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Friday, March 18, 2016

Even Bill Donahue Can't Stomach Cardinal's Degenerate Parade

Edit: the parade is so bad even a professional mourner like Bill Donahue is moved to complain about something worth complaining about. That groups promoting sexual immorality are invited while those defending the unborn are banned. 

Notice this article ends with Cardinal Dolan complaining about secular forces which, like it or not, he serves when he allows the parade to be abused by the proponents of gender ideology.  It's so typical of the Register.

Complain though the Cardinal might about secularism, he's still caved to the consensus and is causing scandal by allowing organizations that promote sexual immorality in what is supposed to be a Catholic parade. Is he not the Gay Grand Marshal?

NEW YORK — When the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade kicks off at 11:30am Thursday, two homosexual groups will be among the hundreds of organizations marching under their own banners.
No pro-life organizations, however, will be marching in the annual parade down Fifth Avenue.

“You have a gay group in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade allowed to march, but the pro-life people are banned? The whole thing is perverse,” said William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

Monday, April 20, 2015

"Backfire" -- Call for Archbishop Cordileone's Ouster Creates Solidarity for Him

Archbishop Cordileone
(New York) In the US, a paid advertisement has become a national issue. This past April 16   a full page advertisement appeared in the newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle  with an appeal to Pope Francis.  It appealed to impeach Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone   and drive him out of the city. It's an unusual initiative,  but for   Catholics in the German-speaking world, however, this is quite familiar.
The accusation is made by financially wealthy signatories of the appeal? The Archbishop is contrary to the papal postulate "Who am I to judge?".  The occasion are guidelines by the Archbishop of the 4th of February, about the Catholic schools in his archdiocese, which he demanded that   Catholic marriage and morality be recalled and called on schools to ensure it's disseminated  to the students (see report Rebellion Against Archbishop: "Who are you to judge? ").

Accusation: Archbishop is Contrary to Postulate "Who am I to Judge?"

The gay lobby within and outside the Catholic Church feels challenged by the Archbishop, who dared to recall the Catholic doctrine in terms of homosexuality. Specifically,  the archbishop asked that school personnel have to adhere to Catholic doctrine in their teaching in word and deed.
"Too intolerant" is the archbishop and he should therefore be removed from office, opine a hundred signatories of the appeal, which describe themselves as Catholics or to be exact, as a "dedicated Catholics, inspired by the Second Vatican Council."
Among the signatories is Brian Cahill, former director of Catholic Charities of San Francisco and "a number of rich patrons," says Vatican expert Sandro Magister. Among them are also Charles Geschke, President of Adobe Systems and former Chairman of the Board of the University of San Francisco. Among the Americans  there was also Tom Brady Sr. the father of Tom Brady JR., a quarterback for the New England Patriots , in the National Football Leagueplay.

Progressive Catholics in Alliance with Major Media

Appeal against Archbishop Cordileone: Pope to remove him from the Office
Appeal against Archbishop Cordileone: Pope to remove him from the Office
The San Francisco Chronicle , the largest daily newspaper in Northern California, which published the appeal as a paid ad, placed the signatories as "prominent Catholics." It belongs to the Hearst group, which also includes the Internet platform San Francisco Gate.
To give the publication even more importance   San Francisco Gate launched a survey with four pre-formulated answers - two for and two against Archbishop Cordileone - to the question: "Should Pope Francis remove Archbishop Cordileone from the Archdiocese of San Francisco?"
But the shot backfired. The survey showed that the overwhelming majority of citizens are not identified with the signatories of the appeal, but in solidarity with Archbishop Cordileone.[!]

The Survey, Which Was to Demolish Cordileone, but in Reality Strengthens

On the evening of 20 April, the answers to the questions were: "Should Pope Francis remove Cordileone as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco?"
76 percent, "No, the archbishop promotes the values ​​of the Catholic Church";
12 percent: "Yes, the Archbishop stoking a climate of intolerance";
10 percent, "No, the archbishop is right to oppose same-sex marriage";
2 percent, "Yes, his moral code for the teachers of Catholic schools is contrary to the law."

"Liberal" Catholics in the "Most liberal" City in the US only Small Minority

"The signatories of the appeal may be 'prominent Catholics' but they are not in tune with the faithful nor do they have a great following and not even in the city in the USA, which the media portrays as the most liberal," said Sandro Magister. "And that Pope Francis is considering: That he  remove Archbishop Cordileone from his office, is simply unthinkable".
The personnel policies of Pope Francis for the US is mostly opaque since the disempowerment and finally, the removal of Cardinal Raymond Burke of the Roman Curia, but shows  a strong  progressivist bent in its counter-tendency to the American episcopate.
The hitherto most important appointment concerned the successor of Cardinal Francis George as Archbishop of Chicago. For this diocese, one of the most important in the United States, Francis appointed Bishop Blaise Cupich, a progressive outlier.

Appointment of Bishops from Pope Francis' Progressive List

This past March 3rd, Francis appointed  with Robert McElroy Bishop of San Diego, another progressive. McElroy is a priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, where he was the personal secretary of ultra progressive Archbishop John R. Quinn. Quinn had even been raised by Pope Paul VI. to the office. In 1995 a turnaround  came with his retirement in the archdiocese. John Paul II. Replaced him with William Levada, later Prefect of the Congregation. He was succeeded by George Hugh Niederauer and 2012 finally Salvatore Cordileone.
Cordileone was from 2002-2009 Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego, the  Southern California diocese   on the border with Mexico, which the Pope has entrusted to McElroy. Archbishop Cordileone, a wise man with a clear voice and determination, has become the target of fierce attacks since his inauguration in San Francisco. They come from both inside and outside of the Catholic Church. One reason is that the Archbishop is friendly to tradition  and has even celebrated  in the Immemorial Rite. As already indicated in the past,  Cordileone's opponents hardly shrink from attempting  to discredit the Archbishop and force him out of office.
However, the latest attempt backfired.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: TLDM / Settimo Cielo
Trans: Tancred

Monday, December 29, 2014

J.K. Rowling: Hogwarts Magic School Has Aberrosexual Students

The Hogwarts school of magic has homosexual students. This was confirmed by the author Joanne K. Rowland at the request of fans of the novel series, Harry Potter.

Edinburgh ( The Hogwarts school of magic in Joanne K. Rowling's novel series "Harry Potter" has homosexual students. This was confirmed by the author on Twitter. A Harry Potter fan asked the writer, whether one may assume that the Hogwarts School is a "safe space for LGBT students."

"Of course," said Rowling, adding to her answer the following sentence: "If Harry Potter has taught us anything, it is that no one should live in hiding." This is the second occasion on which the bestselling author had announced that homosexuality in her children's books will be treated as something normal.

Back in 2007, she had revealed that Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the school of magic, was a homosexual. This and the positive presentation of occult and initiation of magical practices led many Christians to reject it. Link to AMDG

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aberrosexual "Secret Society" in the Vatican? Colonel Elmar Mäder Describes Security Risk

(Vatican) The gay lobby outside and inside the Vatican is getting the headlines again. On 6 June 2013 it was Pope Francis himself who spoke of a homo-lobby in the Vatican. Now it is the retired Colonel Elmar Mäder, who was the commander of the Swiss Guard from 2002 to 2008.
In June of the previous year Pope Francis received the board members of the Latin American and Caribbean Conference of Religious CLAR  in audience. From participants a memory log of the Pope's statements was published subsequently without consultation.
"And, yes .. it is difficult. In the curia there are also holy men, really, there are holy people. There is talk of a gay lobby, and it's true, it's there ... We have to see what we can do. Pray for me ... that I should make as few mistakes as possible. "

"Homo network in the Vatican"

Last Sunday the article appeared in the weekly newspaper  Switzerland on Sunday,  "Ex-Guard Chief Warns of a Secret Society." This contained the published testimony of the former Guards Commandant Elmar Mäder.  The 51-year-old Mäder knows the Vatica very well. Initially he was four years from 1998, the Vice-Commander, then six years commander of the Swiss Guard. The scandal and horror stories that are often told about the Vatican, he denied: these "cock and bull stories obviously lack any factual basis." The existence of a homo-lobby in the Vatican, he does not deny, however: "The claim that there is a gay network, I can not refute. My experience speaks for the existence of such."
From Mäder is said that he expressly warned his young guards against certain clergy and intervened against homo-machinations directly and in writing to the Curia. This had contributed to his departure as a commander.[!]
"To work in an environment where the large majority of men are unmarried is, per se, a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek consciously or unconsciously to follow an urge,"   said Switzerland on Sunday  citing the Colonel. "The Roman Curia is certainly the type of such an environment. Just as it comes as little surprise that pedophiles can be found in many   environments with children such as schools or sports clubs," says Maeder.

"Gay Lobby" as a "Secret Society"

The former Guard Commander sees the existence of the homo lobby in the Vatican as a danger to the security of the Pope. "I have also learned that many homosexuals tend to be more loyal to each other than to other persons or institutions. If this loyalty goes so far that it is a network or even a kind of secret society, I would not tolerate it in my area of responsibility. In the Vatican,  people who make decisions now seem to think alike."
Had Pope Francis spoken of a "gay lobby",  Colonel Mäder speaks of a homosexual "secret society".
Maeder's statements are consistent with those of a former Swiss guard in the previous week in Switzerland on Sunday of having reported experiencing personally  overtures by a representative of the State Secretariat and a Cardinal years ago.
The spokesman of the Swiss Guard, Urs Breitenmoser, tried to smooth the waves in a first reaction   after  Mäder's statements: "votes on a homo-network in the Vatican are not our problem. The concerns of our men are exclusively of a religious and military nature. "

Round-Up of Aberrosexual-associations Against Colonel Mäder

Mäder's statements caused  homo-associations to a gather in a sweeping blow to the plan, they polemicized against the former Guards Commander. Except for provocations and propaganda, however, little was heard.  In a flood of words, the homosexuals categorically stifled all objections as victims of  "homophobes". The Chairman of the homo-association Equality compared Mäder's statements about homosexuals to the Nazi persecution of Jews and accused Mäder of being "homophobic" like  Russia's President  Vladimir Putin.
The key question remains: What's with this gay lobby in the Vatican itself? Their existence was confirmed by the words of Pope Francis from the highest authority. Colonel Mäder speaks of a "danger" and "security risk".

Pope Francis: "Gay Lobby" Ricca-appointment, Controversial Statement on Homosexuality

Just a few days after the encounter with the CLAR representatives Pope Francis appointed Msgr. Battista Ricca, the Director of the guest house Santa Marta, his personal representative and House Prelate of the Vatican bank IOR. The  pederastic [One of his victims was an underage prostitute. This is invariably overlooked.] past of the Monsignor was uncovered by Sandro Magister. Nevertheless, Pope Francis never wavered on the appointment.

But there were more problems for Ricca when he was attacked in a cruising ground that year, and soon after firemen had to rescue him from a broken lift, in which he was trapped with a youth [!] known by local police. The weekly news magazine L’Espresso claims that Msgr Ricca was able to get the position as IoR prelate because the supposedly powerful “gay lobby” in the Vatican airbrushed his colourful CV.
On the flight back from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro Pope Francis was asked about his statement about the existence of a homo-lobby. The Pope then tried to downplay his statement without taking it back. He differentiated between homosexuals and the lobby. Among the homosexuals, it fell apparently  to refer to  Msgr Ricca, without mentioning him by name, with the controversial sentence: "Who am I to judge him."  The gay lobby, however, he condemned. However, only because it was a  lobby since the formation of lobbies is "always bad".
When visiting the Salesian parish of Sacred Heart in Rome   Pope Francis assured on Sunday: "He will also forgive sins even those which it would require trucks to transport them. But if we do not call the wounds by name, they can not heal. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: tempos / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Papal Ceremoniaire Expelled from the Vatican

(Vatican) This information was hardly known, but it is not without significance. The Italian Monsignor Franco Camaldo, 61, from Lagonegro (Potenza), formerly of Papal Ceremonies, whose name often appeared recently in connection with a "gay lobby", was removed from the Vatican. Monsignor Camaldo was deported as a canon of the Lateran basilica "with right of abode." That is to say that he has to leave the Vatican.

Monsignor Camaldo appeared, because of his "old and intimate friendship" in the headlines with the Former Gentleman of His Holiness, Angelo Balducci, as investigations were launched against the Balducci-Anemone conspiracy ( see separate report ). It was about forcing the contracts of large firms.

Although he is not from Rome, the whole career Camaldos played out from Rome under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. In June 1984 he became an Honorary Prelate of His Holiness and Papal Ceremonies. Soon, even the title of Honorary came Conventual Chaplains ad honorem of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the title of Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus were added. More melodious tributes were yet added.

At last Msgr. Camaldo was put into play by Patrizio Poggi. Poggi, a former priest, had been laicized for child abuse. Italian justice sentenced him to several years in prison, which he has since served. Recently he reported to the police and claimed that there is a "ring" of homosexual priests and laymen active in Rome, the young men and children to perform as prostitutes. However, Poggi was deemed not credible. He was arrested for libel. The prosecutor denied the allegations Poggi about a pedophile ring. However, they acknowledged in this context that there are aberrosexual priests in Rome who live out their immoral desires.

The Corriere della Sera wrote on the 29th of June that "the investigating authority in its report to the coroner, the existence of a great number of documented young foreigners of different nationalities who prostitute themselves for money to churchmen in Rome. Homosexual relationships without criminal relevance." Criminally irrelevant, but canonically yes, albeit on a very different level. What is not criminally punishable for the state, it is for the Church, for a homosexual act is a serious moral failing. While the state authorities identify only child abuse, Church law requires other scales and measures.

Is the removal of Bishop Camaldo such a "measure"? The question is how the Church deals with aberrosexuality, one of the most important current challenges. The zero tolerance against pedophilia was proclaimed by Benedict XVI. and confirmed by Pope Francis. Francis also spoke of the existence of a "gay lobby" in the Church. How is the church to deal with it? This is one of the central questions.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ricca case, case Sucunza and "Bergoglio's style of government" - "Let us hope that Francis Meets No More Riccas"

The beach of Montevideo:
"Hopefully we will not encounter any Riccas" 

(Rome / Buenos Aires) In Argentina, the traditional page Pagina Catolica commented on the homo-revelations of Msgr. Salvatore Mario Battista Ricca, who is the personal representative to the Vatican bank IOR appointed by Pope Francis, and Director of the guest house Santa Marta. The Vatican expert Sandro Magister has miscalculated Pope Francis. Had Magister followed the case of Bergoglio, say from the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, he would have known that the current Pope would not yield even under pressure. Vicar General Joaquín Sucunza was involved in a trial for adultery in 2010 that ended in divorce, as had been requested by the Court of the betrayed husband.

Since the court records protect privacy rights and are under lock and key, details are not known, but there is little doubt in Buenos Aires that the auxiliary bishop and vicar general was the reason for the divorce. Nevertheless, Cardinal Bergoglio held fast to his subordinate. Monsignor Sucunza was conducted after Cardinal Bergolios' election to the papacy to the Administrator of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires,\ until the appointment of the new Archbishop Poli and is still holding his previous offices.

Magister wrote on the 5th of July when he brought attention to the case of Ricca ​​on his blog, two weeks in advance without detailed mention that Pope Francis was informed by the Nuncio Bolonek  about Riccas's scandalous behavior in Uruguay. Pope Francis had been confirmed by various sources of the information. The Pope was deeply disappointed, but also determined to rectify the situation that has arisen, said Magister. However, nothing was then done. On the 19th of July Magister finally published in Espresso with the unveiling of numerous unsavory details.

Also presented in this article,  Magister represents Pope Francis as deceived, who had been linked, because the dark past had been withheld from Ricca's personnel file at the Vatican and had been cleared of all allegations of his immoral infidelities.

The fact is that Pope Francis, despite knowing the facts, let two weeks pass by, which Magister left him to preemptively resolve the matter. Leo Matzuzzi, the new Vaticanist of Il Foglio tweeted the Ricca case: "Father Lombardi: Pope Francis had the opportunity to consider whether the allegations against Msgr Ricca were true or not." And again: "Father Lombardi: Pope Francis is presented with accusations raised about Monsignor Ricca raised, but decided to leave him in place. "

"Bergoglio's Own Style of Government" Jeopardizes Credibility

What that means, but quite independently of "Bergoglios own style of government" as Pagina Catolica wrote, referring to Buenos Aires: Since the allegations are true, the Pope could credibly convince them that Battista Ricca has radically changed his lifestyle? Or is Pope Francis indifferent to concerns that a person of his confidence, which he entrusted with special powers in such a highly charged area as the Vatican bank IOR, throwing covetous glances at the numerous pages, starting with the U.S.? And what can be interpreted of the reaction to the case of Sucunza Ricca? Is the zero tolerance for pedophiles to "marriage" for the gay lobby in the Church, as one might ask, in continuation of such unspoken thought process of the historian Roberto de Mattei? Will they in the Church for decades anyway, serious damaging disobedient laissez faire-clergy and laity do what they want even more so?

If it is indifference, then it does a blow to much of a playful Pope Francis' credibility. What would remain of the credibility of wanting to clean up where it needs cleaning? What cleaning would the Pope perform in the Church, when he makes a sodomite his confidant and after becoming aware of the scandal, clings to him? He can do it, then Father Lombardi, however, should make a statement.

De la Cigoña: The only thing missing is that Ricca march "half naked along at a Gay Pride"

Other considerations on the subject are given by the Spanish Catholic Church Historian and Blogger Francisco de la Cigoña. He comes to the conclusion that Pope Francis deals so astonishingly closely with financial issues and the Vatican Bank, two new Commission and its associates for which he has used Ricca because of the financial and economic sector is ultimately the least important area for the Church. Here the Pope could therefore, as de la Cigoña says, especially in a media-friendly way, demonstrate his resolve to reform and drill on the patient without anesthesia. Whatever the Pope decides in this area, will not ultimately be of particular importance for the Church, but find extensive media coverage. The same applies for the appointment of the eight member Cardinal Council. Much media coverage, much applause, but hurry, it seems the Pope does has the body that will only meet half a year after his appointment for the first time.

So far, Pope Francis has taken only two specific, internal personnel decisions to the Roman Curia and both times scheinem the decisions have been taken directly from the Pope, possibly alone. "Pope Francis seems so fascinated by the now famous guest house Santa Marta that he continued to live not only there, but also of the way in which it is held, that he decided Msgr Ricca was his man in the Vatican Bank. Done thinking. Either the Pope has no one consulted or when he consulted someone that knew nothing or would not by a cold shower to cool the enthusiasm of the Pope. And so it was that he appointed a homo-assets, the only thing missing in his biography that he was half-naked in a Gay Pride marched along, "said de la Cigoña.

The veracity of Magister revelations he does not doubt: "Sandro Magister is finally no ignoramus in ecclesiastical affairs." But what will do now Pope Francis, the Spanish church historian asks.

For de la Cigoña, the "real reforms" will start with the appointment of a new Cardinal Secretary of State. "Let us ask God to enlighten him there and that we must not encounter any more Riccas. Or rather, that Francis not meet them, says de la Cigoña. Since the second personnel decision of the Pope, the appointment of the Spanish Opus Dei priest Don Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda, the current secretary of the Apostolic Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See's Secretary of the newly appointed Commission for the Financial and Economic Affairs, which is "very good", is resulting in the current stalemate on the personnel decisions of the Pope with the Roman Curia: "Except for the pope canceled his own goal" with the appointment of Ricca.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Venerabilis", Website for Indecent Encounters Between Priests in Italy

(Rome) It is not easy to talk about some things, but  Pope Francis' statement of a gay lobby in the Catholic Church draws waves. As the Catholic writer, Vittorio Messori made ​​known, there is a page on the Internet called Venerabilis which is run by  a fraternity of Homo-Sensitive Roman Catholic Priests.
The homo Sensitive  priestly society claims to be a loose association of gay and homophile Catholic priests. The website serves as a gay dating site, so that aberrosexual priests can find contact among themselves, or homosexual laity can meet like-minded priests and vice versa. This page offers chat rooms in five languages, including in German, a Twitter service to the Catholic Church and some news from a "homo sensitive" view. The ads are unique. Anyone who registers on the Venerabilis and gives a personal ad or responds to one, seeks homosexual sexual contact.
The site is operated by Italian aberrosexuals. The Italian chatroom is the most visited, followed by Spain and France.

Sex contacts for priests, seminarians, religious and lay people committed

Whether it is priests who are the operators, can not be said with certainty. However, Messori has no doubt. In the German chat room, you can read messages like: "Good day, I live in Germany and seeking contact with like-minded men (priests)", including e-mail address. Or: "I, too, am seeking a devout Catholic (within the Church as a committed layman) to like-minded people in the name of love ...". "I'm looking for a friend. A priest like me. "
In the Italian chat one gets  even more to the point. This recent entry contact on the 12th of June  is: "My name is Luca from Milan and would like to meet a priest with serious intentions to associate with him."  On the 23rd of May an "Anonymous" wrote, "Good day, I am 67 years old, I had friendships with priests who were important for my spiritual, personal and sexual life ... I would like to be contacted by priests in Rome again and to experience these feelings, PS: I am a teacher and guarantee discretion for me and for everyone who answers me. " Or "I'm a married man of 50 years, looking for gay priests for a discrete friendship in the area of ​​(name of city)." On 15 May: "Hi, my name is Marco from (city name), an ex-seminarian seeking young priest."
Since the 1st of May  the aberro-brotherhood, which calls itself Fraternitas Sacerdotalis. is  a "meeting place" in order to meet "personally" and at "no risk". And in fact, Rome Feltrinelli bookstore in Largo Argentina  has a "6- 8pm" at the cafeteria or in the department "Philosophy and Religion". "For the seminarians of the Jesuit university Gregorian University and the Dominican Angelicum from 11 to 12 clock in the same place. "

Zero tolerance of pedophilia. When is there also going to be zero tolerance towards aberrosexuality?

When Pope Francis reitrated the zero tolerance policy of Pope Benedict XVI. against pedophilia in April, the Catholic intellectual Roberto de Mattei said: "zero tolerance against homosexuality" The historian recalled a meeting on the 12th of April 2010 in Chile, and drew attention to the Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone who addressed scientific studies  on an evident connection between sexual abuse of minors, and homosexuality. There is, says de Mattei, an urgent need to combat  the hedonistic and relativistic culture which has ripped into the church relativistic, for  homosexuality or homosexual tendencies in seminaries are even considered to be "irrelevant".
"Opposite, 'structures of sin' is silence not allowed. It is compulsory to tear the veil of hypocrisy, even if some will view this as a defilement of the Church. The dirt is sin, not the combat against it," says the historian, who quoted the holy Peter Damian (1007-1072): "This vice should not be viewed as a normal burden, because it involves significantly other vices. It kills namely, the body, destroys the soul, contaminating the flesh, choking the light of the intellect, drives away the Holy Spirit from the temple of the soul, leading to inciting a demon of lust, seduced into error ... ".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Venerable Screenshot

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