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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Before you get outraged and call the Catholic League....

Ask yourself, how much of this has been made possible by the fact that enough of our priests have been acting like rabbis for the past six decades? In the past, tracts like Maria Monk relied on an ignorant Protestant population being shielded from the Faith for success. You can't even pick at minor details in this video. For example, the priest is offering Mass in a black suit and collar. But, I'm sure this has happened at a Nervous disOrdo parish somewhere with a lectern placed in the middle of the sanctuary aping the Calvinists. The only thing that could still leave us incredulous is all of the people going to confession and a priest talking about Hell. That's libelous.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Adoptive Children of Perverts Baptized in Rio Cathedral -- Church Collapses Before Zeitgeist

Church caves to the Zeitgeist
(Rio de Janeiro) Last Sunday, the adoptive children of two perverts were baptized in the Cathedral of the Brazilian Archbishopric of Curitiba. In contrast to other ecclesiastical events, the baptism found great media interest. The media gave overall impression that the Church had changed its attitude to homosexuality (tacitly).There was no contradiction or a critical word about the life of the "parents" from the Church leaders obliged to say something.

Ecclesiastical surrender before the Zeitgeist

Unusual media interest for a baptism

The sacrament of baptism applies to the infant, but the oblique tones in the case of Curitiba can not be overthrown. As in a similar case in Argentina, aberrosexual "parents" lack all insight from living in a state of serious sin. This is not a reason to deny children the baptism, but should be a warning signal, not to allow the instrumentalization of the baptism. As was already the case in the Argentine case of Cordoba, the opposite was the case. The baptism drew water on the mills of the gay lobby, while the Church leaders responsible did nothing to prevent the erroneous impression that the Church had changed its doctrine of homosexuality.
The local media gave the event a lot of space. The reason for this offered no increased interest in the baptismal sacrament, but only the aberrosexual "parents". The free newspaper Metro put a large picture of the baptism on the title page: "Baptism in the cathedral. Children of married gay boys receive the sacrament of baptism." The report was printed on page 3. A daily newspaper could not do more. The sensation for the media was not baptism, but that the Church decently accepted the aberrosexual context, and thus the rejection of essential parts of the Catholic doctrine of morality, sacraments, and human beings.
Church representatives surrender before the Zeitgeist. Some know, but are ignorant of fear, others sympathize openly with the Zeitgeist that is currently whistling a pervertophile song.

Known aberro activists

The two homosexuals Toni Reis and David Harrad are aberrosexual activists known in Brazil. They were the ones who won the "historic judgment" (Metro) before the Supreme Court in 2011 to allow aberrosexuals to adopt children. Since then they have adopted three children at the age of 12, 14 and 16 years. Alyson was adopted by them in 2012, the physical siblings, Jessica and Felipe in 2014.
According to Metro, Reis and Harrad had "difficulties" with the priests of some parishes. So all the more "happy" they were about the "sensitivity" of Archbishop Jose Antonio Peruzzo. They also thanked Cathedral Rector Elio Jose Dall'Agnol and Deacon Miguel Fernando Rigoni.
The Church leaders were able to foresee the slaughter of the event by homosexuals and the media, but the baptism did not take place with discretion, without the media and in a remote chapel, but in the bishop's church and without a critical word on the life of the "parents."

"I have no problem with that, because Pope Francis calls ..."

Metro quoted Don Luciano Tokarski, the head of the Biblical-Catechetical Commission of the Archdiocese. He said succinctly: "There have already been cases in other parishes, including children of married [lesbian] women. I have no problem with that." And further: "If you want baptism, you go to church. It comes not only because of a social event. They want Catholic life, wish to follow religion, and the Church is open to them.The task of the Church is not to condemn but to accept all. Pope Francis has demanded an attitude of acceptance."
As Metro announced, the "Catholic family" wants to visit Europe in July. The first stage was the Vatican, where they wanted to "get to know and greet" Pope Francis. Then they go on to England, where David Harrod comes from, who is Anglican.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Metro (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Church Should Apologize to Homosexuals?" -- The Catholic Media Never Cites the Pope Correctly

Cathedral of Orleans "homosexualized": Bishop Blaquart on the 17th of
June lighted the Cathedral in LGBT colors, in or to express his "communion"
with the Homo-Community After the Orlando Attack

The homosexualization is progressing rapidly. Whoever does not shrilly sing along in homophilic choir,  arouses suspicion. Google Maps "pleases" users with a homo-correct street view man. And if the Pope explicitly specified, it means it won't be long before only the Catholic media will also follow him.

A commentary by Martha Burger Weinzl

Pope Francis was questioned on his return from Armenia by the journalist Cindy Wooden of CNS, the news agency of the American Episcopal last Sunday on homosexuality. She wanted to know what the Pope had to say on Cardinal Reinhard Marx's demand that the Church should apologize to the "gay community" because it has marginalized these people.

Orlando assassin was a "soldier of the Caliph" and not a Christian

Absurdly, Wooden added: "In the days after the massacre in Orlando many have said that the Christian community has something to do with the hatred of these people," even though the Orlando-attack on a gay club had been committed by a "soldier of the Caliph" one of the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS). As a journalist she also has long known that the US government had manipulated the confessional identity of Muslims to omit any reference emphasizing  Islam. It must therefore be assumed - if only as a diversionary tactic - that a false accusation of Christians was considered acceptable.

Pope Francis answered as precisely  as he did two years ago on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro, when he took a position on homosexuality for the first time. He stated that the position towards homosexuality and homosexuals is that of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and that homosexuals should be accompanied according to the Catechism. A clear statement. It is only clear for faithful Catholics who know the catechism reasonably well. However, the statement is hardly suitable for non-practicing sham Catholics  and certainly not for non-Catholics. The Pope again avoided explaining the Church's teaching on homosexuality and homosexuals. Another missed opportunity.

Homosexuality: Enlightenment would be necessary, but is not necessary

That's just how this this issue, where a strong lobby supported by numerous Zeitgeist Knights operates a general brainwashing, longs for enlightenment  (Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Laun recently spoke about "brainwashed" Christians). It's a challenge that Pope Francis rather evades, knowing that he would thus forfeit some sympathy from the media. The pope prefers prefer to remain silent, and he provides the model for many bishops and priests who are silent. But who then proclaims the saving truth and warns of the deadly dangers of sin?

So homosexuals must manage on their own, and just as the Catholics and Christians must orient total on the merits. How many are geared wrong because they do not take the catechism, but the daily press on hand, or can be homosexualisieren own thinking of radio, television and the Internet, will remain an oppressive secret.

What good will the topic of homosexuality to misunderstanding, is to a preceding homo-correct representation or an open Homophilic propaganda showed the coverage of the Pope's statement on Sunday in the German language.

Pope Francis took on the flight back to numerous important questions raised. Among other things, he demanded nothing more and nothing less than a "new EU" and "more independence and more freedom" for the Member States. With a colleague I bet that the mass media, however, would take the issue of homosexuality as a headline, and so it was.

The headline read in slight variations: "Church should apologize to homosexuals". This is exactly what the Pope had not said.

"Church to apologize to homosexuals"? - No, because "the" Church "is holy"

The pope agreed to the "Marxist" Cardinal [Reinhard Marx], but stated that, "the" Church "is holy" but that Christians were "sinners." In other words, sin and guilt are always personal. If Christians had therefore been guilty, it's Christians who to apologize, but not "the Church".

The Pope carried out a considerable clarification and thus also corrected the influential [and evil] President of the German Bishops' Conference and his understanding of the Church.

However, the clarification did not help, because not even the Catholic media were able or willing to quote the Pope properly. Kath Press, the news agency of the Austrian Bishops' Conference headlined as assiduously as secular media: "Church Should Apologize to Homosexuals".

The pains to verify what was allegedly printed exactly by whom, should not be made here. Unless it is easy to verify that - to stay with the example of Austria - Kathpress first media spread the hoax. Previously, the AP has been one of the "three big sisters" among press agencies.

In the media sector, it runs known as, and usually at the expense of a comprehensive and in-depth information: If an international and a national press agency write the same thing, there has hardly been  an editorial examination for veracity. Rather, then,   all of the relevant media of a country write the same content exactly. The result is that it is perceived by citizens as an oppressive "standardized opinion" whether from Neusiedl to Bregenz, Kiefersfelden to Flensburg or from Davos to Basel.

One should be able to expect a correct story  from a Catholic news agency. Otherwise, the question arises as to whether they made a deliberate "misunderstanding". Interestingly,  the misunderstanding in the mass media and agencies fell promptly and reliably within the meaning of the mainstream. The subscribers and fee payers are then a herd of cattle fed propaganda, so that it thinks "correctly".

Text: Martha Burger Weinzl
Image: Les Patriotes de Bonnet (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Attempts to Torpedo Recognition of SSPX in the German Press Begin

(Rome) The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) today published a broadside against a possible recognition of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 
" You do not provoke these rulers! " Is the title of the article by Christian Geyer-Hindemith. A recognition of the SSPX by Rome suggests a threat to the features editor.
"What a 'new humanism' would that be?" Asks Geyer in an idiosyncratic allusion to the acceptance speech of the Pope last Friday, as he was awarded the Charlemagne Prize in Rome.
The FAZ article first confirms that a canonical recognition of the SSPX by Pope Francis may be imminent, and with very favorable conditions for the Fraternity. It was founded in 1970 by Archbishop Lefebvre in response to the Second Vatican Council and its consequences with the aim to preserve the Catholic heritage undiminished in doctrine and discipline.
Against such recognition there is resistance stirring, and it comes mainly from Germany. The intention of the FAZ article is to generate pressure against such recognition. Thus the usual "fight against right-extremism" mechanisms and taglines are employed.
It is therefore likely to be expected in the coming days with further tendentious articles in the German "mainstream media" who want to prevent a canonical agreement between Rome and the SSPX. [Let's not forget Vatican Insider.]
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: FAZ (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bishops and Priests Stage Race Around "Communion for Everybody"

(Rome) To  emulate the Pope is in itself laudable, but not always appropriate. In some parts of the Catholic Church there is a race among priests and bishops which has begun as to who will be the first - to give Communion to divorced and remarried - on behalf of the Pope.
Cardinal Schönborn may lay claim to this unusual  primacy for himself. He was the first who already, at the launch of the Post-Synodal Exhortation Amoris laetitia,  announced that the world Church merely accept what he had been practicing already for "15 years"  in his archdiocese. He must have acted as a rather secretive practice because he was one of Ratzinger's students,  who  never ceased being criticized in the notoriously in "progressive" and "conservatively" divided church in Austria by the "conservative" side.
Similarly of Schönborn of Vienna  the church newspaper of the northern Italian Diocese of Bergamo also reports, that a Church praxis has been born of "local handicrafts." In other words, what had already been conceived on the spot without approval and against Rome, now receives official Roman blessing.  Msgr. Alberto Carrara, priest, editor of the church newspaper and even the author of the editorial, raised his glass to toast the fact that at last it could be done "in the light of the sun," which previously had to be practiced in the dark.
Amoris laetitia makes that part of the church show its the true face, which had apparently been well camouflaged in the past. This outcropping reveals how many have, half-heartedly or not, imparted and defended the doctrine of the Church. Rather, they have promoted it with their hidden parallel magisterium those who with receptive attitudes towards the Church to adapt the teaching to the current wishes of the people.
What is astonishing is the speed with which the "prophets" of a "new church" have come to light, pushing their idea that goes back long before the current pontificate.

Pope says "Yes and Period" and appears annoyed by journalists

On the flight back from Lesbos, Pope Francis was asked for the first time to  answer  the question whether the divorced and remarried are now to be admitted to communion or not: "Yes, and period". This is how he could respond, said the Pope, but it would be too short a response. He referred therefore to Cardinal Schönborn and his idea of Amoris Laetitia. There it is, in addition to the description given by Pope, a  summary of response the longer version.
When another journalist inquired, Pope Francis was a bit annoyed and criticized the media. This would reduce the double-synod to a referendum on Communion for divorced and remarried. Considering the ecclesial reality, the Pope would have all the more reason to be upset with priests and bishops, who aren't quick enough to sound their willingness give Communion to divorced and remarried  (and who knows what else ).
Finally, it was Pope Francis, who had convened the Synod and Cardinal Kasper is to have provided direction for remarried divorcees, and not the media. Everything comes to admission to the sacraments and the doctrine of the sacrament of marriage, the Eucharist and the sacrament of penance has happened and is happening, is homemade. The media has so little to do.

"Proud they've been doing it  for 40 years"

Shortly after the release of Amoris laetitia a priest active in Rome. Giovanni Cereti, gave an interview to the newspaper Quotidiano NazionaleHe stated emphatically  with pride that he has been giving the divorced and remarried Communion for 40 years. Don Cereti belongs to the circle of Old-68ers, who presented even then the book on "Divorce, Remarriage and Penance in the Early Church,"  which was reissued in advance of the second Synod of Bishops in 2015, in order to support the position of  "communion for all." 
In the Philippines  the same goes for  the Bishops' Conference. "Charity can not wait," they explained to the faithful of the archipelago. It would be followed by "concrete guidance" by the bishops. Until then, "bishops and priests are already prepared to open their welcome arms towards those who've kept away from church out of a sense of guilt and feelings of shame.  The laity have to do the same. "
As said, the Pope should rather be annoyed over his closest associates, who pressed at every opportunity the question of Communion for divorced and remarried   for two years to journalists. Since it is difficult to believe that the closest of the Pope's confidants have done so against the will of the pope, the papal words against journalists have less to do with his response to the Communion question, but now that outbreak has happened, the pope no longer want to be bothered with it. In short,  everything necessary has been said and the progressives have understood the message. When one speaks  for too long on details, then the last "conservatives" could still get the idea to go behind the scenes and throw light on  the operation, which took place under his eyes, but did not recognize his  transfigured view of the papacy, and unintentionally supported the pope's justifications. 

How certain clergy deal with the Sacraments

The above-mentioned Msgr. Carraro expressed surprise that his article caused such a fuss. In his reply, he reported on his discussions with divorced and remarried. It is worthwhile to reproduce his description, in order to understand the significance  certain clergy attaches the sacraments.
I met people who had entered into a new marriage many times. With them I had something like this conversation: "Your marriage, the first which failed, is indissoluble. This is written in the Gospel. You have not managed to live it to the last detail: to live as a united flesh is no easy matter. I know this because many I speak to  do not separate, and so to live a whole  lifetime is hard."
" It was he, however, who has run away with his secretary ... " she answered me. "But living together had become a hell."  "We would have been forced to do the whole life as if ..." I listened. Often tears flowed.
I continued: You are protesting because the Church excludes from the sacraments. If you give to that the Church has some decision making problems with this Gospel in its hand? Look at you. You can live your faith without confession and  without communion, you are a Christian, you're all Christian in every respect.
"Excuse me, why do you persist then so much on the Eucharist?" I listened. I could not answer, because I myself made ​​this objection, which the Church,  as I was seen as its  official representative at this moment. I felt like two parts, both accused and accuser.
I continued: "But, according to me, you can also opt to receive Communion. I give you absolution.This does not mean that the problem is solved. It remains in limbo. It's just outside my conscience as a priest, it seems to me that I can not tell you that you are sentenced for life. You take the responsibility to ask the absolution, I take the responsibility to give it to you. And then we wait with confidence."
After I give them absolution, I always felt extremely quiet. I always thought: If I'm going to hell, then at least not because of these absolutions. Maybe I'm being immodest, but it seems to me that my Church has been vindicated in the end.

Downside of outings : Hunt for faithful priests

The "outing" of priests and bishops, who "always" gave public adulterers communion  or wanted to give it, is only one side of the coin. The other side is the hunting, which has now been opened against those priests and bishops, who oppose this "opening". The framework is already established: A priest holding a sermon, a catechesis or a marriage preparation seminar and someone starts to complain about  the "backward-looking" and "ruthless" ideas of the priest with reference to Pope Francis. The priest will demonstrate and defend the doctrine of the Church and therefore stand as an "enemy" of the Pope. Because whatever he says, he will raise the impression in his opponent  or must allow that it is  possible  from this that he thus claims, that the Pope is not Catholic. Is it possible to defend the Catholic doctrine against the Pope? It is possible, yes, but also a very difficult task. Aside from that, journalists who will give the "suffering of (the priest) discriminated" a fair hearing are few. The priest will be lynched by the media in no time. His own bishop will  let him down quickly in many cases. 
The experience of Father Maurizio Vismara, vicar of the Diocese of Pistoia Montemurlo, is already in the making. In a preparation for First Communion, usually a family event, the Chaplain told the parents that he could not give them Communion, who are in an irregular situations. One of those present felt insulted and the case ended up in the media. The daily newspaper Il Tirreno gave him an entire page, in which the priest was attacked who had dared to call to memory the doctrine of the Church,  because the "mature" Catholic knows only rights but no duties, at least none that he does not want to know.

And the next target is the priest celibacy?

"That's just a taste. In the coming months we will live to see everything. And maybe even the official announcement of the next target: priestly celibacy. Maybe it is just an unattainable ideal, which is too heavy a yoke for many priests?" said Riccardo Cascioli, the editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana .
Schönborns gradualism theory would,  if applied to celibacy, just mean that while everyone should strive for the ideal, it is not given to everyone to achieve the ideal in the same rate and to the same extent. Therefore, various levels reached would need to be recognized and appreciated. Or this, then, might be the justification for lifting the celibacy priest.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Sant'Alessandro (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pope: For an Answer on "Amoris Laetitiae" Read Cardinal Schönborn's Synopsis

Francis expressed himself in another "flying press conference" not only on "Amoris laetitiae" but also on the Syrian refugee families who came along with him, sealing off of Europe and the meeting with Bernie Sanders

 Vatican City ( Pope Francis appealed to journalists that when reporting on his  Apostolic Letter "Amoris laetitita" they should also read the synopsis that Cardinal Christoph Schönborn had given at the press conference at the Vatican.  When asked by a journalist at the "flying press conference" on the flight from Lesbos to Rome on Saturday afternoon, if the document on the subject of marriage and family opened "new opportunities for the divorced and remarried," the Pope said "I could already say yes, but that would be too short a response. If you read the introduction by Cardinal Schönborn, who is a great theologian, to the text, then you have the answer," said Francis, [Apparently, Pope Francis said "I can say yes.  Period," in the Italian, "Io posso dire sì. Punto.."] according to Vatican Radio. Besides questions about "Amoris laetitiae" the journalists wanted to talk about the Arab refugees traveling in the Airbus - three Syrian families - the sealing off of Europe and the meeting with Bernie Sanders.

The Pope said that he was still moved in the wake of his visit to the refugee camp Moria in Lesbos: He had "to cry" about the encounters he experienced. Francis showed reporters pictures the children had painted and presented to him: "What the kids want is peace? Because they are suffering." On one of the pictures a weeping sun can be seen: "If even the sun were able to cry," said Francis, "then it would do us some good to shed. I would also invite the arms dealers to spend a day there in the camp." That would be "healing" for them.

In terms of the twelve traveling Syrian refugees who are Muslims, the pope insisted that it was "a purely humanitarian matter" and not to connect "any political speculation." The idea had come up a week ago with some of his colleagues in the Vatican, "and I accepted this immediately." He had "seen that it was the Holy Spirit who was speaking." The action was coordinated with the Greek and Italian authorities.

Francis quoted Mother Teresa: "It may be that this is just a drop in the sea, but the sea is not the same because of these drops." When selecting the refugees to take to Rome, he had "not made a choice between Christians and Muslims," ​​Francis said. "These three families had their papers in order and could get it. There were two Christian families on the list, but their papers were not in order. So no privilege." The twelve refugees he wished to take care of in the Vatican, were "all God's children".

On European refugee policy the Pope said: "I understand the people who feel a certain fear. I understand that we have great responsibility in receiving a great responsibility, and one of the aspects is how to integrate these people." He also reiterated that he considered walls as "no solution" and that bridges lead further. "We need to build bridges, but intelligently, with dialogue and integration." Europe must "urgently address their admissions policy, integration, growth, jobs and economic reforms."

All these points are "bridges" that reach into the future. "Europe must now return to find the ability to integrate, which it always had." That some "people born and raised in Europe," the "sons or grandsons of migrants", had committed the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels had, which shows in this view, "that there has been no integration policy."

On his decision to meet with the democratic US -Präsidentschaftskandidaten Bernie Sanders, Francis said that he met and greeted Sanders in the morning when he had left the residence of Santa Mart where he lives on an entire floor. The Marxist Pro-Abortion Sanders came to address Congress on the social encyclical "Centesimus Annus" in Rome.

"It was a simple greeting, nothign more. That's called manners, not meddling in politics. If someone thinks that a welcome is the same as mixing in politics, I recommend him a psychiatrist," said Francis word for word.

Another journalist asked about "Amoris laetitia," namely, why Francis had been hiding the subject of sacraments for the divorced and remarried in a footnote? The Pope explained that he had done so, "because it was already in Evangelii Gaudium," the programmatic Apostolic Letter of 2013. By "One of the last Popes" - Benedict XVI. was meant - "Has, as he once spoke of the council, there have actually been two of the Second Vatican Council, one of the Council of the media," said Francis about the totally different weights of certain issues.

So it will not probably not be registered, "that the the Communion is not the main problem of the family and Church." "We have a declining birth rate, at which one can only cry, lack of jobs and salaries, so Mom and Dad both have to work, and the children grow up alone. These are the big problems," Francis said.

Edit: and as usual, you're welcome LSNs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Austrian Priest Criticizes Gomorrism -- Media Launches Attack

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Left  Media Hunt

Satanic Persecution of Priest 

Edit: a courageous Catholic priest tells the truth, teaches the Catholic Faith and now the media is on the hunt. We’ll be following this to see if he shares the same treatment with other courageous priests who’ve offered themselves to say what’s right.

Bilderberger and Freemason leads a Catholic pastor to his media pillory, because he tells the truth - memories of times of Nazi church struggle.
Thank you, Father, for the clear words  which the Austrian bishops are too cowardly to say![Image: Parish Journal Neukirchen a / d wild, quoted by ORF-NE]

Homosexuality - a Grave Sin “Against Nature"

Pastor Fr. André Wingen wrote in the bulletin of his parish in Neukirchen an der Wild, which is located in the district of Horn in Austria that:
  • "Homosexual partnerships  are perverted, unnatural and (are) among the gravest sins  ... homosexuality is abnormal, that is against nature, and needs to be healed."
This finding can not be refuted by the media whores, for if homosexuality is in the nature of man, then there would be no more people.
So long as there are still people, then homosexuality is something unnatural (see: "sins against nature” according to Catholic moral teaching) and perverse (see" pervertere ", lat).
This may be seen also in the Diocese of St. Pölten as: . "[T] he priest brings legitimate issues for discussion."
And "media friendly": "The discourse could be  'constructively‘ undertaken." - in the usually inefficient way asindicated by the bishops.

Journaille as homo-Lobby

But godless journalists are simply not  thinkers, but are hanging by the strings of the capital elite, in order to uphold  the systemically important lies of the ruling despot.
Anxiously trembling for their jobs journalists will be thrown a few bread crumbs for their anti-Christian, while treading the bread of life into the dust.
The Press is enslaved by the devil which incites against Catholic priests and against the truth.

Enlightenment Struggle Against the Church

The poor Presstitutes  blaspheme, as in totalitarian systems, against Jesus Christ, who is to be stigmatized over again in the general public. Such stigmatization there was before the Second Vatican Council, for example, in the French Jacobin revolution and during the Nazi church struggle.
The lie factories of global high finance (i.e., all mass media) are calling ultimately the abolition of the Catholic faith and the Catholic priesthood.
The lie manufacturers give the well-orchestrated order to commence fire against a real Catholic priest.

Baiting of the ORF

The pro-regime and  state-funded (extorted) radio (ORF) persecutes  real Catholic priest as well, like all other mass media that are held by the financial oligarchy for the purpose of the dictatorship of opinion. 
  • The O probrious  R ed F reemasons ( ORF ) are persecuting a priest: 
    With such "overly conservative" people you have only problems, says a passer-by, "those people who do not think outside the box." (Source: “ One is healed of Homosexuality" ) 
    If you look at the reporting on Russia, thus  it is clear that the ORF workforce is fixed on Eastern campaigns and the creation of empires. 
    From the former ORF-building on Argentinian Street in Vienna, the National Socialist broadcasts were already transmitted from 1 April 1939 to   to 6th April 1945 as the National Socialist propaganda broadcaster of "Reichssender Vienna," which even the Left Internet Encyclopedia "Wikipedia" can not hide.
  • Brother Reinhard Göhweil, chief editor of the "Wiener Zeitung”, outed as a Freemason, who according to the independent Andreas Unterberger,  was involved in the  persecution of a true Catholic priest.  (Source:  "Masonic Rules Also Apply to U-Committee" )
  • The owner of the Sub-“Standard”, [Der Standard is a state subsidized Austrian daily newspaper] which needs must agitate against a true Catholic priest, of course, is the Zionist Bilderberg Demagogue Oscar Bronner . See also Wiki.
    The regular presence of the subject Bronner at the annual Bilderberg conferences proves that the media is a modality of money. All those who do not share the ideology of the Bilderberg Group, are placed on the “Standard” media pillory, spat upon and guillotined (even the inventor of the guillotine was possessed by the evil spirit of the Satanic Freemasonry).
  • Another spiritually dead “rumor monger" pox, who is also responsible for Jacobin propaganda, called insultingly "Austria". This gutter sheet is co-financed to a large extent by government-related ads involuntarily extorted from taxpayers. 
    The photo on this article shows a black cross, which will probably recall in its darkness the emblem of the German Wehrmacht and the contempt of the Church by the National Socialists during the Church struggle. Of the capital-dependent hysterics, this best-buy sheet to as many trim to followers, it says hysterically: “Pastor Rails Against Homosexuals" 
    (Source: “ Pastor Rails Against Homosexuals ")  
    is not enough: The pastor of Neukirchen an der Wild “ even expressed himself critically against abortion", i.e. the unpunished murder of unborn children, which consequently  logically “folllows” that they are  "lives unworthy of life” according to the Jewish Viennese Socialist Party Councilor Julius Tandler.

Proxy war

The mass media which is outfitted with power by Satan  beats the priest, but intends to strike Jesus Christ.

Link to…

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Anti-Catholic Media Watch: 800 Children Were NOT Dumped in a Septic Tank

What has upset, confused and dismayed her in recent days is the speculative nature of much of the reporting around the story, particularly about what happened to the children after they died. “I never used that word ‘dumped’,” she says again, with distress. “I just wanted those children to be remembered and for their names to go up on a plaque. That was why I did this project, and now it has taken [on] a life of its own.” - Catherine Corless

Edit: the news is awash with the completely mendacious story of a Magdalen home in Tuam Ireland where fallen women and their illegitimate children were housed, and given a chance on life, as opposed to being preyed upon by pimps.  The story claims that 800 children were "dumped" in a "mass grave" in a "septic tank".  The story was an emotional one and conjured up the usual misogynistic images of cruel faces of doughty sadistic nuns in medieval cowls overseeing a mass murder.

The story was based on the work of an independent researcher, Catherine Corless who is horrified that her story has taken on such macabre dimensions and is being used to unfairly malign the Church, which is covered by the Catechesis of Caroline Blog.  We came by this at the comments at Father Ray's blog.

In fact, we find out that the image of the mass grave was false.  The septic tank contained not 800 but 20 infants.

When considering this story about the number of poor babies dying from malnutrition and "neglect".  We don't know the budget the nuns had to work with, but we are sure it wasn't unlimited.  It's also important to remember that during the time period covered from 1925-1961, that the world was undergoing an agricultural revolution where crop yields quintupled and food prices dropped.   Not surprisingly, many of the deaths from malnutrition occurred in 1944 when a world conflagration and German U-Boots made commerce risky and rationing was strictly enforced.  People were hungry during the war!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bamberg Pastor Asks Pope Francis for "Release" From Celibacy

(Bamberg) Stefan Hartmann (59), Catholic priest and pastor of Oberhaid in Upper Franconia (Archdiocese of Bamberg) wants to be "released" from celibacy. Yesterday he posted   a letter he sent to Pope Francis on his Facebook page.

He Gave a "Premature" Vow of Celibacy

The priest  explains to   the Catholic Church leader that he had given his promise of celibacy  "prematurely"  in 1981.  Celibacy does not comply with his "constitution". After "long evaluation" of his conscience and in view of his "personal situation" and "consciousness" of his "weakness" and his "mistakes," he is making the request for release from celibacy while maintaining his priesthood. Last January, Hartmann had explained on the television show "Höhe der Zeit" [Up To Date] broadcast all over Germany that he has  a daughter. In 1982 he was ordained a priest.

Relationship with Community Officer

Then he started a relationship with his church officer. Retrieved from "love" he never speaks, as a matter a timeeditor (Christ & the world) noticed. 

 He got a lot of obligatory "praise for his honesty, from the community and from the Facebook community", said Die Zeit  which knew to report it, mixing up honesty and dishonesty.   Hartmann belongs to a kind of  Hardliner.   He did not draw the necessary conclusions from his actions and ought to  be unfrocked. For example, in order to take care of his daughter. Other secularized priests became  external Church opponents. Hartmann wants to stay inside the same and rebuild the Church according to his  weakness. The applause of the media is certainly with him.

"Voluntary" Celibacy Nonsense

The priest breaks the vow of celibacy, leads a double life, does not draw the appropriate conclusions, but wants unapologetic adaptation not only for special treatment for himself, but even the whole ecclesiastical order to his "weakness". Because celibacy is just an "anachronism", which should be abolished thinks Hartmann. He speaks generously about not wanting to abolish celibacy,  but the  introduction of "voluntary"  celibacy, which is admittedly utter nonsense. This would elevate married clergy to a standard, which excludes whomever wants to just live as a  celibate priest, from  marriage. But as is known no one is forced into marriage by the Catholic Church. God had given  love, "not celibacy" which  celibacy opponents bring in their assault on the constitution of the Church as a fairly primitive denominator. That Jesus set aside celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom as a special act of love, is suppressed at all costs.
Jesus added, because He knew the people, even in the 21st century: "The one who can accept this should accept it." [Mathew 19:11] Today, all sorts of people jostling in front of the celibacy debate which  doesn't   affected them.  Were they silent, the quality of the discussion would gain much thereby. The priesthood and the religious life are voluntary acts, only obligatory to  those who are called. And to this appeal is included celibacy and chastity. Anything else would be a form of fraud, to oneself,  to God and to man.
The affected Archdiocese of Bamberg is silent. It sees no need for action, because Pastor Hartmann has only performed this escapade  once 24 years ago.  Hartmann himself knows better whether the Pope will offer a release from his vow of celibacy because of his "weakness" and his "constitution".   Strength of character looks different.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: BR (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pope Francis, Frei Betto and the "Accident" at Osservatore Romano

What, No Habit?

(Rome) Some Catholic media are eager to want to prepare a moment of "joy" for the Pope at every opportunity. One could sometimes be confused with the behavior of cajoling or adulation. The Osservatore Romano stumbled about it, because it responded with great zeal a few days ago.

First it was the Austrian Mission Bishop Erwin Kräutler, who always strives at home to stay remarkably close to the to the Left "half of the empire." He did publicly declared what he had discussed with Pope Francis in a private audience and raised here by blurred dividing lines the impression that the Pope shares his opinion to a certain extent. The latter remains unproven, as it to is neither a statement of the Pope's nor a statement of the Vatican.

Then followed the Brazilian Frei Betto, who prides himself, to have the best contacts with the Cuban regime among all the Liberation Theologians. This gave the same consenting impression of the Pope, as previously Amazon Bishop Kräutler had, and wished for his part, a "rehabilitation" of the atheist idol Giordano Bruno. Again, there was no statement of the Pope and no opinion from the Vatican, which would confirm or deny free Betto's assertion.

The two incidents conveyed the impression together with previous similar incidents that Pope Francis demands no stop to such high-handedness in public. An attitude that raises further questions about them, is whether the Pope is simply indifferent to what others spread about his actual or perceived views. Or if they all report truthfully and the Pope actually raises towards them the impression of approval. Which raises the fundamental question of what position the Pope really takes. But that seems to be the biggest mystery of the entire pontificate.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cardinal Kasper's Mental Gymnastics and the Media Catholic With a Drained Battery

(Vienna / Berlin) Austrian Radio broadcast on Thursday about the subject of religion, two separate reports on its the website. They are a perfect cross-section of how newsrooms in secular media, including those that are subject to special public order, thinks about religion and especially about the Catholic Church. The selection of topics and their treatment reveal what kind of person is attracted to the opinion threads. In this specific case it comes to Cardinal Kasper's panning for the camp of the rebels within the Church on the subject of remarried divorcees. The Cardinal offers mental acrobatics while talking about the church that can amaze you. Add to that the comment of a Catholic Women's Representative, which belongs to those quotable Catholics tolerated in the secular media who wished to express themselves as "critical of the CHurch" and especially anti-Catholic.

Kaspers Mental Gymnastics that Henry VIII wa Made a Victim of Church "discrimination" ...

In the German-speaking world, there are voices being raised that want to let it get into open confrontation in the Church. Due to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. and the election of Pope Francis a climate was created that have given the aging Progressives a whiff of morning breeze. It seems like they wish to gather for a final battle in which it is all or nothing. After a first groping on various topics such as women priests, female Cardinals, lifting celibacy, the struggle is now focused on the question of admitting remarried divorcees to the sacraments. The entire progressive agenda is trying to put itself through the breach.

After the Cardinals Marx and Lehmann and the bishops Zollitsch, Ackermann and Purst, Cardina Walter Kasper now stands on the side of the rebels. The already retired, over 80 years of age and former of Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said, according to the Hamburg weekly newspaper, Die Zeit, on the subject of remarried divorcees: "I think that changes and openings have become necessary." The paper presents the former German Cardinal as a "confidant" of Pope Francis (see also the warning to Benedict XVI about a ... Kasper -. Anti-Ratzinger Papacy in Planning ).

.... and the execution of Saint Thomas More for self-defense

The Cardinal gave to understand that he was also expecting and wishes for a "change of course" in Rome, because it must be possible for remarried divorcees, says the Cardinal to "participate fully in the Christian and ecclesial life again." The Cardinal addressed the radical intervention in the Catholic doctrine of marriage was concealed with a regard to "mercy": "What is possible with God, namely forgiveness, that should succeed even in the Church." The doctrine must not be misused to "discriminate" against individuals Österreichische Rundfunk quoted the Cardinal.

The Cardinal also played the tune, weighting Jesus' mandate against God's mercy, the mercy canceling the command as such. A new slip of the tongue, to the Pope Francis himself is not innocent in his "pastoral approach" with its focus. If you follow the thinking of Cardinal Kasper, then the Catholic Church has "discriminated" for 2000 years against the people with the sacrament of marriage. King Henry VIII was, therefore, no dissenter and the executed Thomas More and John Fisher are neither martyrs and nor saints. Henry VIII was rather the victim of a "discriminatory" Church, resisted in self-defense against his Lord Chancellor and the Cardinal, of the faithful who wanted to discriminate against him further.

Media Catholics with Batteries Drained of Catholicism

Thus, there is the second message: undereducated and mere label Catholics appear on behalf of the Catholic Church and largely determine the "Catholic" image in the secular media. Christine Haiden, the chief editor of the Church tax-financed World of Women [Welt der Frau], published by the Catholic women's movement in Austria, has once again given proof. Haiden asked in a commentary for a daily newspaper, for the "equality of men and women in all areas of the Church." This hasn't happened, so her condescending admonition with which she rose up at the same against the Pope, that all "attempts at reform" of Pope Francis would remain "superficial". "Many structural problems of the current Church - even those like rampant clericalism, of which the Pope takes note - are related to the separation of the sexes", Haiden claims to know.

In secular daily newspapers, weekly magazines and on public broadcasting only the "usual suspects" appear as guest commentators to speak on the subject of Church, except for rare exceptions. Self-declared Catholic "experts" appearing on behalf of the Church, whose testimony is mainly characterized as comprising that their Catholic battery seems to be empty all the time. So also with Haiden, who invites you to one of the usual, mindless "thought experiments": "What if a woman were Pope of a church ...". At least at this point a still reasonable Catholic has the healthy Catholic sense that to go any further is a waste of time. The author advocates for all sorts of things, just not for the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church.

Got Uppity "thought experiments" She Approaches the Apostles as a Know-It-All

The rest is just Haiden's boldly pretentious lecturing with the ever-tearful outraged, demanding, arrogant tone. And you can well imagine the many Jewish, pagan, sectarian know-it-alls during the time of Jesus and the apostles, even then, yet wanted to explain to him and to his disciples that it was all very different. How it ended for Jesus and for almost all the Apostles, we also know: And if you're not willing, then I'll use force.

Each day that such a chief editor stays longer in office with church funds and such a newspaper is published, is a day lost for Christ and a loss for the Church.

Intellectually Honest Decision Necessary: ​​Those Who do not Want to be Catholic, Should Leave

Pseudo-Catholics like Christine Haiden would do well to summon the bishop and to present a clear, accurate and above all intellectually honest alternative: either they want to be Catholic, then they have become a believer to submit to the Church's teaching, which should presented to them by the bishop with generosity and with patience, because maybe they really do not know them; or they do not want to be Catholic, then you should let them go their own free will according to their ways Le Loi, c'est moi may be a household word of the powerful, yet there are no La foi, c'est moi, neither for Haiden, nor for theologians a là Paul Zulehner or Hans Küng, nor for Cardinals as Marx, Lehmann and Kasper, not even for a pope. How to make Haiden sail under false colors to spread a poisoned propaganda to non-Catholics, is a crime before God and the faithful. It helps no wife and no family to be Catholic and to gain eternal life.

Where the contents fade and will is is obviously no longer even believed what Mother Church has taught for 2000 years, as handed to her by Christ, "structural reforms" come in the foreground and dominate the scene. But the first and only "structural" reform, which urgently addresses the misery of the Church, is to ensure that all are Catholic within who says they are "Catholic", who are in diocesan offices, associations, media, schools, seminars. Where this is not possible, the corresponding organization should be dissolved. In other words, the biggest mislabeling of all times is preparing an end, that has crept in all levels in the Catholic world. Here follows no remedy, no one should be surprised when at last competent diocesan bishops, who are in the greatest of confusion about what actually is Catholic and why the Catholic voice in the world is to weak or distorted to be heard.

Text: Martha Weinzl / Giuseppe Nardi
 image: Messa in Latino / Diocese of Linz
Trans: Tancred

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Priebke's Coffin Spat Upon -- Hate Must Have Limits, But Catholic Subservience Also

Edit: never mind that the celebrant, Father Abrahamowicz, is a convert from Judaism himself, and not in good standing with the SSPX, but they are supporting Father's decision to bury Priebke anyway. Indeed, Abrahamowicz says Priebke wasn't a National Socialist, either.

Must the SSPX be one of the few forces left in the world to combat these villains?

(Rome) The ugly face of hatred was extremely visible during the death and burial of Erich Priebke. Revenge and hatred to be driven as far as to deny the enemy a grave, does not honor the victims of the enemy. Especially when it has nothing to do with justice.

The pictures with kicks and punches against the coffin containing the Pribke's body, which was spat on, are just plain disgusting. They show the grimace of a world without mercy and forgiveness, a world without Christ and without Christianity. That this ugly face appeared around one of the most important Christian acts, a funeral, therefore, seems to be a coincidence. Before the parade of right-wing groups that could exploit Priebke's funeral, perhaps, they wanted to preserve "the memory of the victims, the families of the victims" and anti-fascist society. What came instead were violent left-wing extremists and the eternal mob that longs to this day after crucifixion.

"Moralizing in Top Form" of the Media

Numerous journalists ran to moralize in top form, but the Nazis could arise once again, almost 70 years after the war, to be defeated. At least in their minds. The opportunities have become scarce. Priebke had to be 100 years old to once again offer the crowd of leftist swells this special kick.

Spiegel and the ORF were outraged about the SSPX, who agreed to hold the funeral Mass for Priebke. Thus, says Austrian state radio and the Hamburg weekly magazine, this only confirms the already known affinity between SSPX and the extremist right. That the SSPX had only buried Priebke, therefore, because the responsible parish priest had not complied with (from the Bishop of Rome himself? From the Pope ) to be excused from his obligation from above or could not fulfill, there was simply a dereliction.

Noteworthy is the phenomenon that the moral radicalism is gaining impetus with temporal distance from the events and generational change to those personally unaffected. As Kappler, the commander of the hostages died, from 1944 to 1978, he could be buried in peace and public. Now that a subordinate has died, this is no longer possible in 2013. The tentacled and spewing demonstrators and the perpetrators of violence in Albano Laziale were born after 1945. The stylized media of 2013 and any political bullies can be drawn even to a funeral to "fight the right". Sophocles' Antigone dealt already 500 years before Christ with the moral question of denying someone a grave.

Civilized Society Refuses Burial to the Dead: How Could This Happen?

The question is not, how can there be a Catholic funeral for someone like Erich Priebke. The question must be: How could it happen that a civilized society that the authorities, intellectuals and media put the legality of the funeral of a person in question? Truly no benefit, much more irreverence. However, as reverent as is the Catholic Church in the face of this, which understands the drama of the moment of death and accompanies it. At least then, if they do not exclude themselves out of concern for political correctness.

An Austrian Catholic website went wrote because of the funeral of Priebke an excessively entitled "The Rampage of the SSPX." Just as hatred should have limits, even Catholic genuflections should have limits. The opposite of a rampage is the case, as the official explanation of the SSPX shows: "A Christian who has been baptized and has received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, has, whatever may be his fault and his sins forever, if he dies reconciled to God and the Church, the right to the celebration of Holy Mass and burial. With this declaration we reaffirm our rejection of any form of anti-Semitism or racial hatred, but also all other forms of hatred. The Catholic religion is for mercy and forgiveness." 

Where Diocese Has Failed, the SSPX has Fulfilled Their Priestly Duty

The Society priests bore due respect, that at least they have complied with the priestly duty and did what was supposed to be self-evident. The SSPX knew that their readiness would only expose them to new criticism. It certainly would have been wiser and more selfish to give up. Despite the risks involved, they have fulfilled their priestly obligation without respect of persons. This honors and shames the diocese of Rome and its bishop.

And all of us had signed the guest book: not to spit on a dead man, because we all have a rendezvous with death in front of us and it would be better if everyone were to worry about how he pleads with his Creator. And each of us has to hope that he finds a priest who hears his confession, gives him Extreme Unction and Holy Communion and buries him. Because of the disturbing decision of the "Ordinary" of the Diocese of Rome is what calls this security into question. If Priebke is denied for reasons of political expediency today what every Catholic deserves, then tomorrow others could be denied for reasons not very different from other such "opportunities". Political correctness is a pennon in the wind, that constantly blows in direction of the wind.

The Ugly Images of Hate

The funeral Mass at the Priory of St. Pius X should take place without media publicity, but be open to the public. But the left mayor of the city made known the time and place, and found himself before the Priorate to cheer on the counter-demonstrators. After protesters tried to storm the site, access was blocked off.

The video shows how a left-wing extremist mob attacked the priest Don Curzio Nitoglio who wanted to enter the priory of the SSPX. The protesters thought he was the celebrant. The heinous insults that were hurled at him, can not be reproduced here. A document of sacrilegious shame. Also belonging to the images of hate, of the hostages who were shot in the Ardeatine caves, is also the 35 German soldiers and Italian victims killed in the bombing by communist partisans.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Tempi (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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