Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decadent Monastery Still Running from the Crimes of Its Past

Josh Guimon who disappeared 11 years ago from campus.
Edit: with about 153 professed monks and shrinking, there are as many as 50 predators in the decaying and rotting Abbey of St. John's,  according to Patrick Marker.  Although the relatively smaller number of offenders has been played up by the press against Archbishop Nienstedt, relatively little attention has been given to dissident Collegeville which hosts an atmosphere of moral theological, and liturgical indifferentism.

While there are diocesan libertines demanding Archbishop Niensted's resignation, not one of them are calling for accountability where it counts.   There are  still questions about the disappearances of Josh Guimond and Jacob Wetterling, which mostly likely, are known only to the Modernist Monastery.

Let's not pretend that this kind of moral depravity doesn't walk arm in arm with the heresy of Modernism which allows these bawds to continue their monastic charade.

"I think St. John's is hopeful the media won't pay attention to this," he said.

It would be easy for the St. John's list to get lost with the others that have come out, but victim's advocates have always been interested in the names because of two very high-profile missing person's cases. St. John's college student Josh Guimond vanished from campus 11 years ago while leaving a campus party, and he hasn't been seen since. Then, there's Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted 24 years ago from nearby St. Joseph, where the local Catholic priest was Father Tom Gillespe, a Benedictine monk who, by then, had already molested a 10-year-old boy.

"He was one of the first people to visit the Wetterling's home to console the family," Marker said. "I'm not saying he did it, but I believe a full examination of facts will lead us to Josh and Jacob."

Marker believes the numbers of abusers that St. John's Abbey knows about may total at least 50 altogether. Three of the monks on the list were also on the list released by the archdiocese, meaning they also worked at parishes in the Twin Cities; however, it is important to note that Benedictine monasteries are operated separately from the archdiocese.

Read more: Critics claim St. John's Abbey still holds secrets despite list - KMSP-TV

It's a good thing these men didn't do anything like offer a Latin Mass, teach traditional Catholic doctrine on morality to the students of their "schools"  or anything like that, then they'd really be in trouble.  Seems like the only thing the people of Minnesota won't stand, is honest to goodness Catholicism.


Anonymous said...

This monastery needs to be investigated by the Vatican and closed. For many years, an entirely homosexual culture of secrecy has taken over. The fruits have been endless sexual misconduct, much of it at St. John's Prep School, liturgical and theological abuses, and this is harming everything in central Minnesota: parishes, people, vocations. The monks, as well as the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict, have year by year dismantled what were traditional Catholic Colleges. Now only half the students enrolled are Catholic, and the properties are regularly used as venues for darkly secular speakers and events. Bishop John Kinney was only silent, and new Bishop Donald Kettler thus far has not breathed a word about this deteriorating situation. How can this be a secret to the Vatican? How can the scandals continue year after year while the Abbot just writes checks to silence what might be over 200 victims?

Anonymous said...

Instead of being closed, just sell it to a traditional jurisdiction outside of the RCC, at bargain basement prices, with an exorcism thrown in for free!

I've never been a fan of St. John's, and what I call (not so affectionately) 'Regurgit-all Press.' [ Liturgical Press] If Vat II in the USA can lay blame on any one institution, it is this sorry organization.

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that Monastery is an abject disaster, and as noted, so is Liturgical Press. I love the Benedictine Charism and Monastic Spirituality, but that place is a mess. One would hope that the Holy Father might do something about them, and his own Society of Jesus, and leave the FFI alone. But apparently teaching heresy is OK, but teaching traditional Catholic doctrine is a problem.

Tancred said...

This place was a hotbed of dissent in the 1920s too. Virgil Michel was a serial abuser of the Liturgy.