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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cardinal Müller Celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Basilica -- With the Bishops Tebartz-van Elst and Mixa

(Rome) Cardinal Müller knows as a longtime bishop of Regensburg in Bavaria, that you belong to God and to the gregariousness of  life. For this reason he planned a Holy Mass of thanksgiving for the occasion of his receiving the Cardinal's hat  on Monday  in St. Peter's Basilica and then to a festive gathering in the CDF.

 Last Saturday, Pope Francis had officially admitted him to the College of Cardinals. On Sunday, he concelebrated with 18 other new cardinals, at the Pontifical Mass of the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica. On Monday morning, the new Cardinal and Prefect of faith celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on the second high altar of St. Peter's, called the cathedra altar under the gigantic Bernini wood reliquary of the papal throne. Present among the cardinals and bishops, there was also Müller's successor as Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Vorderholzer.

 There were also concelebrants  next to  Vorderholzer two victims of the anti-Church party: Bishop Emeritus of Augsburg Walter Mixa, and the almost-retired Bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst. The Cardinal gave proof, that he does not share the reservations of some German Church circles. While Bishop Mixa, has been prohibited from public activity for  a long time, now operates as an Internet pastor, Bishop Tebartz van Elst has been for almost half a year in quarantine in the Lower Bavarian Metten Abbey. In his homily, Cardinal Müller, said that it was his first task as Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, to defend and spread the faith of the Catholic Church. Among the many faithful who attended the Thanksgiving Mass and celebrations which followed, were close family members, among others Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, president of the Vatican bank IOR, Ernst von Freiyberg, former Bavarian Finance Minister Georg Fahrenschon. Numerous other representatives of the Church, politics, economy and culture, especially from Germany, including numerous prelates and former students of the former professor of Dogmatic Theology (1986-2002).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Ackermen: Throw Sexual Ethic Overboard, Tomorrow Doctrine?

(Trier) The "shocking" statements by Bishop Ackermann of Trier are currently in the ears and  bode little good for Germany's Catholic Church to expect. Whoever  today is willing readily to throw almost all of the sexual ethics of the Church over board, tomorrow will be ready to betray the whole of Catholic doctrine.  This conclusion was reached by Catholic journalist Mauro Faverzani, who reported for Corrispondenza Romana on the controversial Ackermann interview. Bishop Ackermann and in slightly different wording of Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx,   "wash my fur, but do not make me wet" seem to have found a new use for the saying. Given these and other omissions of bishops of the German-speaking countries, in Switzerland and Austria, things are quite similar, the question arises: Where  the Nuncios find only those bishops?


The Twisted and "Rewritten" Moral Teaching of the Church

The shocking words of Bishop Stephan Ackermann, Bishop of Trier, with the destructive effects of an overflowing   river causing suffering and pain: after they have broken through the dams of faith, they have devastated the Catholic doctrine, hurt the sensibility of the faithful and  confused everyone. All this with the usual complicity of an interview, this time by the daily newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung".

Bishop Ackermann wants to throw Catholic sexual ethics overboard

According to a recent survey, the Catholics of the German dioceses would consider the sexual ethics of the Church as unworldly. Asked for an opinion, made Bishop Ackermann no secret of wanting to throw in the truest sense of the word, the entire rules and commandments overboard: "We need to strengthen the sense of responsibility of people, but then also respect their decision of conscience". One marvels and wonders when and where Jesus Christ may have probably taught his disciples. On the question of the admission of divorced remarried to the sacraments the bishop said: "We are here to make suggestions," just as if not to be all set since always clear and distinct.
For premarital sex Ackermann said almost apologetically: "We can not completely change the Catholic doctrine, but develop criteria by which we say: In this and this particular case it is justifiable. . It's not that there is only the ideal on the one hand and the condemnation on the other side "Obviously, playing what the Catholic Church teaches, for the German bishop not matter ... to family planning and contraception, he said:" The distinction by natural and artificial contraception is somehow artificial. I'm afraid that no one understands more. "

Appeal to a Sense of Responsibility and Respect Decisions

And as for homosexuality should the Church, according to Ackermann, appeal to the sense of responsibility of the individual: "The Christian view of man goes by the polarity of the sexes, but we can not simply say that homosexuality is unnatural."  But homosexuality should not be lived in promiscuity and gratification. Where the bishop may have only won his findings? Although the church emphasize the uniqueness of marriage between man and woman, but if a registered partnership, distinguishing by loyalty and responsibility, "then we can not ignore this responsibility," said the Bishop of Trier. After all, it is amazing, the blessing of homosexual couples as among the Protestants is  still yet  "not our solution." Truly a disconcerting bishop.
Priestly celibacy is still canonically "no dogma", but he was in favor of maintaining it. As for the future, however,  he  says he could not predict,  weakly added  the bishop immediately.

"Excessive Benevolence" for Project "Gay and Catholic"

What is certain, however, today, is the ambiguous and provocative behavior of the German Church, especially in matters of morality. On this theme,  the German Dioceses have put on the accelerator pedal and keep trying to stir up new conflicts to give rise to fault lines and tear open breaches. A sentire cum ecclesiam with the German side is no longer apparent.  Not surprisingly it's just in Germany and indeed in Frankfurt am Main in the parish of Maria Hilf there is a presently self-constituted community of homosexual believers. The whole thing runs under the motto "Gay and Catholic," but also stands open for "lesbian, bisexual, and transgender." The result was the "Project" to "reduce pain" those who had been inflicted on homosexuals by the teaching of the Church. The Church authorities are accused of a lack of understanding and only because it teaches what is the teaching of the Church as it was entrusted by tradition and written for Her  by God. The outlandish Frankfurt "experiment" was endorsed by the Emeritus  Bishop of Limburg, Franz Kamphaus. The homo-believers and the associations supporting the Catholic ground staff in Frankfurt cared not a whit to the heavy criticism that has been voiced by his successor, Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz against the special community. [At last, some insight as to the true reason for Bishop van Elst's treatment by the "Catholic" press, as insidiously in the service of the enemy as always.]

There were Columns of Flame from Satan Coming Through "Cracks"  in the Church: Paul VI.

For the theologian Gregory Schorberger took all the more extreme, even excessive benevolence of the gay community and catholic project. In his dissertation he described it as important that homosexual believers possess a recognized place where they know they are also accepted by the local clergy. There are already efforts to set up similar special communities in other German dioceses. In 1972, Pope Paul VI. in a prophetic moment, described the cracks through which the "smoke of Satan" had entered the church. These columns show itself as large cracks and the smoke was only the first sign of that destructive activity of the infernal flames that caused these cracks.
Introduction / Translation: Corrispondenza Romana / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 17, 2014

Limburg Report Provides for New Speculations

According to a preliminary report of the "Spiegel" the investigation report is be delivered on Wednesday  at the same time it will go to Pope Francis and to the chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch,

Hamburg / Limburg ( / KNA) New speculations on the investigation report on the construction of the Bishops residence on the Limburg Cathedral Hill. According to a previous report by  "Spiegel" published  Sunday, it will be given to Pope Francis and to the chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch   at the same time on Wednesday. The Pope will not let the matter lie long, said the boulevard magazine, citing unnamed sources in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

The report, prepared under the chairmanship of Paderborn Auxiliary Bishop Manfred Grothe, is an important step in view of the further employment of the Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst.  This criticism was partly because of the cost of the Episcopal House of at least 31 million Euros. Tebartz van Elst is believed to be  currently, indefinitely outside of his diocese pending the Pope's decision.

 As "Spiegel" reported further, Tebartz van Elst has made a statement through his lawyer already that "extensive comments" elaborate on the allegations. The report itself will, however, will not contain comments on the evaluation,  it said.

The spokesman of the German Bishops Conference, Matthias Kopp, interviewed by  the magazine  the Catholic News Agency (KNA) with the words, "for the next few weeks"  there will be an "aggreement to the procedure for inspection and discussion of the report , which should take account of all interests fair statement," by the German Council of Bishops.  For this reason, they will not engage in speculation about timelines or content.

When and how the diocese of Limburg should be informed about the discussions at the Vatican on the report, according to diocese spokesman Stefan Schnelle is still open. "I hope we get the report available for inspection prior to publication, so that we can make an interpretation," said Schnelle to KNA.  First, however, it's Rome's turn. 

At the current whereabouts of Tebartz van Elst he could not say anything, the spokesman said. The bishop had retired to await the decision of the Pope in the Lower Bavarian Benedictine Monastery of Metten, but he has returned often in the past back to his Diocese.  In the middle of Janaury, he made a "purely private visit" to Rome.

You can get a look at the Bishop's residence. The bone of contention as it were. Tour of the diocesan center of St. Nicholas in Limburg - Amateur video from 05.09.2013 locally

 (C) 2013 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH.All rights reserved. Limburg Cathedral Hill Photo (c) Diocese of Limburg

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Limburg: Bishop Tebbartz-van-Elst -- Administrative Dismissal in Stages

Edit: the world press is striking a jubilant chord as it lies. Again, the real reason for the dismissal doesn't have anything to do with the alleged misappropriation of funds.  If that were the case, most of the German speaking Bishops would be dismissed.

(Limburg) Pope Francis has made a decision in the case of the Bishop of Limburg. The question is: What exactly is it to be interpreted? After talking round in Rome with the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch, the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, and finally Bishop Tebartz van Elst himself, plus other contact names and conversations that took place behind the scenes it became evident that it was the Pope who was "comprehensively and objectively informed," as stated in the official press release from the Holy See.

A "time out" for the bishop has been mentioned and that the Pope is supposed to be "giving support" to the Limburg Pastor. The tenor seems almost as if the papal decision failed to be "positive" for Bishop Tebartz van Elst.

The facts: Bishop Tebartz van Elst can "at the present time not exercise his episcopal ministry", the Pope "considers it advisable," the bishop should "be granted a time outside the diocese" and is appointing "during the absence of the diocesan bishop," Wiesbaden's Dean Wolfgang Rösch "as of today" will be Vicar General of the diocese "with pertinent authority." In this situation, the "results" of the "examination in view of the construction of the bishop's" are supposed to be awaited. The evaluation will bring an "affirmation of responsibilities in this regard."

The bishop felt himself "encouraged" by a 20-minute audience with the Pope. Church officials close to him in Rome spoke of the meeting was a "good" run.

What is the decision of the Pope in plain language? That Pope has suspended Bishop Francis Tebartz van Elst. And it seems unlikely you can interpret the subtleties of ecclesiastical language properly, that there will be a return to the episcopate for him. Rather, it seems to be an expulsion in stages, with an open side door, which was decided in Rome. The undersigned would be pleased, if it were reconsidered.

The wolves howled and got their next victim? It really seems so. So, there is nothing new under the German sun. From a certain point of escalation serves only the "image" and the "recovery of trust". With Bishop Tebartz van Elst, the list of German bishops sold out in the last 20 years is probably longer by another name. And they invariably affect bishops who were assigned to the "conservative" part of the Church in the wider sense of the word. A list with an unpleasant "aroma".

The money question was smugly played with cinematic titles like "Bishop of bling" in the foreground seems only advanced into the whole question. Because the question of money is not the problem isolated to a person, supposedly the Bishop of Limburg, but even to the whole German Church. The grave that the German church and religion in Germany itself is shoveling, 6 billion EUR 1 heavy and that's yearly. But the ear of those so clairaudient critics within the Church of Bishop Tebartz van Elst suddenly grows deaf. So deaf as they were, as Pope Benedict XVI. challenged the German Church to detach from the world to clear the way for a New Evangelization of Germany.

And here is the full text of the press statement of the Vatican:


The Holy Father has been fully and objectively informed about the situation in the diocese of Limburg at present time.

In the diocese there has been a situation in which the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, can not exercise his episcopal ministry at the present time..

According to the "fraternal visit" by His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo last September, the German Bishops' Conference, pursuant to an agreement between the bishop and the Limburg Cathedral Chapter, a committee used to carry out a detailed examination in view of the construction of the Diocesan Centre. Pending the results of the said examination and the related affirmation of responsibilities in this regard, the Holy See considers it advisable, SE Mons. Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz to allow a time of outside of the Diocese.

Upon decision of the Holy See about the Bishop of Limburg till 1 January 2014, the appointment of Fr. Mr. Dean Wolfgang Rösch Vicar General, is already effective in place as of today. Fr. Roesch is Vicar General for the diocese of Limburg to manage it during the absence of the diocesan bishop under the powers associated with that office.

From the Vatican, 23 October 2013

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons Trans: Tancred

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Neo-Conservative Bishop Makes Old Rite Priest Cathedral Rector

Editor: this man may have some say in who the next Bishop will be.  It's also a strong indicator for Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst who's not been always the most traditional friendly of Bishops.

Germany, Limburg.  Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has named Fr. Gereon Rehberg (55) as the new Cathedral Rector in the Cathedral Chapter.  This has just been reported by the Limburg Diocesan homepage.  The new Cathedral Rector has been since the Feast of the Assumption also the new Cathedral Pastor.  He is also the director of the Pastoral Area of Limburg.  He's been celebrating the Wednesday Mass in the Old Mass for years in Wiesbaden.

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