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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In the Syrian Crusader City of Tartarus is the First Alawite Marian Mosque in the World

Marian Mosque of Tartarus
(Damascus) is a mosque dedicated Mary  in Syria  not an anachronism? Syria has become the epitome of war and flight. The Christians in the country are being brutally persecuted. Not by the government, but of Islamist combat forces who want to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. Syria is a majority Muslim country. Only ten percent of the population are Christians.  In1920 they were still 30 percent. However, the Muslims are divided into two groups. 70 percent are Sunni, 20 percent are Alawites. From the latter comes the first mosque named after Mary in the world.

The Alawis of Syria

Alawites in the coastal strip of the Crusader states
Little is known about the Alawites in the West. Within Islam they are considered related parties to the Shiites.  However, there is also the theory that it is the Alawites, if they are not then at least the offspring of Islamized Christians, at least have significant Christian influence in their religious expression. In fact, since their early years in the 10th century, they have  concentrated in Syria and Turkey, two areas which in contrast to other parts of the Islamic world today, which were once heartlands of Christianity.
The Alawites live in what is now Syria, especially along the Mediterranean coast, that area west of the Orontes plane, which belonged to the Crusader states in the Middle Ages and has thus historically and culturally experienced a differing development, than the Islamic territory east of this location. The parallel to the coast mountain range is therefore called the Alawite Mountains (Jebel al-Alawia, Jabal an-Nusayriyah after the original name "Alawite" Alawite).

The Crusaders of Tartus

Fortified Crusader Cathedral of Our Lady of Tortosa (now a museum)
On the Syrian Mediterranean coast, the city of Tartus is the second largest port in the country. Tartus was founded by the Teutonic Knights and belonged from 1102 to the County of Tripoli, the youngest of the four Crusader states. In 1157 it was  given by King Baldwin III.  of Jerusalem to the Knights Templar. The Templars, the oldest of the  Crusader orders  of religious knights, built the port city into a mighty fortress. Saladin besieged it in 1188 in vain. 1291 Tartus was briefly headquarters of the Knights Templar after the fall of Acre. The city was the last mainland stronghold of the Knights, but fell in the same year. In 1300-1302  the Templars made a last, unsuccessful attempt to recapture Tartus.
The Knights Templar built the fortified cathedral of Our Lady of Tortosa (Tartus)  in the city in the Romanesque-Gothic style. It was built on  an original Byzantine site, consecrated to the Virgin Mary consecrated from the early Christian era, and is said to have been consecrated, according to tradition, by the Prince of  the Apostles, Peter. After the Mamelukes conquered the city, they converted the cathedral into a mosque. In 1516 the area was conquered by the Ottomans. Under Ottoman rule, the cathedral was used as a cowshed. Today it is a museum. It is considered one of the best preserved examples of  crusader churches built in the east. Hafez al-Assad, President from 1970-2000 and ruler of Syria, the father of today's President Bachar al-Assad, had promised to give the  the cathedral back to the Christians. His death prevented the return.

First  Mosque Named After Mary  in the World - Marian Devotion in the Koran

Report of the Daily Star of Beirut
In this predominantly  Alawite Tartus the first mosque was built and dedicated to  the Virgin Maryn the world. According to the Beirut daily newspaper Daily Star, the new mosque is called Al-Sayyida Maryam. This is one of several Arab names for the mother of Jesus, says the Minister of Religious and Cultural Goods, Mohammad Abdel-Sattar al-Sayyed at the opening ceremony last Saturday.The minister described the new mosque as a sign "of the opening of Islam that is far  from aberrations and extremism ."
At the opening Antoine Dib, the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, who is also a representative of the Eparchy Latakia, was present. He explained that he is "proud of the initiative" has been brought forward and expressed the hope that the mosque dedicated to Mary may be a "sign of peace" for the whole country.
The worship contained in the Koran for the Virgin Mary, the foundation of the mosque dedicated to Mary, is returned by Islamic scholars to Christian context in which the early Islam arose. Some scholars see in Islam an anti-Trinitarian heresy of Christianity.
The Franciscan Giulio Basetti-Sani (1912-20011), a student of the orientalist, Louis Massignon, had especially devoted himself to the Marian devotion in his studies on Islam, including "Mary and Jesus, Son of Mary in the Qur'an", which led him to the conclusion to recognize in Islam a "sister faith". Following in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi and in the pursuit of their Mission, the Franciscans endeavored  to make the figures of Jesus and Mary in the Koran visible.

Islam Knows no Personal God, nor the Son of God, but the Virgin Birth of the "Anointed" 

Impressive interior of the former Cathedral of Tartusa
Islam knows no personal God. For this reason there are no references to "father" that  can be found in the 99 invocations of Allah. For this reason, for Islam a "son of God", which would imply a father, is unthinkable. Nevertheless, the Virgin Mary is called "God's chosen", who was "chosen among all women of creation" (Surah 3.42).The divine sonship of Jesus is, however, denied by Islam vehemently. God has no son. Jesus is acknowledged in the Koran as the "Son of Mary", Isa ibn Maryam, as it says in Surah 19.34 to 36. There is acknowledgment of the virgin birth of Mary, who gave birth to the "anointed one", one of the names for Jesus in Islam.
For several years  the feast of the Annunciation on March 25th in Syria is a national holiday. It's a sign of the relatively good relations between Christians and the ruling Alawite Islam of Syria.
Mary is now considered a "door" in interreligious dialogue between Islam and the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Daily Star (Screenshots) / Wikicommons / Espen Lutken (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pilgrimage Church Mentlberg: High Mass with Ashes in Traditional Mass

Pilgrimage Church Mentlberg near Innsbruck
(Innsbruck) On Sunday, February 22   High Mass will be celebrated in the traditional Roman rite with the conferring of  Ashes in the pilgrimage church Mentlberg near Innsbruck.  Mentlberg is on the heights over the Inn valley southwest of Innsbruck. The church has a miraculous image of Our Sorrowful Mother on the Gallwiese.
The statue dates from around 1500 and was originally worshiped in the church of Holzheim near  Ulm. When Protestant doctrine gained ascendancy there during the Thirty Years War, it was brought to Innsbruck in 1638.  On Mentlberg soon arose a new pilgrimage to Our Lady of Sorrows with the Saviour taken down from the cross on her lap. The magnificent baroque church was consecrated in 1770.
For several years the faithful who attend the Immemorial Roman Rite have found a home in the Diocese of Innsbruck at Mentelberg. They are supported by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.  The celebrant next Sunday will be Daniel Kaplan Kretschmar, priest of the Archdiocese of Vaduz. Kretschmar who was consecrated in 2011 by Archbishop Haas in Rome, is a trained church musician. Since then, he has been involved in the establishment of the Fraternity of St. Peter in Salzburg.

Celebrant: Kaplan Kretschmar - vocal ensemble Sonoritas sings works for two choirs

At High Mass on Sunday at the beginning of Lent, the vocal ensemble is Sonoritas for the glory of God, will sing works for two choirs: the Missa Salve by Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611) and the cantata I will not leave you, for you bless me (BWV 157 ) by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). The ensemble Sonoritas , is dedicated in a special way to the care of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony , and came into being parallel for the sacred liturgy in the old rite in Innsbruck.
Whoever did not have the opportunity to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday,  can catch it up on Sunday. The Sanctuary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary on Mentelberg is completely dedicated to the passion and cross of Christ.  This is concentrated in Lent on  penance in preparation for the Easter Vigil.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons

Friday, February 13, 2015

France: Marian Statue Must be Removed --- It "Violates" the Separation of Church and State

Publier: statue of Mary on Lake Geneva
(Paris) In 2011 a statue was built in a park of the French community Publier dedicated to Our Lady of Léman (near Lake Geneva). High up on a slope  the statue has since looked down on Lake Geneva.  Now was the Administrative Court of Grenoble, says the statue of Mary "violates secularism". It has stood  on public land in France since 1905, but  strict "separation of state and the Catholic Church" has rules. And because this is so, the statue has to be "removed". According to the Administrative Court, the local government should never have to issued a permit for the erection of the statue.

France's Don Camillo and Peppone Could Erect Statue of Mary

Publier is a town with 6,500 inhabitants. The town is located on the south shore about 120 meters above Lake Geneva in the midst of a wine region. With a wonderful location, the sunny-mild climate and suitable infrastructure,  Publier has grown rapidly during the past decades. In 1962, the municipality  had only 1,871 inhabitants.
Amazingly, Mayor Gaston Lacroix, a non-party leftists who belongs to the  Divers Gauche in France. He has lead since 2002 the fortunes of the community. He was able to defend the mayor's office in the local elections in 2014. In the council, he has a lush majority of 22 seats, and is faced with only five representatives of the opposition UMP and two independent rightists. His current term ends 2020th
The Mayor with the pious name Lacroix (the cross) describes himself as a "freethinker" and socialist and a member of the Association de la Libre Pensée de Haute-Savoie , as Lorenz Jäger in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

"Our Lady of the Lake Geneva Watch over your children"

Publier: statue must be removed from the park
He is disappointed abou the decision of the Administrative Court: "I did not think it would come so far. The statue is a reference point for all. All have supported me, even the Muslims."  Pastor Robert COLLOUD is also disappointed. He had organized together with Mayor Lacroix moving  the statue. It is a modern remake of Don Camillo and Peppone.
The free thinker and the priest knew the perils of secular state doctrine, which applies in republican France as an untouchable taboo. Since there was broad consensus for the relocation of the statue, they were looking for a way to satisfy any applicable law and still be able to put up the statue. And they believed this path has also been found.
The municipality leased a few square meters of public parks with the symbolic rent of three euros per square meter at a private club. Then on the other hand priest COLLOUD could locate it on the parish. The club was set up to make the statue and the small area in the park with the pedestal inscription: Notre-Dame-du-Léman veille sur tes enfants (Our Lady of the Lake Geneva watch over your children).

"Free thinkers" Insist on Secular State Dogma

However, not all "free thinkers" and socialists think like Lacroix. The Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée (National Freethinkers Association) went against the statue before the Administrative Court. It is a disgrace that non-Christians would have to pass the statue in the park. The Administrative Court agreed in their favor.  Of course, the judge did not address the question of reasonableness, but referred to the applicable rules. This prohibits the establishment of religious symbols on public property.
Mayor Lacroix is one of the "false" freethinkers club. Its Association of libres-penseurs de France (Union of Freethinkers of France) founded in 1901 was divided from the Fédération in 1995. The latter sees itself as the "guardian" of the law on separation of church and state. Its guiding principle is "to promote the rational and scientific principles to overcome the dogmas" led in fact to establish a secular dogma which the municipality Publier is experiencing.

"Je suis Marie"?

The freethinkers society   celebrated the verdict: "A victory for secularism. Now the mayor must remove the statue. This will be a good example for youth. I wonder if the Catholic religion is indeed compatible with the Republic," said the representative of the Federation of Upper Savoy.
For now, it is unclear where the statue is to be placed. The freethinkers have already called for "the mobilization of all the forces of the Republic", should  the mayor Lacroix not quickly implement the Administrative Court's decision. 
Lorenz Jäger recommends: "Don Camillo should order  buttons  at the expense of the municipality: Je suis Marie".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Victory of Lepanto and The Feast of the Holy Rosary

[Wikipedia]The Battle of Lepanto took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of southern European Catholic maritime states, decisively defeated the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire in five hours of fighting on the northern edge of the Gulf of Corinth, off western Greece. The Ottoman forces sailing westwards from their naval station in Lepanto (Turkish: İnebahtı; Greek: Ναύπακτος or Έπαχτος Naupaktos or Épahtos) met the Holy League forces, which had come from Messina.

With the unexpected but hoped for victory over the Turks, St. Pope Pius V commemorated God's gift by commemorating this as a feast.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holy Girdle of the Blessed Mother Displayed for "Rebirth of Russia"

(Moskau) The Holy Girdle of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, which is one of the most honored relics of Orthodox Christianity, is in Moscow. The Russian capitol is the last stop of a tour which began its trip through Russia in St. Petersburg on 24th of October. Till the 27th of November, the relic which is also known as the cincture of Mary, will be displayed at the Moscow Christ the Savior Church, recently reopened for the first time since the break-up of Communism. In the first two days there were over 50.000 faithful who came to venerate it. Whoever was lucky only had to wait about six hours in the line. Many stood for over 18 hours in the snowfall and waited patiently, till they could visit the Icon.

For the protection of the relic the strictest security measures were undertaken because the installation of the Holy Girdle fell on the birthday celebration of the Moscow Patriarch Kyril I. Since the 18th of November, the faithful must first pass through a metal detector to see the symbol of the spiritual rebirth of the Russian Orthodox Church after 74 years of Communist dictatorship.

With its "pilgrimage" through Russia the Girdle of Mary had to leave its home in the Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos in Greece where it is guarded. The special permission to allow the relic to leave the Monastery in the little Monastic Republic in Greece, falls upon Vladimir Yakunin, the Chief of Russian state transportation. "A reason, is the demographic situation in our country.," explained Yakunin to the Press. "We're hoping that this will lead to the spiritual rebirth of Russia, which is calling for Christian values and above all, the family."

The Vatopedi Monastery dates back to the 10th Century. Which tradition states was a Monastery reestablished there from the 4th century. There is a similar tradition of veneration for the stole of Mary in the Oriental and Latin Churches.

Text: Asianews/Giuseppe Nardi

Link to katholisches....

Icon in orbit with Russian Cosmonauts...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima After Beatification of John Paul II

 In Fatima immediately after the Beatification of John Paul II a "solar miracle" was reported -- kathtube-user has witnessed the unusual occurrence also for the 13th of May.

Fatima ( Was there another "miracle of the sun" after the Beatification of John Paul II?  This is the contention of at least some eyewitnesses, as has just learned.  This 'wonder' is said to have happened immediately after the celebration of John Paul II's Beatification on the 1st of May.  There was a rainbow cross formed around the sun.  Thousands of pilgrims and residents of Fatima concur that they have seen it who were at the location. Even the Bishop of Fatima, Serafim de Sousa, has acknowledged the event, but an official statement has not been made.

In Portugal and Poland the world media have also reported it.  Previously on the 13th of October 1917, a miracle of the sun was reported.  This was witnessed by at least 30,000 people in Cova da Iria.

An eyewitness of the event of the 13th of May reported on this noteworthy occurrence.  On kathTube some people witnessed unusual things in Fatima.  The User "Radfee" wrote:  We, my sister and I, stood about in the middle of the pilgrim square, near the barrier.  With many pilgrims we had our attention on Holy Mass, which was happening on the altar, which was projected on a big screen.  As from nothing, a murmur arose from the crowd, that suddenly drew our attention above to the sky.  It was an indescribable moment.  It was, as though everyone held their breath;  it was for me, as if for a moment time stood still.  Then a rousing applause broke from the crowd in joy and thanksgiving.  Many wept with joy and astonishment.  And, although the sun was powerfully blinding, it was hard for us to look back to the ground.  We are true Westphalians, therefore are not quick to be taken in, and have always been skeptical of extraordinary occurrences. 


H/t: John Barry's Blog...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Father: "Catholicism is Impossible Without Mary"

Vatikan. Yesterday the Pope received a twenty member delegation of the Marian Congregation for men from Regensburg. The Pope reminisced that seventy years before he joined this Congregation as a fourteen-year old - he said in his speech: „We were taken up to the Congregation, but immediately after that the war began against Russia, then the Seminar was scattered and the Kongregation had been scattered to the four winds. “It was, however, made clear to them, „that Catholicism without Mary's meditation cannot be“.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mel Gibson Still Wears His Scapular

Some of us never take them off, not even in the shower.
Who cares about stars anyway? Well, Mel Gibson is one of the most significant creative artists of our age, such as it is, and he's still got the Faith, even if he is a bit broken down inside. He still has a devotion to the Blessed Mother, the Carmelites and St. Simon Stock, and so should you.

After failing to appear at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival for his upcoming film, "The Beaver", Gibson is depicted here wearing a Scapular, or a religious garment that consists of two brown pieces of wool attached to a string worn around the neck. From the looks of it, this is a really cheap one he's worn for ages, it's tied around his neck, the brown colored tag of fabric hanging down.  It has an image of St. Simon Stock or St. Micheal the Archangel defeating the Devil, with an inscription which reads, "Whoever wears this scapular shalt not suffer eternal fire". It's a promise associated with the scapular that whoever wears it piously and follows its promises will be taken to heaven.

Photo from the Daily Fail.

Edited for clairity.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Medjugorje: The Pope Desires a Final Decision

There are a thousand contradictions that point to the fact that in Medjugorje there hasn't been an appearance of the Mother of God.  For that reason there should be a "much longer" investigation process to postpone it.

False Apparition Site Medjugorje

(, Vatikan)The Vatican investigation of the false apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegowina has just begun.

This is according to Marian Priest Salvatore Perella of the news service of the US-Bishops Conference, 'Catholic News Service'.

Father Perrella teaches at the Old Liberal theological faculty of the Marianum in Rome.  He is a member of the Vatican Investigative Commission, which is occupied with Medjugorje.

The Church has only made a few judgments on the appearances -- explained the priest.  It is supposedly not always possible to ascertain if an appearance is true or false:  "For the phenomena are greater than us."

In truth God works exactly according to the criteria of truth and falsity. Everything else comes -- according to the criteria of the discernment of spirits -- from the Devil.

Judgment on Saint Till the Cows Come Home?

Father Perrella explained that the Pope wants to make a final judgment on Medjugorje.

The spiritual  is validated  -- despite the easily verifiable facts, which speak against reality -- with a "very long process".

The case is "very complex",  but not impossible to solve.

The duration of the daily appearances create mistrust--  took the Mariologist into consideration.

He compared these phenomena with the  -- not daily unlike Medjugorje -- appearances of our Lady in Laus in south east France.

The Bishop of Gap recognized the sporadic appearances of the shepherdess Bnoite Rencurel († 1718) during fifty four years in 2008.

 The Church proceeds in any case with "maximum prudence"  -- continued Father Perrella further.

The Mother of God Appears as Black, Mexican or French

Finally the Mariologist allowed a pious fauxpas.

He said that the Mother of God could physically appear to men on earth because she is the only one brought body and soul into heaven.

Other departed Saints could appear incorporealy.

In reality there have been various appearances of Saints in the past.  In the Irish apparition site of Knock St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared next to the Mother of God.

The Mother of God appears at various locations even in different forms.

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Editor's Note:  An "Old Liberal" is a term used at kreuznet to describe a certain kind of personality or institutions that is part of the graying and sterile generation of sixty eight, not simply because they are old enough to have been of age in that revolutionary time but chiefly because they share those values, which are typified by multi-Culturalism and the neo-Marxism of the noxious and intellectually cancerous Frankfuhrt School.  Some examples of "Old Liberal" include: Franz Kung, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Cardinal Bernardine of Chicago, Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Sister Joan Chiddister OSB to name but a few to include most of the Jesuit Order.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Face it: Russia is Dying

Some of us look hopefully at a resurgence of the Orthodox Faith in Russia as part of the promise Our Lady has made to convert Russia, yet Russia is dying. No consecration of Russia has happened yet, but there are signs and expectations. What seems to be the case is that no one but Our Lady can save her.

Telegraph Blogs

The BBC reports that Mr Bill Browder, head of a company called Hermitage Capital and once the largest foreign investor in Russia, has now described that large and empty country as “essentially a criminal state”. One’s first reaction is that Mr Browder, who has had far better opportunities for observation than most of us, has taken rather a long time to realise this. But then none of us has been particularly quick off the mark in grasping what has been right in front of our noses for years. Their representatives are still polluting the G8, the Council of Europe and other supposedly civilised institutions. We still pretend politely to take Mr Vladimir Putin seriously.

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See especially Pat Buchanan's Death of the West.

Also see, St. Jean Raspail.