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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Stand in Support of Father Ray Blake

Link to Father Ray Blake's Time to Keep Silent...

That's the last thing he should be doing, we expect.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Father Guarnizo Explodes Vatileaks Suggestion Behind Pope’s Resignation

Edit: this is from Restore D.C.-Catholicism, which is publishing an interview with the courageous Father Guarnizo in Rome about the Vatileaks, who was himself the victim of a Soviet-style campaign of slander and character assassination, even on the part of his own superiors.  As it turns out, there were no leaks or original documents behind the stories attempting to discredit Benedict XVI.’s papacy and the journalist who originated the story even admitted as much.  Of course, the paper founded by Communist Antonio Gramsci is behind the whole thing. interviewd Father Marcel Guarnizo a few days ago regarding the "leaked vatileak dossier" debacle.  I present that interview below.  One comment.  At one point you'll hear Father remark that the Vatican Curia is much more reliable than some of the local Catholic Conferences.  I think Father is way too charitable - to the local conferences, that is.  The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops has been downright inimical to the True Faith, having had the paw prints of both the late Cardinal Bernardin and Saul Alinsky all over its founding.  It's high time to throw that monstrosity in the dung heap.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Unjust Media Campaign Against Church is Costing Souls

Edit: once again, the media barons assert their triumph in the battle for hearts and minds as CNN cites a poll that manages to induce the conceit that the number one reason Catholics leave the Church is because of the abuse-hoax.  Despite the facts, it is apparent that many priests have their lives ruined by false accusations and that the occurance of homosexual predation is very rare. The salacious lie that child sexual abuse is a Catholic problem continues to be propagated.   But those realities don't move many in the anti-clerical media.  It's likely that current efforts on the part of political entities to normalize sexual relations with children will be ignored by them.
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It's ironic, but it appears that the same kinds of people promoting this depravity and moral leveling are also the same kinds of people hypocritically attacking the Catholic Church for something which is rare.

Here we see another effort to sexualize children, this time it's taking place at the UN., where a representative is advocating for the "sex rights" of 10 year old children.  Some may recall that such was being fomented on the part of the German Greens, but it doesn't stop there.  More recently,  a candidate for the Irish Presidency, the homosexual David Norris, resigned his candidacy, not so much because he used his influence to protect his boyfriend, who'd been accused of sexual abuse, but because of serious financial irregularities.

One of the chief proprietors of the abuse-hoax is Attorney Jeff Anderson, who engaged the New York Times last year to exaggerate claims of sexual abuse against the Catholic Church.  Jeff Anderson himself is an avid supporter of political causes demonstrably hostile to the Catholic Church such as the Democratic National Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union.  Even Cardinal Dolan caught on!

Sexual irregularities and crimes are also not much heeded in the media.  Despite the fact that an actor who was abused as a child by Hollywood figures of power, Corey Feldman, came forth this year to accuse the entertainment industry of fostering a culture of secrecy and deceit, the story seems to have faded into the back ground.  He plans to name two names was the report as of last January:

[Mail Online] Corey said: 'Even today people say about me, "Eighties heartthrob; hasn't done anything since." The truth is I haven't stopped. Last year I did four films.

'Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats... People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us anymore.'

Feldman first spoke out about his troubled past last year and he believes that is the reason why an anonymous former child actor claimed he had been abused by talent agent Martin Weiss.

The usual response to this is that the Catholic Church needs to be held up to a higher standard.  Even those who don't believe in the mission of the Catholic religion insist that it have a higher standard than any other institution.

This remark is meant in many cases, even if the one who utters it is ignorant of the fact, obscures the fundamental truth that sexual abuse is very rare in the Catholic Church, rarer than in any other denomination or organization mentionable. The fact is that the Catholic Church is at a higher standard than the rest of the population.   Even Psychology Today admits as much.  Interestingly, Catholic priests are less likely to abuse than are Psychologists.  There's no big surprise there.

The CNN (Crescent News Network) article, then, goes on to say that the number one reason that Catholics leave the Church is because of the abuse-hoax, despite the well-established fact that Catholic priests are far less likely than the general population and even other professions to sexually abuse!  It's a tribute not only to the deceitfulness of news organs like CNN.

Washington (CNN) – Even though Roman Catholics are the second-largest religious group in the United States, the tradition has seen an exodus of members in recent decades. One in ten Americans is an ex-Catholic.

If ex-Catholics were counted as their own religious group, they would be the third-largest denomination in the United States, after Catholics and Baptists, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

If it weren’t for the infusion of Catholic immigrants, especially from Latin American, the American Catholic Church would be shrinking pretty fast.

A recent study by two college professor tries to get at a simple question: Why are they leaving?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Target Is Suing Desperate Homosexual Group Lurking Outside its Stores

Gay rights for everyone whether they want them or not. We're wondering of the government is helping these pests out with funding? Homosexual pressure groups have been fact finding and canvassing on behalf of the normalization of the things they like to do. They've even gotten the White House involved in their antics by creating a false flag operation to convince Latin American countries, cynically to vote for their UN Resolution.

Now their aggressive proselytizing has gotten them in legal trouble. That's probably the last thing anyone wants to be thinking about when they've got to go to Target to purchase an item. Of course, homosexuals are vindictive as a group and they will undoubtedly retaliate by refusing to shop at Target.

Target is making some nasty headlines for itself once again in its apparent attempt to embrace a policy of indiscriminate discrimination. In recent years the big box superstore has settled multiple discrimination lawsuits with former employees (racial and/or disability discrimination) to make it seem as though the company just hates all people. Perhaps Target is meant to be pronounced with a French accent after all.

But in the past year, Target has gone on the offensive. Last July, the Minneapolis-based company made a 6-figure contribution to purchase campaign ads for anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Following an uproar from employees and the media, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized. The company struck a deal with Lady Gaga to sell a deluxe limited edition run of her upcoming album, , due out in May. But Gaga backed out earlier this month citing Target's insensitivity to the LGBT community, having no assurances that Target wouldn't continue funding political candidates with anti-gay agendas.

Now Target is suing a group San Diego pro-gay marriage activists to stop them from canvassing -- or talking to patrons about gay marriage -- outside its stores, specifically the Poway location. The lawsuit was filed on March 8. Target was denied a temporary restraining order against between Target and Canvass for a Cause by the San Diego County Superior Court judge. The trial was set to begin today. But, once again, it's not an anti-gay thing, Target assures.