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Priebke's Coffin Spat Upon -- Hate Must Have Limits, But Catholic Subservience Also

Edit: never mind that the celebrant, Father Abrahamowicz, is a convert from Judaism himself, and not in good standing with the SSPX, but they are supporting Father's decision to bury Priebke anyway. Indeed, Abrahamowicz says Priebke wasn't a National Socialist, either.

Must the SSPX be one of the few forces left in the world to combat these villains?

(Rome) The ugly face of hatred was extremely visible during the death and burial of Erich Priebke. Revenge and hatred to be driven as far as to deny the enemy a grave, does not honor the victims of the enemy. Especially when it has nothing to do with justice.

The pictures with kicks and punches against the coffin containing the Pribke's body, which was spat on, are just plain disgusting. They show the grimace of a world without mercy and forgiveness, a world without Christ and without Christianity. That this ugly face appeared around one of the most important Christian acts, a funeral, therefore, seems to be a coincidence. Before the parade of right-wing groups that could exploit Priebke's funeral, perhaps, they wanted to preserve "the memory of the victims, the families of the victims" and anti-fascist society. What came instead were violent left-wing extremists and the eternal mob that longs to this day after crucifixion.

"Moralizing in Top Form" of the Media

Numerous journalists ran to moralize in top form, but the Nazis could arise once again, almost 70 years after the war, to be defeated. At least in their minds. The opportunities have become scarce. Priebke had to be 100 years old to once again offer the crowd of leftist swells this special kick.

Spiegel and the ORF were outraged about the SSPX, who agreed to hold the funeral Mass for Priebke. Thus, says Austrian state radio and the Hamburg weekly magazine, this only confirms the already known affinity between SSPX and the extremist right. That the SSPX had only buried Priebke, therefore, because the responsible parish priest had not complied with (from the Bishop of Rome himself? From the Pope ) to be excused from his obligation from above or could not fulfill, there was simply a dereliction.

Noteworthy is the phenomenon that the moral radicalism is gaining impetus with temporal distance from the events and generational change to those personally unaffected. As Kappler, the commander of the hostages died, from 1944 to 1978, he could be buried in peace and public. Now that a subordinate has died, this is no longer possible in 2013. The tentacled and spewing demonstrators and the perpetrators of violence in Albano Laziale were born after 1945. The stylized media of 2013 and any political bullies can be drawn even to a funeral to "fight the right". Sophocles' Antigone dealt already 500 years before Christ with the moral question of denying someone a grave.

Civilized Society Refuses Burial to the Dead: How Could This Happen?

The question is not, how can there be a Catholic funeral for someone like Erich Priebke. The question must be: How could it happen that a civilized society that the authorities, intellectuals and media put the legality of the funeral of a person in question? Truly no benefit, much more irreverence. However, as reverent as is the Catholic Church in the face of this, which understands the drama of the moment of death and accompanies it. At least then, if they do not exclude themselves out of concern for political correctness.

An Austrian Catholic website went wrote because of the funeral of Priebke an excessively entitled "The Rampage of the SSPX." Just as hatred should have limits, even Catholic genuflections should have limits. The opposite of a rampage is the case, as the official explanation of the SSPX shows: "A Christian who has been baptized and has received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, has, whatever may be his fault and his sins forever, if he dies reconciled to God and the Church, the right to the celebration of Holy Mass and burial. With this declaration we reaffirm our rejection of any form of anti-Semitism or racial hatred, but also all other forms of hatred. The Catholic religion is for mercy and forgiveness." 

Where Diocese Has Failed, the SSPX has Fulfilled Their Priestly Duty

The Society priests bore due respect, that at least they have complied with the priestly duty and did what was supposed to be self-evident. The SSPX knew that their readiness would only expose them to new criticism. It certainly would have been wiser and more selfish to give up. Despite the risks involved, they have fulfilled their priestly obligation without respect of persons. This honors and shames the diocese of Rome and its bishop.

And all of us had signed the guest book: not to spit on a dead man, because we all have a rendezvous with death in front of us and it would be better if everyone were to worry about how he pleads with his Creator. And each of us has to hope that he finds a priest who hears his confession, gives him Extreme Unction and Holy Communion and buries him. Because of the disturbing decision of the "Ordinary" of the Diocese of Rome is what calls this security into question. If Priebke is denied for reasons of political expediency today what every Catholic deserves, then tomorrow others could be denied for reasons not very different from other such "opportunities". Political correctness is a pennon in the wind, that constantly blows in direction of the wind.

The Ugly Images of Hate

The funeral Mass at the Priory of St. Pius X should take place without media publicity, but be open to the public. But the left mayor of the city made known the time and place, and found himself before the Priorate to cheer on the counter-demonstrators. After protesters tried to storm the site, access was blocked off.

The video shows how a left-wing extremist mob attacked the priest Don Curzio Nitoglio who wanted to enter the priory of the SSPX. The protesters thought he was the celebrant. The heinous insults that were hurled at him, can not be reproduced here. A document of sacrilegious shame. Also belonging to the images of hate, of the hostages who were shot in the Ardeatine caves, is also the 35 German soldiers and Italian victims killed in the bombing by communist partisans.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Tempi (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

I find it bad that this guy repented prior to death yet Teddy Kennedy (murderer and abortion machine sweetheart) never repented and the archbishop of Boston presided his Catholic funeral.

Mark said...

According to The Local's Italy edition, the celebrant was not Abrahamowicz, but Pierpaolo Petrucci, an SSPX priest in good standing.

"The officiating priest Pierpaolo Petrucci, however, told Italian daily La Stampa that he did in fact complete the funeral mass at the seminary of the Society of St Pius X in Albano Laziale.

"I held the funeral, including the blessing of the body, the Catholic liturgical rite for the end of the funeral mass," Petrucci was quoted as saying."


Anonymous said...

In relation to this, Padre Livio of Radio Maria , whilst commenting newspaper articles on this event on 17th October, said: "the levebvrian" priest who did the funeral was not Catholic, so didn't represent the Church." I write this just to demonstrate the extent of the confusion, ignorance and prejudices that abound in high circles in this post-conciliar Church. Padre Livio is very famous all over Italy and so has great influence.

This is more than worrying, it is frightening....we seem to have been hurled into some kind of religious regime, since the election of Pope Francis. It is suffocating in Italy...
But don't take my word for it, listen to him. those who understand Italian,past the halfway mark of the recording:


Tancred said...

Vice said it was Abrahamowicz, but they get a few facts wrong here in their article, so it wouldn't be surprising they were wrong about that too.

Tancred said...

I wish they were this quick to disassociate themselves from the likes of Communists like Tony Faber, Pastor of St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tancred,
Mark Is right it was Father Petrucci that was the celebrant, not Father Abramowicz. There are a lot of conflicting reports in this story, but that is true.
That was the reason behind my previous comment. Padre Livio was way off.

Anonymous said...

the last comment was mine.


Anonymous said...

What does it mean; a priest in good standing with the SSPX or not in good standing with the SSPX? How many standings of the SSPX are there now? Like the protestants, I imagine there as many as stars in sky.

Tancred said...

I understand you're trying to make some kind of polemical, if dishonest, point, but there are a number of priests and one bishop who, rightly or wrongly, were expelled from the Society.

You can be kicked out of the Jesuits, for example, and still call yourself a Catholic. I wasn't under the impression that the terms Catholic and SSPX were mutually inclusive as so many Normalists like to conclude.

Anonymous said...

I'll take you word for it. What better authority regarding the preaching of polemics than the SSPX?

Tancred said...

The Society is a religious community just like any other in the Church, except that it's really Catholic. What a shock..

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who was the celebrant
and regardless of the Pope's ban on his funeral,
in the teachings of Thomas Aquinas on obedience to superiors:
If a Superior gives an order that is against Catholic (the Church's) Teachings then that person under the Superior has a duty to disobey.
One of the Corporal works of Mercy is:
In conscience the subservient must disobey and do the Work of Mercy.

Byzcat said...

There is a silver lining here - Priebke received a a Latin Requiem Mass. What a blessing for him.

Anonymous said...

Here's the recent interview with Father Petrucci regarding Priebke's funeral, unfortunately it is in Italian only, but use google to translate it out:

Anonymous said...

Tancred, don't you mean not mutually exclusive? And obviously saying that the Priest a Lefebvrian is not a Catholic is pure sarcasm. Anyway it all was another disgusting display by seemingly disgusting people. They are a scandal.