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Friday, May 27, 2016

Fabulous Guests at Catholic Day in Leipzig: The Aberrosexuals

"Sternberg-Fotograf-M-Thomas" Wikicommons
UPDATE 26 May 2016 : On May 26, 2016 MP Volker Beck at Catholic Day in Leipzig  "Leaeve the mosque inthe village - religious politics in 2016.  MP Volker Beck has campaigned for years against the Catholic Church and named a Cardinal Meisner Hatepreacher . On 25 May 2016, Beck demanded the opening of marriage to homosexual couples. The Greens as a party are also represented at Catholic Day, although much of its policy is anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.]

In recent weeks, it's often been discussed, who is at this year's  Catholic Day (25 to 29 may 2016)  and who is not. 

Now, a group seems to be particularly welcome and can not complain about lack of opportunities to appear: the homosexuals. 

Especially pervasive are representatives of various local groups like "Network of Catholic Lesbians."  Like in the bible work group,  "Pray Psalms today - submit a Psalm" or in the workshop "With my God I shoot over walls - in work, spirituality in everyday life, is a source of strength for me or for everyday life. "  

Since the Political must not be neglected, there is also a debate for an opening marriage to same-sex couples. In the panel discussion "Marriage for all? On the issue of equality between homosexual and heterosexual couples " speaks the openly gay Stefan Kaufmann, member (CDU) and Manuela Sabozin of the network of Catholic Lesbians in Essen.

In the workshop "Even lesbians and gay men get older. What is important, what is important to me" include representatives of the Association, "Homosexuals and Church" (HUK).

There is also the discussion "Coming out as a cross-ing. Experience between lesbian women," with the women of the "Network of Catholic Lesbians." 

What role do lesbians in the Church apparatus best serve, "Professional service to the Church - as a lesbian woman exchange among lesbian women."

As a continuous supply there is  "Center Rainbow," which oversees the clubs "Church Initiative from Below,"  "Network of Catholic Lesbians, " "Ecumenical group of homosexuals and Church."  These groups are even organizing a  church service. 

At the event,"Anger at ProfX " the "Lesbian and Gay federation of Germany "will question  gender stereotypes.

The working group "Homosexual and Church" will probably advertise about "Whoever stays true, changes. Spiritual people can not be bent." 

Dr. Michael Brinkschröder of the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups will present "a different view of the Bible."

An "experience for gay men" is on offer in the event "Strong in Faith. Catholic. Homosexual."  On the subject of "Homo- and heterosexual people together" we learn "to live in a relationship" in the workshop.   

Constanze Körner, project manager of Rainbow families, deals with the subject of "How to live in rainbow families?"

Surely, especially progressive things are going on  in "Gay and lesbian worship communities as a basic model." 

Of course, the subject  " transsexualism in the tension between faith and the Bible"  at Catholic Day must  not be missed. 

That these concerns are madness and that such  events are completely unnecessary, or even   harmful to the faith, does not need any further description. The image is that the Catholic Church in Germany is offering, is desolate.  It's a church that is completely losing its Catholic identity. It shows once again: The "Central Committee of German Catholics", the organizer of the Catholic Conference, is working  to destroy the Catholic faith in Germany.

Mathias von Gersdorf...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bishop Vorderholzer and the New “World Christian” of the “Climate Neutral” Katholikentag

(Regensburg) Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg is of the opinion that the term layman should be replaced by  “World Christian" in the parlance of the Church, which should mean as much as Christian in the world and Christian to the world. This would better reflect the teaching of the Second Vatican Council of role and mission of the laity.
Bishop Voderholzer, a new member of the Congregation of the Faith in Rome, considers that the term  "lay" for baptized but not consecrated Catholics, probably with a view to the universal priesthood,  to be discriminatory. The bishop made this statement  on 31 May at the Katholikentag, [Catholic Day] which was held in his diocese. That’s when a controversy arose  in the context of a discussion of the role of the laity in the Church. The organizer of the Catholic Conference is the  Central Committee German Catholics (ZdK).
The bi-annual Catholic Day serves as a platform for all Catholics of Germany, or at least nearly all.  The restriction is necessary because the big event is dominated by progressive to radical progressive groups. Those looking for a truly Catholic,   offer true to the faith,  will not find it at Katholikentag  right away. Seriously faithful Catholics  have disappeared  for several years from such new events, such as the Congress Joy of the Faith of the Forum of German Catholics or the Congress Meeting World Church or the Church in Need. The Katholikentag is primarily a diluted,  a disintegrating on the margins Catholic milieu that maintains its more anti-Roman sentiment, constantly talks about “structural" reforms "struktuelle" because  what it lacks in  content, it  compensates by  hyperactivity.

"Catholic Lesbian" Instead of Pro-Lifers

A glance at the program of the Katholikentag "in which the taboos fall” confirms  any apprehension. While the non-negotiable values ​​whose defense Pope Benedict XVI.  had urged  were at best marginally represented, there were "Catholic lesbians", "gay Catholics", "women against the celibacy" and other groups, by definition, anti-church groups who were given a lot of space. The ZdK supports the government bill for abortion counseling system of women determined to have an abortion, whose hypocritical government neutrality allowed  and accepted the funded killing machine. Bishop Voderholzer initially had refused the participation of the Association Donum Vitae following Rome’s guidance, but then quickly caved in before ZdK.  In a joint statement by Bishop and ZdK it was said:  "While maintaining different fundamental views" recommended by both sides, Donum Vitae will be allowed at Katholikentag. The position demanded by Cardinal Raymond Burke that Catholics be “uncompromising” Pro-lifers would be hard pressed to find at Katholikentag.  Zdk does not want to offend  the zeitgeist because shows   pro-lifers the door. Tellingly would therefore translated better as "Toothless German Catholics" ZdK, or more accurately with “Zeitgeisty German Catholics.” 

Some years ago the ZdK published  a declaration on the Jews, which states that Jews need neither Christ nor the Church, as they are already members of the Old Covenant which has never been repealed. Finally, a heresy, but above all a fraud against the Jews, who are deprived of  salvation.

Trying to Garner Applause

The question remains, what Bishop Voderholzer with his proposal would like to express exactly beyond activism and zeal for reform. Why should the terms "Catholic" and "Christian"  no longer be sufficient? Since the claim in the self-designation of Christian has always been universal and transcends all boundaries of nations and states, the complement appears as "World Christian” is just as bulky as  it is a superfluous pleonasm. Or should priests and religious who leave the battlefield in the world a new type "World Christian"? Will it be said that the consecrated representatives of the Church give up the fight for the non-negotiable values, and the final decision is left to the “worldly Christians"?
Ultimately, the proposal of Bishop Voderholzer seems a rather unsuccessful attempt to garner  applause from ZdK and other disaffected progressive laity.  Perhaps the anti-Church Association We are Church, which recently hit the headlines with the excommunication of its president Martha Heizer, is adopting  the proposal of the Bishop of Regensburg.
What remains of the Katholikentag  in Regensburg than to “to touch a bishop"? Despite the "new openness" with the "Francis" effect, which the ZdK conspicuously benevolent "welcomed", enter in the "mature Christians”, who will in the future be possibly named "World Christians", even after several days of Katholikentag are frustrated by the same “unresolved problems of the Church”. It’s a burden  that they do not get rid of, if they do not accept the Church's teachings in faith, but believe they are justified here and there bending it according to their wishes.   Bishop Voderholzer would have had a large audience, had he called upon some basic things of being a Christian to memory.  As an aside, and it is noted in passing on the  ZdK,  that a Holy Mass in the Old Rite was not allowed in the Katholikentag extravaganza despite its more than 1,000 events.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alois Gluck: The Pastoral Council Has Broken With the Mass

The Peter Priest Bernard Deneke is speaking against his slander, which has been disseminated against him by quality medium 'Südwestrundfunk'.

(, Mannheim)  Last Friday Father Bernward Deneke of the Society of St. Peter celebrated Mass at the Mannheim Katholikentag in the actual Roman Rite.

For that reason he was decked by the public broadcaster 'SWR' on Sunday with a pan.

Never said that

According to reports from 'SWR' Fr. Deneke described the Old Mass in his sermon as "the only true form of Mass celebration".

"He is in horror of a normal church service,"  stated the broadcaster.

Father denied this today at ''.

He had never made the statement ascribed to him.

The minister was preaching, as to how the faithful connect through the sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Communion with Christ, the vine.

Another False Report

Alois Gluck -- the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics -- was allowed another false report in the same 'SWR' broadcast.

The poorly informed man insisted that the Old Mass celebrated by Father Deneke did not take place in the context of Katholikentags.

In reality the Mass was announced in the program.

And still another false report

Gluck also said that the Parish of Maria Hilf in Mannheim "in any case" celebrates the Old Mass.

That is also false.

Because there are no regular Old Masses in Mannheim.

Gluck falls into the abyss

Finally Gluck explained that the New Eucharistic celebration had broken with the Holy Mass introduced by Jesus Christ.

Because in the Old Mass of All Times it happens in a way "that is of a completely different understanding of the people of God" or a "completely different understanding of the celebration of the Eucharist" as in the Novus Ordo.

The Old Mass is a rejection of the Pastoral Council -- for those whom the Mass was celebrated -- and it has "for that reason" no place in a Katholikentagsprogramm.

If that is right, then the contrary is also true:  the Pastoral Council has broken with the Mass of all Times.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Liberals Among Themselves: Dialog Would be Accidental at Katholikentag

Edit: there's only one blog in English we know of right now putting anything out on the lay festival of Katholikentag in Mannheim.  They're predictably sanguine about it and seem aware of the reservations a real Catholic might have about it, but aren't concerned about the large event drawing thousands of people.

It's basically like one of those church block parties with corporate sponsorship, involving infernal bedlam, not much concern about personal sin and agendas completely alien to the Catholic Faith.
More Infernal Rock Venue than
Sacred Liturgy
© sbamueller, Flickr, CC

Archbishop Zollitsch is  preparing "Lord's Super" for Adulterers

"The President of the German Catholic Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch,  says the Catholic Church is going to reconsider its relationship with those who are remarried and divorced."  One has to reconsider how the >>pastoral mercy<< could look in this area, he said on Saturday in the context of the Katholikentags in Mannheim.  It asks the question how ministers will approach the separated and how their participation  will look in spiritual life like the Lord's Supper.  The indissolubility of marriage will not come into question, said [Msgr] Zollitsch."

From an article by German 'dapd'.

The Old Liberals are Speechless

"I am concerned about the silence on this text [the description of "Mannheim Breakout" of the German Lay Group 'Central Committee of German Catholics;] .  It has an empty series of statements one after the other, mostly unrelated to each other.  Everything is somehow right and no one can really say anything against it, but it actually has no content.  No limits, no keenness, no clarity.  They don't want to formulate, they want participation.  They don't want to carry, they want to carry together.  That shows a willingness to partner,  that which conceals the acceptance of responsibility.  Only no one will step on feet, only do not make any statements of which someone might disapprove.

From a commentary  by the German radio director of 'Radi Vatican', Father Bernd Hagenkord on ''.

David Berger dreams of "rose red flower carpets"

"But Pope Benedict and those like him, like perhaps some of the Society of St. Pius X have nothing else better to do than to relive the whole masquerade of  the liturgical and the pastoral 19th century.   When they really valued Catholicism  whose glisten has long faded.  When they hide in dreams heavy with incense of brocade decorated Corpus Christi processions over rose red flower carpets."

From a reader's letter by the homosexually disturbed David Berger who takes urine showers on ''

Satan at the Anti-Katholiken- Day

"The Green Politician Volker Beck criticized the handling in the Catholic Church of homosexuals and divorced colleagues.  That they leave because of their sexuality or a divorce, is a violation of Equal Rights Laws, said the Parlimentarian business leader of the Green Bundestagfaktion on Saturday at the Katholikentag in Mannheim."

From an article by the agency 'dapd'.

On Friday One Goes to Mosque

"Church interns fancy the them ecumenism above all things as the order of the day.  On the afternoon hundred Catholics accepted the invitation of the Mannheim Sultan-Selim-Mosque for Friday prayers.  In the evening an ecumenical service with members of various Christian churches stood on the program."

From an article in ''

The We-Are-of-the-Same-Opinion-Dialog

"In the times of collaborating creeds  every unpleasantness of internal business should be avoided.  The entitled "breakthrough" is directed within, inside to the heremtic language and power games of the hegemons of  the names of Milieucatholicism.  The world remains outside, dialog would be an accident.  Why for example is there no debate between "Wir Sind Kirche" (We Are Church) and 'Pro Missa Tridentina?'?  Why for example among the countless podia not a place for a summit meeting of some SSPX members and Memorandumtheologie exponents?  What laboratory could be where greenhouse air is breathed.  The suspicion is indemonstrable:  Only weak arguments see the light of debate.  Only dull knives are used against the butter of courageous ways of thinking.  What only remains in sultry Mannheim at the Katholikentag is this,  one last time before the collapse of the facade:  environmental proection, feminism, multi-religiosity, desacralization and monopoly-theology.

From a commentary of the cultural journalist Alexander Kissler at ''

Stuck in the Underwear 

"Zdk President Alois Gluck graced the discussion [at Katholikentag]  as a moodel >>for the culture of discussion in our Church<<.  Gluck: >>There is no tear through this Katholikentag!<<  From the view of Catholic laity  inner-Church discussions stand questions like the pastoral handling of marriages of mixed confessions and remarried divorced stood in the foreground.  From that there is a >>pressing desire<< to adopt the them of sexual morality.  The merging of communities prepare the engaged couples at its base as a great concern.  >>It is important that the Church remains in place and present in the environment  to people.<<"

From an article in German 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur'.

In the End, Count the Contents

"Although it is still too early to make an evaluation of the content,  it is noteworthy:  The organizers of the even have still not attached such an importance to human life as in this year.  Nine booths with the signs >>Way to a culture of life<<.   Even if the organizers are concerned with the environment and protecting the climate,  but now it is clear::  So much public consideration abut the >>Ecology of people<< (Benedict XVI) has never happened before.  Of course:  in the end, count the contents.

Commentary by Stefan Rehder on Saturday for the Catholic news "Tagespost"

Monika Grütters discriminates

 "For credible reforms things are admittedly valid: Anything that hangs out on the right side is disgusting and should never be socially acceptable. The awakening of new spiritual communities can be effective in individual cases, but much of it wears a tendency to sectarianism in itself. There can be no expectation of a "breakout"  from "Dark Catholics" who demand a radical Christianity,  so they have something discriminatory.  Instead of that, the Church must strive to remain a people's Church, though not in a stale form."

 The Christian Democrat MEP Monika Grütters in a statement on ''.

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Cardinal Meisner Wants Nothing to do with Katholikentag

Cardinal Meisner
Edit: More of a pop concert, the Katholikentag, which has been going on since 1848 in Catholic Germany,  reports coming out tend not to favor this event.   Those who planned it and are participating  in it have a lot to answer for.  Cardinal Meisner of Cologne, Germany, wants nothing to do with it.  He's in the Holy Land doing his job.

Cologne (kathnews/RV)  The Cardinal of Cologne doesn't see a real chance for any breakaway in the Mannheim Katholikentag.  The numbers show, "that it clearly doesn't belong to a trend for Katholikentags.,"  said Joachim Meisner to the "Bonn General-Anzeiger" and the "Cologne Rundschau" this Wednesday.  The Cardinal criticized that such meetings are missing "the Catholic middle",  where unity with the Pope, Bishop, Priest and the people of God is palpable.   The Cardinal said:  "The Katholikentage is in my eye, no longer what it once was."

With a view to the 30,000  Mass goers in the Cologne Cathedral between Christmas and the Epiphany (Three Kings Feast) as well as the Trier Holy Robe pilgrimage with more than a half a million pilgrims he said:  "This is the breakaway.  The people of God even came on foot".  The Archbishop of Cologne did not participate in the Mannheim Katholikentag.  He will be blessing the Benedictine Abbey in Tagbha in the Holy Land during the same time, as +Meisner says: "Jerusalem is older than Mannheim."

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