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Friday, November 14, 2014

Suspicion of Sexual Abuse Against Viennese Pastor

Edit: if they have pornography, it should be a done deal.  Some will remember Father Fabian Vordermayer  who was sentenced to four years in prison. The accused priest's name isn't mentioned here.  Further inquiries will be made.

Archdiocese puts clergyman on leave from duty as "precautionary measure" till clarification

Vienna ( A priest engaged in pastoral ministry in Vienna is under investigation for sexual abuse. According to a report on it is alleged to be the result of the sexual assault of a young person. Nina Bussek, spokesman for the Vienna public prosecutor's office, confirmed the report Wednesday on APA. The man will also accused of possessing child pornography images. In a search on Friday a week ago, several media were seized, which are now be evaluated, says Bussek.

The Archdiocese of Vienna has published a statement on its website. Thus the priest was placed on leave from duty "as a precaution" pending clarification of suspicion by the state authorities. This service exemption was no prejudice. This corresponds to the guidelines of the Austrian Bishops' Conference for measures against abuse and violence, maintains the Archdiocese. It is hoped that eventually the respectability of the priest will be facilitated by governmental investigations and point out that he is presumed innocent. The priest also rejects all accusations.

All concerned have been offered professional guidance by the archdiocese, it said in the statement. The parish will be led during the leave of absence by the relevant dean and other priests. Copyright 2014 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Child Molester Priest Sentenced to Four Years in Prison in Vienna -- Media Silence

Monday 16 December 2013
Schönborn's  Most  Sexy Pastor

Fairness for Father Fabian - With Full Force!

47 year old priest performer and a graduate of the Vienna Seminary was convicted of homosexual abuse to four years in prison (not final).
The Vienna Auxiliary Bishop Stephen Turnovsky is surrounded by two gomorrists (declared): P. Fabian Vordermayer (left of the auxiliary bishop), and Wolfgang P. Kimmel (right of the Bishop) received the diaconate in 2009  with a very "special" touch [Image: Wiener Seminary ]

What's Wrong With Cardinal Schönborn's Seminary?

(! Diaconate 2009) The ex-priest  of Traiskirchen, who is a very successful graduate of the Vienna seminary, was sentenced on the feast day of St. Nicholas (December 6, 2013) in the first instance, to four years in prison (legal disclaimer: there is a presumption of innocence).
He is accused of sexual abuse, of course, and Schönborn's sexiest pastor has brought ​his victims into submission with narcotics and like substances.
Father Fabian considers himself indeed innocent, but he of all people should know that only children can be regarded as innocent beings.

Where is the anti-Christian Media Pack?

Why is there this time no smear campaign against the Vienna seminary such as against the seminary in St. Pölten 2003/2004?
Apparently, the Vienna seminary stands in such good service for  the decomposition of the Catholic faith  that our professional informers of the left will not go to war  against the Archbishop of Vienna and his seminary.

Fight Against Faithful Bishop Kurt Krenn ...

In the case of the seminary in St. Pölten, where there supposed to were to have  allegedly been homosexual relationships, it was opportune to  eliminate the then Bishop of St. Pölten, because he was faithful.

... That can not happen Archbishop Schönborn!

The Archbishop of Vienna can not be set aside, because this one puts aside the possible and impossible witnesses to everything.
In the case of the seminary in St. Pölten unnatural sexual intercourse was exploited to eliminate a targeted Catholic bishop.
Also, the predecessor of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Cardinal Hans Hermann Gröer, was chased from pastoral office with the same tactics.
But now the cowardly and media savvy  pack ducks away.
The director's chair for these diabolical attacks on our Catholic pastors seems to be placed in the middle of Vienna.

Church infiltration

After the few reigning faithful Catholic bishops had been eliminated by character assassination, the path was clear for the Church infiltrators.
The faithful had now been replaced by an internal Church gay lobby. Cardinal Schönborn said about :
  • "When it comes to homosexuality, we should look more to the quality of a relationship. And also speak appreciatively about this quality. A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone is simply living out his promiscuity. "
Cardinal Schönborn even replaced a faithful pastor, by a homosexual parish council president, as in the case of the pastor of Stützenhofen:

Tactics of the Church infiltration

The tactics of the Church infiltrators seems to work:
On the one hand, homosexuality was exploited in order to get rid of Catholic Bishops and on the other, the Church in Austria is now infiltrated by homosexuals to get rid of the Catholic faith.
In the environment of Cardinal Schönborn's the attitude of a Homo-terror  is applied toward the erosion of the Catholic faith.
The left professional informers only seem  to follow in their smear campaigns against Catholic bishops and priests only to engage in endeavors within the Church that have the destruction of the Catholic faith as the only goal, because in the case of the ex-priest of Traiskirchen these hypocrites are silent.

Cesspool Vienna seminary?

Of the four seminarians who were ordained deacons in 2009 by Bishop Turnovsky, at least two  have  a lived a "weird" relationship of homosexuality: the aforementioned Fr. Fabian Vordermayer (pictured above: the left of the auxiliary bishop).
The second (now a consecrated priest) Deacon (right next to the Auxiliary Bishop of Vienna) is  Fr. Wolfgang Kimmel , beaten on again off again Catholic and priest, whom the Modernist theologian  Paul Zulehner has against introduced to the Vienna Cardinal.
In Kimmel's narrative, that he also supposedly had been  groped by Cardinal Gröer, doesn't gather any (paid) media interest any more: The sinner Hartmann was faster, history punishes the late comer.

Waste of Catholic morality

As a result of these modernist purges within the Church (with the support of the media from the outside) we come upon a suitably wicked and repulsive clergy, which sometimes even assaults children and boys -   but this irritates the conformist media much less than faithful bishops.

Questions to the church leadership

  • How come faithful, aspiring to clergy get their life  drawn into the dirty by sodomite clergy?
  • Gather or cultivate sodomite clergy in Vienna seminary?
  • And above all: how long does the Vatican still sit idly by?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Schönborn’s Most Appealing Pastor Goes to Court

Fr. Vordermayer (right) and his highly respectable, tattooed
legal representative Anti-Catholic Boulevard Mags.

Since when does the alimentary and socialist tax money paid mainstream media suddenly crow on behalf of a pastor? Whence comes this strange change of heart?

The currently proletarian produced mass media is as friendly to Catholics as at the time of introduction of the National Socialist Church Contribution (1939), from which to this day not the smallest letter has been changed.

Once the socialist broad sheet elite whines for a priest, then it can only deal with great difficulty with this pastor as a Catholic priest in the true sense.

Either this pastor is a very pope-hostile priest who is out to destroy the Church from within, or by a priest who conducts appropriate victims for the Victims Commission for Church homosexual - or both.

This pastor can be so deployed by the gay lobby or by the Socialist-Jacobin church battle front - or both.

Unlike the laughable entrance of a broadsheet on behalf of a pastor is absolutely inexplicable. Namely, if a Catholic priest is really bullied, then our socialist boulevard magazines are at the forefront of the Church-hater front.

Left Street Boulevard Journal Fighting for Accused Abuser

The richly endowed with taxpayer money, “Österreich" is reporting about the former pastor of Traiskirchen, Fabian Vordermayer, against whom serious abuse allegations were brought to the prosecutor for trial.

Is Everything Just “Bullying"?

The indictment by the prosecutor of Wiener Neustadt includes such details as: rape, sexual abuse of defenseless persons (plural), multiple assault, persistent stalking, multiple injury.

A populist parish council of the city of asylum industry, Traikirchen, acknowledged the allegations saying: "Homosexuality is a private matter."

One of several boys who are involved in this case, has lived in the guest house of the vicarage. The drug flunitrazepam (knockout drops) was found in the hair of another (or the same) boys .

Given our ideological justice minister, this is probably more than a sure acquittal. However, if he were to stand up for the truth (Jesus Christ), he would have had a very bad hand. But not in this case.

The priest pretender of Traiskirchen who stopped therapy is reported to have said in a sermon: "I give communion also divorced and remarried."

His Abbot subordinates himself with the rainbow stole minister in a tie, because he is supposed to have advised him to commit suicide.

Moral Theologian at the University in Heiligenkreuz!

The priest, exempted from service at the Benedictine Abbey of Melk and disregarding all instructions given by his wealthy Abbot, Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally also received a lectureship at the "Philosophical-Theological College Benedict XVI. Heiligenkreuz", to which also the ÖVP-gay lobbyist Univ.-Doz., Dr. theol. hab., Mag theol., Andreas Schnider has been brought into position. From the neo-Catholic Schnider one hears such things that go in the direction of a gay marriage sacrament.

Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally instructs priests in questions moral theology as an Institute member of the Institute for Moral Theology at the University of the Heiligen Kreuz.

Cardinal Schönborn's Lunchtime Therapy

The priest of Traiskirchen could finally solve all his problems by simply enjoying a delicious lunch with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

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