Polish bishop on Wednesday defrocked a high-ranking Catholic priest fired by a furious Vatican earlier this month after he came out as gay on the eve of a key synod on the family.

Bishop Ryszard Kasyna has decided that Krzystof Charamsa should no longer be able to celebrate mass, administer sacraments like communion and baptism or wear a cassock, according to a statement on the website of their northern Pelplin diocese.

 Charamsa had held a senior position working for the Vatican office for protecting Catholic dogma, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Monday, April 20, 2015

"Backfire" -- Call for Archbishop Cordileone's Ouster Creates Solidarity for Him

Archbishop Cordileone
(New York) In the US, a paid advertisement has become a national issue. This past April 16   a full page advertisement appeared in the newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle  with an appeal to Pope Francis.  It appealed to impeach Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone   and drive him out of the city. It's an unusual initiative,  but for   Catholics in the German-speaking world, however, this is quite familiar.
The accusation is made by financially wealthy signatories of the appeal? The Archbishop is contrary to the papal postulate "Who am I to judge?".  The occasion are guidelines by the Archbishop of the 4th of February, about the Catholic schools in his archdiocese, which he demanded that   Catholic marriage and morality be recalled and called on schools to ensure it's disseminated  to the students (see report Rebellion Against Archbishop: "Who are you to judge? ").

Accusation: Archbishop is Contrary to Postulate "Who am I to Judge?"

The gay lobby within and outside the Catholic Church feels challenged by the Archbishop, who dared to recall the Catholic doctrine in terms of homosexuality. Specifically,  the archbishop asked that school personnel have to adhere to Catholic doctrine in their teaching in word and deed.
"Too intolerant" is the archbishop and he should therefore be removed from office, opine a hundred signatories of the appeal, which describe themselves as Catholics or to be exact, as a "dedicated Catholics, inspired by the Second Vatican Council."
Among the signatories is Brian Cahill, former director of Catholic Charities of San Francisco and "a number of rich patrons," says Vatican expert Sandro Magister. Among them are also Charles Geschke, President of Adobe Systems and former Chairman of the Board of the University of San Francisco. Among the Americans  there was also Tom Brady Sr. the father of Tom Brady JR., a quarterback for the New England Patriots , in the National Football Leagueplay.

Progressive Catholics in Alliance with Major Media

Appeal against Archbishop Cordileone: Pope to remove him from the Office
Appeal against Archbishop Cordileone: Pope to remove him from the Office
The San Francisco Chronicle , the largest daily newspaper in Northern California, which published the appeal as a paid ad, placed the signatories as "prominent Catholics." It belongs to the Hearst group, which also includes the Internet platform San Francisco Gate.
To give the publication even more importance   San Francisco Gate launched a survey with four pre-formulated answers - two for and two against Archbishop Cordileone - to the question: "Should Pope Francis remove Archbishop Cordileone from the Archdiocese of San Francisco?"
But the shot backfired. The survey showed that the overwhelming majority of citizens are not identified with the signatories of the appeal, but in solidarity with Archbishop Cordileone.[!]

The Survey, Which Was to Demolish Cordileone, but in Reality Strengthens

On the evening of 20 April, the answers to the questions were: "Should Pope Francis remove Cordileone as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco?"
76 percent, "No, the archbishop promotes the values ​​of the Catholic Church";
12 percent: "Yes, the Archbishop stoking a climate of intolerance";
10 percent, "No, the archbishop is right to oppose same-sex marriage";
2 percent, "Yes, his moral code for the teachers of Catholic schools is contrary to the law."

"Liberal" Catholics in the "Most liberal" City in the US only Small Minority

"The signatories of the appeal may be 'prominent Catholics' but they are not in tune with the faithful nor do they have a great following and not even in the city in the USA, which the media portrays as the most liberal," said Sandro Magister. "And that Pope Francis is considering: That he  remove Archbishop Cordileone from his office, is simply unthinkable".
The personnel policies of Pope Francis for the US is mostly opaque since the disempowerment and finally, the removal of Cardinal Raymond Burke of the Roman Curia, but shows  a strong  progressivist bent in its counter-tendency to the American episcopate.
The hitherto most important appointment concerned the successor of Cardinal Francis George as Archbishop of Chicago. For this diocese, one of the most important in the United States, Francis appointed Bishop Blaise Cupich, a progressive outlier.

Appointment of Bishops from Pope Francis' Progressive List

This past March 3rd, Francis appointed  with Robert McElroy Bishop of San Diego, another progressive. McElroy is a priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, where he was the personal secretary of ultra progressive Archbishop John R. Quinn. Quinn had even been raised by Pope Paul VI. to the office. In 1995 a turnaround  came with his retirement in the archdiocese. John Paul II. Replaced him with William Levada, later Prefect of the Congregation. He was succeeded by George Hugh Niederauer and 2012 finally Salvatore Cordileone.
Cordileone was from 2002-2009 Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego, the  Southern California diocese   on the border with Mexico, which the Pope has entrusted to McElroy. Archbishop Cordileone, a wise man with a clear voice and determination, has become the target of fierce attacks since his inauguration in San Francisco. They come from both inside and outside of the Catholic Church. One reason is that the Archbishop is friendly to tradition  and has even celebrated  in the Immemorial Rite. As already indicated in the past,  Cordileone's opponents hardly shrink from attempting  to discredit the Archbishop and force him out of office.
However, the latest attempt backfired.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: TLDM / Settimo Cielo
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Faithful Indian Priest Being Chastised in Irish Press On "Equality"

Edit: John 6:66. The rhetoric in the Irish vote to legitimize deviant and sinful behavior is heating up. Apparently, 12 or so faithless Catholics walking out on a sermon by a faithful priest is news.

[independent] Indian-born Carmelite priest Father John Britto spoke in favour of a ‘No’ vote during the weekend sermon in Annagry, west Donegal, criticising Donegal footballer Eamon McGee who has backed the ‘Yes’ camp in the marriage equality referendum.

Fr Britto said he didn’t see anyone leave during the sermon.

“I won’t talk to the media because the media will only twist what I have to say; I speak to the people in church and I only the speak the truth and the Word of God,” he said.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Washington Archdiocese Leave Faithful Indian Priest in the Cold?

Father Brian Coehlo
Edit: we sure are glad that Canonist Ed Peters and Cardinal Wuerl will be here to clear things up like they did last time with Father Marcel Guarnizo when the media storm occurred. This is obviously a faithful priest.

In a dramatic bedside confrontation, a Catholic hospital chaplain refused to give the last rites to a heart attack patient after he admitted he was gay, the patient claimed in an interview with The Washington Post.

The patient, Ronald Plishka, a 63-year-old retired travel agent, said the Rev. Brian Coehlo had been reciting Communion prayers and administering last rites to him at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C.

But Plishka said that when they started talking about Pope Francis, and he revealed he was gay, the chaplain refused to continue, and Plishka ended up swearing at him.

Read Latest Breaking News from 

A biography for the priest from the diocesan website reads:

Father Brian A. Coelho, named parochial vicar at St. Mary Parish in Landover Hills, was born in India and attended seminary there prior to entering the Archdiocese of Washington's Redemptoris Mater Seminary. A member of the Neocatechumenal Way, he was ordained May 26, 2007. He earlier served as a parochial vicar at St. Mary of the Mills in Laurel and at St. Elizabeth Parish, Rockville.

Photo from pewsitter...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vatican Speaker Denounces Scalfari and Effects Indirect Critique on Pope Francis

(Vatican) This time   the Press Office of the Holy See immediately answers Eugenio Scalfari's assertion that the Pope had abolished sin. Vatican spokesman Lombardi expressed here a critique of Scalfari that is actually more valid for the Pope.
Last Sunday, the atheist Eugenio Scalfari asserted in his weekly editorial, Pope Francis had sin abolished (see separate report "Pope Francis has Virtually Abolished Sin" - Scalfaris new Christianity, Which God Replaced by I  ). Up until now the Holy See  has held back from addressing  Scalfari.s comments about the unusual "dialogue" between him and the Pope, but this time there was a quick response. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denounced Scalfari and his "obvious inaccuracies". "Pope Francis has not abolished sin," said Father Lombardi.
The Vatican stirred this time promptly while they were done last fall after the publication of a letter from the Pope to Scalfari and an interview of the Pope late and very restrained official statements about Scalfari. Vatican spokesman Lombardi told the press: "Scalfari is not so familiar with the biblical-theological."
"Certainly Scalfari's finding  in a long editorial, that the Pope had abolished the sin is not applicable. On the contrary, who really follows the Pope every day, knows how often he speaks of  sin, of our condition as sinners, and especially the message of mercy,"  it is only understood in connection with sin.

Sin and Mercy

Last Sunday, Scalfari wrote that the abolition of sin by Pope Francis was contained in the Apostolic Letter Gaudium Gospel. A finding which was noticed in various media and has been criticized by several Vaticanists. "The fundamental spiritual dynamic, in which also the Pope asserts, is the consciousness of sins and asking for forgiveness for them,"  said Father Lombardi. But Scalfari is not quite familiar with the "biblical-theological field." The general aim was "to see the infinite greatness of God's mercy, and so engage us in this by the mercy and love of God through the experience of renewed Christian life. If someone eliminates the sin, one does not understand the message of mercy any more," says Vatican spokesman Lombardi.

Confused (er) Scalfari? - Father Lombardi Calls for "Dialogue without Misunderstandings"

The Press Office of the Holy See addressed  another glaring error in the  Scalfari's editorial statement: "Another obvious inaccuracy in this article is when Scalfari says that the Pope had canonized Saint Ignatius of Loyola a few days ago, Instead of, as we all know, Peter Faber, the first companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, while Ignatius of Loyola has been a saint of the Church for several centuries. So I think that one must be careful to continue the dialogue, but   deepened so  that there is no confusion and it is really understood"
Scalfari  is not hurt by the denial.He is basking much more in his success,  that he had enterted into the ring with the previously unthinkable:  the option that a Pope allegedly said the conscience was the highest authority, without any restriction, and abolished sin. 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans Tancred

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Murderers of God Among Us -- Femen Activism on St. Peter's Square as "Christmas Message"

(Paris) The enemies of the Church have struck again. Inna Shevchenko, best known advocate of the church desecrating  Femen and the new national symbol of Hollande's Socialist France  (see Femen Activist as a New Symbol of France - Hollande Jacobin (homosexual) Ideology in German)  over St. Peter's Square on Thursday. Of course, "topless" and "for abortion." She did it in the usual Femen Church-hate way.  The figure of hate for  political activism was not only the Catholic Church this time. "Christmas is Cancelled" was scrawled on Shevchenko's torso, which Femen   used as a certain kind of advertising medium by painting the slogan "Christmas is Canceled".

Hate Messages on Twitter

On the same day Femen sent a "Christmas message" on its Twitter. "Christmas is canceled: At the Vatican, Inna Shevchenko has publicly expelled the embryo of Jesus from the Virgin Mary."  Christ ended on the cross because  the powerful people of his time could not endure Him. Femen would murder Christ today as they officially announce. The murderers of God among us.
Femen blasphemous messageSince Femen is servant of  some political activism  available for a fee, there is the question of who pays money for such a blasphemous and inhuman messenger. From the squalor of FEMEN-operatives and  Inna Shevchenko  there is only silence.
Shevchenko had become well known because she "participated"  with the political action group Pussy Riot, condemned by a court in Russian,  by sawing a large votive crucifix with a chainsaw  in Kiev. The Cross recalled the millions of victims of the Communist dictatorship.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
images: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Argentine Catholics Defend Cathedral From Feminist Attack -- Pope Francis Burned in Effigy

Edit: the videos are horrific.  Our subtitle would read, "The Rage of Sodom".

(Buenos Aires) Under the name of National Women's Meeting radical Church opponents, women as well as men stormed a Catholic church.

From the 23rd-25th November, in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, the feminist-leftist 28 Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres took place. Hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates, other feminists and their male peers bellowed noisy and anti-Catholic slogans drawing through the city. Over the past few years, these extremist gatherings have degenerated into violent attacks against Catholic institutions. The feminist hordes  have descended for years especially on Catholic churches.

Because Church-hostile feminists wanted to storm the church, 1500 young Catholics formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist)to prevent about 7000 antagonists from storming the Archdiocesan Church. Catholic institutions were daubed with slogans such as "Burn the Churches Down" or "Fire the Churches." The courageous Catholics, who though hemmed in, opposed the vile mob by praying, were insulted with slogans not reproducible here.

In the reports of young Catholics who defended the Church, according to their impression, it was a "satanic attack" "demonic figures repeatedly" are seen as part of an "anti-Christian world revolution." In one place the extremists lit a big fire and burned Pope Francis in effigy, as they danced around the fire.

Also, Pagina Catolica had called in advance to defend the Cathedral of San Juan. The same Catholic Internet initiative, which had asked for protest against the profanation of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires by a syncretistic Jewish-interfaith "memorial liturgy". In a statement describing the feminist aggression Pagina Catolica wrote: "On the other hand, we are aware: Even if the desecration of the church in San Juan could be prevented this time, we must not forget that it is the cathedral recently had not fared well when she was profaned, with the approval of Archbishop Alfonso Delgado, allowed celebration of a memorial liturgy for Kristallnacht 'on 12 November."

For incomprehensible urge of some Argentine bishops to host syncretic "commemorative liturgies" because of the Kristallnacht of 1938 in the German Reich, see separate reports: Young Catholics protest against "misuse" of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires for Jewish "commemorative liturgy" and the report of an alleged, but never confirmed by Rome, the "condemned" of young Catholics by Pope Francis, Pope Francis Condemned the Catholic Protest Against Syncretistic "Commemorative Liturgy" in Buenos Aires? A Riddle.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Pagina Catolica
Trans: Tancred

Link to Katholisches...


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Did Pope Francis Condemn the Catholic Protest Against a Syncretistic "Memorial Liturgy" in Buenos Aires? A Riddle.

(Rome / Buenos Aires ) there is currently quite a mystery to an alleged condemnation. Pope Francis is supposed to have  "condemned the interference in a memorial service in Buenos Aires commemorating the 1938 November Pogrom" to a representative of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) which the Catholic press agency reported in German-speaking countries, citing the World Jewish Congress. Young Catholics protested on 12 November in Buenos Aires with a statement against the profanation of the cathedral by a syncretistic Jewish-interfaith "memorial liturgy" (see separate report Young Catholics protest against "misuse" of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires to Jewish "commemorative liturgy" ). On the part of the Vatican, however, there is not even any confirmation of these declarations, even an acknowledgment of the audience.

According to the World Jewish Congress on Tuesday Pope Francis received Claudio Epelman from the Latin American Jewish Congress (LAJC).  Epelman was participating at a meeting of the International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz (KAICIID) on Monday and Tuesday in Vienna.

According to the World Jewish Congress, the Pope told to Epelman: "aggression can not be an act of faith." A statement that the WJC placed on its website described the "vociferous protest," meaning the Rosary in Buenos Aires. In addition, the WJC said the Pope affirmed that Christians "must not preach intolerance" and such "militancy must be overcome." The World Jewish Congress reaffirmed its opinion that the "followers of the SSPX" had acted to "disturb" the memorial.

Claudio Epelman, has been "friends" with Bergoglio since his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and praised the clear words of the Pope in the past condemned anti-Semitism, says the WJC.

So far the description only comes from the World Jewish Congress on its website. The message was only accepted in the Catholic area of the Catholic media in the German language, as well as of the German editors of Vatican Radio. Other editors of Vatican Radio have not accepted the message, neither the Italian or Spanish-speaking Catholic media. Also Pagina Catolica, which had called the protest against the Jewish-interfaith "worship", yet knows nothing of a statement of the Pope regarding the incident in the cathedral.

On the official website of the Vatican there is no indication of an audience. Epelman is neither included in the audience list, nor is there from any confirmation that the Holy See had an audience and even less of a statement about the contents. According to the Vatican, Epelman was received by Pope Francis, along with other religious leaders shortly after the conclave on 20 March as a member of the delegation of the World Jewish Congress on 2 September ( see separate report ).

As LAJC-General, Epelman had condemned the protest and the prayer of the young Catholics last week. He spoke of an expression of "fundamentalism and intolerance." He accused the young Catholics of the "fanaticism" and accused them of wanting to have prevented the "memory of the murder of six million Jews," and that they would "deny the existence of others." However, the declaration of the young Catholics was te exact opposite.
Archbishop Poli With Other Confessions and Religious
 Representativesat the Jewish Inter-religious Memorial Liturgy

The incident made clear that in addition to political and religious complexes within the Catholic Church there seems to be some confusion. Likewise, that between religions, despite the officially maintained dialogue, there is little mutual understanding. Amazingly, the Jewish side, where at least a certain astonishment would be expected on why a Jewish commemoration with a "worship" takes place in of all things in a Catholic context, must immediately assume anti-Semitism, while the young Catholics are not concerned with a Jewish, but a Catholic question. It was not about the non-Catholic "guests" who came to the cathedral, but the Catholic Archbishop, who presented the cathedral for a non-Catholic event. The young Catholics had previously asked the Archbishop unsuccessfully in writing and with a public appeal, to not open the church for a non-Catholic "liturgy". The incident reveals a lack of willingness to dialogue by the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, facing the faithful. He also demonstrated unwillingness to address the Catholic and non-Catholic participants of the "memorial service" to acknowledge the written statement distributed to the attention of young Catholics. The "memory" of 12 November also raises the question of whether the officially maintained upper-level inter-religious dialogue is on the right track in the details. Even so it is astonishing, is the reflex with which the German-speaking Catholic media immediately adopted the ultimately anti-Catholic message of the World Jewish Congress. A reflex that perhaps would require an inquiry.

Maybe tomorrow you can learn from the mouth of Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi more about the alleged statements by Pope Francis' Claudio Epelman, if an audience had ever taken place.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Photo: Info Catolica
Trans: Tancred
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Scotland is Introducing "Gay Marriage", Although the Majority is Against -- Even "Jedi Marriage"

(Edinburgh) On Thursday, the Scottish Parliament will vote on the recognition of "gay marriage". There is little doubt that the bill has  a majority in Parliament, although a clear majority of Scots is against it. Thus Scotland follows the specification of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has already  legalized "gay marriage".
According to Daily Mail, 86 of the 128 MPs want to vote for the bill, which is thus directed to the appropriate Commission. This will work out the details and in a year as the House will make a final decision about it.

The End of Freedom of Speech

According to the initiative committee for the protection of marriage and family Scotland for Marriage,  the new law will restrict freedom of expression.  Limitations on fundamental and human rights of free speech for opponents of "gay marriage": "The promises of the government to guarantee the freedom of expression of those who oppose the law have proven to be empty words. It takes  clear, unequivocal and legally established safeguards to protect the civil rights of the majority of Scots who do not want this bill. "

Majority of Scots against "Gay Marriage"

Parliament wants to pass a law that is rejected by a large majority of Scots.  In the largest poll ever conducted in Scotland, more than two thirds of the 77,000 respondents were against the introduction of "gay marriage". The opinion has not effected the political level. There is hardly a party that can escape the gay [Gomorrist] ideology.  Scotland Prime Minister Alex Salmond, a Leftist Nationalist  wants to sign  the government bill into law.

Jedi wedding

In order to legalize "gay marriage", the definition of marriage needs to be changed. Thus begins a domino effect that destroys the legal foundations of marriage and therefore the family. In addition to the recognition of Church and civil weddings and registered partnerships, there a third category is to be created which may be called "Belief Marriage " . The National Presbyterian Church of Scotland protested the "arbitrariness" and described the introduction of a third category as "non-sense". This third category can make any arbitrary claims for rite, which is why Scotland there is  talk of "Jedi Marriage".   If the "Jedi believers" created their own wedding ceremony, it would be acknowledged, relying on the new Scottish marriage definition.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Translation: Tancred


Friday, November 15, 2013

Controversial Pope-Interview by Eugenio Scalfari Deleted from the Vatican Website

(Vatican) The interview by atheist Eugenio Scalfari with Pope Francis has been deleted from the official website of the Vatican. On the 1st of October 2013 by the newspaper La Repubblica published an interview which sparked some incomprehension and violent criticism among some Catholics to the Pope's statements, which are contrary to the Church's teachings or are at least ambiguous in their formulation. The crux of the criticism was, among other things, the statement of Pope Francis on the autonomous conscience ("Everyone has their own idea of good and evil"), and the rejection of conversions ("proselytism is a giant stupidity", "I do not want to convert").

The interview was shortly afterwards completely reprinted and accepted by the semi-official newspaper of the Vatican, the Osservatore Romano. In addition and without comment, it was published on the website of the Holy See. Thus there was the impression that the interview is part of the ordinary magisterium of the Pope, which is now precluded in the deletion.

What remains are a half month's unnecessary confusion about the authority of this interview. What also remains is the self-inflicted confusion by the interview of the Pope - as is clear now - was as a private person. This leaves the question of whether a pope ever give an interview as a private individual and to make statements. His predecessors seem to have had good reasons not to do so. The Scalfari interview has confirmed it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Una Fides Trans: Tancred Link to Katholisches... AMGD

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Limburg: Bishop Tebbartz-van-Elst -- Administrative Dismissal in Stages

Edit: the world press is striking a jubilant chord as it lies. Again, the real reason for the dismissal doesn't have anything to do with the alleged misappropriation of funds.  If that were the case, most of the German speaking Bishops would be dismissed.

(Limburg) Pope Francis has made a decision in the case of the Bishop of Limburg. The question is: What exactly is it to be interpreted? After talking round in Rome with the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch, the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, and finally Bishop Tebartz van Elst himself, plus other contact names and conversations that took place behind the scenes it became evident that it was the Pope who was "comprehensively and objectively informed," as stated in the official press release from the Holy See.

A "time out" for the bishop has been mentioned and that the Pope is supposed to be "giving support" to the Limburg Pastor. The tenor seems almost as if the papal decision failed to be "positive" for Bishop Tebartz van Elst.

The facts: Bishop Tebartz van Elst can "at the present time not exercise his episcopal ministry", the Pope "considers it advisable," the bishop should "be granted a time outside the diocese" and is appointing "during the absence of the diocesan bishop," Wiesbaden's Dean Wolfgang Rösch "as of today" will be Vicar General of the diocese "with pertinent authority." In this situation, the "results" of the "examination in view of the construction of the bishop's" are supposed to be awaited. The evaluation will bring an "affirmation of responsibilities in this regard."

The bishop felt himself "encouraged" by a 20-minute audience with the Pope. Church officials close to him in Rome spoke of the meeting was a "good" run.

What is the decision of the Pope in plain language? That Pope has suspended Bishop Francis Tebartz van Elst. And it seems unlikely you can interpret the subtleties of ecclesiastical language properly, that there will be a return to the episcopate for him. Rather, it seems to be an expulsion in stages, with an open side door, which was decided in Rome. The undersigned would be pleased, if it were reconsidered.

The wolves howled and got their next victim? It really seems so. So, there is nothing new under the German sun. From a certain point of escalation serves only the "image" and the "recovery of trust". With Bishop Tebartz van Elst, the list of German bishops sold out in the last 20 years is probably longer by another name. And they invariably affect bishops who were assigned to the "conservative" part of the Church in the wider sense of the word. A list with an unpleasant "aroma".

The money question was smugly played with cinematic titles like "Bishop of bling" in the foreground seems only advanced into the whole question. Because the question of money is not the problem isolated to a person, supposedly the Bishop of Limburg, but even to the whole German Church. The grave that the German church and religion in Germany itself is shoveling, 6 billion EUR 1 heavy and that's yearly. But the ear of those so clairaudient critics within the Church of Bishop Tebartz van Elst suddenly grows deaf. So deaf as they were, as Pope Benedict XVI. challenged the German Church to detach from the world to clear the way for a New Evangelization of Germany.

And here is the full text of the press statement of the Vatican:


The Holy Father has been fully and objectively informed about the situation in the diocese of Limburg at present time.

In the diocese there has been a situation in which the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, can not exercise his episcopal ministry at the present time..

According to the "fraternal visit" by His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo last September, the German Bishops' Conference, pursuant to an agreement between the bishop and the Limburg Cathedral Chapter, a committee used to carry out a detailed examination in view of the construction of the Diocesan Centre. Pending the results of the said examination and the related affirmation of responsibilities in this regard, the Holy See considers it advisable, SE Mons. Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz to allow a time of outside of the Diocese.

Upon decision of the Holy See about the Bishop of Limburg till 1 January 2014, the appointment of Fr. Mr. Dean Wolfgang Rösch Vicar General, is already effective in place as of today. Fr. Roesch is Vicar General for the diocese of Limburg to manage it during the absence of the diocesan bishop under the powers associated with that office.

From the Vatican, 23 October 2013

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons Trans: Tancred

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Priebke's Coffin Spat Upon -- Hate Must Have Limits, But Catholic Subservience Also

Edit: never mind that the celebrant, Father Abrahamowicz, is a convert from Judaism himself, and not in good standing with the SSPX, but they are supporting Father's decision to bury Priebke anyway. Indeed, Abrahamowicz says Priebke wasn't a National Socialist, either.

Must the SSPX be one of the few forces left in the world to combat these villains?

(Rome) The ugly face of hatred was extremely visible during the death and burial of Erich Priebke. Revenge and hatred to be driven as far as to deny the enemy a grave, does not honor the victims of the enemy. Especially when it has nothing to do with justice.

The pictures with kicks and punches against the coffin containing the Pribke's body, which was spat on, are just plain disgusting. They show the grimace of a world without mercy and forgiveness, a world without Christ and without Christianity. That this ugly face appeared around one of the most important Christian acts, a funeral, therefore, seems to be a coincidence. Before the parade of right-wing groups that could exploit Priebke's funeral, perhaps, they wanted to preserve "the memory of the victims, the families of the victims" and anti-fascist society. What came instead were violent left-wing extremists and the eternal mob that longs to this day after crucifixion.

"Moralizing in Top Form" of the Media

Numerous journalists ran to moralize in top form, but the Nazis could arise once again, almost 70 years after the war, to be defeated. At least in their minds. The opportunities have become scarce. Priebke had to be 100 years old to once again offer the crowd of leftist swells this special kick.

Spiegel and the ORF were outraged about the SSPX, who agreed to hold the funeral Mass for Priebke. Thus, says Austrian state radio and the Hamburg weekly magazine, this only confirms the already known affinity between SSPX and the extremist right. That the SSPX had only buried Priebke, therefore, because the responsible parish priest had not complied with (from the Bishop of Rome himself? From the Pope ) to be excused from his obligation from above or could not fulfill, there was simply a dereliction.

Noteworthy is the phenomenon that the moral radicalism is gaining impetus with temporal distance from the events and generational change to those personally unaffected. As Kappler, the commander of the hostages died, from 1944 to 1978, he could be buried in peace and public. Now that a subordinate has died, this is no longer possible in 2013. The tentacled and spewing demonstrators and the perpetrators of violence in Albano Laziale were born after 1945. The stylized media of 2013 and any political bullies can be drawn even to a funeral to "fight the right". Sophocles' Antigone dealt already 500 years before Christ with the moral question of denying someone a grave.

Civilized Society Refuses Burial to the Dead: How Could This Happen?

The question is not, how can there be a Catholic funeral for someone like Erich Priebke. The question must be: How could it happen that a civilized society that the authorities, intellectuals and media put the legality of the funeral of a person in question? Truly no benefit, much more irreverence. However, as reverent as is the Catholic Church in the face of this, which understands the drama of the moment of death and accompanies it. At least then, if they do not exclude themselves out of concern for political correctness.

An Austrian Catholic website went wrote because of the funeral of Priebke an excessively entitled "The Rampage of the SSPX." Just as hatred should have limits, even Catholic genuflections should have limits. The opposite of a rampage is the case, as the official explanation of the SSPX shows: "A Christian who has been baptized and has received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, has, whatever may be his fault and his sins forever, if he dies reconciled to God and the Church, the right to the celebration of Holy Mass and burial. With this declaration we reaffirm our rejection of any form of anti-Semitism or racial hatred, but also all other forms of hatred. The Catholic religion is for mercy and forgiveness." 

Where Diocese Has Failed, the SSPX has Fulfilled Their Priestly Duty

The Society priests bore due respect, that at least they have complied with the priestly duty and did what was supposed to be self-evident. The SSPX knew that their readiness would only expose them to new criticism. It certainly would have been wiser and more selfish to give up. Despite the risks involved, they have fulfilled their priestly obligation without respect of persons. This honors and shames the diocese of Rome and its bishop.

And all of us had signed the guest book: not to spit on a dead man, because we all have a rendezvous with death in front of us and it would be better if everyone were to worry about how he pleads with his Creator. And each of us has to hope that he finds a priest who hears his confession, gives him Extreme Unction and Holy Communion and buries him. Because of the disturbing decision of the "Ordinary" of the Diocese of Rome is what calls this security into question. If Priebke is denied for reasons of political expediency today what every Catholic deserves, then tomorrow others could be denied for reasons not very different from other such "opportunities". Political correctness is a pennon in the wind, that constantly blows in direction of the wind.

The Ugly Images of Hate

The funeral Mass at the Priory of St. Pius X should take place without media publicity, but be open to the public. But the left mayor of the city made known the time and place, and found himself before the Priorate to cheer on the counter-demonstrators. After protesters tried to storm the site, access was blocked off.

The video shows how a left-wing extremist mob attacked the priest Don Curzio Nitoglio who wanted to enter the priory of the SSPX. The protesters thought he was the celebrant. The heinous insults that were hurled at him, can not be reproduced here. A document of sacrilegious shame. Also belonging to the images of hate, of the hostages who were shot in the Ardeatine caves, is also the 35 German soldiers and Italian victims killed in the bombing by communist partisans.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Tempi (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Hired Prostitutes Attack Archbishop of Brussels

(Brussels) Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels-Malines was again attacked by pseudo-feminists of FEMEN. As of last April the disturbed, paid "political activists" came from the red light district to a meeting, in which Monsignor Leonard participated in as a speaker. The reaction of the Archbishop, now already familiar with the methods of the extremists, robbed FEMEN of some of the peak of their performance.

In the red light district hired "political activists" are hired to appear topless and again target the brave Archbishop of Brussels-Mechelen. There are probably lush cash payments for the FEMEN-strippers in the background in Belgium (see separate report Who's behind FEMEN protest and their anti-Christian activities? Paid activists from the red light district). The incident occurred last Friday night in Brussels during a meeting of the Catholic St. Michael's College.

Attack against Archbishop Leonard

While the former French minister and member of the Pontifical Family Council, Christine Boutin spoke, topless FEMEN stormed onto the stage and wrapped her with a rainbow flag. The FEMEN activists were accompanied by a bunch of left-wing extremists, which were meant to serve as a sort of bodyguard and extras in the stylized media appearance. After they had interrupted Madame Minister, they hurled a pie at Archbishop Leonard's face. The Archbishop stole the show from the horde by tasting the cake with a subtle smile.

The First Aggression

The first attack against Archbishop Leonard by FEMEN occurred last April during a podium discussion at the University of Brussels. The women shouted sodomophilic slogans and poured water on the archbishop. He said nothing, but reposed himself in prayer.

The European Bishops' Conference lent their support to the Brussels Pastor with their solidarity. The FEMEN activists were described by the bishops as "completely implausible and without any sense of decency." That Archbishop Leonard's discussion with an atheist was disturbed by FEMEN, was proof that the Church has standing in the debate in a pluralistic society, while FEMEN tries to prevent this.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: RTBF (Screenshot)
 Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old Liberal Bishop Fires Pastor for Being Actually Catholic: He Refused Calvinist Hand Communion

Old Liberal Bishop and Father Sterninger Foto © wranafoto
Edit: gasp, he put too much emphasis on the Blessed Virgin Mary!

[Neudau] Conservative minister was recalled after crash with parts of his parish at his own request. In a letter to the people, Kapellari hopes for a new beginning, Sterninger will not return to the Eastern Styria after a break.

Six weeks after taking over as pastor, Conrad Sternfeininger of Neudau, Burgau and Woerth's term is already over. Between the prevailing stresses as a conservative clergyman and much of the parish there had been a lot of tension. Now Bishop Egon Kapellari has responded and the priest - on its own request, as it is being described - is dismissed. In a letter to the parish Kapellari hopes for a new beginning, Sterninger will not return to the Eastern Styria after his break. The recent Neudauer Sunday Mass was held Auxiliary Bishop Franz Lackner.

As a "demagogue and self-promoter" is how Franz Glaser, Mayor of Burgau-Neudauberg, described the priest. He got upset with absurd images, refused people Communion in the hand. "He wanted an exaggeration of Mary," says Neudaus local Chief Wolfgang Dolesch. The resistance was massive. [Was it really?]

In a letter to the parish councils to Kapellari had turned, it was followed by a crisis summit on site. The church then declared reason was a top priority, Dean Josef Reichshoffer speaks of a "diocesan intervention".

Sterninger himself wanted to give an opinion. The search for a successor, writes Kapellari, will not be known for a month.

Link to original Neudau Paper...

Minnesota Archbishop Held Viper to His Breast

Edit: as some people know, it's open season on conservative clergy (Just scroll down), in spite of themselves and their best efforts to put baddies in office, they seem to be routinely betrayed by their own employees with alarming frequency.  Father McDonaugh is an Old Liberal we thought had been relegated to some remote and insignificant post at a Monastery scrubbing latrines, but no, he'd been given a sensitive job to monitor the Diocese Sex-Abuse program.  Fox, here's the chicken coop.  Anyway, whatever poor judgments the Archbishop may have made, we don't know, but what we've noticed is that he's being systematically attacked and national attention is being drawn to his work as Archbishop, we think, because said in an address to Catholics that homosexuality is of the devil.  Let's not forget that Cardinal Marx of Munich recently hired a priest who was caught with child pornography on his computer for parish work, and where is the press now?  Nowhere.

No sooner did this appear in the national news, than the old machinery of the press rose up in vengeance against him. Can a Catholic Bishop not teach Catholicism in his own Diocese without being attacked and undermined by his own servants?

Stella Borealis recently posted an article a few days ago where he highlighted some more than glaring associations and indications about what kind of person the "whistle blower" Jennifer Haselburger is.  The article appears in the anti-Church Star and Tribune newspaper as a mounting media storm threatens to unseat a fairly conservative Archbishop and several clergy.  Despite the newspaper's anti-clerical bias, there are details within the article which we feel reveal this woman's intelligence and her Old Liberal allegiances.

First of all, she attended St. Catherine's University as an English Major.  One of her mentors, a Sister Thomasine Sampson was a non-habit wearing nun who exhorted Haseburger to live out her principles.
Sister Thomasine, retired from the habit, on the right.
Literature is a deeply political subject these days and is dominated by Leftists, as is true of the Liberal Arts in general. The tribune article cites a former Army officer's and attorney, Larry Frost, who endorses Haselburger as a devoted Catholic. He describes her as highly intelligent and savvy, in response to critics who say she is simple minded.   Major Frost might have been in Military Intelligence, but this qualifies him as a judge of a committed Catholic?  We doubt that.

Her mentor was an allegedly Catholic feminist professr at the University of St. Catherine's, Anne Maloney, who somehow manages to find the integrity to continue working at that institution which has been Catholic-in-name-only for a very long time.   This feminist instructor at the fake Catholic school has so much integrity, she won't even take her husband's last name.

More interestingly, of course, and consistent with her current behavior, is Hasseburger's apparent disparagement of Father Paul Marx of Human Life International. When the Pro-Life champion came to hold a Mass for Life at the Cathedral, the then Old Liberal Archbishop, Harry Flynn, publicly denounced Father Marx as an anti-Semite, even as groups promoting aberrosexuality gathered outside of the St. Paul Cathedral to disrupt Father Marx's Mass, and perform indecent acts.  This is the Mass in which the Archbishop refused to be the celebrant.  Being a ++Harry Flynn Catholic is a byword for dissidence.

The first inkling she got that Haselberger was a committed Catholic came in the wake of a controversy that involved then-Archbishop Harry Flynn. 
Though she says she has forgotten what it was about, a flurry of news reports from the period say that he had initially agreed to say mass in St. Paul for a meeting of a group opposed to abortion, but backed out after learning that its founder had made what many considered anti-Semitic statements.
Maloney was identified as a Flynn supporter, and Haselberger told her that her grandmother applauded her for supporting him. Shortly after that, Maloney said, Haselberger asked for her counsel in restarting the Students for Life club on campus.
The Archbishop unjustly denounced Father Paul Marx as an anti-Semite and Haseberger supported this.

Some will remember that ++Flynn had to be summoned back to Rome on two separate occasions to discontinue his practice of endorsing sodomy by giving sacrilegious communion to the so-called Rainbow Sash Movement members.

If St. Catherine's weren't bad enough, she also received her licentiate in canon law from the evil University of Leuven.
She went on to obtain a licentiate in canon law from Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. The "Catholic University of Leuven a few years ago dropped the "Catholic" from their name. American priests had longed ceased to send their seminarians there because the school was rapdidly ceasing to be Catholic, and they could get better educations for their men in Rome.
While rooting around in the Archdiocese's vault, she uncovered an autographed picture of convicted pederast Oscar Wilde which was addressed to the Americanist Archbishop, John Ireland, who has wrought so much destruction in the American Church. She displays the photography of the child molester and sexual predator on her office wall.

The Oscar Wilde Encyclopedia reads:

Queensberry's legal team proposed that the libel was published for the public good, but it was only when the prosecution moved on to sexual matters that Wilde noticeably baulked. He was challenged on the reason given for not kissing a young servant; Wilde had replied, "He was a particularly plain boy--unfortunately ugly--I pitied him for it."[14] The defendant's lawyers pressed him on the point. Wilde hesitated, complaining of Carson's insults and attempts to unnerve him. The prosecution eventually dropped the case, after the defence threatened to bring rent boys to the stand to testify to Wilde's corruption and influence over Queensberry's son, effectively crippling the case.

It was on this foray that she also discovered alleged child pornography as well:

Several years later she made another discovery in a church vault while she was reviewing files on a Mahtomedi priest seeking a new post. That’s when she ran across the alleged pornography that had been copied from one of the priest’s computers in 2004. Haselberger tried to persuade her superiors to report the matter to police, but they said the matter had been investigated before and told her to return the materials to the vault.

Haselberger reported the incident to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office and resigned in April 2012, then spoke publicly about the issue with reporters from Minnesota Public Radio. St. Paul police initially had closed the case without filing charges. But they reopened it last week after the matter became public and new evidence surfaced. Prosecutors in Ramsey and Washington counties say they will consider criminal charges if the investigation warrants them.

“She has either done a very stupid thing [She's not that bright] or a very brave thing, and I’d like to believe it’s the latter,” said Steve Cribari, a law professor at the University of Minnesota who is believed to be the first American lay person to obtain his licentiate in canon law, in 1977. But as a former federal public defender, he cautioned that there are more allegations against priests that are unfounded than one might think.

“We’re in a kind of reverse inquisition, aren’t we, in a lot of this,’’ Cribari said. “If the hierarchy doesn’t demonstrate it is pure, clean and absolutely altruistically motivated, then we all … vilify them. And I’m not sure that’s right,” Cribari said. “This is still the United States and you are still innocent until proven guilty in our courts.”

Photograph of Sister Sampson was stolen from dissident website.

Also, there was no similarly persistent campaign when there were more accusations of sexual abuse and also a large sodomist cabal in Miami, for example.