Monday, December 23, 2019

E. Michael Jones Debates Satanist on Pornography

Edit: I don’t think he’s altogether prepared to deal with this kind of evil, but Jesus will help us in these cultural engagements. E. Michael Jones is possibly leading a spiritual awakening that is inspiring many, especially the young. The most glaring point in the debate was where the Satanist denies the Jewish influence on pornography, and can’t make up gus kind whether it’s harmful or not.

Logos is rising.

EMJ also references Robert’s article on predatory capitalism.


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Anonymous said...

The debate went no where, but I believe EMJ made Styx think about something. That being, Libertarianism is a philosophy for and by the oligarchs. EMJ is significantly smarter than Styx, and he probably shouldn't have cited St. Thomas Aquinas. Styx is typical of those raised in low-Church Protestant environment, and fail to understand nuance when it comes to the differences between Catholicism and Low Church Protestantism. Styx eluded to Jones wanting to bring back "The Great Satanic Panic"--something that is very Low Church and not at all Catholic.

On a side-note, Styx stood up for the boys from Covington, Kentucky. Their Bishop was only to happy to throw those boys under the bus, until the truth was revealed. That tells you something when a Satanist is a better defender of individual Catholics, than a Bishop.