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Friday, June 5, 2020

Is Pravda Fanning the Flames of Civil Unrest?

Edit: Just a couple of stories showing some dishonest reporting from Pravda. Shocking, I know, Communist news organ trying to whip up violence and make the job of establishing order harder for police officers and National Guard.

In one situation, an officer lightly touches an uncoordinated elderly man who foolishly and illegally approaches a line of riot police, causing him to topped backwards on his head. Meanwhile, some commentators on the WFBO twitter are doxing the officer that was just doing a difficult job. It's a job that might not be as hard as keeping "millions" of Catholics informed in today's Church, but a very hard one nonetheless. This tragic event (the man may die from that injury) is being castigated by the usual Marxists ruling New York who routinely make law enforcement more challenging than it needs to be:
[Pravda] A chilling video captured an elderly protester being shoved to the ground by officers in Buffalo as they moved in to clear the area after the curfew. The man could be seen lying motionless while bleeding from his ear. 
Graphic footage shows police officers swarming the area in front of City Hall in Buffalo, New York right after its 8pm curfew went into effect on Thursday. As police advance on protesters, a man with what looks like a smartphone in his hand approaches the officers leading the procession in an attempt to confront them. 
It’s unclear from the video what the man tells the policemen (in full riot gear), but the confrontation did not last long before he is forcefully pushed by the officers, losing his balance and falling backwards onto the pavement. A trickle of blood can be seen flowing from his ear after the fall. As police call medics to the scene, the man appears to be unconscious, lying motionless in the same spot.

 In another scene Pravda mendaciously claims an officer had clubbed the rioter in the head as he was interfering with a police arrest:

[Pravda] A student accused of attacking a policeman during a protest in Philadelphia has been cleared of wrongdoing, with footage of the incident belying the assault allegations and showing officers unleashing batons on demonstrators.

All charges were dropped against the 21-year-old student, Evan Gorski, on Wednesday after prosecutors viewed online videos of the encounter, according to Gorski’s attorney, R. Emmett Madden.

“The police were lying. We had a protest against police brutality, and then police brutalize my client and try to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit,” Madden said.

It's almost like Pravda wants to inflame rioting by deliberately misrepresenting things as they occur.