Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weltbild Business Manager Resigns

The ecclesiastical business has been under criticism for some time, because among other things they offer thousands of products on line with esoteric and erotic contents.

Augsburg (  Weltbild- Business Manager Klaus Driever is leaving the company.  AS the Catholic publishing group has informed on Thursday in Augsburg,  he is leaving his responsibilities for the second largest internet book seller's online part by his own desire for personal reasons.  The man from Emslander has worked for more than 14 years for Weltbild, since 2001 he has been a member of management.

Driever has left the firm prematurely and separated in the most amicable terms, it said.  The publishing group laments his departure.  Driever's responsibilities will be divided between the two other business managers.  Weltbild has been under criticism for the longest time, because it offers  thousands of products with esoteric and erotic contents for sale.

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