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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bishop Voderholzer Denied Entry for His "Fantasy Costume"

That's never happened to Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer before: he had been refused entrance to a Bavarian folk festival. The security service of the "Landshuter Hochzeit" considered his soutane to be a "fantasy costume" and did not allow him entry, as the Landshut weekly newspaper Wochenblatt reported.

Initially, the bishop and the accompanying pastor, Alfred Wölfl, were thought to be particpants in the feast of a historical event. But it turned out that the Lord in black is not a participant at all! "Strange costumes" are not permitted on the fair grounds according to "Wochenblatt." The attendant wanted to enforce this rule at the entrance. "We then explained to him that this is the uniform of a bishop," said the priest of the Parish Church of St. Pius. "Anyone can say that," the attendant is supposed to have answered. But not a problem for the clergymen: "We finally showed them our service records, so the topic was then over."

"Never experienced before"

The attendant, was visibly embarrassed at his mistake, then apologized, Pastor Wölfl said: "We laughed to ourselves then." According to the "Wochenblatt", the diocesan press criticized the incident, which had already taken place on the previous Sunday: "I have never experienced anything like this before."
The organizers should have also been warned about Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who a week later celebrated a Mass on the occasion of the Volksfest. In fact, according to these press pictures, he appeared in the simple black suit with collar shirt, without soutane.
The Landshut wedding is a multi-week folk festival that takes place every four years. It is reminiscent of the wedding of the Bavarian duke Georg of the Rich with Hedwig Jagiellonica, the daughter of the Polish King Kasimir IV Andreas, and has been celebrated since 1903, when the legendary wedding for the first time was played by 145 contributors. Today, around 2300 performers take part in historical costumes.(Fxn)
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bishop Vorderholzer Says, "Islam is Not Compatible With the West"

Bishop Voderholzer on a Pilgrimage picture alliance/dpa
REGENSBURG. The Rev. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer has denied Islam has the ability to integrate into Western culture. "Only someone who either does not know his own faith or  does not take it seriously, here a far-reaching integration of Islam as Islam is not possible to accomodate," said Voderholzer on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of his episcopal ordination.
"Islam, of course, with as much realism as we must muster, is a post-Christian phenomenon," the bishop said. Islam claims to "negate the core content of Christianity: the belief in the Triune God, the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, and his redeeming work on the cross."
We should not lump together all those who are concerned about Western Christian culture of having any possible pathological phobias, Voderholzer warned. The West was not a static quantity. While many influences and cultures were absorbed and integrated, they were transformed by Christianity. The West was not simply the sum or mere addition of different cultures. (Mv)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bishop Voderholzer: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, Whom Even Martin Luther Could Not Better Have Imagined."

Edit: one commenter laconically writes, "We have a Pope named Benedict XVI..."

Voderholzer said afterwards in sermon in St Peter: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined."

Regensburg ( A delegation of the diocese Regensburg has met Emeritus Benedict XVI. in Rome. The occasion was a pilgrimage to Rome for the Year of Mercy, as the diocese announced in Regensburg on Monday. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer handed Benedict XVI. a pilgrim scarf (photo available). The former Pope had folded this immediately and gave the pilgrims from home his warmest regards. Each participant got a photo with dedication.

In a sermon in St Peter, Voderholzer honored Benedict XVI before the pilgrims as well: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined. A pope who sees it as one of his first tasks, with all the powers of reason and historical knowledge, to give a testimony about Jesus Christ. He has as much recognition around the world found as the theologian Pope, whose legacy we treasure in a qualified way, in Regensburg, that we may preserve and carry it into the future."

Edit: looks like a reference to the Regensburg Speech, which Voderholzer probably didn't appreciate.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bishop Vorderholzer and the New “World Christian” of the “Climate Neutral” Katholikentag

(Regensburg) Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg is of the opinion that the term layman should be replaced by  “World Christian" in the parlance of the Church, which should mean as much as Christian in the world and Christian to the world. This would better reflect the teaching of the Second Vatican Council of role and mission of the laity.
Bishop Voderholzer, a new member of the Congregation of the Faith in Rome, considers that the term  "lay" for baptized but not consecrated Catholics, probably with a view to the universal priesthood,  to be discriminatory. The bishop made this statement  on 31 May at the Katholikentag, [Catholic Day] which was held in his diocese. That’s when a controversy arose  in the context of a discussion of the role of the laity in the Church. The organizer of the Catholic Conference is the  Central Committee German Catholics (ZdK).
The bi-annual Catholic Day serves as a platform for all Catholics of Germany, or at least nearly all.  The restriction is necessary because the big event is dominated by progressive to radical progressive groups. Those looking for a truly Catholic,   offer true to the faith,  will not find it at Katholikentag  right away. Seriously faithful Catholics  have disappeared  for several years from such new events, such as the Congress Joy of the Faith of the Forum of German Catholics or the Congress Meeting World Church or the Church in Need. The Katholikentag is primarily a diluted,  a disintegrating on the margins Catholic milieu that maintains its more anti-Roman sentiment, constantly talks about “structural" reforms "struktuelle" because  what it lacks in  content, it  compensates by  hyperactivity.

"Catholic Lesbian" Instead of Pro-Lifers

A glance at the program of the Katholikentag "in which the taboos fall” confirms  any apprehension. While the non-negotiable values ​​whose defense Pope Benedict XVI.  had urged  were at best marginally represented, there were "Catholic lesbians", "gay Catholics", "women against the celibacy" and other groups, by definition, anti-church groups who were given a lot of space. The ZdK supports the government bill for abortion counseling system of women determined to have an abortion, whose hypocritical government neutrality allowed  and accepted the funded killing machine. Bishop Voderholzer initially had refused the participation of the Association Donum Vitae following Rome’s guidance, but then quickly caved in before ZdK.  In a joint statement by Bishop and ZdK it was said:  "While maintaining different fundamental views" recommended by both sides, Donum Vitae will be allowed at Katholikentag. The position demanded by Cardinal Raymond Burke that Catholics be “uncompromising” Pro-lifers would be hard pressed to find at Katholikentag.  Zdk does not want to offend  the zeitgeist because shows   pro-lifers the door. Tellingly would therefore translated better as "Toothless German Catholics" ZdK, or more accurately with “Zeitgeisty German Catholics.” 

Some years ago the ZdK published  a declaration on the Jews, which states that Jews need neither Christ nor the Church, as they are already members of the Old Covenant which has never been repealed. Finally, a heresy, but above all a fraud against the Jews, who are deprived of  salvation.

Trying to Garner Applause

The question remains, what Bishop Voderholzer with his proposal would like to express exactly beyond activism and zeal for reform. Why should the terms "Catholic" and "Christian"  no longer be sufficient? Since the claim in the self-designation of Christian has always been universal and transcends all boundaries of nations and states, the complement appears as "World Christian” is just as bulky as  it is a superfluous pleonasm. Or should priests and religious who leave the battlefield in the world a new type "World Christian"? Will it be said that the consecrated representatives of the Church give up the fight for the non-negotiable values, and the final decision is left to the “worldly Christians"?
Ultimately, the proposal of Bishop Voderholzer seems a rather unsuccessful attempt to garner  applause from ZdK and other disaffected progressive laity.  Perhaps the anti-Church Association We are Church, which recently hit the headlines with the excommunication of its president Martha Heizer, is adopting  the proposal of the Bishop of Regensburg.
What remains of the Katholikentag  in Regensburg than to “to touch a bishop"? Despite the "new openness" with the "Francis" effect, which the ZdK conspicuously benevolent "welcomed", enter in the "mature Christians”, who will in the future be possibly named "World Christians", even after several days of Katholikentag are frustrated by the same “unresolved problems of the Church”. It’s a burden  that they do not get rid of, if they do not accept the Church's teachings in faith, but believe they are justified here and there bending it according to their wishes.   Bishop Voderholzer would have had a large audience, had he called upon some basic things of being a Christian to memory.  As an aside, and it is noted in passing on the  ZdK,  that a Holy Mass in the Old Rite was not allowed in the Katholikentag extravaganza despite its more than 1,000 events.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pope Appoints Bishop Francis Voderholzer as Member of CDF

Previously suggested by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

Created by Vatican Radio on May 28, 2014 at 23:18 clock

Vatican / Regensburg (Catholic news / RV). Pope Francis has appointed the Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer a member of the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith. This became known this Wednesday. The Congregation is led by Voderholzer’s predecessor in the chair as Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Cardinal. In an interview with Vatican Radio, Voderholzer said Mueller has already indicated to him that the Congregation could well use another German theologian, and that Pope Francis also sees it that way. He wanted to see how much extra work that could be accomplished. Also Müller's pre-predecessor was adoptive Regensburger: Joseph Ratzinger, now Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Voderholzer is an editor of Ratzinger's collected writings. Other members of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith announced this Wednesday are the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the Archbishop of Poznan in Poland, Stanislaw Gadecki.

Photo: Regensburg Cathedral -
Image Source: Andreas Gehrmann
From Kathnews...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bishop Voderholzer Will Be Assigned to the CDF

Edit:  We just saw on Katholisches that Pope Francis has named the Bishop of Regensburg Rudolf Voderholzer as a member of the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.  It will be announced on Wednesday, today.

Some may recall that His Lordship said Mass in St. Peter’s with unjustly disgraced Bishops Walter Mixa of Augsburg and Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg.

He received his episcopal consecration from the hands of the Old Liberal Cardinal Marx.