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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Collegeville: Courageous Women Confront Alleged Canon Law Professor at Conference Promoting New Mercy

Edit: there was a dramatic confrontation at the aforementioned canon law presentation by  Father Dan Ward OSB, shilling for the New Mercy of Pope Francis,  this past Sunday.  They're trying to catch a boost from the Bergoglio Effect.   Two of Ward's alleged victims confronted him during the question and answer section.  
One of the especially interesting features of this confrontation was that the name of Josh Guimond, who's been reported missing from St. John's since November 10, 2002, was mentioned by one of the first of Dan Ward's alleged victims. Josh Guimond had been studying  abuse at Collegeville prior to disappearing, and was a captain of Dan Ward's Mock Trial team. 
St. John's Abbey has long been source of heresy and liturgical abuse since even the 20s when Liturgical Reformer, Father Virgil Michel OSB, was celebrating illicit Masses to as part of  the so-called Liturgical Movement, among whose stated aims was active participation in the liturgy, social justice and inclusion into the Mystical Body of Christ.  Virgil's activist, deforming and dissident work was carried on by Vatican II Peritus, Father Godfrey Dieckmann OSB and his successors at Orate Fratres, now Worship Magazine, like the credibly accused predator and heretical Father Dunstan Moorse OSB who is now its editor.
Many still unfortunately do not see a connection between the credible pederastic and criminal sexual conduct of these individuals and their heretical beliefs, but we'd submit to you that as in cases like this outside of the Catholic Church, (Which aren't regarded with the same venom and moral outrage in the media, see Roman Polanksi and David Bowie, for example, in the entertainment media, psychhology, education and so on) there is a powerful link between beliefs and the abuse of power.
What are Bishop Barron's beliefs?

We've copied and pasted the entire article for clarity, and for preservation purposes, which includes the transcript of the question and answer session:

[Behind the Pine Curtain] On Sunday, January 24, 2016, Father Dan Ward gave a presentation (via Skype) to an audience of 50-75 people on the campus of Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota.
One of Father Ward’s alleged victims attended. Father Ward admitted to the audience that he met with the alleged victim in the vice-president’s office [at the College St. Benedict] years ago, but he didn’t want to have a discussion about something that “was settled.”
Note: In October of 2012, Saint John’s Abbey confirmed that Father Dan Ward was under investigation for sexual misconduct. The public has yet to learn the results of that investigation, though Father Ward resigned from as Executive Director of the RCRI in May of 2013. Father Ward taught at St. John’s Prep School and St. John’s University.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decadent Monastery Still Running from the Crimes of Its Past

Josh Guimon who disappeared 11 years ago from campus.
Edit: with about 153 professed monks and shrinking, there are as many as 50 predators in the decaying and rotting Abbey of St. John's,  according to Patrick Marker.  Although the relatively smaller number of offenders has been played up by the press against Archbishop Nienstedt, relatively little attention has been given to dissident Collegeville which hosts an atmosphere of moral theological, and liturgical indifferentism.

While there are diocesan libertines demanding Archbishop Niensted's resignation, not one of them are calling for accountability where it counts.   There are  still questions about the disappearances of Josh Guimond and Jacob Wetterling, which mostly likely, are known only to the Modernist Monastery.

Let's not pretend that this kind of moral depravity doesn't walk arm in arm with the heresy of Modernism which allows these bawds to continue their monastic charade.

"I think St. John's is hopeful the media won't pay attention to this," he said.

It would be easy for the St. John's list to get lost with the others that have come out, but victim's advocates have always been interested in the names because of two very high-profile missing person's cases. St. John's college student Josh Guimond vanished from campus 11 years ago while leaving a campus party, and he hasn't been seen since. Then, there's Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted 24 years ago from nearby St. Joseph, where the local Catholic priest was Father Tom Gillespe, a Benedictine monk who, by then, had already molested a 10-year-old boy.

"He was one of the first people to visit the Wetterling's home to console the family," Marker said. "I'm not saying he did it, but I believe a full examination of facts will lead us to Josh and Jacob."

Marker believes the numbers of abusers that St. John's Abbey knows about may total at least 50 altogether. Three of the monks on the list were also on the list released by the archdiocese, meaning they also worked at parishes in the Twin Cities; however, it is important to note that Benedictine monasteries are operated separately from the archdiocese.

Read more: Critics claim St. John's Abbey still holds secrets despite list - KMSP-TV

It's a good thing these men didn't do anything like offer a Latin Mass, teach traditional Catholic doctrine on morality to the students of their "schools"  or anything like that, then they'd really be in trouble.  Seems like the only thing the people of Minnesota won't stand, is honest to goodness Catholicism.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marxist Pine Curtain in Collegeville

Arrested Development Trustfund Kids

Editor: Abbot John Klassen is a trustfund kid who runs one of the largest, fastest dying Monasteries in the world. He is not only a bully, but he's an expert liar, or could it be that he's in denial like a drunkard or an opium eater? He reminds us of another political trustifarian, Karl Marx. [+Klassen is complicit in these crimes because he continues to protect those who committed them and lie for them] For the Abbot, like Karl Marx, had wealthy benefactors that enabled him and those close to him to live irresponsible lives, insulated from growing up, and capable of grave moral evil who didn't just molest other people's children, but his own. In any event, both options are possible. Most modern religious live comfortable lives as the beneficiaries of charitable trusts or wealthy patrons. The only thing really distinguishing most from trustifarians, rentier kids or Paris Hilton's friends, is the misappropriated air of respectability they enjoy and occasionally, some kind of religious lip service to a monastic tradition.

Many trust fund kids, as they present themselves and as they are portrayed in the media, aren't what you'd call philanthropists, but like Abbott John Klassen, they are often in a state of denial about their general situation. Not only is there a complete lack of charity in Abbott Klassen's approach, but there's a lot of irresponsibility as well.  For example, he plans on allowing a sexual predator, Father Francisco Schulte, to go back to work with children again, and he's also been destroying, or losing the records on file about the various perpetrators they have aided in the past do their Kinseyan dance.

Father Klassen recently made an untrue and off the cuff remark about the website, "Behind the Pine Curtain".  His obvious exaggeration, if not outright calumny, goes far to establish the kind of childish approach to the religious life these men have been fostering for decades. If only it were Pine Curtain's mission to run St. John's into the ground.  He could actually say that about this blog, because we think that St. John's is probably too far gone to be restored to the original purpose of its founders.  If it were ours to say, the Monks of St. John's would be brought to account for betraying more than three generations of Catholics with erroneous representations of the Catholic Faith, and their own imposture as Catholic religious.  St. Benedict of Nursia didn't plan on Monasteries being full of homosexual social workers who routinely go on pleasure vacations to Thailand and disobey the lawful commands of their superiors, but that's St. John's.  It's not Catholic.  It's a hell of syncretism and deceit.

Basically, St. Johns' leadership is irresponsible, dishonest and evil, and the really interesting thing in all of this is that Collegeville has been persecuting Catholics just as steadfastly as any Communist behind the Iron Curtain. Try arguing against one of those nuns or liberal faculty members in the theology department with the right stuff as a poor student, and you'll find your grade substantially lowered and consequently, your career potential significantly lowered, at least in theology.

We think Mr. Marker's choice for the title of his blog is as brilliant as it is accurate, because what goes on at that place is nothing short than the nastiest most underhanded persecution of the Catholic Church in the world, and one of the biggest frauds too. Those of you who have listened to Bishop Sheen's talks should know of Communist infiltration in the Catholic Church as they were described by ex-Communist and Attorney, Bella Dodd. Indeed, what goes on behind the Pine Curtain, often stays behind the Pine Curtain, including students who go missing like Josh Guimond. Who would guess that not only is your friendly priest, professor, alleged friend, a homosexual predator, but he's a Marxist as well.  If nothing else, the place needs an exorcism and a visit by the spirit of Augusto Pinochet.

Miguel Diaz, Collegeville Byproduct and Marxist Ambassador to Vatican

Here's an excerpt,

Abbot Klassen Still Doesn’t Get It
Posted on April 20, 2011 by admin

An excerpt from an April 15, 2011 article [ View ] in the St. John’s University student newspaper regarding the recent “Listening Sessions” held by Abbot John Klassen:

One audience member asked Klassen to address the website Behind the Pine Curtain, run by Patrick Marker, as many think this is the only source to find information regarding pending cases. “It’s a real thorn in our sides because the person who runs that has one agenda and that is to run St. John’s into the ground,” Klassen said.

Pine Curtain, here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

7th Anniversary Of Guimond Disappearance Next Week

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (AP) ― It's been nearly seven years since St. John's University student Josh Guimond disappeared after leaving a small card party about midnight.

His friends and family will return to Collegeville next week to mark the Nov. 9 anniversary. There will be public events to remember Guimond, and to demand answers.

On Saturday the inaugural "Justice for Josh" march will be at noon near St. John's. There will also be a march at the Stearns County Sheriff's office at 2:00 p.m.

The family maintains that Guimond was taken against his will, and they're asking the sheriff's office to release all the information it has on the case.

Sheriff John Sanner says his office has spent thousands of hours on the case and he's just as frustrated as the family that it hasn't been solved.


Information from: WJON-AM,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Anniversary for Abducted Student throws Long Shadows on Dying Benedictine Monastery

The fading Monastery, Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville has been the home of many revolutionaries both political and cultural. Its numbers have been, predictably, declining steadily over the years, perhaps owing to this singular but all-too-common fact that Catholic religious orders, in so far as they have departed from the vision of their founders, are dying. It shouldn't take a sociological study to know that the students who matriculate from the college know nothing of the School's proclaimed religious affiliation when they leave, and if they were Catholic to begin with, many are not by the time they do depart with a diploma in their hand on the way to success and family.

In the mechanics of espionage there is no better cover than a monastery or a pastorage. There have been many suspicious figures in St. John's history, who've either been involved supporting insurgencies against American interests in Central America, putting on disgracefully vulgar plays like Vagina Monolouges at the neighboring women's college, St. Benedict, or featuring irreligious works by Bauhaus architects at great expense and atheistic calligraphers for 30 pieces of silver. From Vatican Peritus, Father Godfrey Diekman (Reformer, Revolutionary), Br. Frank Kacmarcik (artist), Fr. Virgil Michel (Social Reformer, Philosopher, Liturgist), late Senator Eugene McCarthy (Liberal opponent of Vietnam War), reclusive artist Fr. Jerome Tupa there are an entire host of suspicious and curious individuals both past and present working toward the emasculation of American Civilization and Religion.

It's not surprising then that one of the students should go missing and given the Abbey's difficulties with regard to orthodoxy and continence, it's not surprising that events like this sadly take place, leaving a bereaved family and an increasingly sceptical surrounding community.

"Justice for Josh"

October 29, 2009


* Joshua Guimond disappeared while at St. John's University in Collegeville, MN in 2002.

* November 7, 2009 is the inaugural "Justice for Josh" march and will take place at noon.

* St. John's recently denied a request by the Guimond family to mark the anniversary with an on-campus walk to raise awareness, claiming such an event "would not be productive".

* The seven year anniversary of Joshua's disappearance is November 10th.

* Supporters will meet near St. John's University at noon, followed by a march at the Stearns County Sheriff's office at 2pm.

* Several facts and new information regarding Joshua's disappearance will be made public during the event.


In 2002, 20 year old Joshua Guimond left a small card party at a friend's apartment on the St. John's University campus in Collegeville, MN around midnight on November 9, 2002. His friends believed he was just making a trip to the bathroom, but when he did not come back after 15 minutes, they assumed he had just walked back to his dorm room. He has not been seen since. Joshua did not have his glasses or contact lenses, his car, credit cards, or even a coat that was appropriate for the weather. Nothing was missing from his dorm room. His parents remain convinced that he was taken against his will.

Justice for Josh March

Joshua Guimond's family along with supporters, advocates and other victims of campus crime are flying in from around the country and uniting to remember Joshua. A petition will be presented to the Sheriff demanding accountability.

St. John's University recently denied a request by the family to begin the Justice for Josh march on campus, at the site where Joshua was last seen. According to University representative Shawn Vierzba, such a march, "would not be productive, and that the speculation and conjecture likely generated by such a march could in the end be more harmful to the efforts to find Josh".

According to Joshua's father, Brian Guimond, "One of several new facts regarding Joshua's disappearance that we need to explore involves 11 known sex offenders who resided on campus when Joshua disappeared. If that is the case, we may never know the truth. The University and Abbey have a long history of withholding information from the public and law enforcement authorities." The actual
number of sexual victims would appear to be 100 plus. The public needs to be aware of this..

The march will continue at the Stearns County Sheriffs office, where organizers will demand that law enforcement agencies release all information regarding Joshua's disappearance and that St. John's immediately release the names of all personnel who have had credible assault allegations made against them. A dinner and prayer service will follow. Copies of the full schedule and applicable documents will be made available online and on the day of the march.

Bob Guimond

More information: