Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bishop Voderholzer: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, Whom Even Martin Luther Could Not Better Have Imagined."

Edit: one commenter laconically writes, "We have a Pope named Benedict XVI..."

Voderholzer said afterwards in sermon in St Peter: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined."

Regensburg (kath.net/KNA/red) A delegation of the diocese Regensburg has met Emeritus Benedict XVI. in Rome. The occasion was a pilgrimage to Rome for the Year of Mercy, as the diocese announced in Regensburg on Monday. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer handed Benedict XVI. a pilgrim scarf (photo available). The former Pope had folded this immediately and gave the pilgrims from home his warmest regards. Each participant got a photo with dedication.

In a sermon in St Peter, Voderholzer honored Benedict XVI before the pilgrims as well: "We have in Benedict XVI. a Pope, whom even Martin Luther could not have better imagined. A pope who sees it as one of his first tasks, with all the powers of reason and historical knowledge, to give a testimony about Jesus Christ. He has as much recognition around the world found as the theologian Pope, whose legacy we treasure in a qualified way, in Regensburg, that we may preserve and carry it into the future."

Edit: looks like a reference to the Regensburg Speech, which Voderholzer probably didn't appreciate.

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James said...

I am disappointed and put off every time I read one of these post-abdication tributes to Pope Benedict XVI, lauding him, his great theological mind, and his noble person with a true, dignified sense of the papal office.

There was a post on Rorate last week that I felt had a forced kind of conclusion: that we had 7 years of Benedict to stock up on and supply us for the Francis famine that has followed.

With all do respect to Benedict; love of the man and esteem for his mind, it was a brutal mistake for him to resign and most of his work and what he has stood for is negated and even wiped out by the resignation and the Francis mess that has followed.

Steve said...

Pope Benedict looked very Catholic compared to his immediate predecessors. But lets not forget his role during the council and his lack of courage as head of the Holy Office. He made overtures to Tradition as Pope, but nothing really changed as a result.

Tancred said...

It doesn't feel so much like praise as much subtle ridicule, referencing his Regensburg speech and Martin Luther comment when he was a peritus at the Council.

Tancred said...

Summorum Pontificum?

Anonymous said...

Assisi III ?

Anonymous said...

The elevation to the cardinalate of arch-Modernist Tagle?