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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Papal Ceremoniaire Expelled from the Vatican

(Vatican) This information was hardly known, but it is not without significance. The Italian Monsignor Franco Camaldo, 61, from Lagonegro (Potenza), formerly of Papal Ceremonies, whose name often appeared recently in connection with a "gay lobby", was removed from the Vatican. Monsignor Camaldo was deported as a canon of the Lateran basilica "with right of abode." That is to say that he has to leave the Vatican.

Monsignor Camaldo appeared, because of his "old and intimate friendship" in the headlines with the Former Gentleman of His Holiness, Angelo Balducci, as investigations were launched against the Balducci-Anemone conspiracy ( see separate report ). It was about forcing the contracts of large firms.

Although he is not from Rome, the whole career Camaldos played out from Rome under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. In June 1984 he became an Honorary Prelate of His Holiness and Papal Ceremonies. Soon, even the title of Honorary came Conventual Chaplains ad honorem of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the title of Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus were added. More melodious tributes were yet added.

At last Msgr. Camaldo was put into play by Patrizio Poggi. Poggi, a former priest, had been laicized for child abuse. Italian justice sentenced him to several years in prison, which he has since served. Recently he reported to the police and claimed that there is a "ring" of homosexual priests and laymen active in Rome, the young men and children to perform as prostitutes. However, Poggi was deemed not credible. He was arrested for libel. The prosecutor denied the allegations Poggi about a pedophile ring. However, they acknowledged in this context that there are aberrosexual priests in Rome who live out their immoral desires.

The Corriere della Sera wrote on the 29th of June that "the investigating authority in its report to the coroner, the existence of a great number of documented young foreigners of different nationalities who prostitute themselves for money to churchmen in Rome. Homosexual relationships without criminal relevance." Criminally irrelevant, but canonically yes, albeit on a very different level. What is not criminally punishable for the state, it is for the Church, for a homosexual act is a serious moral failing. While the state authorities identify only child abuse, Church law requires other scales and measures.

Is the removal of Bishop Camaldo such a "measure"? The question is how the Church deals with aberrosexuality, one of the most important current challenges. The zero tolerance against pedophilia was proclaimed by Benedict XVI. and confirmed by Pope Francis. Francis also spoke of the existence of a "gay lobby" in the Church. How is the church to deal with it? This is one of the central questions.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ugandan Bishop Suspends Dissident Priest

Edit: no muss no fuss.

The Priest Anthony Musaal has  addressed a letter on March 12th to the Bishop, clergy and laity of Uganda, demanding the rectification of the alleged gap between the ideal and reality of priestly celibacy in black Africa, through the lifting of celibacy. Archbishop Cyprian Kisito Lwanga of Kampala has suspended the priest because he has discredited the Church and the clergy.

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His Facebook even shows support for abbero-marriage:

  1. Anthony Musaala commented on a link.
    You are very courageous. Love is its own blessing, love covers a multitude of sins, love knows no law. Love and do as you will. As for those who condemn you, they will be judged with the same measure...
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cardinal Meisner Accuses His Diocesan Council of Misrepresenting the Faith

Cardinal Meisner criticized his own Diocesan Council for statements on the dialog process, "who have distorted the teaching of the Catholic Church or actually contradicted it".   Disreputable demands for allowing Communion to remarried divorced and ordained women priests.

Cologne (  The "positive view on many successes of the dialog process, which our Diocesan Council has undertaken,  has been significantly overshadowed in any case by statements which have distorted or even contradicted Catholic teaching."  This is what Cologne's Joachim Cardinal Meisner said in a now published statement on his Diocesan Council of September 8, 2012 on the dialog process. documented the statement of the Archbishop as follows from our translation:

The purpose of the dialog process of the Diocesan Council to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cologne has been published.  As Archbishop I am thankful for the serious efforts, that are behind these suggestions and proposals will become visible.  Some proposals are helpful for pastoral care, for the work in councils and societies.  The particular stress of social responsibility of the laity and their societies has spoken to my heart.

Also if the collaboration of our lay Christians in pastoral care is indispensable and surely also in various places can still be more intensive, but there is however a retreat in lay engagements in the inner-Church space which is a great error.   That the Diocesan Council has expressly intervened for the protection of work free Sundays and decisively engaged for the maintenance of Catholic grade schools, I heartily regard.  The faithful in the areas of pastoral care may and could not be released from the responsibility.

With great interest, I perceive also that is on the way of the work looked critically at our bodies in the association and the general pastoral care. The "session Catholicism" really requires a critical and honest reflection: What is beneficial? Which is a hindrance? What can be improved?

With its clear statement on the protection of the disabled and the unborn Diocesan clearly indicates what we must ultimately be measured, including particularly the laity involvement.

This positive view of the many ideas of the dialogue process, which has resulted in our Diocese is, however, considerably darkened by statements distorting the teaching of the Catholic Church or even contradicting it. Thus, Eucharistic Communion presupposes full communion and requires a life that corresponds to the Catholic faith. The statements on marriage are blurred here and ignore their unique significance for human coexistence. This is very unfortunate.

That the Diocesan Council has addressed the issue of celibacy thusly, I've actually expected this, because it thoroughly corresponds to today's mainstream. Only this expression of opinion contributes nothing to the question of priestly vocation. The Diocesan Council remains here only discouraged and stuck to the too familiar mainstream in its published opinion. I regret this and this would have expected statements independent of the mainstream.

To the priesthood, the doctrine of the Church is completely unique. In his Apostolic Letter of 22 May 1994 Pope John Paul II declares: "So therefore, any doubt about the important matter related to the divine constitution of the Church itself is eliminated, I declare by virtue of my office, to strengthen the brethren, that the Church has no authority whatsoever to raise Women to the priesthood, and that all the faithful of the Church finally have to abide by this decision." Suggestions and demands that are inconsistent with this final decision will result in ecclesiastical error, and will not lead to any positive results. Quite the contrary! You confuse and paralyze the forces in the effective use of the Church for the evangelization so urgently needed in this society.

+ Joachim Kardinal Meisner Erzbischof von Köln

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dutch Bishop Puts Hammer Down on False Ecumenism

Edit: as usual Father Gero Weishaupt is a great source for things happening in the old country.  He presents the following story about a priest being disciplined for liturgical abuses with a just penalty and the cancellation of an Ecumenical service involving "intercommunion".

Not Ecumenism in Feeling, But in Faith

(kathnews)  's-Hertogenbosch (NL).  In an open letter to the parish communities of the Dutch villages of Someren and Lierp, to which belong the Diocese's-Hertogenbosch laying in the Province of Brabant, the Diocesan Vicar General has taken a position on the importance and the manner ecumenical celebrations should take.  The Bishop reacted to it immediately and spoke out in a letter to the Pastor of serious Liturgical abuses and offenses against Ecumenism in its Catholic sense.  The Pastor concerned was informed of penal consequences.  After that the Pastor cancelled the event.  Many parish members showed a lack of understanding of the manner of the Bishop's proceeding.

Letter of the General Vicar

Now the General Vicar of the Diocese, Dr. R van de Hout, briefly laid out the position of the Catholic

Church on Ecumenism in a letter.  Here is the basic text of the letter in an English translation:

"Dear parishioners of Someren and Lierop and all interested believers elsewhere in the diocese!"

 Concern for the catholicity of the parishes in the diocese 

From the reactions of many of them it is clear that it will be difficult to understand why the bishop at a recently proposed ecumenical ceremony in Someren and Lierop must intervene. The confusion seemed to be still larger basis of statements of the Pastor, the non-Catholic minister and the parish council of Lierop, in which, according to the Bishop was accused illicit action. The Bishop must awaken people to the Catholic faith and take care that the Catholic parishes in his diocese to remain in communion with the universal Church. Only then can our faith and the Church have their importance to the people and their happiness.

 Commonality and Boundaries

The Catholic Church promotes ecumenical contacts with Protestant communities. We need to get to know one another, to develop active common social ties. Together we can listen to God's Word and pray together. But it is not permissible to celebrate the Eucharist / Communion. This prohibition has been repeated by the Pope, but always by the Dutch bishops as well.

Different faith 

Why such celebrations are unlawful? Because Supper and Eucharist, although reference is made to both the creation and the command of the Lord, are not the same. The Roman Catholic Church believes that in the Eucharist the sacrifice of Christ is sacramentally preset at the cross and that the bread and wine are transformed and really substantial in the Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist is - in the words of the Second Vatican Council - the source and summit of ecclesial life. According to the Catholic view, only a valid ordained priest transform the Eucharist. Protestants have no validly ordained priests. Protestants do not believe in the real transformation of bread and wine and have a more symbolic understanding of this sacrament. [It can't be a sacrament at all, actually] That is the reason why the Church does not allow a joint celebration. The Church also prohibits that non-Catholics receive the Eucharistic Communion or that Catholics participate in Protestant communion. Thus confusion is with regard to this sacrament, for us Catholics, the heart of the faith, to be avoided. 

Harmful to Unity

Superficial ecumenical acts like the common celebration of the Eucharist / Communion Service are harmful to the unity and don't bring ecumenism even a step further. On the contrary, the unity is only then no unity in the faith, but a unity in feeling. It's about discovering that we as a church or religious community and not as a single parish or community through common reflection, discussion and study to learn what the Lord wanted it with his church and with his sacrament of unity.

 Prayer for Unity

 Meanwhile, we pray in the parishes and communities for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. He alone can bring about real unity step by step. Moreover, ecumenism is much wider than the unity between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant ecclesial communities. It also relates to our relationship with the Orthodox Churches of the East. ... "(Translation: Gero P. Weishaupt)

What does canon law say?

Concelebrated (intercelebration) with ministers of ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church, according to canon law, one of the very serious offenses in the sacramental-liturgical field, the - is treated by the Glaubenkongreation (see - such as sexual abuse of minors . Liturgical Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, No. 172 c).

The Code of the Catholic Church (CIC/1983) reads:

 "Catholic priests are forbidden, together with priests or ministers of Churches or ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church to concelebrate the Eucharist"

(Canon 908). "Who is guilty of illicitly worshiping in community is to be punished with a just penalty"

(Canon 1365). By law, the bishop or the professor for sanctioning. In the diocese of 's-Hertogenbosch, the bishop could refrain from sanctioning because the responsible minister had taken after a canonical warning from his plan distance.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Traditionalist to Replace +Bruskewitz and Discipline in L.A.

Bishop Conley
Update: one reader also informs us:

Some more details about Bp. Conley: He was college roommates with Fr. James Jackson, F.S.S.P., and has com to our parish several times to say the TLM and administer Confirmation. He also celebrated the first Pontifical Solemn Mass in over 40 years at Denver's Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart. I believe he's also done Ordinations for the Fraternity.

Edit: It's not Fabian Socialism, it's His Lordship, Bishop Bruskewitz. There are a couple of new appointments and Episcopal acts which are encouraging.  The first one is the appointment of the new Bishop of Lincoln Nebraska, who is probably a Traditionalist. We are told that he spent a period of discernment at Fontgambault and was a student of Dr. John Senior who was close to Monsignor Lefebvre.

The news was reported by VIS.

Additionally, in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Archbishop Gomez has stepped up and taken care of some dissidents.

LOS ANGELES, September 14, 2012 ( - A priest who helped found a gay ‘marriage’ advocacy group for Catholics has been suspended from distributing the sacraments or representing himself publicly as a cleric by his bishop.
The National Catholic Register reported Monday that Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles had spoken to Rev. Joseph Palacios, co-founder of “Catholics for Equality” (CFE), a small group created two years ago with strong connections to the Human Rights Campaign.
Palacios described the purpose of his outreach at Princeton University in February 2011, where he called the Church’s faithful the key target for effecting cultural shift in favor of homosexuality.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bishop's Congregation Had the Goods on Dismissed Archbishop From Slovakia


Edit: It looks like Cardinal Ouellette is taking this assignment very seriously, and taking the wolves down to size.  These Bishops are fairly small potatoes.  It will be interesting to see more visible and powerful prelates fall to this kind of treatment.

A Slovakian television broadcaster has published a letter between the Archbishop of Tyrnau and the Bishops Congregation.

(, Trnava)  Yesterday, Archbishop Robert Bezak of Tyrnau, dismissed on July 2nd, took leave during Mass in the chapel of his former Episcopal Palace.

This was reported by the Austrian news agency 'kathpress'.

The Media Bosses Know the Background 

Msgr. Bezak celebrated the New Mass.  The new Diocesan administrator, Auxiliary Bishop Jan Orosch, concelebrated.

At present Archbishop Bezak is located, according to press reports, in a cloister of the Redemptorists in Bratislava.

The Slovakian television station 'TA3' will publish before long, the background of the dismissal.

It's All True

The broadcaster presented an exchange of letters between Msgr Bezak and the Roman Bishops Congregation.

The documents contain information of an query of the Archbishop regarding his financial situation, his faithfulness and his manner of life.

The president of the Slovakian Bishops Conference, Archbishop Stanislav Zvolensky of Pressburg, confirmed the truthfulness of this information in a press conference.

Previously to that, he met with the Slovakian nuncio, Archbishop Mario Giordana, for four hours.

Who it was that brought the confidential documents to light, he did not say.

This Inquiry Came Too Late

The Bishops Congregation asked Msgr Bezak -- in hindsight -- about the state of his priestly ordination, about euthanasia, abortion, premarital infidelity and women's ordination.

The Archbishop worked prior to his ordination as Bishop in April 2009, as an Old Liberal Professor of Moral Theology.

Still further, the Bishops Congregation charged that Msgr. Bezak is said to have "presented himself in secular clothing (jeans and shirt, sweat suit)".

Still, the secular style of the contemporary clergyman (zeitgeistlichen) was well known before his ordination to Bishop...

As Everywhere:  He promoted the Vermin of the Diocese

The Bishops Congregation informed Msgr Bezak also about the financial situation of the Archdiocese and about the conduct of a female business manager.

Msgr Bezak had to justify himself further, because he had surrounded himself "with colleagues of dubious reputation".

The situation related to homosexual clergy and priests living in concubinage. 

The Bishops Congregation presented information -- and photographs --, where the Archbishop visited "gyms, saunas, baths and public showers" with dubious persons.

Back or Homosexual Problems?

In the response to the last criticism, Msgr Bezak criticized the sharp tone of the Congregation.

He didn't know what a "public shower" was, has no times for baths and is not interested in saunas.

He was simply at the sports center because of his back problem.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cardinal Brandmuller Recommends Tough Measures Against Schismatic Austrians

Edit: What with the way that the Swiss Catholic Bishops are treating the Rome-true Bishop Huonder these days, things are starting to well up from beneath the surface and the cracks are forming around the edifice as significant portions of the Church in the German speaking zone threaten to break off to form their own time-kept projects.

According to Chiesa, Cardinal  Brandmüller [83] is recommending sterner measures against the dissidents fomenting rebellion.

 A few days ago, we translated an article about a similar priest rebellion from which developed in Bohemia and Slovakia in 1908. That rebellion involved not a mere 400 signators of an internet petition, as is the case with the present schismatic "Pastor's Initiative" in Austria, but held 1300 priests in Czechoslovakia. The schism still exists today and contains about 100,000 members. Despite having many points in common with the Pastor's Initiative, they are still waiting for a change from Rome.

 Clearly, a certain  Bishop of Regensburg should be eager to take some lessons from history his own past notwithstanding,  if he intends to be the next to fill the shoes of Cardinal Levada, President of the Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith.

VATICAN CITY, March 20, 2012 – "How a schism was born": this is the title of an article that appeared recently in "L'Osservatore Romano" with the byline of the Bavarian cardinal Walter Brandmüller (in the photo). An article with an historical slant, but with explicit references to current events.

An article that from the very beginning recalls the anti-Roman movement "Los von Rom" that emerged in Austria between the 19th and 20th century, which "was able to drive about a hundred thousand Austrian Catholics to separate from the Church."

This movement – the cardinal continues, coming up to the present – "was revived following Vatican Council II." But not only that. "Similar tendencies seem to be reemerging from time to time in our days as well, in some of the appeals for disobedience toward the pope and the bishops.."