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Thursday, September 7, 2017 Austrian Catholic Site Owner of '' Found Guilty For Incitement

Edit: they haven't gone after him yet for kreuznet of 2012.
Four months for "degrading humiliation of homosexual men" on private website - judgment not legally binding
Vienna ( The responsible person of the Internet portal "" was convicted on Tuesday of the Viennese regional court for criminal cases for incitement to a four months of imprisonment. The Austria Press Agency (APA) reports this after the end of the trial, which should have taken place already in July and had to be postponed due to the lack of the defendant. The punishment was conditionally reviewed by the operator of the website, with a probationary period of three years. The judgment is not final.

The subject of the proceedings was a contribution to homosexuals published in December 2015. Among other things, it was said that syphilis is "God's punishment" for "homo-unbreeders". The accused pled "not guilty". At the hearing, according to APA, his defender Kurt Kadavy stated that the term "homo-fornicator," was "not a term of pleasantry", but "in the Catholic context, fornication is a theological concept which means a serious sinful behavior, namely, sexual intercourse outside the sacrament Marriage". "Homo" was preceded by the term "only to specify", added the defendant.

"God's punishment", according to Catholic morality, is the consequence of serious sins. Whoever does not do penance for this in his lifetime can not find an entrance into Eternal Life, said the accused. He conceded that the contribution was "pointed, no question". But he is not punishable. Whether the defendant had written the article himself, the operator of the website did not want to answer several questions asked by the judge.

"If you do not see that is detrimental, and if you do not understand that the state needs to protect this group from doing so, then there is nothing left but to condemn it," according to APA, said Gerald Wagner, the negotiating judge. There was undoubtedly a "degrading humiliation of homosexual men." The judge said that in his understanding this is a broad condemnation such as wishing syphilis upon them.

The Internet portal "", which can also be accessed under "", claims to spread "Catholic news". It is a private website. [It's a lot better than the internet commerce site kathnet.]

Previously, another website with the similar name "" had already been targeted in 2012 for anti-Semitic and homophobic contributions to the Austrian and German constitutional protection. [If you recall, the German Bishops made common cause with Green Volker Beck to destroy anyone associated with it.] The public prosecutor's office in Vienna undertook an investigation against the anonymous site operators. The head of the Media of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, Paul Wuthe, called for the blocking of the page in November 2012. The judiciary is engaged and has an active interest. A few weeks later, at the beginning of December, the site went surprisingly off the net and is still no longer accessible.

Shortly afterwards, a new website called "" went online at the beginning of 2013 under the Internet address "". As a media owner, editor and site manager, the now convicted person before the Viennese regional court does not appear to be legally convicted.
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Next Attack Against Cardinal Burke -- "The Pope will not let himself be stopped by populists, but will go full speed ahead."

(Lisbon) A concerted action seems to be taking place against Cardinal Raymond Burke. After the attacks of New York Times, Washington Post and La Nacion, yesterday followed the attack of the Portuguese daily, Publico.

There is hardly any chance of coincidence, especially since the tone and direction of leading media are the same in different countries.

"Burke. Orosto dos conservadores na luta contra o papa. "

"Burke, the Conservative's face in the struggle against the Pope," is the title of a detailed article which Cardinal Burke is not portrayed as a legitimate opponent in important questions concerning the office of the incumbent Pope, but as a dangerous enemy of Francis, whose attempts to "modernize" has been hindered by "conservatives."

Jason Horowitz threw the stone into the water in the New York Times when he created a connection between Cardinal Burke and the new US President Donald Trump. The connection exists only indirectly via Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, nevertheless the intention of the NYTimes article seems to be, namely, to form fronts.

Donald Trump is so hateful in left circles that anyone who has to address Trump is motivated by the same hatred. According to this logic, Pope Francis is on the side of the "good". The Wallstreet Journal of 24 December saw him as the new leader of the global left after the leftist electoral defeat in the USA. Cardinal Burke, for whom Trump's current chief strategist Bannon, as head of Breitbart News found a word of praise for him in 2014, must accordingly belong to the "axis of evil" with Trump. In this way, Horowitz has extended the anti-Trump struggle to the Catholic Church. An interest in this may be the United States, where Catholics are by far the largest religious community. Since the US is a world power and the Catholic Church is a world Church, Horowitz's interference in internal church affairs leads to worldwide shocks.

Publico quoted the US-American Vaticanist John Thavis as saying:

"The Vatican is based on tradition, and when the different parts of this tradition begin to conflict, it is a dangerous sign."

The article is very Francis-friendly, whether it is Amoris laetitia or the Order of Malta, the blame is always pushed onto Cardinal Burke. The fact that Maltese internationally distributed contraception in emergency areas, including the abortion pill, is only known to the Portuguese daily, that a Vatican's examination commission had declared that there was nothing to it. That the attacks against Cardinal Burke are not a coincidence due to a connection with US President Trump, was apparent in the first press conference of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, reappointed by Pope Francis as Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta (see Boeselager Press Conference or How I educate the international press I attack Trump).

The concluding speech was given by Father Antonio Spadaro (2 + 2 = 5), Pope's confidant, and the head of the Jesuit journal Civiltà Cattolica, who saw Pope Francis as a guard against populism, whose chief exponent was Donald Trump. Pope Francis will not be stopped by the populists (whether Trump or Burke, is the context) in his reforms: "He goes forward, and fast forward," says Spadaro.

In the context of the Pope, some consultants seem to have taken an opportunity to see new alliances between the "Argentine" Church leadership and the mainstream of the Left.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Publico (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Anti-Catholic Film Critical of Blessed Pius IX

Edit: it's based on a true story, just like Spotlight.  Spielberg, who is directing this upcoming film, has a penchant for anti-Catholic films.  Why wouldn't he be anti-Catholic?  But he really doesn't meet with much of an adverse reaction when he does these things.  Imagine if the show were on the other foot?   If someone were to make a film about a forced famine in the Ukraine during the 30s, and it certainly deserves a major film treatment, it is very unlikely it would be made owing to the religious sensibility and the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic proclivity of the overseers who caused it to happen.
Edgardo Montara became a Catholic priest.  Sounds like a happy ending to us.

Will there be a papal reaction to this film?  We can only hope not. 
[Catholic Herald] Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance is to play the part of Pope Pius IX in a new film produced by Steven Spielberg.
The film tells the story of a Jewish boy in Italy in 1858 who is taken from his parents, raised Catholic and then becomes a priest.
The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara is expected to go into production at the start of 2017 and the filming will begin this summer.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Unexciting Turn in "Luxury Building" - Case Limburg, Which Costed a Bishop His Head

Case Limburg with amazing "end"

A National Treasure
 Limburg Cathedral
(Limburg) What was that again that happened in Limburg? Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst was harassed in the autumn of the previous year by the German media as the "Bishop of Bling". The outraged "humble" in church and media went into jealous criticism of the "luxury bishop," who was building a "monstrous opulence palace" ( Der Spiegel). As expected, the hounding of Bishop Tebartz van Elst ended in October 2013, the papal dismissal and with it his deposition, officially called for his resignation in March 2014 resignation.

But now the reigning Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese, Bishop Manfred Grothe is becoming surprisingly well known. He has turned on the faithful of the diocese with a "Position Statement in Advent." There is a lot mentioned about "realignment", "fresh start" and "reorganization" and that the diocese is felt to be "no longer the headlines in the media."
Letter from the Apostolic Administrator

The "Renovation" of the Diocese of Limburg - "The Building is to be Used for What it Was Built" 

The administrator then writes as follows: "Separate working groups with representatives of various bodies are intensively studying - out of the public view - about a use for the building complex on Cathedral Hill in Limburg. The ensemble was built as a home for the Bishop of Limburg and should basically be used. We want to employ the coming months to open it up for an open house and demythologizing. Therefore, there will be guided tours for employees and for groups from the Diocese of Limburg. It is planned that the rooms are to be used for conferences and meetings of various committees. In addition there could be exhibitions of theological and other cultural events. So we want to include the Bishop's house for events of the Diocese of Limburg in the planning. The living rooms will be excluded from the opening in view of their private nature."

"German bishops Took Advantage of Collegiality to Get Rid of Unwanted Bishop"

The construction in Limburg initially hyped by the media as a church and state affair, which led to the bishop's fall in disgrace, will now simply used for that which it was built. Not another indignant word about "swank and pomp." By public tours the construction will be "demythologized." This will allow the administrator a last breath from an artificially inflated campaign. Auxiliary Bishop Grothe has written that "luxury building" critique was advanced toward Bishop Tebartz van Elst only to overthrow the bishop. "The German bishops used collegiality to get rid of an undesirable because of the bishop's positions," said Secretum meum mihi.

Whoever wanted to see through the smokescreen, could have always done so. Few did, few wanted to do so. The scandal headlines in the media have a magical power of suggestion on the "little man on the street". This is calculated at the "top." The campaign machinery is well oiled.

There was a media campaign waged against Bishop Tebartz van Elst until he was gone. Not a word of criticism, however, was heard for the little "luxury" Archbishop Reinhard Marx allowed himself in his indulgent 13 million euros stays in Rome - which it may be added have become more frequent. This unequal treatment shows that the real reasons for the attacks in the case Limburg were to be sought elsewhere.

It is often heard frequently that Bishop Tebartz van Elst had "not always behaved joyfully." Who would not say this of themselves. On the merits, but that does not matter. The bishop had in fact never got a chance behind the scenes since his head was asked for.
The Angry Bishop Tebartz-van Elst

Following the "Demythologizing" of the Building and Will the Demythologization of the Bishop's 'Guilt'Follow?

The internally torn diocese has no bishop and the involuntary Bishop Emeritus Tebartz van Elst doesn't have a new task. Maybe he should not have to wait to get a transfer. The example also the "collegially" disposed of Bishop Rogelio Livieres of Ciudad del Este shows that there is the possibility to defend one's own initiative and remain vocal about Church doctrine. With the initiative Adelante la fe, he proves even after his fall, why he is superior to his brother Bishops and therefore, was not loved by them.

It was no secret that the Limburg bishop had held a "conservative" position in the Episcopal Conference, more than the majority of his confreres. It was also no secret that in his diocese in some circles he came, as the successor of Bishop Franz Kamphaus, into fierce resistance. Now, will someone demystify the "guilt" of Bishop Tebartz van Elst? Doubtful.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Wikicommons / Diocese of Limburg
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bishop Tebartz-van Elst Contradicts Bishop's Report

Vatican Has Lost its Investiture Struggle

In the press release of the 26th of March 2014, Rome has stated that Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has tendered his resignation.  -- Thus the anti-Clerical media and the anti-Roman laity decide over Episcopal appointments.

In the Diocese of Limburg Enemies of the Church
and the Faith Have Imposed Themselves Even Against
The Pope [Photo: (cc) K_Engel]

"Press Release in Reference to the Diocese of Limburg

With regard to the administration of the Diocese of Limburg, Germany, the Congregation for Bishops has studied in detail the report of that Commission, which was established by the will of the bishop and the cathedral chapter for making detailed investigations with regard to the responsibilities involved in the construction of the diocesan Centre "St. Nicholas". Given the fact that a situation has come in the diocese of Limburg   that prevents a fruitful exercise of the episcopal office by   Msgr. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, the Holy See has, on the date of 20 October  2013, accepted the resignation offered by the bishop,  and appointed an apostolic administrator  in the person of His Exc. Manfred Grothe. The outgoing bishop, Rt. Tebartz van Elst, will be in due time entrusted with another task. The Holy Father asks the clergy and the faithful of the diocese of Limburg, to accept the decision of the Holy See and be willing to strive on the way back to a climate of compassion and reconciliation.

 From the Vatican, March 26th 2014  

Unnecessary pseudo-transparency 

The second white flag was hoisted by the unnecessary German Bishops' Conference: The internal church report for the renewal of the diocesan see  in Limburg was inexplicably released:

Press Release 

 Diocese of Limburg: published audit report on the construction projects on the Limburg Cathedral Hill 

The report retained since February 14, 2014 report 

 Introductory Remarks
 Final report in text 

The third white flag is from the diocese of Limburg:  It plans to release the Diocese  Finance Report

Diocese wants to disclose assets

Counter-statement of SE Tebartz van Elst A reply to the audit report can be found at: Opinion on the report of the examination committee of the German Bishops' Conference [kathtube] Which follows in English, here:

Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst has criticized Tebartz the report of the German Bishops' Conference - The opinion in his own words

Limburg (  Regarding contradiction to statements of DBK-test report that were made in statements by the Bishop Emeritus (since March 27th) of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, which were reported on Wednesday evening by a variety of media. With remarks on five subject areas as well as the St. Georg work he refers unexpected counter-position to the report of the German Bishops' Conference. 

Opinion of Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz the report of the examination of the German Bishops Conference in text 

1 Complex: Regarding the imputed discrepancy between the understanding of the bishop and the data compared from His Eminence Cardinal Lajolo (. NG. p. 46; p. 51 para 25 and 29; p.103) is as follows:

Already in October 2013, I had responded to  the questions asked me, submitted under No. l |  6. that I was truthfully informed  during a conversation with His Eminence Cardinal Lajolo, on 10 September 2013, that the differentiated total sum calculation was not available.  In the previous meetings of the Financial Board of Directors of the  Episcopal chair it was of the necessity and the effort to discuss again and again, possible depreciation be taken into account, which would then lead to reductions in terms of the construction cost total.

In the report referred to by the meeting of the Board of Directors of assets on 28 August 2013, after I had a discussion  about which informed regarding expansion of the scope of credit, I wasn't present for  the report because I  was at a meeting with the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellet in Rome.

Also the assertion of the report, according to the signing of the minutes of the meeting of the Finance Board of 28 August 2013 was made by me on 11 September 2013, can not be cited as proof of my knowledge of the differentiated sum of total construction costs. The conversation with His Eminence Cardinal Lajolo took place the day before and on the day the minutes of the meeting of 28 August 2013  were delivered to me Vicar General Dr. Kaspar, so that only at that time  that an assessment on my part in any detail was possible.

Rome's approval was shown to be a unnecessary precaution, however, by  the representative of the Holy See in Germany, who was Archbishop Jean-Claude Périsset, since the start of construction in 2010/2011, who was informed several times by Vicar General Dr. Kaspar (see the attached in the appendix letter of attorney Professor ignor forward November 5 2013, and my answer to the specific questions that were put to me in October 2013 by the Congregation for Bishops, see here: Nr. | .5, 6).

2 Complex:

As far as canonical concerns are expressed, they are based on compliance with the written form (see test report p 15 and p 37) and related to  the respect of the business meeting.Both objects formal nature fell under the responsibility of the Vicar General. As a non-expert in the field of church administration since  my expertise is in pastoral theology, I had to leave the responsibility for this to the Vicar General, Dr. Kaspar, the "as the only (besides the Managing Director of the  Diocese) was found to have a comprehensive insight into the asset structure the Episcopal chair."(cf., audit report p. 50 para. 21).

Incidentally, the path taken represents a continuation of the preceding exercise of the cathedral chapter in this field.

 3 Complex: 

On the alleged ultimate responsibility of the bishop in the report, I understand this has always been so that they themselves as the successors of the apostles are to head the Church by the Lord   (witness to the truth),  not just as an expression of administrative detail and total competence. A differing understanding would invest the dignity of the Episcopate with criteria where it is seen  primarily as an administrative professional, engineering and accounting profession, instead of focusing on its doctrinal, pastoral, spiritual and charitable mission.

4 Complex:

The responsibilities of the Vicar General (see p 35, p 39 and p 101): At the beginning of my episcopal ministry in the diocese of Limburg in January 2008, I arrived in a situation that was in many ways unordered,   primarily of a personal aspect of administration.  This prompted me not least on the explicit advice of my predecessor in the episcopate, Bishop Emeritus Dr. Franz Kamphaus, back in September 2009, recommending  Vicar General Dr. Franz Kaspar for the social and public recognition of his management experience and his standing in the office of vicar general.

He urged for greater administrative efficiency that directly allocated the building department and care for art  in the Diocese which had become detached from  integration to the financial department.

He also stressed the role of the diocesan  economist in the diocese, contrary to the previous practice of the appointment of the head of the finance department with this responsibility.
He has taken in its jurisdiction and the banking business. Based on the construction of the Bishop's house, he has operated the change from the second design (architect Hamm) to the design of Professor Schattner as essential. 

Regarding the art assigned in the bishop's house, he took the initiative to engage the artists Professor Johannes Schreiter (glass window), Karl-Matthew Winter ( Features of the chapel) and Professor Thomas Duttenhofer (gate), with which he had complete personally awareness.

 Among the existing historic furniture from storage, he had acquired furniture on his own initiative and without my knowledge. 

As to  the supposition of the requirement of secrecy it is known, that  the relevant provisions in the service contracts between the Diocese and the Episcopal chair are identical (see the attached in the annex two service contracts). Also, in practice, there was no divergent handling by me.

 Specific issues in the diocese of Limburg, which was characterized before my arrival by indiscretions (see letter from Professor Christoph Mackler of 20 August 2008 on the construction of the cathedral chapter, see also audit report S . 100), it nevertheless suggested to repeatedly refer to a self-evident confidentiality obligation. Because also the previous history of the construction of the  the Bishop's House demonstrates  how difficult transparency was to come by,  which  came out later only with difficulty. 

Deciding to undertake the settlement with KPMG (see p 69 and p 88 ), struck me as a forward-looking measure (outsourcing) as well as to counter the allegation of a mere internal self-control.

Moreover, the administrative capacity of the Episcopal Ordinariate was not enough to accomplish this task.

 5 Complex: 

On listing the drivers of cost  and cost-increasing issues (pp. 79-82) is noted: 

 In the audit report a  representation of the total cost, which is exaggerated in a methodological error, that  names the absolute amounts  as constituting additional costs, while they  are proven to be the total cost of individual positions. The  impression  thus is created that leads to orders of magnitude, which must irritate. 

For each of the points mentioned in the report,  a position could be taken by the responsible employees. As for the responsibility as a bishop, while the constraint has to be seen that I, as bishop, am neither a financial nor a construction expert.  In so far as the specific information with the individual items mentioned in the report for which I was  personally responsible, I have this spoken on this  in the discussions 4 and 5 March 2014 at the Congregation for Bishops. On the background of my predicament with experiences of other construction projects in the Diocese, I was involved with from the beginning in terms of the quality and sustainability to be considered in the overall project. 

Digression to the St. Georg work (p. 32f.): 

True, the report notes that "the judgment, that the statutory  purpose of the work in 2011 can not be met, which falls to the bishop. (Cf. 5:32). The report's authors consider a need to clarify whether the Episcopal See’s  funds were used for the specific purpose of the founding. You see in the abolition decree of the bishop there is a restriction of the original purpose. 

For this purpose, however, it is different from the external  repeal Decree of 27 September 2011, the minutes of the Board of Directors of the assets Episcopal chair of 2 November 2011 shows that even after the dissolution of the St. Georg Work, that the assets devolving to the Episcopal See will and must be used furthermore for "religious, charitable or benevolent purposes". 

This shows that there is nothing in the foundation's intention of the St. Georg work that has changed, regardless of the question whether the work's foundation in the immediate postwar period foresaw the construction of a diocesan meeting center. The open question of law in this context, the demand by the authors of the report to clarify,  considers the fact that there can be no accusations of an intentional violation of the purpose (See minutes of the VVR November 2, 2011). 

The person responsible for the decision, Vicar General and Diocesan Economist Dr. Franz Kaspar, was in fact obviously aware that the founding intention of the work is still covered by the assets of the Episcopal See and is guaranteed.  I was sure of this certainty

The opinion in its text as a PDF file:

Link to

Edit: the good Bishop has since apologized of course.  We haven't seen the apology, but are certain that all of this is sensible and unnecessarily complicated by the media's nastiness.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Archbishop Steps Down Pending Investigation: Another Catholic Bishop Being Hounded

Edit: when Benedict XVI. was trying to clean up house, there were approximately 2 dissident senior clergy forced to resign every month.  Now it seems it's open season on conservative clergy, or at least clergy that don't cooperate when it comes to Aberromarriage and the consensus.  For example, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg, or in this case, Archbishop John Nienstedt of Minneapolis-St. Paul, who is being blamed for crimes committed mostly under his leftist predecessors.

Showing a great deal of desperation, the enemies within and outside of the Church locally have drummed up what looks to be a very fabricated charge against the Archbishop, whose resignation is highly sought after.  Here's his letter from the Spirit:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This is a difficult letter for me to write to you. This past weekend I learned of an allegation from a young man whom I anointed in the Sacrament of Confirmation who alleged that he believes I inappropriately touched his buttocks during a public photo session following the ceremony. Please allow me to say that I normally stand for those photos with one hand on my crozier (staff) and the other either on the right shoulder of the newly confirmed or on my pallium (the short stole), which hangs from my chest. I do that deliberately and there are hundreds of photographs to verify that fact.
I do not know the individual involved; he has not been made known to me. I presume he is sincere in believing what he claims, but I must say that this allegation is absolutely and entirely false. I have never once engaged in any inappropriate contact with a minor and I have tried to the very best of my ability to serve this Archdiocese and the church faithfully, with honor and due regard for the rights of all, even those with whom I disagree.
I have taken strong stands on the moral teachings of the Church and been criticized for it. I would not have done so if I did not believe those teachings and was personally bound to living up to them in practice.
True, I am a sinner, but my sins do not include any kind of abuse of minors. I have met victims and I know the lasting damage that such abuse causes.
The psalms from the Liturgy of the Hours have had a special echo in my heart these past weeks as I pray for those in distress. “But God does hear the cries of the poor. Blessed be the Lord.”
I hope that the investigations can be thorough but quick. I already long to be back in public ministry—to be able to serve as the Lord has called me to serve.
I regret this will be my last column until the present investigations are complete. These days will give me the time to pray for you and the individual involved. I ask that you pray for me too. 
With every good wish, I remain
Cordially Yours in Christ,
The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Silk Thread From Freiburg. Archbishop Zollitsch Advises Tebartz van Elst to Suicide

by Peter Stephan

In earlier times, the Turkish sultans sent to high-ranking personalities who were sentenced to death, a silk thread - stylishly usually in a small jewelry box. After receiving, the condemned was strangled by a servant or soldier. This method offered the very great advantage that the sultans could vacate brothers and nephews out of the way to secure their rule, without shedding their royal blood. Occasionally, even the convicted had the opportunity to escape the strangling by suicide. If the blood flowed, this was thus the responsibility of the individuals affected.

The practice is to get rid of unwelcome people by murder or solicitation to commit suicide, has been significantly refined in our society today, especially in the post-Conciliar, 'Love Church', which looks back with particular horror at the terrifying practices of the pre-Conciliar, 'Power Church'. With witch hunts, the Inquisition and poison murders à la Borgia, they want to have nothing more to do. Yes, we have exploited even these downright atrocities to justify the enforcement of a completely new Church image. Gross misinterpretation and exaggeration of the historical facts are thereby considered acceptable. Finally, it's for a good cause.

That the end justifies the means, especially when it comes to the noble goal of their own assurance of domination, not only numerous bishops, but also understood by the employees in the Chancery, the functionaries of the ZdK [German Bishops' Central Committee], the parish councils and many other "engaged" Catholics. Their victims are mostly faithful priests and pastors, as well as followers of the Traditional Rite. The 'progressive' average Catholic keeps his distance from such people, because in secular society it would be considered reasonable and enlightened and therefore to be ashamed of an authentically lived and practiced faith (which he himself lacks of religious education usually no longer recognized or understood). The functionaries and higher officials in turn fear the criticism of the media - and thus the scolding of the media-political class of hearing. One would like to continue to stand in the middle of society, that is: the socio-political establishment belonging - as once the Jerusalem Temple aristocracy.

Nothing would be as unbearable for the majority of the German episcopate, as at a reception in the Chancellery to address an intercession of Jews about the Old Mass, the extravagance of a brother's Office or the backward views of the Pope. Because the sectarian mood can pass quickly. Quickly and could result in a conflagration. Several years ago, in the case Mixa, it went up quickly to 40,000 euros, in a Piranesi engraving which had been (mis)invested. In the causa Tebartz van Elst one takes offense at what is already 30 million for a diocesan center with a two and a half bedroom apartment, which has been successfully re-interpreted by the media to swank episcopal residence. What's next? The many millions, spent by former Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, which in his case was sunk into the completely ridiculous and self-centered redesign of his cathedral - which made Freiburgers so angry, because the funds for the renovation of the cathedral tower are missing? The nearly 20 million, by Cardinal Marx, for the purchase and renovation of his second residence in Rome has been let off free? The 40 million which Gebhard Fürst spent on a diocesan center in Rottenburg - a building that exudes the charm of an oversized District Savings Bank in contrast to the highly successful architectural Limburg Vicarage? And how it looks once the millions to be addressed, the outputs of the German bodies Catholicism for a totally bloated government - or for institutions such as the LCY, the aim now only is to undermine the Church from within and to destroy all which has been built up in this country over generations and half a millennium? There is no fear that you will be expelled from the cosiness of the German church tax haven in the end? What a horrible idea if future bishops must prepare their meals from fungi, which they themselves have collected in the forest! However, not seeing as how Bishop Jaschke flirts on a talk show about humility, but to be truly satisfied? If the German clergy his modesty can not demonstrate through the expensive transformation of sanctuaries and the acquisition of new vestments, but is forced to resort to the existing (high) altars and ancient vestments (which are usually infinitely nicer)?

To avoid this inconvenience, leading representatives of the German Bishops' Conference have decided to sacrifice another pawn. After Walter Mixa, is now Tebartz van Elst's turn. As in the days of the sultans, it comes to secure their own domination how one gets rid of a pesky brother. Naturally this is not accomplished by sending a silk cord. The post-Conciliar love Church prefers character assassination, they are practiced and shoulder to shoulder with the anti-clerical media according to its traditional pattern. Tebartz is no longer acceptable as a bishop according to all that gradually comes to light is one thing. The other, however, is the way how he is systematically demonized and publicly executed. The extent of this manipulative and slanderous propaganda has long since reached the level of, "enforcer" or, "People's Observer". Witch hunt, Inquisition and Borgia intrigue are celebrated - in a new guise - and back with a vengeance.

And as if that is not enough, Robert Zollitsch insisted a few days ago. Very publicly he literally states: "I could not imagine that I could continue living." Of course he did this in an undertone that should have brought his concerns to his stumbling colleague. But it is worthwhile to pay attention to the exact meaning of the words. Zollitsch did not say, "I couldn't imagine, as I could go on living that way." The little word "that way" would be related to the way of life and brought the possibility of a correction to the expression. One can recollect, repent and live on in other ways. The word "there" means in this context, however, a time from which a new, irreversible situation arises - a situation that makes it impossible for Tebartz's afterlife according to Zollitsch. Maybe Zollitsch doesn't know the difference in meaning between modal and time clauses, but as chairman of the Bishops' conference, he should choose his words more carefully. With what he said, he has finally sent his brother in office the silk cord, his concerned tone, like the jewelry box, in which the cord is hidden.

However, Zollitsch and the other officials of the bodies Catholicism ought to foresee. The German Church-tax system is hanging itself by a silk thread. And unlike the silk cords used for strangling, this could tear in the not too distant future. The journalistic pack has long tasted blood in the air. The tactics observed in wolves to isolate a weak animal from the herd, in order to then tear him to pieces has proved successful. In the long term, each Bishop with a decidedly Catholic profile will be attacked. The strategy of the other members of the herd, to save his own skin by delivering others to the wolves will not work.

And who knows! Maybe one day it will even come to the point that tabloids will be the new vox populi in the appointment of bishops creating a list of three from which - after a suitability interview at ZdK - Spiegel appoints a candidate. He is then formally appointed by the Bundeskanzellor - and if need be can be deducted from her again. The sending of silk lines will be a thing of the past.

Prof. Peter Stephan studied History, Church History and Art History and is adjunct professor of Art History at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau. He also teaches as a professor of architectural theory at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Image: Wikicommons (Mona days)
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old Liberal Bishop Fires Pastor for Being Actually Catholic: He Refused Calvinist Hand Communion

Old Liberal Bishop and Father Sterninger Foto © wranafoto
Edit: gasp, he put too much emphasis on the Blessed Virgin Mary!

[Neudau] Conservative minister was recalled after crash with parts of his parish at his own request. In a letter to the people, Kapellari hopes for a new beginning, Sterninger will not return to the Eastern Styria after a break.

Six weeks after taking over as pastor, Conrad Sternfeininger of Neudau, Burgau and Woerth's term is already over. Between the prevailing stresses as a conservative clergyman and much of the parish there had been a lot of tension. Now Bishop Egon Kapellari has responded and the priest - on its own request, as it is being described - is dismissed. In a letter to the parish Kapellari hopes for a new beginning, Sterninger will not return to the Eastern Styria after his break. The recent Neudauer Sunday Mass was held Auxiliary Bishop Franz Lackner.

As a "demagogue and self-promoter" is how Franz Glaser, Mayor of Burgau-Neudauberg, described the priest. He got upset with absurd images, refused people Communion in the hand. "He wanted an exaggeration of Mary," says Neudaus local Chief Wolfgang Dolesch. The resistance was massive. [Was it really?]

In a letter to the parish councils to Kapellari had turned, it was followed by a crisis summit on site. The church then declared reason was a top priority, Dean Josef Reichshoffer speaks of a "diocesan intervention".

Sterninger himself wanted to give an opinion. The search for a successor, writes Kapellari, will not be known for a month.

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Monday, December 3, 2012 Off Line Since Sunday: Anti-Catholic Forces Gloat

You Can't Stop
Edit:  basically, is being systematically attacked in the German press, and Der Kommissar is searching high and low for the shadowy figures behind Europe's largest Catholic website. Notably, the Nazi-founded Spiegel and other anti-Catholic organs of disinformation like this one, Die Zeit are eager to report an arrest.

The following article is significantly misleading.  It's poor.  It doesn't explain the bizarre alliance between homosexuals who distribute pornography, or the Green Party politician who has promoted sex with children and the German Bishops, but it stops slightly short of gloating.

Also in the Hunt for is David Berger, who the German internet site has exposed over the years, much to the chagrin of not a few people.  David Berger is probably most famous for slandering the Pope, accusing him of being a homosexual.

Here's the translation:
The pseudo-Christian website is off the net.  It may be a success for the activists who have been proceeding against the homophobia and racism of the site. 
The agitating website is offline.  The previous domain is no longer unavailable since Sunday afternoon. 
The coordinator of the initiative Stoppt, David Berger, sees this as a reaction incidental to definite public pressure.  He told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger that there are thre conceivable possibilities for this, that the site is now offline:  the operators are going under cover for a few weeks and hope to build a media storm, they are planning a change of server, or they are planing a completely new structure under a new name. 
Following the articles related to the deceased actor Dirk Bach, which showed the clear disposition of homophobia, the campaigne of Bruno Gmunder Verlags have offered an award of 15,000 Euro for juristically usable information about the figures behind the site.  In the meantime there are at least half a dozen names suspects being investigated and given to the Attorney General in Berlin.  It has also engaged the Attorney General in Vienna for popular incitement (Volksverhetzung). 
Inhuman Propaganda
Those who are responsible for have not been revealed yet.  The German Catholic Church has renewed its statement distancing themselves.  As Spiegel recently reported, there are in any case at least two dozen authors with an ecclesiastical back ground active on the site, among them priests, church employees and at least one religion instructor. 
The site has been suspected for a long time by Church authorities, as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitutional observes the site. As the reports the President of Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm,  wrote in response to Volker Beck:  "In so far as the articles as well as the commentary from this internet presence is significantly known for its Homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semetic expressions, necessitates an extremely aggressive statement." 
Several entries are not covered by the fundamental right of freedom of speech, and cross into the territory of criminal law.  "Inhuman propaganda"has been distributed.  In addition, it presents "evidence for efforts against free democratic fundamental order" , it said in the document. 

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Props to Cathcon for its description of as "The Terminator".