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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weak Reaction to UN Attack Against Church -- Bishops' Synod to Attack "Humanae Vitae"?

Pope Francis and Secretary
 of State Parolin
(Vatican) While looking at the official reactions, then one would have come to the conclusion that the Holy See considers the frontal attack by the United Nations as an industrial accident, to which it doesn't  pay too much attention. In reality, the whole order of creation is at stake. All the more incomprehensible is the inadequate response of the neo-Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the attack. Another little positive signal for the Synod of Bishops on the topic of family, which some in the Church obviously want to repurpose as a late revenge for the encyclical Humanae Vitae. 

Appeal to Pope Francis: "Give Clear Response" to anti-Church Attack

The speech is from the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee 5th of last February. If it were actually "just" an industrial accident, you could sit back, as it seems  all do  at the Vatican. But this is not so, why not at least someone isn't sitting back. On Tuesday, Giuliano Ferrara was in the columns of the daily newspaper Il Foglio with an open letter, a Plea to Pope Francis, from whom he calls for "a stronger, clearer answer" ... "which combines the power of faith with the resources of rational culture, which is common to all, believers and non-believers." If you look at the names of those intellectuals who have signed the appeal, it quickly becomes clear that the concern of Ferrara is shared not only by many Catholics but also many secularists.[!]

"Inadequate Response" of the Holy See

Among the signatories of the new appeal to Pope Francis is also the chief editor of the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Riaccardo Cascioli: "I too have signed up, because I consider the official response of the Holy See as deficient: deficient in its content and worrying in its form."
Consider the first point of criticism: the substance is deficient. Even the Wall Street Journal noted that the attack against the freedom of religion by an agency of the United Nations is unprecedented, but the new Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin (whose official Cardinal survey will follow  on 22 February) seems to want to play down the matter. If you read the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee , you quickly realize that the keyword pedophilia, which is also presented with fantasy figures and notes of out-dated facts, only a pretext to attack the Church on a very different, much larger field (see own report, the UN Children's Committee: How the Church Should  "Change" -- Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gender Ideology ).
The committee is expecting the Catholic Church even to change their "interpretation" of Scripture and their own teaching on family, abortion, contraception and homosexuality, even their understanding of man.  A presumption of an international panel without equal.  An incident which can not be simply dismissed as inconsequential individual case of a somewhat extremist Commission, which  one graciously overlooks  and acts as if nothing had happened.