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Weltbild Scandal -- The Bishops Respond

"Lawyer's Whore" For Sale at Weltbild
(Augsburg) The range of Weltbild Publishing Group Ltd., one of the largest book retailers in Germany is in stark contrast to what its owner, the Catholic bishops, should preach. Last year's culmination of decades of public criticism for selling pornographic and esoteric books, and the book trade magazine book report was addressed the hypocrisy recently. Criticism from Catholic media or anxious letter from Catholics regularly remained unanswered. Including our recent issues, that we document here.

Weltbild has an approximate income of 1.6 billion Euros and is not only the largest of booksellers, but as industry insiders report, also the largest of porn distributors. The German book trade will be practically ignored by the Federal Censor for Media Dangerous to Youth. Pornographic print works, even in the most degenerate variants, even so are put on the list as violent youth-endangering media. Therefore, it is possible for retailers like Weltbild to buy and sell fully pornographic material unimpeded.

Our questions have supplied each of the shareholders of the Weltbild: Archbishop Reinhard Marx Joachim (Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, 13.2%), Bishop Felix Genn (diocese of Muenster, 2%), Bishop Wilhelm Schraml (diocese of Passau, 5.7 %), diocesan administrator Provost Dr. William Gegenfurtner (Regensburg Diocese 5.7%), Bishop Stephan Ackermann (Diocese of Trier 4.3%), Bishop Dr. Friedhelm Hofmann (Diocese of Würzburg, 5.7%), Bishop Henry Mussinghoff (diocese of Augsburg 11.7%), Bishop Dr. Konrad Zdarsa (diocese of Augsburg 11.7%), Archbishop Ludwig Schick (Archdiocese of Bamberg 5.7%), Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke (diocese of Eichstätt, 3.4%), Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Robert Zollitsch (Archdiocese of Freiburg 2.7%), Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen (Diocese of Fulda 6.8%), Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck (soldiers pastoral Berlin 4.3%) and as the largest shareholder of the Association of Dioceses Germany (VDD) with 24.2%, whose chairman is Archbishop Zollitsch.

Only from a single Diocese was there a minimalist response. An employee of an episcopal General Vicar announced: "I have forwarded your inquiry to the press office of the German Bishops' Conference." But by the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference was no answer. Secretary of the Bishops' Conference, Father Hans Langendörfer SJ. The Jesuit himself sits on the board of the publishing group of the Weltbild and is also an executive of the Association of German Dioceses (VDD), which holds 24.2 percent of the world's shares. Because of the problems associated with the publishing group in recent years some dioceses had transferred their shares to the VDD. In the hands of multi-functionary Father Langendörfer the threads come together from around the Weltbild group and make him a key figure. As the Weltbild-scandal a year ago, reached a peak,  Chairman Klaus Donaubauer was forced to resign. The Bishops' Conference said,  in a completely inappropriate overreaction to completely disconnect from the publishing group and gave it the impression that a Christian bookstore is no longer possible today. In fact, since then nothing has happened. A lack of action seems to be the responsibility of Father Langendörfer as the most influential of decision-makers. As the premier owner-representative on the board, it determines the orientation of the Welt group. As secretary of the German Bishops Conference, he impedes critical questions.

1) How important is the income of Welt for the German dioceses?

2) Nurses and teachers must be members of the Catholic faith and make her private life according to Catholic principles. Do these principles also apply to the management of the publishing group of Weltbild? 

3) Are you aware that Weltbild is still actively selling pornographic and esoteric literature and advertisements? Are you aware of how high revenues and profits from sales of pornographic and esoteric titles are? 

4) Customers who purchase over weltbild.de and the world eBook reader literature, leave stored data. Do you know whether these data are collected and used for marketing purposes? Customers will have acquired a pornographic or esoteric titles, are other titles suggested of the same genre suggested to them? 

5) Are you familiar with the statement of Monsignor Michael Fuchs, deputy chairman of the Publishing Group GmbH Weltbild,  made to the "Daily Mail" (24 July 2012)? Was it discussed with you? If so,  should it be regarded as official approval for the resumption of the distribution of pornographic literature by the German bishops? 

6) Will the world of German dioceses address data provided by Catholics?

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From text by Linus Schneider

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But if any of them attempted to say the pre 1962 Tridentine Mass or call into question the legitimacy of Vatican II and any of it's 'popes' then they'd be shut down in a heartbeat but porno is just fine as part of the "new evangelization' and the protestant heretics are scandalized and millions of souls are lost. The great springtime of Roncalli - good pope "john" member of the same masonic lodge in Paris, france as Napoleon Bonaparte continues on and all the Catholics think it's just fine and dandy and call anyone who says its apostasy a schismatic while they hug and kiss and get into bed with every real heretic and schismatic on the face of the earth.