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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Irish Government to Confiscate Catholic Schools

Ed: the title of the Socialist anti-Catholic BBC reads, "Irish bishops may be asked to hand over Catholic schools”. It’s not a question of if, but when. Some may recall how this sort of oppressive behavior is proceeded by a hate campaign against the Church, in order to justify the confiscation of the Church’s wealth, and the diminishment of Its position in society. This tactic was also undertaken by the Nazis in the 30s as Goebels used charges of sexual indecency and child molestation against the Catholic Clergy then to build public support for closing Catholic Schools. The Irish State is using the same playbook here, which is not to say that they are Nazis, per se. Just goes to show that you really can’t trust Republicans no matter how Catholic they pretend to be.

Of course, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin hasn’t been much help here. He’s basically helping the other side achieve their goals.

[BBC}The government would like schools to be ready for transfer in six months.

An Irish government report has recommended Catholic bishops release school buildings to allow for the creation of non-denominational schools.

The department of education report calls for the establishment of 23 new multi-denominational primary schools to meet parental demand.

It follows surveys of parents of more than 20,000 primary-age children.

The report recommends bishops be asked to reconfigure their schools to free up buildings.

In some cases this would mean the amalgamation of a girls school and a boys school to allow the return of one of the buildings to government control.

The Irish minister for education, Ruairi Quinn, says he would like to see buildings ready for transfer to the multi-denominational sector within six months.

Link to BBC...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go Figure: 99% of Child Sexual Abuse Occurs Outside of the Catholic Church

This is all pretty significant in the light of recent allegations against Jimmy Saville who was covered up for by the BBC and society in general as he worked and is now found guilty by the police.

The author of the blog jobo72, Joseph Bordat, wrote a guest post at, and was predictably criticized for the statement: "99 Percent of Catholic clergy had or rather have nothing to do with sexual abuse.  99 percent of the cases of abuse do not take place in the area of the Church."

He proceeded to elaborate on it and here's a quick translation:

To start out with the suggestion "99 percent" is not here meant arithmetically, but rhetorically.  So as one says: "That I have done that 1000 times!" and so one means that one has had the experience because one -- in any event-- has already had done this often.

Should the expression "99 percent" be understood arithmetically, we would have to look precisely.  We'll do that.

If we assume that the perpetrator on average has multiple victims ( a scientific study of 2012 puts the relationship at close to about 1:10), and in the last 60 years in Germany there have been 1,200 sexual abuses by priests (that is the number of those, who have been paid damages from funds established by the Church; that is not an exact figure, but it is a plausible magnitude), then we're talking about 120 Catholic priests, who have been offenders in the past.  Double the number of "precautionary",  to take into account individual cases, then the number lays at about 240 Catholic clergy.

In the last 60years there have been at least 40,000 priests active in Germany.  At the present there are approximately 15,000 times two (from which we could gather about two generations of priests in 60 years) , which gives 30,000.  Actually, earlier, there were significantly more priests:  1990 there were still 20,000, in 1950 there were about 30,000.  To reckon how many priests in total were active in Germany, is almost impossible.  As a reference point we could also serves as "the more than 100,000 personal acts", which the KFN (Kriminelle Forschungs Institut) study plays a role, but actually it includes not only the acts of priests, but the crimes of those in pastoral services (Deacons, Parish Employees) as also in other areas of Church activity.  We're arriving at this, therefore, from 40,000 priests.

Then we'd have had about 240 perpetrators from 40,000 clergy, which is a portion of 0.6 percent of "criminal priests" among all clergy.

Let's look at the part of "the Church" with the total number of abuse cases in the last 60 years.  Here we leave out the established cases and refrain from accepting every "dark figure"- estimation. (because it doesn't just happen in society, but also in the Church*)

For German society there are about 18,000 established cases per year.  Statistics of the last years show a small reduction in the occurrence of about 15,000 per year, but also years with about 20,000 occurrences.  From the past, there is (following the trend) it is figured to be higher.  In the last 60 years, there have been about 1,080,000 established abuse cases.  Putting the aforementioned 1,200 estimated, ** we would have a number "in the Church" of a total number of abuses of 0.1 percent.

In so far as I may make my statement concrete: "99.4 percent of Catholic priests had respectively have had nothing to do with sexual child abuse.  99.9 percent of the cases of abuse don't take place within the confines of the Church."

I don't really want this.  It seems to me that with these percentages of magnitude, to be a symbolic effect, that the horrible theme of child abuse is finally to be addressed as a social problem, and not only then, if perpetrators appear outside of the ranks of the Church.

Child abuse is "every day" in Germany.  And we talk about celibacy.  Now, that's the actual scandal!


*  At this point it is merely to open the floodgates of speculation:  one merely needs to include a higher factor x of higher dark figures for the Church than for society (there the number is from 15 to 20 times higher than the number of recognized cases),  in order to include every arbitrary part "of the Church". With the discussion of "systematic concealment",  the figures of such calculations are discursively prepared.  On the other hand, to defend against this, there can only be the most open revelation possible of all relevant incidents.

** It would be indeed correct, not to compare the number of accusations, but the number of criminally convicted perpetrators, actually there is an "distorted view", because many cases within the Church at the time of their discovery were already out of date, which runs counter to a legal prosecution by the perpetrator. It has to  fall back on "weak data",  in order generally could employ a comparison.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sex Abuse is a Bigger Problem With Protestants? You don't say?

Edit: just found this excerpt from Leonard Alt who commented on it and we think he raises an excellent point about the abuse hoax which keeps getting swept under the rug, enjoy and please reuse this information the next time you're confronted by people who still mistakenly think this is primarily a Catholic problem:

I apologize to my Protestant friends who do get it; this is not for you.This is for the few Protestants who don’t know the facts and then  make unfair cheap shots at the Catholic Church.
ROGER ASKED A GOOD QUESTION: IF the Catholic Church was the REAL CHURCH... Why do they PERMIT... Priests & Bishops.... TO MOLEST CHILDREN...?

LENNY ASKS A GOOD QUESTION AS WELL:  If the Protestant Churches were the REAL CHURCH…Why do they PERMIT…Protestant ministers & deacons TO MOLEST CHILDREN… and then criticize Catholics when Protestants have a larger problem in their own churches? 

Three insurance companies in the United States that provide liability coverage for 165,000 Protestant churches revealed data to the Associated Press that they typically receive 260 reports every year of children being sexually abused by Protestant clergy or other staff.

If these and the Catholic statistics are accurate, then on average, there are 32 more sex abuse cases per year in the Protestant church. As Father Jonathan stated in his news story, “The mainstream media has all but ignored the recent Associated Press report (April 30,2010 Karen Stephenson).

I have to admit I was surprised at a few of my Protestant friends who still wanted to stand in judgment of the Catholic Church even after they learned there was a bigger problem in Protestant Christianity.  They are acting like modern day Pharisees pointing out the sin of others while not acknowledging their own.
The Pharisee took up his position and spoke this prayer to himself, , “O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity—greedy, dishonest, adulterous –or even like this tax collector.  I fast twice a week, and I pay tithe on my whole income” (Lk 18:11-12).

The Evangelicals were busy confessing the sin of Catholics rather than their own sin.   But why do they do it when Jesus spoke against this?  The answer is simple; they were using it as a negative recruiting tool to get people out of the Catholic Church and into the Evangelical Churches.  In fact one Baptist minister said they wanted to gobble up all the Catholics they could get because of the scandal.   I am sure this worked to some degree more or less, but what happens when these people find out there is an even bigger problem in Evangelical Churches.

Even the mighty Jewish talk show host Michael Savage got on the band wagon and lambasted the Church for all those scandals.  It wasn’t long after that and one of Michael’s, Jewish rabbis was picked up in a sting operation where he was caught on tape soliciting underage girls.   This seemed to quiet Michael down a bit.

Roger and others will no longer be using pedophilia as a negative recruiting tool.  They will be too busy explaining to people in their own churches why they got out bad information and why their churches are having such a big problem.

And furthermore there is a problem in the secular schools that could be a hundred times larger then in Christianity and I can substantiate this statement.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Australian Courts Open up the Flood Gates for Sex-Abuse Claims

In the spotlight ... The commission will investigate all institutions and was sparked by allegations of abuse and cover-up by the Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley. Photo: AFP

Edit: A friend just sent this in the e-mail. Let's hear it for objectivity in reporting by Austrialia's gloating and malignant Syndney Morning Herald as it heralds what will be a colossal and unjust blow against the Church in Australia.  Listening to some of the Australian bloggers, they seem absolutely demoralized.  These demonic media campaigns are very effective at causing despair in some circles.  We hope those effected by them do not give up hope.

Remember, priestly abuse is actually rare and the ones who are largely responsible for it (but also get away with it) are Leftists.

We've also noticed the unequal treatment in the media.  The anti-Catholic media bosses don't give as much time to the protestant churches, Sesame Street, Jewish rabbis or atheistic university professors.

[Alleged] VICTIMS of sexual abuse would be able to sue the Catholic Church for compensation as a result of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, legal experts say. 
And any victim of sexual abuse would be able to give evidence, if they wished. A discussion paper released late on Monday by the commission secretariat says the commission's findings ''may extend to ensuring that there are no obstacles to the making of claims and that there is sufficient support for victims of abuse in pursuing those claims''.
Read more:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pedophiles in the Pfarrer Initiative

Fr. Schüller is a welcome guest
 at Ex-Reichssender Wien (ORF).

© Screenshot
Edit: but there's no urgency about it as far as the media are concerned.  They protect and cover up for their own.

It is a fact that practically all abuse-priests are born from the Old Liberal camp.  Actually, Fr. Helmut Schüller finds the right words.

(  The 'Disobedience Initiative' of Fr. Helmut Schüller has been confronted with the accusation of child abuse.

This was reported by former Wien Reichsender (Fascist broadcaster), ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).

A Slanderer Slanders the other Slanderer

The allegation originates from the slanderous site "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt". [Victims of Church Violence]

It explains a "known perpetrator of abuse" is also a member of the 'Initiative'.

Almost every single abuse-priest comes from the Old Liberal camp.

A Known Sitiation

Among the anti-Church hangers on of Schüller can be found the former Benedictine Arch-abbot Bruno Becker of St. Peter in Salzburg.

Allegations against him have been known in the media since March 2010.

The second member is related to a Steyerian priest who is also accused of child sexual abuse.

An Enemy of the Church Protects Another Enemy of the Church

The leader of the disobedience group held forth in a statesmanlike manner: "We must ponder, how we behave in such circumstances."

However, he doesn't have any urgency -- but it's otherwise usually in such cases :  This may be dealt with in the next meeting of the board of the Pfarrer-Initiative.

The anti-Church Reichsender is defending as expected the enemy of the Church: "[Fr.] Helmut Schüller has taken the allegations of the site seriously"  -- will be the consolation.

Link to

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Media Blitz Against Boy Scouts of America Has Raised Tempo

The most effective way of intimidating private organizations which don't yield to official narratives about human sexuality, science, politics and so on, will be systematically attacked.

Edit:  there's a significant amount of media pressure being applied to the Boy Scouts of America which has policies against homosexuals.   It's a standard pattern that anyone can detect as various organizations and blogs which don't toe the line with respect to accepted sexual and social norms, can face public humiliation and even criminal charges as is the case with the German Catholic site '' who is being accused of "inciting hatred" under German law. But it's not just religious organizations which refuse to conform like the Catholic Church but civic youth organizations like the Boy Scouts.  Neither Scoutmasters, the Scouts themselves, may be homosexual, for as the oath which Scouts take insists a Scout is "morally straight."

This amount of hysteria directed at a private, voluntary organization like this causes one to wonder about the rate of abuse in organizations which enjoy the approval of the media complex. (Girl Scouts, Brownies, Gay Straight Alliance, etc...)

Despite this welcome intransigence from the Boy Scouts, there is more than media pressure that can be brought to bear, as it was used recently to such great effect in the case of Father Guarnizo .  Even Catholic resources were brought to bear on a Catholic priest who had a legitimate cause and in fact, an obligation, to refuse a public sinner Holy Communion. The local ordinary, Cardinal Wuerl, even came down on the side of the public sinner and feelings.  Some might say that it shows that the Catholic Church is divided, but others, more well informed, should say that there are those in charge who have opposing agendas.

As is the case, the media is playing its usual manipulative cards invoking false charity in the name of an all-inclusive relativism.  It's similar to the accusations leveled against Father Guarnizo above, that he wasn't pastorally sensitive or acting beyond his authority.  It may be that Cardinal Wuerl would refuse Communion to Bill Clinton if he presented himself for the Sacrament, but we feel that not only is the Cardinal far afield in his understanding of the Sacrament, although for perfucntory reasons he may be willing to follow rubrics and canons,  a special interest victim group will always trump Catholic practice.

But this isn't the case with the Boy Scouts of America, and given that they are unwilling to bend to media pressure.  Other weapons are being brought to bear upon the somewhat isolated boys' organization, and it is incidentally, the abuse -hoax, which has also been very effective at intimidating, humiliating and even destroying Catholic authorities who try to resist the status quo.  Cardinal Law comes to mind.  As we're eager to point out, Cardinal Law was very outspoken about pro-life and insulted the Clintons during a politically charged homily at St. Patrick's Cathedral during the funeral of Joseph Cardinal O'Connor.    It's true that the Cardinal of Boston was not an ideally orthodox shepherd,  but the damage claims and sex abuse accusations against his Diocese were not significantly larger than those faced by Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles.    The only discernable difference is the fact that Cardinal Mahony was an Old Liberal, who favored homosexual causes and very much a darling not only of the media, but the Hollywood elites themselves.

The Boy Scouts aren't perfect, but they oppose the agenda by "discriminating" against those afflicted with the disorder of homosexuality.  as Canon 4358 of the Catholic Church reads is a "disordered state".   If the Boy Scouts fell in lockstep, does anyone believe that they would be facing the barrage of articles now appearing in the media, accusing them of covering up child abuse.

The media has been abusing children for years and the silence is almost deafening.

In any event, if an organization refuses to bend to media pressure, then it will have to be systematically discredited, and what better way of discrediting an organization than by showing how it is harmful to children and is less than responsible about how it handles sex-abuse. (Of course, ignoring the complicity of a certain unhealthy sexual "orientation" in all of this.)

Now, they're calling this attack "the perversion files", here, Psychology Today, here, coverups,  here,  more coverups,  5,000 expelled from Boy Scouts in Palm Beach since 1958, Telegraph, Fox, Overwhelming interest in abuse crashes website, Disturbing Instances of Abuse, even Al Jazeera is gloating,  and so on.

The data is forthcoming, but it's a pretty safe bet that your children are safer with a Scoutmaster than they are with the teachers in public schools.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Accusations Against Modernist Monastery's Legal Counsel: Another Monk Hides Out in Ireland

Modernist Architecture
Modernist Behavior
Edit: Have just received this from the Pine Curtain site and  we are citing the stories below with supporting documentation linked to that site. 
Two Monks who'd been previously mentioned here, Father Mel Taylor who has just fled to Ireland during a current investigation of multiple cases of misconduct, and Father Dan Ward, a canon and civil attorney for the Abbey who also counsels monks on dealing with sexual abuse. Father Ward figured predominantly in the initial accusations against the Modernist Monastery, and categorically denied them then. It's becoming increasingly difficult for them to avoid, or worse, to malign those who have called their conduct and status as Catholic figures into question.
Father Mel Taylor was expected to continue parish work in the United States after leaving the Bahamas where that monastery was closing down, but he will not be going back to parish work, owing to an investigation against him.  
It's thought in some very well-informed circles, that certain Liberal institutions and figures within the Catholic Church have worked with the media to create the perfect storm.
Not to confuse things, but it seems that the disobedience, Leftist agendas and the promotion of a homosexual subculture by figures like Father Bob Pierson are intimately linked to the conditions at schools like St. John's where students are not only trained not to think, but are sometimes even used as playing pieces in a political and religious farce.

Here is the information we've received from the Pine Curtain with no editing, and the early video showing Father Dan Ward denying the allegations by the blog's author, Pat Marker, against Father Dunstan Moorse and other monks:
*** Father Dan Ward, OSB
Father Dan Ward, OSB served as assistant to the University president for legal service. (See file: 1978-1979 Winter SJU Alumni_Wollmering_Ward.pdf) He was also an Assistant Professor of Theology and Government at Saint John's University for over ten years (See file: dan_ward_education_1984.jpg).
Father Ward is a canon and civil attorney and a member of the Minnesota Bar (See file: ward_mn_bar.jpg).
In August of 1991, the first day that allegations against monks at Saint John's were made public, Father Ward represented offending monk Father Dunstan Moorse is a case of sexual abuse. See 1:50 mark of this video: 
Father Ward now counsels religious on matters of sexual misconduct worldwide. (See file: RCRI_Web_Site.jpg )
I received notice that an investigation had been commissioned regarding Father Dan Ward on October 4, 2012. Abbot John Klassen and Bishop Kinney were cc'd to that email. (See file: 20121004_Airdo_Email.pdf).
At least five men and one woman (CSB student) have alleged misconduct by Father Ward.
One of the allegations against Ward (see file: Ward_1970s_2.pdf) was disclosed in my October 8 letter to Sr. Sharon Euart, executive director of the Canon Law Society of America. (See file: 20121008_Marker_to_Euart.pdf)
All six of the allegations against Father Ward were disclosed in my October 9 letter to the Minnesota Bar Association.
Father Dan Ward is scheduled to speak (on three of the four days) at RCRI’s national conference in Orlando next week.
*** Father Mel Taylor, OSB
On June 8, 2012, Bishop John Kinney from the Diocese of Saint Cloud (MN) announced that Father Mel Taylor would be the next priest at Saint John the Baptist in Collegeville. Source:
Prior to that announcement, on June 3, 2012, Father Mel Taylor was confronted by one of his victims. The confrontation occurred during Father Mel Taylor's last mass in the Bahamas. Background and a video of that confrontation is available here:
On June 26, 2012, I wrote an email to Bishop John Kinney, requesting that he, "reconsider the appointment of Father Mel Taylor as pastor at Church of Saint John the Baptist, Collegeville, Minnesota." (See file: 20120626_Marker_to_Kinney.pdf )
On June 29, 2012, Bishop Kinney wrote a letter (See file: 20120629_kinney_letter_re_Taylor.pdf) stating that Mel Taylor was under investigation.
Father Mel Taylor was a prefect, chaplain and residency dean at the Prep School in the 80s. (see file: Taylor_Res_Dean_82-83.pdf)
Misconduct against Mel Taylor is outlined in a notarized document dated August 30, 2012. (See file: 20120830_Misconduct_re_Mel_Taylor.pdf)
Just days after the Father Mel Taylor investigation began in August, Father Taylor fled to Ireland.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bishop Finn's Alleged Crimes Magnified While Real Predators Roam Free

Edit: while the New York Times, and quite a few other leftist media publications are going after Bishop Finn for allegedly failing to report child sexual abuse, and clucking their tongues sanctimoniously about clericalism and the Church's need to change, or even gloating a bit, like at the supposedly Catholic publication which can be counted to regularly to distort the teachings of the Church it claims to represent, there are other stories, far more damning, which get swept under the rug and conveniently ignored. Apparently, this faux Catholic magazine is calling for Bishop Finn's resignation. Why don't they resign from Catholic journalism? I daresay they haven't written an authentically Catholic story since 1968. As one semi-popular clerical blogger points out:
I don’t remember seeing National catholic Reporter‘s editorials demanding the resignation of Archbp. Rembert Weakland or Card. Mahony. They were into some truly deep problems, but there was no high dudgeon from NCR about them.
Bp. Finn got what we can only describe as a hand-slapping by a court. He received suspended probation the record of which is then to be expunged from his record. If what Finn did was truly a massive crime, would the court have done this?

We strongly suspect that the situation in the US is similar to Germany's where public figures, even clergy in the Catholic Church who are Old Liberals, are protected by the media umbrella.  Bishop Finn is no Liberal and was in the process of reforming his Diocese, which made not a few people unhappy. Meanwhile, the anti-clerical New York Times and their witting and unwitting allies strike up a chorus of "sadness" and despair about the sex-abuse scandal which is spiraling out of control ... Never mind that your children are safer with Catholic priests in Catholic schools than they are anywhere else in today's parsimonious culture.

Meanwhile, a US government official has been smiled upon and no one, especially not those who are attacking +Finn, think to comment on that obvious double standard, but there are many others besides.

Those calling for the resignation of Bishop Finn when there are actual examples of cover-up and corruption, need help.

Remember Obama's Safe Sex With Kids Czar, Kevin Jennings? This is from an editorial about the Buggery Czar himself:

The media is trying to keep this story in the closet, but it’s important not to wink at all the serious problems surrounding President Obama’s controversial “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings.
Mr. Jennings is the moral malefactor who gave a speech about how he merely advised a 15-year-old high-school sophomore who was having sex with an older man that, “I hope you knew to use a condom.” He knew the boy had met the adult in a bus-station restroom. Mr. Jennings also expressed admiration for Harry Hay, a notorious and extremely prominent supporter of the North American Man Boy Love Association. “One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay,” he said. Despite numerous requests to the Obama administration and Mr. Jennings, we have not received any answers to inquiries about these troubling issues.
Now revelations have surfaced that Mr. Jennings not only thought there was nothing wrong with boys having sex with older men (or girls having sex with older women), but he also played a role in promoting such relationships.

Indeed, most of the Liberals pointing their fingers at Bishop Finn have probably heard of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, where more than ten sexual predators roam free "under restriction". The obvious disconnect stems partly from the fact that people still trust their Leftist media outlets, and follow the glaring spotlight focused on Bishop Finn and arouse all of their anti-clerical impulses. Meanwhile, in other Diocese under Liberal prelates, homosexual predators roam free.

Even smut novelist Father Andrew Greeley knows there are sexual predators in the Chicago area and claims to know who they are but he's not talking, either. Should he be arrested for protecting sexual predators as well? This from Brian Hehir Exposed turned out to be a revealing citation:
According to his girlfriend, Pellegrini had had a homosexual relationship with a Chicago priest and was part of a secret clerical “Boys Club” that not only included homosexual assignations, but also ritualistic, occult worship and the sexual abuse of young boys garnered from low income ethnic families in the city. Pellegrini’s girlfriend told the police that Frank had told her that he wanted out of the Club and had scheduled a meeting with Chancery officials on the matter shortly before his death.
Two young private Chicago investigators, Bill Callaghan and Hank Adema, were hired to look into the Pellegrini murder. They were able to confirm the existence of a clerical homosexual/pederast ring operating out of the Archdiocese of Chicago. It appeared that the alleged homosexual ring they had uncovered was the same one mentioned by Father Andrew Greeley in the paperback version of Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest written in 1999.
One of the puzzling mysteries surrounding the murder involved Cardinal Bernardin. According to the police who were present at the crime scene, shortly after Pellegrini’s body was discovered, Cardinal Bernardin arrived at the murdered man’s home to quiz the officers about the killing. The cardinal told police that he did not know the murdered man. This raises the obvious question of how he learned of the killing so quickly and of what special interest was Pellegrini to him since he did not know the victim. The Pellegrini case was reopened in the early 1990s, but to date, the crime remains unsolved and Father Greeley remains silent.

More soon....

Friday, September 7, 2012

When I think of Catholics, That's When I Get My Gun

More Anarchist than Son of the Church
Edit: picked this beautiful and very descriptive photo of Mark Shea, up from Est Quod Est, and while Father Peter West has called off the blogwar, we feel no need to do so, especially as we fully expect not to be disappointed that Mr. Shea will continue doing what he's done in the past, at some point, if not presently.

He just can't help himself.

We also fully expect a full-out attack from Patheos bloggers demanding the resignation of the conservative bishop Finn, coming to a theater near you.  [NOTE: I would not include Australia Incognita among them, but strongly disagree with their take on the abuse "crisis", which is a media generated blitz on the Catholic Church resembling other such campaigns.]

I think you can count on patheos bloggers to do three things when it comes to sex abuse:

1. They confirm that it is a "Catholic" problem.

2. They confirm the hysteria surrounding it by overreacting to certain priests and laity who've committed these crimes.

3. Typically ignore the magnitude of the problem when the abuse happens, as it most often does, outside of prescribed targets.  (While the Nazi government focused on the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it was unwilling to address its own problems with it.)

Top Tips for the Faithful!

Indeed, the uncritical comments regarding Bishop Finn in this blog who won't challenge the presentation of the "facts" is breathtaking. Considering that prelates far more deserving of this kind of treatment escape without even a critical appraisal from the various media organs indicates that there is a real problem with people, as if they can't think between compartments, individuals and situations, or maintain the same principles all the time as if they were mentally diseased.

One commenting in the above mentioned blog post suggests, quite accurately, that Opus Dei won't take this sitting down.  They have hoards of attorneys at their disposal.  I hope they rake anyone attempting to instrumentalize this event in the service of propagandists alien to the Catholic Church over the coals.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

LCWR Consults Alleged Sexual Predator

Edit: Dan Ward was associated with Collegeville for many years and has four credible accusations against him.

It's pathetic and more than a little evil that they can attack the Vatican for what they allege is its complicity in child abuse, and they can't be bothered to do a back ground check on one of their top consultants.

[Pine Curtain] According to the LCWR’s April 2012 newsletter, there has been a “precipitous decline in the number of religious.”
One solution, in an effort to restore the credibility of religious communities, must be to remove from positions of authority those who remain in those positions despite 1) credible allegations of sexual misconduct and/or 2) their role in the cover up of credible allegations sexual misconduct by others.
The number of religious who left because they were targeted sexually — or refused to cooperate with a deceptive leadership — makes up a large percentage of this self-inflicted “decline” in the number of religious.
According to the LCWR’s April newsletter:
“… Janice Bader, CPPS, executive director of the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO), and Dan Ward, OSB, executive director of RCRI, attended the joint meeting and shared current data on religious institutes in the United States. The data show a precipitous decline in the number of religious in compensated ministry, an increase in the average age of those serving in leadership, the number of institutes that will run out of funds within the next five to 10 years, and the growing complexity of the decisions that institutes are now facing. Both NRRO and RCRI are looking at options for what US religious life may need to do in order to have a viable future and are exploring how religious may help define what the next chapter of religious life may look like.”
Rev Dan Ward, OSB is executive director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes (“RCRI”). He should have no involvement in “defining what the next chapter of religious life may look like.” RCRI shares a building on Cameron Street in Silver Spring, Maryland, with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) and the Religious Formation Conference (“RFC”).

Read further at Pine Curtain....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Political Activists Ignore Obvious Link Between Homosexual Activity and Sex-Abuse

Edit:  while continuing to attack the Catholic Church as the culprit in child sexual abuse, despite the fact that such crimes committed by priests have been and continue to be rare, media and political forces ignore the obvious culprit in the Sandusky case while promoting the very same thing themselves.

The following article throws some interesting light on the Sandusky case and its relationship with the Catholic Church's alleged issues with sexual abuse.

Many will probably remember "President" Obama's Safe Sex (with kids) Czar Kevin Jennings, defending turning a blind eye to a young man who came to him for counsel when he was being molested by an adult. From Creative Pundit:

The explosive report posted here and here outed Obama’s ‘Safe Schools Czar’s sickening promotion of child porn books to school children.

Since then Jennings has been cited for promoting sexual activity with children in the most blithe fashion, but this has gone largely unnoticed.

Certainly, the same people advocating for the arrest of Kansas city's Archbishop Finn for allegedly neglecting to report the appearance of child pornography on the computer of one of his priests, aren't the same people advocating for excusing the behavior of Kevin Jennings.

And while Jeff Anderson vociferously attacks the Catholic Church, he remains silent on the assistant and abettor of child-abuse, Kevin Jennings himself. Perhaps it's not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you, since Jeff Anderson's political alignment is no mystery if his campaign and political contributions are any indication.

The following is from WND exclusive interviewing radio talk-show personality Micheal L. Brown who's one of the few commentators identifying what most people, including the homosexual activist and his allies, who is willing to identify the problem:
Brown said the stance is consistent with the homosexual community’s role in public schools for years. 
“Also, since homosexual activists push so hard for Gay Straight Alliances in schools, many of which have clearly introduced younger gay boys to older gay men, it is difficult for gay activists to take the high moral ground when it comes to exposing and condemning Sandusky,” the conservative pundit contends. 
The American Family Association of Pennsylvania concurs that concealment and silence were key in protecting homosexual behavior at Penn State. 
The group alleges former Penn State President Graham Spanier supported the homosexual lifestyle on campus as never before. AFA President Diane Gramley recently cited the Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan report issued last month as confirmation of the silence that allowed homosexual behavior at the scandal-plagued university.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lawsuit Against Conservative Archbishop Flounders

Edit: a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of conservative Archbishop Finn owned a computer with child pornography on it.  That's a fact.  Yet there is no description or understanding how they got there.  Like many other priests accused of such things, he was assumed to be guilty and suffered immediate consequences, and his superiors who were in the process of investigating the claim, were likewise accused of negligence. The appearance of digital images on a computer without demonstrable proof that it got there for this priest's "enjoyment" should not be enough to destroy a man's reputation, let alone a Catholic Archbishop's reputation.

There are a lot of questions, which are never posed in any of the coverage we've seen so far in this case.

How did the knowledge of the images' presence find their way to the Diocesan authorities?  Who sent them?

Apparently, the Judge has more sense than Anderson and Associates.  This case and others like it coming to light are an indication that this current assault on the Catholic Church, to the general exclusion of other institutions in society, on behalf of rare cases of child abuse, is starting to provide diminishing returns.

Also, most of the accusations stem from the years of moral relativism's triumph in 1968 when trendy revolutionaries were taking over and gutting Monasteries, Seminaries and churches for their own self-gratification and lust for power.  Many lefty j(There are now few Catholic religious in positions of authority, since they've been virtually hounded out of education) ournalists chaffed at the suggestion when the Pope made it, but it's absolutely true and those who scoff at it are unwilling to look at the actual data which justifies the claim.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anti-Catholic Media Continues its Crusade in Philadelphia

It wasn't that the Church had been too much like the Church, but that the Church had become too much like the world.

Edit:  Few people writing about Catholic issues in the press like commenting about the effect of introducing modern psychological perspectives into Catholic institutions in the 50s and 60s.  The attempt to liberate a Catholic nunnery in California by Doctor Coulson who introduced the nuns to "encounter groups" where the notions of evil and any judgements at all were dispensed with, opening the door, it was hoped to a Utopian dream.  But things weren't that simple as Maslow observed:

"But we didn't have a doctrine of evil. (Abraham) Maslow saw that we failed to understand the reality of evil in the human life. When we implied to people that they could trust their impulses, they also understood us to mean that they could trust their evil impulses, that they weren't really evil. But they were evil."

 "Humanistic psychology, the kind that has virtually taken over the Church in America, and dominates so many forms of aberrant education like sex education, and drug education, holds that the most important source of authority is within you, that you must listen to yourself."

 "Maslow believed in evil, and we didn't. Maslow said there was danger in our thinking and acting as if there were no paranoids or psychopaths or SOB's to mess things up. We created a miniature utopian society, the encounter group."

The result exposing the nuns to this psychological outlook and the spirit of the world was devastating.  Fortunately, no one could accuse the nuns of being sexual deviants, but this approach destroyed their lives and their community as Coulson later admitted.

What about the introduction of these methods into Catholic circles where children were involved?  The result was predictably disastrous.

I defy anyone to find any major institution in the West that didn't handle sexual abuse according to this pattern. The going orthodoxy with respect to sexuality was non-judgement, guiltlessness and diversity. It was not out of the norm that sexual predators were not judged so much as coddled, and the effort to see the Catholic Church as somehow exclusively problematic in this regard is disingenuous. Those who come along for the ride in scapegoating the Catholic Church for accomodating a spirit which was really alien to it out of a sense of aggiornamento then popular, really need to reassess the bigger picture and take stock.

 The Catholic Church embraced a viper to itself when it accommodated psychological theoriesn [Usually predicated on by erroneous behaviorist, occult or humanist perspectives] about human nature alien to its own notions.

To be more direct, I don't think anyone will confuse the moribund and infirm Cardinal Bevilacqua, who is now being singled out with those under him of being paragons of orthodoxy or fervent advocates of sexual continence. Indeed, those guilty of the sexual abuse of minors aren't God fearing men and women, they're more likely to be conniving manipulators and moral relativists themselves.  It's convenient to such people that there's no God, or no objective morality and modern psychological approaches offer a kind of benediction for them to do and justify what they want.

To put it more brusquely, the Catholic Church was attacked, and is still attacked today, for its positions on sexuality and forgiveness and if some of its ministers.  Shame and guilt were supposed to be bad unhealthy things, and criminals, even sexual ones, were believed to be reformable if they could only be understood.  Now, people aren't so sure.  Could it be that the Church's original, and orthodox , anthropology which was the basis for its disciplinary outlook was actually right all along?

Now that those approaches have proven to be unsuccessful,  ministers in the Church like +Bevilacqua,  who tried to accommodate the modern West's emphasis on the reformability of human beings  and the elimination of shame and guilt from sexual aberrations, are being attacked again for attempting to alter the Church's previous disciplinary features with respect to sexual crimes by entering a spirit of good old late 20th century liberality and the legal profession is eager to take advantage of this momentary double standard.
Priest uses Nurenburg Defence- I was only obeying the Cardinal's orders

The Associated Press: Monsignor: Cardinal wanted accusers kept in dark:

"A Roman Catholic church official conceded that a 1994 list he compiled of 35 priests suspected of sexually abusing children in the Philadelphia archdiocese included some "pretty sick individuals."

Monsignor William Lynn took the stand in his own defense Wednesday in a groundbreaking child-endangerment and conspiracy case. Prosecutors blame Lynn for helping keep those priests and many more in ministry, where they were had access to countless other children.

Lynn testified that the head of the archdiocese forbade staff from telling accusers their alleged abuser had other victims."

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Unjust Media Campaign Against Church is Costing Souls

Edit: once again, the media barons assert their triumph in the battle for hearts and minds as CNN cites a poll that manages to induce the conceit that the number one reason Catholics leave the Church is because of the abuse-hoax.  Despite the facts, it is apparent that many priests have their lives ruined by false accusations and that the occurance of homosexual predation is very rare. The salacious lie that child sexual abuse is a Catholic problem continues to be propagated.   But those realities don't move many in the anti-clerical media.  It's likely that current efforts on the part of political entities to normalize sexual relations with children will be ignored by them.
Available at

It's ironic, but it appears that the same kinds of people promoting this depravity and moral leveling are also the same kinds of people hypocritically attacking the Catholic Church for something which is rare.

Here we see another effort to sexualize children, this time it's taking place at the UN., where a representative is advocating for the "sex rights" of 10 year old children.  Some may recall that such was being fomented on the part of the German Greens, but it doesn't stop there.  More recently,  a candidate for the Irish Presidency, the homosexual David Norris, resigned his candidacy, not so much because he used his influence to protect his boyfriend, who'd been accused of sexual abuse, but because of serious financial irregularities.

One of the chief proprietors of the abuse-hoax is Attorney Jeff Anderson, who engaged the New York Times last year to exaggerate claims of sexual abuse against the Catholic Church.  Jeff Anderson himself is an avid supporter of political causes demonstrably hostile to the Catholic Church such as the Democratic National Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union.  Even Cardinal Dolan caught on!

Sexual irregularities and crimes are also not much heeded in the media.  Despite the fact that an actor who was abused as a child by Hollywood figures of power, Corey Feldman, came forth this year to accuse the entertainment industry of fostering a culture of secrecy and deceit, the story seems to have faded into the back ground.  He plans to name two names was the report as of last January:

[Mail Online] Corey said: 'Even today people say about me, "Eighties heartthrob; hasn't done anything since." The truth is I haven't stopped. Last year I did four films.

'Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats... People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us anymore.'

Feldman first spoke out about his troubled past last year and he believes that is the reason why an anonymous former child actor claimed he had been abused by talent agent Martin Weiss.

The usual response to this is that the Catholic Church needs to be held up to a higher standard.  Even those who don't believe in the mission of the Catholic religion insist that it have a higher standard than any other institution.

This remark is meant in many cases, even if the one who utters it is ignorant of the fact, obscures the fundamental truth that sexual abuse is very rare in the Catholic Church, rarer than in any other denomination or organization mentionable. The fact is that the Catholic Church is at a higher standard than the rest of the population.   Even Psychology Today admits as much.  Interestingly, Catholic priests are less likely to abuse than are Psychologists.  There's no big surprise there.

The CNN (Crescent News Network) article, then, goes on to say that the number one reason that Catholics leave the Church is because of the abuse-hoax, despite the well-established fact that Catholic priests are far less likely than the general population and even other professions to sexually abuse!  It's a tribute not only to the deceitfulness of news organs like CNN.

Washington (CNN) – Even though Roman Catholics are the second-largest religious group in the United States, the tradition has seen an exodus of members in recent decades. One in ten Americans is an ex-Catholic.

If ex-Catholics were counted as their own religious group, they would be the third-largest denomination in the United States, after Catholics and Baptists, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

If it weren’t for the infusion of Catholic immigrants, especially from Latin American, the American Catholic Church would be shrinking pretty fast.

A recent study by two college professor tries to get at a simple question: Why are they leaving?

Friday, February 24, 2012

German Court OKs Insulting the Catholic Church

Edit: This is bad law any way it's sliced.  The can't honestly throw this case out and charge Bishop Williamson for the same thing later on.  Can they?  Perhaps this is the future of German justice in a land that sends millions of its children to certain death every year in abortuaries?

The Catholic Church may be referred to as a "Child F... sect"  --  Update:  Contact date Berlin Federal Court-- Berlin-Tiergarten and State Prosecutor

Berlin (  The Catholic church may now be referred to as a "Child F... sect".  That is the conclusion of the Federal Court in Berlin-Tiergarten.  The State Prosecutor had filed a complaint against Jörg Kantel, the author of the weblog, "Schockwellenreiter", because he leveled  an insult  of denominations, religious societies and communal world views (Para 166 StGB).  Kanthel had entitled an entry on the 29th of June 2011 as "Kinder f.... sect" where he described Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne as the head of the "Kinder f... sect".  He pled freedom of opinion and the press.  The standing judge refused the opening of main proceedings.   The statement was not meant to disturb the public peace because,  "in fact substantial discussions in public on the theme of abuse in the Catholic Church". Because the prosecutor lodged no appeal of the non-opening decision, this is final.  KATH.NET has asked the German Bishops' Conference for an opinion and will continue to report.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Germany: Married Protestant [?] Instructor Acquitted of Molesting 14 Year Old Girl

Edit: Neuwied is a town with a population of about 64,318 in Rheinland-Pfalz. There are few Catholics in Rheinland-Pfalz because it was one of those districts in Germany which became Protestant at the time of the Revolt as a result of the Treaty of Westphalia. What the article below and all subsequent articles dealing with the tale won't tell you is that the school is run by Protestants. If it had been a Catholic priest who had committed this deed, he'd be facing prison and the story would be in the Spiegel and Time Magazine for sure.

The comments are pretty interesting. One of them even took a swipe at the Catholic Church while defending the married perpetrator at the same time. There are many who are more upset about puritanical American attitudes than they are that a fourteen year old was victimized by her teacher.

A teacher who seduced a 14-year-old schoolgirl and had sex with her at least 22 times has escaped punishment after a German court ruled that as he did not teach her class, he had not abused his position.
The decision was described on Wednesday as a “catastrophe” by the head teacher of the school in Neuwied in Rhineland Palatinate, while the girl’s parents said they were “totally devastated” – and furious there was no chance to take the case further. 

[The Local] Generally people over 21 can have sex with 14-year-olds unless they abuse the younger partner's "lack of capacity for sexual self-determination" or are in position of power over them.

The district court in Koblenz overruled a 2010 conviction of sexual abuse of a ward – and lifted the accompanying two-year suspended sentenced handed down by other, lower courts, because the judges decided the man was not her teacher.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

790 Cases of Sexual Abuse at Government Children's Home

Edit: there were "only" five hundred cases of sexual abuse in Oregon, one of the worst cases of sexual abuse in the United States.  Why do Socialist and Liberal governments like Ireland, for example, want to cover up their own complicity and even advocacy of child sexual abuse and yet exaggerate it when it comes to the Catholic Church? Here's the article from, who are continuing to cover Austrian Journalist Andreas Unterberger's story: 

Under the pressure of the powerful, the Bishops turn a clout into abuse-- and the powerful Left makes its mass rapes into a clout.

( In October the cover was blown on a prostitution racket in Vienna Children's Home on the Wilhelminenberg.

Since then, the number of abuses has risen to 790.

The house is directed by Vienna's Socialists. For this reason the media bosses have withheld their outrage and their sympathy for the damaged victims in the background.

Even the cowardly Catholic Bishops -- who are supposedly very sensitive to the theme of abuse -- have not stepped forward as mediators.

 Whitewash of the Responsible Socialists

On the 30th of November the Austrian journalist Andreas Unterberger commented on his blog about the successful exposure of the scandals by Vienna's Comrades.

"It is the Commission for allegations of child abuse in Vienna's homes" -- said Unterberger.

And: "It's put together, as it is meant to be taken."

The Commission has four members.

One member is Micheal John, Professor for Social and History of Economics at the University of Linz.  He He has been occupied with the history of orphanages in Upper Austria.

"No one knows how these qualifications apply to abuses"  -- explained Unterberger -- "unless it means the whitewashing of responsible socialists."

A Judge in the Service of the Left

The journalists are also serene about the inclusion of the former judge Helge Schmucker in the Commission: 

"She is remembered mostly in that she was a leading participant in the highest court, where she dismissed a seven year long media judgement against the Greens, because they had created a photo montage of FPÖ politicians in Nazi uniforms."

Unterberger commented: "Well, what a perfectly objective judgment that was."

The victims of the Socialist children's home are, according to Unterberger, are only being counseled by the organization "Weisser Ring".

In reality, its Head -- Comrade Udo Jesionek 74 -- is "deeply connected with the Red-Green power carousel."

At 'White Ring' there have been already "other victims of inter-communal abuse who felt themselves dumped off in a strange way" -- reports Unterberger.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's about Time Someone Starts Understanding Abuse-hoax

Edit: ever since we discovered that Jeff Anderson, an attorney who has settled but never won, numerous cases for sex-abuse against the Catholic Church, has donated substantial sums of money to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Democratic National Committee, we've felt it's a pretty clear indication of the kind of credit this systematic and mendacious attack on the Catholic Church deserves.

Homosexuality and the Church Crisis

By Brian W. Clowes

Abstract: Due to clergy sex abuse scandals centered primarily in the Northern hemisphere, the moral authority of the Roman Catholic Church has been subjected to an opportunistic siege by prominent individuals and organizations who see the chance to advance their goals, including the ordination of women and the suspension of the requirement for priestly celibacy.

There is also a strongly defensive element to this strategy. Opponents of the Church know that there is a well-documented and strong correlation between male homosexuality and child sexual abuse, but claim that there is no evidence supporting this connection.

And, of course, those who are currently attacking the Church hope that they can undermine its moral authority to preach on the sinfulness of homosexual behavior and weaken its opposition to ersatz homosexual "marriage."

This paper demonstrates that there is indeed a very strong link between male homosexuality and child sexual abuse. It also shows that there is a similar rate of child sexual abuse among other very large groups of adult males (e.g., Protestant clergy, who are usually married), thus proving that celibacy is not the root of the problem - homosexuality is.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Traditional Community on the Rocks?

Note: just remember that there were two dissenting votes against the Dogma of Papal Infallibility and one of them was from Little Rock.

[Little Rock, AK] The abuse-hoax has claimed yet another victim. A French priest of the Fraternity of St. Pe has been suspended pending an investigation by his Bishop, Anthony Taylor, for disciplining a child by slapping her. His Latin Mass community is going to be on hold. It's not certain where his sheep will go to Mass, but if we may be so bold as to suggest this place, here.

Father Demets spirits are high. He is unrepentant and almost unmoved by the accusation. The gallant French priest writes:

And if America has become a country of sissies, it is not my fault.... well... it's the same in Europe now ! The all Western civilization is messed up. You can kill babies as Emily said, but you cannot smoke. You can say heresy in the Church, but cannot discipline a kid..... O tempora o mores !

You can read about it, here at Laudem Gloriae, Arkansas Catholic or here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Abuse-hoax Engenders Double Standard Against the Bishops

Edit:  Father Z has this to say about how the abuse-hoax is being handled.  Those attacking the Church expect the Bishop to be in charge of every aspect of the priest's life, while often, the same people decry Bishops who do just that.  It's a double standard only we've been noticing, until today.  Father Z writes:

Liberals and secularists rail against bishops who are too restrictive or who are perceived to be too controlling.  If a bishop actually seeks to govern, they accuse him of being authoritarian, mean-spirited, backward.  On the other hand, they think that bishops can and ought to control every possible aspect of the lives of priests and want to hold them liable for every thing a priest does… unless, of course, the priest is a good and faithful priest, sticking to the Church’s teachings and sound practices.

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