Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Irish Orphanage: AP Admits It Was False

Edit: we were right about this too, but just for the record.  The Irish media is attempting to stir up moral panic against the Catholic Church.  It was clearly a very transparent attack and  was given a great deal of credit by a large number of the usual Patheos bloggers, and at least one truly vindictive, ex-Catholic, Orthodox. Rod Dreher even tried to defend the honor of an Old Liberal Irish Prelate, the kind who have been instrumentalizing the abuse crisis for their own liberalizing and pro-homosexual tendencies.  The American Conservative has tendencies of its own, but it's not the place to go into them now.

In any event, it took Patheos and the AP until this week to acknowledge the error.

A few stalwart Catholics, ourselves included, questioned the report.

Meanwhile, there's another orphanage in Austria at which 500 girls were sexually abused over a period of many years involving a massive coverup by the establishment there.  So far, there's absolute silence.


Anonymous said...

The main Media in Ireland (where I live) is viciously anti-God, anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-morality - and thus madly anti-Catholic. It attacks morality and the Church daily, through all its main fora. The Tuam lie was just another excuse to attack the Church and the sanctity of life, etc. Nothing new here for Irish people who are used to this on a constant basis for decades. The only difference regarding this particular "story" is that it was used by foreign Media too. However, the Media here in Ireland has used and is continuing to use the made-up story to attack the Church, sexual morality - and to shout more loudly for the killing of babies in utero. The false, irrational line being pushed by the Media is - baby homes run by Catholic nuns were evil and what's needed is for mothers to be able to kill their babies in utero. Yes, the "evil" of orphanages lie is being used as a further excuse to promote the further legalisation of abortion. The continual lies in the Irish Media regarding the Church, morality and the fundamental truths about the sanctity of life, marriage, etc. have not stopped or eased in intensity. There is no honest journalism in the "mainstream" Media in Ireland - just constant anti-Catholic, anti-life, anti-morality propaganda.

Keith said...

You're not alone. Dreher's piling on and the pile he piled on on also got a lot of coverage here, here, and here.