Monday, December 3, 2012 Off Line Since Sunday: Anti-Catholic Forces Gloat

You Can't Stop
Edit:  basically, is being systematically attacked in the German press, and Der Kommissar is searching high and low for the shadowy figures behind Europe's largest Catholic website. Notably, the Nazi-founded Spiegel and other anti-Catholic organs of disinformation like this one, Die Zeit are eager to report an arrest.

The following article is significantly misleading.  It's poor.  It doesn't explain the bizarre alliance between homosexuals who distribute pornography, or the Green Party politician who has promoted sex with children and the German Bishops, but it stops slightly short of gloating.

Also in the Hunt for is David Berger, who the German internet site has exposed over the years, much to the chagrin of not a few people.  David Berger is probably most famous for slandering the Pope, accusing him of being a homosexual.

Here's the translation:
The pseudo-Christian website is off the net.  It may be a success for the activists who have been proceeding against the homophobia and racism of the site. 
The agitating website is offline.  The previous domain is no longer unavailable since Sunday afternoon. 
The coordinator of the initiative Stoppt, David Berger, sees this as a reaction incidental to definite public pressure.  He told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger that there are thre conceivable possibilities for this, that the site is now offline:  the operators are going under cover for a few weeks and hope to build a media storm, they are planning a change of server, or they are planing a completely new structure under a new name. 
Following the articles related to the deceased actor Dirk Bach, which showed the clear disposition of homophobia, the campaigne of Bruno Gmunder Verlags have offered an award of 15,000 Euro for juristically usable information about the figures behind the site.  In the meantime there are at least half a dozen names suspects being investigated and given to the Attorney General in Berlin.  It has also engaged the Attorney General in Vienna for popular incitement (Volksverhetzung). 
Inhuman Propaganda
Those who are responsible for have not been revealed yet.  The German Catholic Church has renewed its statement distancing themselves.  As Spiegel recently reported, there are in any case at least two dozen authors with an ecclesiastical back ground active on the site, among them priests, church employees and at least one religion instructor. 
The site has been suspected for a long time by Church authorities, as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitutional observes the site. As the reports the President of Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm,  wrote in response to Volker Beck:  "In so far as the articles as well as the commentary from this internet presence is significantly known for its Homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semetic expressions, necessitates an extremely aggressive statement." 
Several entries are not covered by the fundamental right of freedom of speech, and cross into the territory of criminal law.  "Inhuman propaganda"has been distributed.  In addition, it presents "evidence for efforts against free democratic fundamental order" , it said in the document. 

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Props to Cathcon for its description of as "The Terminator".


Anonymous said...

Looks like Rorate Caeli is standing in for them until they return.

Dan said...

Frankly, I don't think the website should cower in fear over this. They can, I believe, fairly easily find a new server if that becomes necessary.

But they also should show the enemies of the Church no quarter, even if those enemies are Churchmen themselves. The time to knuckle under to these sick souls is over with. They might take the example of the MassResistance site, operated by a courageous Jew. His site is being attacked by a well-funded queer who is using legal threats against them. But they are standing FIRM, and that is what kreuz must do, too.

No more running from the homosexual madmen. Stop, turn around, face them and fight.

Dan said...

Addendum: Here is the relevant information on the MassResistance situation I just referred to:

If anyone knows how to get this link over to anyone involved with kreuz they should do so without delay.

Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen said...

The accusation "homophobia" is popular incitement (Volksverhetzung) in itself.
If you do not support sodomy, you are not suffering from a "phobia". Therefore, accusing someone of being "homophobic" simply because he quotes the natural law / christian law, is a crime in itself. Even worse (and more punishable) is any prosecution because of "homophobia".