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Cardinal Danneels at the Bishops' Synod -- And the Media is Silent

Cardinals Kasper and Danneels
(Vatican / Brussels) The personal appointment of Cardinal Walter Kasper to the Bishops at the  Bishops' Synod on the Family does not surprise. The appointment of Cardinal Godfried Danneels on the other hand, very much. And yet the media elicits  no sound. Was it not until recently completely different?
Pope Francis personally appointed, not surprisingly, Cardinal Walter Kasper to the Synod of the Bishops' Synod on the Family, which starts in Rome on October 5.The purple wearing German theologian is regarded as the spokesman of a radical intervention against the sacrament of marriage. The indissolubility of marriage is to be torpedoed in the name of charity and to allow  communion for remarried divorcees. For this purpose, a dialectical mechanism is employed, which will make Communion available "for all" in the future as well.  The formula is also one of the most radical attacks against the Catholic Church. It will  be implicitly assumed by Kasper, that the previous 2000 years  have been merciless to people.

Cardinal Danneels Appointed personally by Pope Francis to Synod

Far more surprising is the appointment of the Archbishop Emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels, Godfried Cardinal Danneels by Pope Francis. A search in the vastness of the Internet yielded only one article that deals critically with this appointment. This surprised not even the secular media, where not the slightest criticism is felt. Are all non-Catholic journalists become so papal, that they have chosen the statement "Who am I to judge"  as the theme?
Was it so different between media and Danneels a few years ago?
2010, the then Primate of Belgium was drawn into the pedophilia scandal that rocked the country. Danneels was accused of having covered offenders. The articles published on this are legion. It was still then,  sine  Pope Benedict XVI. reigned in Rome, that the media struck at every opportunity and tried to put the pressure on.
The climate of liberal-lascivious on the  part of the Belgian church was then known. The media did not in any way draw a connection at the time  between the liberal church order and criminal sexual debauchery. Danneels was not criticized as a liberal Church representatives. The aim was to put the Church and its teachings in the pillory. Danneels and his responsibility was not the addressee, but only a means to an end for the criticism of the Church. It was also symptomatic of the fact that Danneels successor, the "conservative" Archbishop Leonard received in 2010 just a few weeks after his inauguration received more punches from the Belgian media  than the progressive Danneels in his entire 30 years in office.

Conclave 2013: In One Fell Swoop, Everything was Different

Even in 2013 on the eve of the conclave many media insisted on the exclusion of at least three voters. Among them was the emeritus archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. Again was the campaign was not so much Danneels, but the Church, which was put under pressure before the conclave. The motto was blatantly: no Ratzinger II pontificate. Danneels retired with a serious look into the conclave and came out again with his face beaming. With the election of Pope Francis everything  had changed  in one fell swoop.
Just now Danneels was usued as "proof" to place the church under a general suspicion of pedophilia, or even worse, criminal activity, because pedo criminals were covered for. But on the day after the conclave, Danneels joined the Thanksgiving Mass of the newly elected Pope in the Sistine Chapel as the first  cardinal priest to say a prayer.
The attacks were swept away at a stroke, as if  the  scandal headlines  incited in the media, the club-swinging modern non-religious moral high ground, the house searches in the archbishop's palace, the seizure of mountains documents, even the impious desecration of Bishops graves by a media fueled, the out of control prosecutor and invading with crowbars police had never happened.

Target of the Media Campaign's "Pedophilia Scandal" was Benedict XVI.

All of a sudden ended the media storm over Danneels and another cardinal, who is very active on Twitter. "I never thought that yesterday's appointment would have been made, if only out of respect for Benedict XVI., who was then the real target of the attacks," said Chiesa e Postconcilio on Tuesday. From today's perspective, it is inescapable in fact,  that  the media scandal that exploded in 2010  on the international level  was not concerned with the claimed subject and even less about the victims. The media campaign, for such it was, had a very different target in sight: Pope Benedict XVI.
Today, since the German Pope is out of the race, each appointment is possible, even the most impossible and nobody even raises the slightest objection. What was that again with the victims, their fate had allegedly wept about  by so many and so loudly on their as their  chests swelled with moral indignation?
There were no secular or religious institutions that fought with such clarity and such emphasis against the scandalous phenomenon of pedophilia in its ranks, such as the Catholic Church was under Benedict XVI worldwide. Who cares!

Fight Against Pontificate of Benedict XVI. Began on 19 April 2005

In fact, here the evidence is on the table, that the pontificate of the German Pope would have been totally different if the mass media and those who influence them (and who else everything outside and inside the Church) had not decided on 19 April 2005  to give him a low blow while playing the armchair generals. 
The personal appointment of Cardinal Danneels by Pope Francis to  talk about the family, is one of those items that do not fit together. Or is it just a good match? Danneels, in 2005 was "shaken" on the evening of the election of Benedict XVI. (Domenico Savino) and remained away from  the traditional dinner of Cardinals for the newly elected Pope. In 2013 he was, according to his own admission, part of the electoral alliance that  named Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pope. Despite secrecy, all of the Belgian media already knew on March 14, from Danneels report that he had voted for Bergoglio.

"Gay marriage" -Danneels May Now Cultivate The  Family

The progressive attitude of the Belgian Cardinal is known also in terms of the sacrament of marriage and remarried divorcees. In June, barely three months after the conclave and one and a half months before the papal press conference on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro, Danneels called for the approval of "gay marriage".
Is something owed by the Pope to the Cardinal? Or friends of the Cardinal? Or is it the common closeness of both Cardinals to the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, (+2012) who saw himself as the Ante-Pope? Whether  Pope contender or no, the the pun  will have elegantly expressed, that Martini saw himself as a progressive anti-Pope to John Paul II, without explicitly saying so.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

How these prelates must hate God and all that is good! The cup hath truly floweth over. How much more before God's anger is unleashed? St Michael the Archangel defend us in the hour of battle . . .

Anonymous said...

The man should be in jail, never mind going to conclaves and synods. Thank you for your acute observation of the media handling of pedophile priests during the papacy of Benedict XVI vs. Francis.

Anonymous said...

Belgian catholics are very sad at the thought that the current archbishop of Brussels (capital of Europe), Mons. André-Joseph Léonard, one of the most remarkable European prelates from the spiritual, moral and intellectual point of view, has not even been considered worthy of cardinalice dignity. The appointment of Danneels to the Synod is another offence against the catholics in Belgium.
Mons. Léonard will have to retire in May 2015. Everything seems already to have been done so that the liberal ideas of Danneels, again very influential in Rome, find a new defender in the person of Bishop Bonny, put forward as a successor in Brussels, who will not have to wait a long time before being elevated to the purple.

Damask Rose said...

The hypocrisy is galling. Cardinal Danneels, the Belgian Bishops Conference and the unbelievable pedo catechism.

Gosh, Pope Benedict XVI was really hated, wasn't he.

Something's afoot.

Tancred said...

This blog has a special attachment to the Lion of Brussels. He's been a courageous in his defense of the Faith as he had been kind and affable to sinners. God bless him.

Anonymous said...
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Damask Rose said...

Part I

Dear Anonymous at 4:49.

Ratzinger at the CDF did as much as he could regarding homosexual clerics/child sex abuse during the pontificate of St JPII. As Pope, Benedict suspended hundreds of priests guilty of these sex crimes. Yet the media bullied him and his Vatican colleagues hardly even bothered to back him up. As for Pope Francis, he was runner up to becoming Pope after JPII's death, but he let Benedict take up the papacy, personally, I think because he didn't want to take any flak over the sex abuse crisis that blew up in 2002.

As you say, lesbians kiss in cathedrals over their baptised baby and homosexuals kiss on the Vatican website. You've forgotten to mention the transgender (wo)man with his husband having their baby baptised in a cathedral. A clear mockery of the Holy Family and God the Father ("I believe in God the Father, Creator of heaven and earth"..., the creation of Adam and Eve and the command for them to be fruitful and multiply, a man joining his wife. Not only that, it is a belittling of God the Father's prerogative to mete out justice as He sees fit, in this instance the Flood for iniquitous behaviour and the destruction of five cities, of which Sodom and Gomorrah is counted amongst them (which you can still see today).

I find myself bewildered and ashamed that this awful Cardinal, who was surrounded by police searches of abuse files in his own home, had a bishop abusing his own nephew in his diocese, in charge of a Bishop's Conferences approving the use of a catechism (for crying out loud!) that had a picture of a toddler on all fours asking for its pussy to be stroked and advocating for parents to stroke their genitals.

I find it absolutely disgusting and abhorrent. Why has this Cardinal been rehabilitated and invited to the Family Synod? Remember the rehabilitation of Mahoney. How dim-witted does the Vatican think we Catholics really are? Why has Danneels not been given the boot to some monastery somewhere? This Danneels is saying the Mass and handling the Blessed Sacrament.

Why has Abp André-Joseph Léonard not been made a Cardinal? I guess that would be too much of an award for putting up heroically with lesbians' verbal and titillating abuse and pies being thrown in his face by homosexuals. No, mustn't alienate the LBGTQ community, after all, there are new "forms" of the family now, something that the Vatican and prelates, very worryingly, like to remind us of lately. And there I was thinking that the family consisted of a mother, father and children. Anything else is aberro.

With the totally useless Vatican we have at the moment, no wonder gay marriage has rampaged all over the planet and Obama's healthcare is trying to get little nuns to pay for their own contraceptive cover and those of their employees.

Damask Rose said...

Part II

If they could eliminate the tiara, ancient flabella going back to Egyptian times and sedia gestatoria, well, heck, the current reigning pontiff won't even sit on a throne or live in the Vatican..., so much for the physical and supernatural Chair of Peter..., then they could at least have lowered the prelature age of retirement to 65 like everyone else generally retires at. That way at least we wouldn't have had these cankerous cardinals leaving their putridity along the corridors of the Vatican.

We all know about the homosexual network in the Catholic Church, but I am beginning to think that it's much more massive than I had always imagined. It's going to get worse. Emboldened by state and papacy, the gay clerics and prelates will increasingly come out of the woodwork and the befouling of the Church will continue apace, in my opinion at least. The Devil has moved on from closet homosexuality and now we will be seeing more blatant catholic homosexuality in our faces and aberro-sexuality surfacing and wanting their rights/rites as per the cathedral baptisms mentioned above. Think about it, it's been possibly more than half a century of rampant homosexuality in the clerics. I also think it's a set-up, world and Vatican hand-in-hand. The way things are now politically, these homosexual clerics could actually get their fellow clerics and parishioners prosecuted for 'hate' if they complain. As for that homosexual dossier Pope Benedict had, well with this current pontificate, I think the Church is living the dossier.

The Catholics have been boiled like a frog in my own lifetime. People aren't chaste in the parishes. HV and chastity in marriage and for singles isn't preached about. Nor is Confession. See any kids in the Confessional line? At my kids' First Holy Communion Breakfast, I've never seen so much cleavage on display. One woman wore an evening dress in the style of the ancient Classical Greek dresses you see on the urns; OK, so her cleavage wasn't pouring out, but I did muse on the thought that perhaps Zeus would come down as a showering mist and seduce her. The parish priest didn't even wear the black clericals, so him telling any one of these women to put on a more modest dress is DOA. They might as well have been attending some do on a cruise ship. Chastity/purity is filth now.

Additionally, this whole Cardinal Dolan Gay Parade thing, well, I think we're being chastised now, because these prelates don't seem to be able to see what they're doing, but I'm sure the media and everybody else knows what's happening. That the prelates can't see it, I think, dare I venture to say it, I think is the terrifying abandonment by God that happens to some souls (but I could be stretching this...).

Personally I think that the death of all these Christians in the Middle East is for the reparation of the denigration of the Blessed Sacrament in the decadent Catholic West. It could be argued that these murdered Christians were in more of a position to die a good death with regards to how they practiced their faith and it is a warning to the decadent Catholic West to prepare for death. Because we don't know the 'hour'. God is merciful, he gives us time to repent.

It's all falling into place like chess pieces on a board. Our Lady of Fatima, Fatima being named after a Muslim princess who converted. Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes being named after the Moor, Mirat who occupied the fort of the town, was converted and took the name Lorus, hence Lourdes. Even the rock where the grotto is, is called Massabielle, (from masse vieille: "old mass".

They have no shame, no fear of God and Jesus' Sanctuary and His Precious Body, Soul and Divinity is being treated with utter contempt. Don't you see Anonymous at 4:49, this is all about the children.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, DR. Maybe the comeuppance will have to be the Mohammedans seizing the Vatican, so weak and emasculated Europe seems from here. We need Asian and African bishops & cardinals who have been through the crucible to lead the Church and to provide us a Pope. These effete poofter westerners do not earn anyone's respect, but especially not the Mohammedans.'

Anonymous said...

Which prelate will be the first to break ranks post-Synod to state that we have no Pope but an anti-Pope? Will there even be one?

Benedict Carter

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why everybody is so down right pessimistic about this synod

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

O lord open the gates of hell to these two worthy of hell quickly.. Amen

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

But the rules are there already that cover how communion is received .
They can not be changed in a way that would go against what Christ has said concerning marriage.

susan said...

WOW!...Damask Rose; thanks for your comments....dead on!

susan said...

Schonborn is a particularly notable spawn of hell.

Damask Rose said...


Anonymous said...

Danneels??????? Are they stark raving mad? I am just so gobsmacked I can't even think's beyond disgusting.

Scary G

Quo Vadis Vatican II said...

Wake up and start reading a catechism before Vatican II . ie start to study catholic teaching and not what non traditional inventions since VII.

Anonymous said...

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