Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will Green Party Chief Apologize to Bishop Mixa?

Mixa's "controversial" statement hit the mark! We recall what happened in February 2010 when a hysterical outcry in the media land, after the then-Bishop of Augsburg Walter Mixa had declared: "The so-called sexual revolution, in the course of particularly progressive moral critics is also certainly not innocent attempting the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors,” the Catholic Shepherd mentioned not only the actual connection between sexual revolution and pedocriminal abuse, he also criticized the dubious dealings of many in the media with sexuality." We have in recent decades just in the media, witnessed an increasing sexualisation of the public that where abnormal sexual inclinations are also promoted rather than limited.” With both statements the Bishop of Augsburg hit the mark, but in the press was running in circles - and also the “Spiegel" turned out as expected against Mixa's statements. The most audacious was and not for the first time, was the Green Party leader Claudia Roth, who likes to agitate for their lives against the Catholic Church. (Roth had insulted Bishop Mixa previously as a "wacky, divisive Oberfundy" because - says Roth - he has denigrated women as "breeding machines." In reality, he behaved exactly the opposite.. Had the then Catholic Chief Shepherd of Augsburg in the context of Kita debate declared mothers were not breeding machines, which is why they should not rush to give their babies to in-home care.)

Back to the topic of sexual abuse of children and minors: In an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine" of February 2, 2010, Bishop Mixa was accused by the Green Politician in an absurd "logic” according to which he "makes a mockery of the victims” in an almost “unprecedented” way. The newspaper introduced her interview by saying, “The Church leader taunts the victim if he would give a sexualization of society as the blame for the incident, said Green Party leader Claudia Roth in an interview with our newspaper." The politician really said: "It is not only outrageous, but also an unprecedented insult to the victims of sexual abuse, if others are to be blamed for this scandal within the Catholic Church.” With his "unfortunate comments” instead the bishop called into question, adds Roth, "to what extent is there a credible interest in the Catholic Church educate and be relentlessly self-critical about the terrifying level of abuse cases." The Greens leader then called upon the Catholic Church in Germany, "to distance themselves in the strongest was from these rationalizations of their bishop." How about now, if the cheeky Roth finally distance themselves from their unwarranted attacks on Bishop Mixa and would apologize to him as fairness and moral responsibility require? Or has the months-long debate about the Greens share of responsibility for pedosexual crimes passed her by without a trace? - That would be even more devastating!

Source: Christian Forum
 Photo: Reichstag in Berlin - Picture source: Marcela Commons, CC
Trans: Tancred

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