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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Love is Love" -- Cardinal Schönborn's Inclination to Aberrosexuals and a Perverse Logic

(Rome) Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna agreed in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera to praise  homosexual relationships. As to the matter  of the Bishops' Synod on the Family the President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference gave an interview.
In a seemingly already quite unrealistic addendum, he relates, is his appreciation already under the context of the article.  If homosexuals interpret their relationship in sustainability, then, says the Vienna cardinal, homosexual relations are "exemplarily human". The Holy Scriptures, which the Cardinal concealed as far as possible,  speaks of a "abomination in the sight of God," on the other hand.

68er Slogans with 50 Years Delay in the Church

He himself, the Cardinal,  knows a Gay couple in Vienna (!) who live in a registered partnership. As one of the two gay men became ill, the other has "not left his side." Schönborn's exact words were: "It was wonderful, human and Christian, as the one  took care of the other."
This "exemplarily human behavior must be recognized" the cardinal took issue against those who make objections in principle to homosexuality and those who flatter them. A condemnation of homosexuals was not possible, said the Cardinal. And so, what Schönborn did not say, there is no condemnation of homosexuality. "Love is Love" was one of the dumb 68er sayings that seem to have arrived in the Church after an  almost 50 year delay.

Bishops and Priests Should Bow Before Aberrosexual "exemplary human behavior" 

Schoenborn also provided a selective presentation of the Scriptures, in which the Cardinal pitted Jesus against himself and his teaching position. If bishops and priests are not able  to bless them, then they should at least bow before the "exemplary human behavior of homosexual," said the ÖBK-President. "These things must be acknowledged," he added, turning to a condemnation of homosexuals. Jesus told the people, even the tax collectors and prostitutes would enter heaven, a message that should not be forgotten especially by bishops and priests.

"All is love": In Addition to Homosex Polygamy, Pedophilia and incest?

The statements of Cardinal Schönborn was published in the Tuesday edition of the Corriere della Sera. In it, he accepts the thesis of an alleged "gradation" of relations, according to which there are no bad or sinful relationships any more, but only more or less perfect forms ("long form"). This applies to open marriages, premarital relationships, gay relationships, polygamous relationships. Only implicitly, it seems are pedophilic or incestuous relationships are not excluded, neither from the interim report of the Synod or by Cardinal Schönborn.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Archdiocese of Vienna
Trans: Tancred

Monday, September 15, 2014

Anticipating the Synod: The Bergolio Effect

Edit: it was published earlier with some commentary, but probably worth repeating as requested by someone who posted the link from It's a serious problem.  Will this priest be dismissed?

Argentina Freak Show. Just in Time for Family Synod, Other Firsts:

- Homosexual Activists Celebrate Homosexual Catholic "Wedding-like Blessing" -- Plus Another "First" in Baptisms

Those are two men getting their civil "wedding" "blessed". 1. Saturday, Sep. 14 - After being barred from "marrying" them, priest "blesses" homosexual "marriage" in a wedding-like public ceremony in Santiago del Estero

"Luisa Lucía Paz" is a man from Santiago del Estero, Argentina. A transsexual, he is a high-ranking official in a homosexual-transsexual organization activist organization that was prominent both in the approval of the law on civil same-sex marriage and the law on the change of civil names for transsexuals. After this second law was approved, some years ago, he managed to have his name officially changed to "Luisa Lucía" -- he got his new "female" ID from President Cristina Kirchner herself in the first ceremony after the law was changed (source).

Link to

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Who Are the Participants in the Bishops' Synod on Family?

(Vatican) 253 participants, are going to the III. Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of BishopsAmong them, 14 couples will be present as experts or as auditors. The published list of the participants was announced by the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops on Tuesday. From the 5th-19th October, they will speak at the Vatican on the theme "The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization".
Previously there were only two extraordinary meetings in the years 1969 and 1985, which dealt with the relationship between Episcopal Conferences and collegiality of the bishops and with the implementation of the Second Vatican Council.
Of the 253 participants in 2014 191 will be actual Synod Fathers. Of these 162 will take  part from their own offices: including 25 Leaders of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, 114 Presidents of the Bishops from around the world (36 from Africa, 32 from Europe, 24 from America, 18 from Asia and four from Oceania) and thirteen representatives to Rome of Uniate Eastern Churches, including representatives of the persecuted Christians of the Middle East and the Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, Raphael Louis I. Sako, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk as well as the majority of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Add to this the Secretary-General, the Under Secretary and the members of the Permanent Council of the Synod of Bishops, like Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, Archbishop Donald Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle of Manila, Archbishop Odilo Cardinal Scherer of Sao Paulo and Archbishop Wilfrid Cardinal Napier of Durban, where they are not already participating in other functions like Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, who is also chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference.
Three other synod fathers are posted by the Federation of Superiors General of the Catholic religious orders. It is the Superior General of the Jesuits, the Capuchins and the Josephites of St.. Leonardo Murialdo.

The Synod Personally Appointed by Pope Francis

26 Synod members are directly appointed by the Pope. Among them is Cardinal Walter Kasper (Germany); Cardinal Godfried Danneels (Belgium); Cardinal Angelo Sodano (Dean of the College of Cardinals); Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, the editor of the Roman Jesuit journal La Civiltà Cattolica ; Titular Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, the special supporter of Pope Francis Rector of the Pontifical University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Cardinal Fernando Sebastian Aguilar, a personal friend of the Pope, who a few months ago was ruled against by the Spanish prosecutor's office because of "homophobia". Also included will be Archbishop Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of Bologna and Archbishop Angelo Cardinal Scola of Milan.
The synod fathers are still 62 other participants who are divided into three groups. They include 16 experts who are invited to work with the Special Secretary Archbishop Bruno Forte of Chieti-Vasto (Italy), including the couple Francesco Miano (Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and former President of Italian Catholic Action) and Giuseppina Miano-De Simone (Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Theology of Naples).

Fourteen couples as experts and auditors

The second group consists of 38 auditors who have speaking rights but not voting rights, including thirteen couples. A couple comes out of Iraq as a "witness of Christian family life in an Islamic environment". The other couples are from Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, South Africa, Chile, Rwanda, Lebanon, Italy, Australia, France and two married couples from the USA.
The third group consists of eight "fraternal delegates" of other Christian Churches as observers: Bishop Hilarion, the "foreign minister" of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church; Metropolitan Athenagoras as a representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople; Ndanganeni Peter Phaswaha, as representative of the Lutheran World Federation; Benebo Fubara-Manuel as a representative of the World Communion of Reformed Churches; Valerie Duval-Poujol as representative of the Baptist World Alliance, Paul Butler, representing the Anglican world community as well as representatives of the Syrian Orthodox and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
From the German-speaking area   come following Synod: Archbishop Reinhard Marx, Cardinal  of Munich and Freising as President of the German Bishops' Conference; Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna as President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference; Bishop Markus Büchel of Sankt Gallen as President of the Swiss Bishops' Conference; Cardinal Gerhard Müller as Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith; Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity; Cardinal Walter Kasper (personally appointed by the Pope) and Ute Eberl as auditor.
Little good can be expected from Ute Eberl   as representative of the  Pastoral Marriage and Family.  Vatican Radio interviewed her about the appointment, as she said today:
I expect that  because of the questionnaire, which has shown significant results in Germany, we will provide some answers as a church and world church. People of faith have said: this is how we live. And that does not fit with what the Church tells us. Now the Church is about to give answers. My big expectation is that we are going to get there together on the way to look at how we can  serve the people who live in marriage and family, I stress that: can be served - with all its challenges in happy and very unhappy days that are there too. 
It is very different world wide when the Instrumentum Laboris is read through. For the German Church, I think, the really the big question is how do we deal with the issue of divorce and remarriage; and how will we deal with it if same-sex couples want a blessing of the Church. The big question is, how can we, the people today- and I live in Berlin in a city where the Catholic Church has always been a minority -  how can we proclaim the good news in this situation. 
I think the extraordinary Synod is really there for the questions that need to be on the list which we can find out together. It will  probably be decided only a year later. But it is a pastoral synod. It is to highlight ways.  And because I think  the exchange with one another is very important. "

Reorganization of the Synod?

In two weeks, the synod, the experts and auditors will discuss the Instrumentum laboris  the working paper, which was distributed by the General Secretariat in June. The aim of the Synod was there, says Secretary Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri, "in order to show today's world  the beauty and the value of the family, resulting from the proclamation of Jesus Christ, who takes away  anxiety and gives hope"
The Synod's efforts are also held as a new way to promote a "dynamic participation" of the Synod Fathers. We will take steps says Cardinal Baldisseri, "to adopt rules or lay hands on a real reorganization of the Synod organism". The cardinal didn't name details.
There are no final documents  provided, as it is only to "the first stage" of the Synod of Bishops, with the 14th Ordinary Session of the 4th-25th October 2015 under the theme  "Jesus Christ reveals the mystery and appeal of the family"  which will conclude  its second stage.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred

Friday, August 8, 2014

Archbishop Nienstedt Refuses to Resign

Edit:  But he caves in a bit. This was on Blog for Dallas Area Catholics recently.  It hasn't gotten much coverage.  What's gotten even less coverage, is the Modernist Monastery which has probably more unsupervised sexual predators per square foot than any place in the world.

One of the Archbishop's chief persecutors,  is a priest who probably knows some sexual predators himself, considering his advocacy for and closeness to the Gomorrhist community.   He graduated from St. John's University in Collegeville and shares their ethos.

Maybe he knows where Josh Guimond is?
“Embattled” Saint Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop Nienstedt has issued a statement declaring in spite of all the accusations directed against him, he will not resign.  While there may have been some failures of prudential judgment – or maybe not – I have not seen any real evidence of a concerted effort to keep abusive priests in circulation or to expose minors to dangerous predators. Archbishop seems to admit to some minor failures of oversight, but completely rejects all the false allegations directed at himself, and also notes that he has been faced with such allegations every since he arrived in St. Paul-Minneapolis 7 years ago.  He is a (relatively, by today’s standards) orthodox prelate who was sent to help clean up a radically heterodox diocese bereft of real leadership for decades and rapidly spinning out of control. He has had many enemies since the get-go and I have been just about fully convinced that the allegations about any personal moral failings on his part have been completely false. 
Having said that, I do sense a bit of surrender in this statement and that is unfortunate.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Here We Go: First Time a Cardinal is Charged with “Homophobia” -- Pope-Friend Fernando Sebastián Aguilar Before the Court

(Madrid) Here we go. For the first time in history  a  Cardinal of the Catholic Church is being investigated because of "homophobia". On 6 February the prosecution of Malaga brought charges against the Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis, Archbishop Emeritus of Pamplona, ​​Monsignor Fernando Sebastián Aguilar. The 84 year-old Claretian and friend of the Pope, who will receive the Cardinal’s biretta from his hand in two weeks, had been interviewed shortly after Pope Francis had announced in January his elevation to cardinal status.  On this occasion he was also asked about the journalistic perennial  "homosexuality". The appointed cardinal said here that homosexuality can "be cured by proper treatment".

LGBT Activists Want the Cardinal in prison: Prosecutor “Obeys" Immediately

Cardinal Sebastián Aguilar is called because of his name "the eagle", as his "student" Pope Francis called him, he never had a reputation for as a "conservative". But that does not matter: neither this fact nor his past merits or his age are to protect him from persecution by the gay lobby.
The LGBT activists want to see the old Cardinal in prison. "The prosecution of Malaga obeyed 'immediately  the demands of the homosexual lobby, supported therein by a unanimous decision of the municipal council of Malaga, in which the Christian Democrats of the Partido Popular voted against the old Archbishop,” said the religious sociologist Massimo Introvigne. The Neo-cardinal will be officially ruled against. He faces a prison sentence for breach of the Spanish Anti-Homophobia Law.

Cardinal Gave an Interview to Diario Sur

But what has Archbishop Sebastian perpetrated that is so terrible? In an interview with Diario Sur, the daily newspaper of Malaga, the newly appointed Cardinal was asked on 20  January to comment on the statements of Pope Francis on homosexuality. Specifically, it was about the controversial statement about homosexuals: "Who am I to judge him" Archbishop Sebastian said:
"The Pope accentuates the gestures of respect and appreciation towards all people, but he betrays neither the traditional teaching of the Church nor does  he modify it. It is one thing  to manifest towards a gay man acceptance and affection, it is another to morally justify the exercise of homosexuality. "
He continued: "To a man I can say that he has a deficiency, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate this person or help him. I think this is the position of the Pope. "

"Fix Homosexuality Through Therapy and Normalize"

The journalist asked if the archbishop had brought the word "deficit" of "moral point of view". The neo-Cardinal replied: "Yes. Many get upset about it and do not tolerate it, but with all due respect I say that homosexuality is a deficient form to bring their own sexuality to expression, as this  depends in its structure and purpose to establish reproduction. The homosexuality does not fulfill this purpose, it is false. To say this, is by no means an insult. In our body we have many weaknesses. For example, I have high blood pressure: Should I be upset if you tell me that? This is a deficit that I try to correct as much as possible through its own therapy. Making a homosexual aware of his deficiency  is not an insult, it's a help, because many cases of homosexuality can be remedied and normalized by appropriate treatment. That's not an insult, but appreciation. If a person has a defect, then is the one who tells him that is a true friend. "

Anti-Homophobia Law: Legacy of the Zapatero Government

The gay activists saw the course differently and were immediately angry that the new Cardinal had called homosexuality "a disease", a term which is punishable in the Spanish courts due to the anti-homophobia law. The law against "homophobia" is part of the legacy of Spain, which was left by the Socialist Zapatero government (2004-2011).
The Emeritus Archbishop of Pamplona may be old, but he is not naive. He weighed his words carefully and was careful not to use the word "disease." Literally, the Cardinal spoke not from the fact that a homosexual is "cured", but the fact that he can be "restored".

Since When are Dissidents in  Jail?

It was also explained in a broadcast of the Archdiocese of Malaga, which, rightly points to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. “It might have added,  why someone who holds a different opinion on the difficult issue on  the origin of homosexuality, should go to jail, even if  the word  “healing” were avoided, which anyway possesses a variety meanings,“ said Introvigne.
Anyway, the climate has become rough and the opinion police seem omnipresent.  So the Cardinal took advantage in the careful choice of words  of nothing. In Spain the enemy of the Church, Zapatero, no longer rules.  There govern the Christian Democrats of the Partido Popular . But whoever thought that at least where Catholics govern, "homophobia laws against bishops and cardinals are wouldn’t be used  in any case," which is why you can safely leave the Leftists their ideological playing fields when they have such fun with it already, which has now been definitively refuted by the prosecution of Malaga. For the first time  charges have been brought against a Cardinal of the Church, because he has said what the Catholic Church has always taught  on homosexuality and what is part of the truth of faith, which they can not change.

Christian Resistance Should be Organized Before  Dictatorship of Opinion is Established

Perhaps it's the comfortable Christians who think it would already not so bad, should wake up and start with the resistance in the countries where there is no homophobia Act, before they too need to weigh with care every word, and because of a Catholic thought crime, stand trial.
Text: NBQ / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homo-Provocation in Rome Churches Shut Down

Edit: it's said that we have to post something from the Huffington Post, but here it is. They're displeased by the Vatican's responsible concern for the souls of Catholics. The Local quotes Claudio Tanturri to say that the exhibition is a violation of the Italian constitution.

We'd reported earlier about this, and it's been out in the German and Italian press quite a bit, now someone has done something about it and the show is being cancelled. How they ever got permission to do this in the first place is another question that needs answering.

Despite Pope Francis' earlier remarks about opening up the Church, the Vatican has firmly shut the door on artist Gonzalo Orquin's latest exhibit, "Trialogo," scheduled to open at the Galleria L'Opera on Wednesday evening.

The exhibit consists of photographs of same-sex couples kissing in churches mainly located in Rome, but the pictures have been covered up after the Vatican sent the gallery a notice threatening legal action and saying that "the church is against the exhibition."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Enemy is Within -- In the Church There is a Homosexual Takeover

Edit: We translated an article previously about Father Stefano back in April long after its appearance in Katholisches. Father is not well known in the English-speaking world, and it's our hope that he becomes so. He is currently undergoing the same kind of persecution undergone by faithful priests all over the world.

(Rome) The Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, under the baton of Riccardo Cascioli and supported by prominent sociologist and former OSCE Representative against discrimination and intolerance against Christians, Massimo Introvigne, the Archbishop of Ferrara, Bishop Luigi Negri, Radio Maria and life rights groups, led a conversation with a priest of the Diocese of Rome, Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo (born 1963) about homosexuality in the Church. The subject had been addressed by a Jewish convert about a chapter in his latest book The Devil Made ​​Himself Triune. Relativism, individualism, disobedience: dedicated to an analysis of the Catholic Church in the third millennium.

In his Christmas message to the Roman Curia, Pope Benedict XVI. delivered a withering verdict on 21 December on the gender ideology. The Pope referred to them at the same time as a threat to the faith and the Church. Levi di Gualdo denounced that gender ideology today in a commentary for Nuova Bussola Quotidiana to that theological journal Concilium, the flagship of the progressive recently with benevolent tones dedicated an entire issue (No. 4/2012). That ideology, Pope Benedict XVI. explicitly designated as anti-God. With its eleven editions in as many languages, ​​Concilium is one of the world's most influential theological forums. Given this fact, says Levi di Gualdo, only one of the full implications of that statement will not understand the importance when the Pope speaks not only of an external enemy, but also, and especially, of one within.

Don Ariel, you describe homosexuality within the Church as the "Via Crucis". Why?

The specification "within the church" is important because I have never fought against homosexuals as such. I have always treated everyone with homosexual tendencies who has approached me with the utmost respect. Some asked me for spiritual help, others came to my confessional, from which no one was sent away without absolution. My job is to manage the grace and forgiveness of God. The motives and socio-psychological influences are numerous, to entice the youth of the 21st century from a lifestyle which is "bad" or "disordered", who don't easily bear these words. I prefer the fatherly manner and prefer to speak of a "non-Christian lifestyle," as I think of the saying of the Lord: "publicans and the harlots go unto the kingdom of God" (Mt 21,32). For this reason, I write: "The homosexuals are perhaps more compatible with paradise than other types of sinners that are often tolerated by the best Catholic morality with great diplomacy. They are not for the priesthood, in the midst of a male world, consisting of men, of whom psychological balance and sexual abstinence is required, which can be reached, but is not easily accessible and not easy to maintain."

When I was ordained a priest, the bishop asked me to, "Be always be yourself". But how can you say to a homosexual priest: "Always be yourself" or maybe you can build the priesthood on a fiction, a double life? Instead of being with the Lord as the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), homosexual priests will be constantly on a self-centered Via Crucis that they will not find in the stone rolled from the empty tomb. The result is serious damage to themselves and to the Church. That's not because they are persons with homosexual tendencies, for which forgiveness, grace and salvation are not closed, but because they are not free and happy to be themselves. Therefore, the homosexual priest runs, as opposed to homosexuality laity, into serious dangers to forgiveness, for grace and salvation remain closed to him.

Why have you decided to publicly denounce this phenomenon? What goals have you set it? Some will say: Would it not have been better to spread over it a cloak of silence?

Because my divine "employer" is the Word made flesh, in order to proclaim the truth better, He assumed our human nature. The divine truth in Jesus and through Jesus takes shape in a body, has a face, gestures and facial expressions in front of the large crowds, who listened and followed after Him. The phrase, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us" (Jn 1:14), is to say, the truth is visible, even become tangible. This concreteness contained in the Gospels shows us a conduct and behavior, for example: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck in the deep sea were drowned "(Mt 18.4 to 7, Lk 9, 38-47). For this reason I explain in the first part of the book, what is charity, and that it remains incomprehensible without truth and justice. Whenever necessary, charity is to practiced, what concretely also means reflecting the doctrine and authority of the Church. Not to do so, leads to the corruption of the idea of ​​charity, in which it would be emptied of its true sense, transformed into a parody. If the Christological charity is transformed into a clerical "charity", creates a thousandfold miserable silence, ultimately the aim is really to place the actual Divine with the potentially Human.

The goal I set for myself as a man and a priest, is to be more alive, an active servant of truth, who is the Word made flesh. The harsh and direct words of Jesus against the immorality of the corrupt power of decadent Jewish priesthood of his time, took him to fail on the cross, but shortly afterwards the glory of the resurrection, because Jesus, the Word, "was God" (John 1:1) . Today, Jesus would use against the immorality of the corrupt power of a decadent Catholic clergy the same words: "brood of vipers" (Luke 3:7), "for ye are as graves" (Mt 23,27). , who, if he had come upon these branches of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which some in the Vatican have been transformed, who provoked the Pope to say: "Pray that I will not flee for fear of the wolves" (Homily of April 24, 2005). Who knows how many scourges He would administer to the modern temple dealers (Mark 11:15-19). He would probably call not only use the words of the prophet Jeremiah: "Is it in your eyes this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers?" (Jer. 7:11). Perhaps he would say: "A tavern and a brothel of robbers intoxicated by the incense of homosexuals surrounded by lace and baroque vestments". And again he'd see the Sanhedrin and the cross. And who knows how many bishops, priests and theologians would accuse Him of arrogance that would deny him any credibility, claiming that he had no right to speak: "Is not this the carpenter's son? Is not his mother called Mary? "(Mt 13,55).

What are the objectives of this lobby? What mechanisms do they use?

Destruction of the Church from within, that is obvious! Some years ago I was trained as an exorcist. My bishop entrusted me with this task, although I've only exorcised twice. Compared with alleged cases of obsession I'm very skeptical. Almost all cases are mental disorders that are sent to the appropriate specialists. I was involved in a real case, however, as indicated already, and is my perception, I had not understood how much the mystery of evil intelligence is in its pure form for none of us can fight with our own powers. The devil has even tempted God incarnate (Matt. 4:1-11, Mk 1:12-13, Lk 4:1-13). To achieve its goals, Satan uses refined, superhuman skills by confusing and creating structures, in which the divine order is turned on its head, from the good to the evil and evil seems to be for the good, virtue is vice and vice virtue, sound doctrine a heresy, and heresy to sound doctrine. Hence the metastases have developed, which have infested the ecclesial body. They caused a lack of leadership at the various levels of resolve in one a Gnostic theological relativism, an exaggerated individualism and disobedience to the weakened Church, Pope and bishops. This mechanism of inversion is aimed to replace God with own's own ego. It is enough to listen to some priest-theologians in suits and ties who have created their personal egonomic Council in the post-Conciliar period and the teaching of the chairs at the pontifical universities only their own dubious teaching. Not by chance are the most commonly used formulas: "How do I mean," "I have written", "like I said."

Why do you think there is such a massive presence of men with homosexual tendencies in the sanctuary? What draws these men to the priesthood or to pay for the training in seminaries helping to give rise to these trends? Where does this alleged compatibility between the consecrated life and a homosexual personality?

In my book I talk about the homosexualization of the church that results from complex historical and social problems. I am 49 years old and think of the priests of my childhood. Before me, I see only men who are above suspicion. If there were occasional problems, it came to women, sometimes even giving up the priesthood. Nevertheless, caution is advised to beware of generalization, the clergy was healthier "back then". Society was different. No one would have acted out homosexual tendencies. To address this issue seriously, it needs honesty above all. In the book I write: "Having been shot through for long of sickly Jansenism on sexuality, as if it were the sin of all sins, we are now experiencing the recoil in the opposite direction and to account for acts and omissions, we priests can appear as the least suitable to speak credibly about sexual morality and bioethics, considering on the one hand, the numerous cases of priests who are affected by sexual disorders that incline them to be incompatible with the priesthood and the episcopate, on the other violations of human dignity, which are also within the Church."

We have created papal councils for peace and justice for the family, for the health and bioethics, but it seems as if the wolf has just put on a thicker skin, but not lost his vice. Or to put it more concretely: When I brought evidence and witnesses to Rome to show that a priest gave a group of hustlers money from the Church, I was not only removed from that basilica, but I was even had my celebret from the Diocese of Rome. And in the diocese, whose bishop is officially the Pope, the Roman Catholics of Ireland accused in an exaggerated fear for the scandal that was held up to the Church in 2010, which would have meant that the canonical punishments were not timely and not applied with sufficient rigor against those clerics, who had failed. On my entries I made at different departments of Rome, including the Secretary of State, I did not even receive a response. I mean, when I speak of the mechanisms of inversion: justice is injustice and justice is injustice.

The truth is that since the late 60s the strict equilibria were broken in the seminaries, which were based on forms of sexual repression. In just 30 years, the doctrine has been attacked and the deposit of faith called into question. Everything was relatively eccentric or subject to experiments. One need only think of the liturgy or to that, what some call the anthropological theology. Finally we came to the homosexualization of Church and the homosexualization of power. It is urgent to reassess the seminaries as quickly as possible, where the future priests are made clerics in the head, instead of Christians in the heart. Often in the seminaries, education is missing, because before you train, it is necessary to have even enjoyed a healthy and solid education. For this reason I have found myself repeatedly in the situation of getting young men, destroyed on the ground, some in the middle of a crisis of faith, because they had been cast as heterosexuals by more or less homosexual educators from seminaries, who are also obviously protecting gay seminarians. To not even to speak of certain ancient orders, which looked down from above on the "poor", "plebeian" secular clergy. What lessons life gives when the proud crash from their thrones! Today, when you enter the novitiate of certain thousand year old abbeys or some monastic Universities, you're afraid to get a sexually transmitted disease just from breathing.

To avoid having to be restrictive, certain venerable orders are so fallen, that they receive all the ones we throw out of the seminaries. It seems superfluous to mention: for serious moral reasons. This apparent reconciliation between the consecrated life and a homosexual personality arises from this precarious situation, which has produced a real coup for homosexualism. Or to put express it more frankly: some seminarians in the seminaries, religious brothers who 'spearheaded in the 70s and 80s are today bishops, and no sooner had they got it, then they have to be first surrounded with like-minded subjects who are placed systematically in all key positions in the diocese, including the seminaries, in order to correspondingly protect and reproduce," as they could euphemize the faith and homosexualize the Church.

What remedy do you propose to solve the problem?

The apostolic authority. The word "authority" is frightening because many egomaniacal theologians have confused "more collegiality" and "democracy" with authoritarianism and autocratic arbitrariness: Especially with that authoritarianism, represented with the aggressiveness of the ultra progressive groups or certain sectarian lay associations against those who do not think like them. The Church is the rightful custodian of a power that has been entrusted to Her by God and by which it decided, if necessary must make use of it to avoid any form of anarchy in its interior. An inquisitorial police state is not meant with this power, but the resolute defense of truth against error and the impertinent rebellion of people blinded by individualism. The Holy See has issued various documents and statements in this sense, but day by day I'm a new witness to its non-application. We are facing a veritable plague. Since there is no other solution but to do so, as the Gospel tells us: "If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and it is gone! For it is better for thee that one of thy members lost, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! For it is better for thee that one of thy members lost, and not that thy whole body go into hell. (Mt 5,29-30). We, however, continue to drip a chamomile extract in the eye, as we comfort ourselves with the notion that the Church "had survived worse moments." But this is wrong, because in previous eras, the Church was attacked by forces from outside who could only hope for more or less numerous traitors inside her. Today, she is attacked but not only from the outside, but produced in their interior the evil that they consume, the risk of making her an institution consumed by sin, manufacturing the sin. In what bygone era in which anything like this happen? Not even the time of John XII., who was chosen at the age of 18 years as pope in 955, and died at 26 in a less than edifying manner.

What were the Reactions to your Advice? How did your Brothers React?

Seemingly with complete indifference. On a personal level, several prelates have been cited me who unanimously assured me that I did the truth a good service. Someone went so far as to use such flattering terms that I was embarrassed, perhaps a proof that the devil when he knocks on vanity, is always dressed in Prada red? Excellent. Specifically, however, what did this solidarity compliment forge for the dissemination of the book which they have referred to as "service to the Church"? Nothing. Although they know that I'm under the bombardment of the homosexualistic snipers, powerful Clerical-gay mafia, what they have they done to disarm them or to protect myself? Nothing. To be reduced to cattle for slaughter is part of the occupational hazards for our priests. The priesthood received by us is indelibly inscribed, because we are called to be one with the sacrificial Lamb, Christ Redeemer. Finally, whoever is a little familiar with the real essence of theology and its complex history knows that in 20 centuries, and after numerous councils in the history of the Church, only one decision was taken by a unanimous collegiality, without contradiction and without dissent: "Then leaving him, they fled" (Mark 14.50, Mt 26.54). In any case: I'll never be alone. Christ is always with me. He trusts even my hands to be living body and living blood, the visible presence in His Church and food for the people of God. I could not be happy in this life and in the future, given the fact that I am a priest of Christ and that I will be for all eternity?

I thank your Internet daily for information work that your operating on this topic by you, in which you break the wall of silence. which surrounds this epidemic drama. Christ will reward you and the Church will benefit greatly benefit by it through long suffering, piece by piece.

Interview: Roberto Marchesini / Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
 translation: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Fides et Forma
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SSPX Confronts Gomorrhist Blasphemy in Switzerland: Bishops are Silent

(Fribourg in Üchtland) A group of the SSPX is demonstrating against "Gay Pride" in Swiss Fribourg in a prayer group of the Society of St. Pius X. The SSPX had requested in advance a ban on the depraved spectacle, which was attended by 12,000 people, according to media reports.

Some priests of the Society and a group of young faithful demanded a clear opinion on "Gay Pride" from the Church, as the reported Freiburger Nachrichten. "We want to protect our families and children," and "The Family is in Danger - No to Homo-Foolery" 1 demanded the Catholic prayer group. But they reaped whistles, taunts and insults from the passing aberrosexuals and their supporters.

The Gomorrah tourism, which is drawn to "Gay Pride", showed itself the most in blasphemous mockery against the SSPX group. Members of the group founded in California in 1979, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, aberrosexual men, whose distinctive mark is the costuming as nuns, which shows contempt toward the Catholic Church, joined in a mocking Gloria.

In 2001 the bishop of Sitten, Norbert Brunner, condemned the gomorrhist spectacle as a "diabolical game." Meanwhile the Bishops are silent.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Wikicommons

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Socialist France Rushes to Sign Own Death Warrant

Edit: Socialist Prime Minister Hollande who has breathlessly rushed the passing of pernicious and immoral legislation amid growing popular dissent,  will probably signed the execrable legislation into “law”, if such can be done.  We also think it will be done.

St. George, pray for us!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sisters of Saint Joseph Crandolet Offer Gomorrist Workshop

Transvestite Barbara Satani will appear under the auspices
of this event.
Edit: while some people are straining at gnats, playing Simon Wiesenthal, we were just sent this and decided to present it, more or less as it appears without any editing of the text. A decadent midwestern Nunnery that has been run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph Crandolet, in a very quiet neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota, are hosting a workshop on depravities which the Apostle Saint Paul says Christians should be ashamed to discuss. They’ve been engaged in this sort of thing for years, engaging in sorceries and other blasphemies while presenting themselves as upstanding Catholics. We’re fairly certain that no one will do anything about it, but just for the record.

Heaven forfend if they were to suddenly offer a worship on Traditional Catholicism and invite the FSSP to help make over their wreckovated church.

It’s truly incredible that other religious orders have been disciplined for far less apparent reason, while they continue, year after year to insult Christ and His Church, while they misrepresent themselves as Catholic religious.

The event is expected to take place Wednesdays, May 8, 15, and 22, 6:30 to 8:30pm.

We are gendered beings. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are manifest in each of us and invite us to embrace a unique gender identity not necessarily limited by biology. This course will invite us to explore the Divine Feminine and Masculine as part of our gender identity, which is a gift to the world and ourselves.

Explore starting from “where you are at”—as someone who is consciously thinking about gender identity for the first time or someone who has engaged exploration of gender identity for a while. The evenings will provide information by presenters from the field, time for Q & A and discussion, and reflection exercises to integrate learning as part of coming to a deeper understanding of one’s own unique gender identity as gift.

Session 1 (May 8) will explore the masculine and especially feminine images of the Divine in the Scriptures, and discuss the relevancy of such imagery for our lives today.

Presenter: Carolyn Pressler is the Harry C. Piper Professor of Biblical Interpretation at United Theological Seminary, an ecumenical theological school founded in 1960. She teaches a range of courses in Older Testament, Hebrew and Biblical Theology, including, “Feminist Approaches to the Bible.” She is the author of two books, The View of Women Found in Deuteronomic Family Laws and Joshua, Judges and Ruth, and co-editor of a third volume, Engaging the Bible in a Gendered World: An Introduction to Feminist Biblical Interpretation in Honor of Katharine Doob Sakenfeld. Pressler is currently working on a commentary on the book of Numbers for the Abington Old Testament Series. Her numerous articles deal with gender studies and the Bible, biblical law, and the Psalms.

Session 2 (May 15) will address the question, “What is gender?” utilizing modern gender studies and psychology. For instance, gender is not necessarily defined by biological sex, sexual orientation or chromosomes. Gender is . . . spectrum . . . a range of expression . . . how you relate to yourself . . . personal identity.

Presenter: Alex Iantaffi, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor with the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota. He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist, and editor-in-chief for the International Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. His therapeutic work is currently focused on transgender and gender non-conforming youth and their families, and on integrating body-based approaches to psychotherapy with narrative therapy.

Session 3 (May 22) will be a night of rich story-telling. You will hear from and be able to ask questions of a diverse panel of individuals who will share their journeys of coming to understand their respective gender identities—for example, as a transgender person, dual gender person, woman, man, etc.


Barbara Satin is a transgender activist from Minneapolis who focuses her energies on issues of faith and aging in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community both locally and nationally. Barbara currently works as a staff person with the Institute for Welcoming Resources, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization coordinating pro-LGBT efforts within faith communities throughout the U.S. She has served on the Executive Council of the United Church of Christ, the first transgender woman to have a national leadership role in the denomination.

Claire Avitabile graduated from Smith College with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. She currently works full-time at the Sabes Jewish Community Center as Director of Performing Arts. In 2006, Claire founded 20% Theatre Company and has been leading the company ever since as Executive Director. For 20% Theatre, she has directed ten productions, including the recently sold-out world premiere of The Naked I: Wide Open, which she published. The Naked I: Wide Open explored the land beyond "male" and "female" - showcasing a variety of monologues and short scenes about transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Anthony Neuman grew up performing with the Youth Performance Company in Minneapolis and The Phipps in Hudson, WI. He joined the cast at 20% Theatre in 2008 and now calls it "home." He was cast in a lead role of Standards of Care by Tobias K. Davis, and it changed his life. He has since performed in the sold-out 2009 production of The Naked I: Monologues from Beyond the Binary, and the recently sold-out world premiere 2012 production of The Naked I: Wide Open. Anthony also works with Freshwater Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

Series Facilitator: Jim Smith is Program Manager with DignityUSA, a nation-wide faith community of LGBTQ persons and allies, and is an active member of DignityUSA's Transgender Caucus. He is a retreat and spiritual director, a published author and a community activist in marriage equality. Other guests presenters will be a part of the sessions.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There Was Also a Protest For Marriage in England

Edit: but the gaystapo was out in force.   These brave souls were showing solidarity with the protest on behalf of marriage which rocked Paris on Palm Sunday and drew close to 2 million protesters.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Million Frenchmen Protest Against Gomorrah Again

Michel Euler/Associated Press

Edit: not much publicity this time either. This time the protest is getting a bit on the violent side with the police using tear gas.  In January, millions of Frenchmen took to the streets to oppose the destruction of their society.   Reported by the New York Times, CBS, the Guardian.  They all assume that there is a “shrinking majority” of people opposed to this legislation, but other polls suggest differently. They also complain that the march turned violent, but failed to report that the police threw gas irrespective of the children in the way.  Hopefully this reverberates in other places.

Galliawatch is calling this the French Spring.
Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in central Paris on Sunday protesting against a draft law that allows same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, BBC reported. 
The lower house of the French parliament, dominated by President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party and its allies, adopted the bill last month and the Senate is set to debate on the draft law in April. 
Protesters at first gathered along a major street leading to the Arc de Triomphe, but later hundreds of demonstrators spilled over onto the Champs Elysees prompting police to use tear gas and batons.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Pornographer Monk Assigned to Jacob Wetterling's Home Town

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them." - St. Matthew 7: 15-16

 Edit: while some Bishops are concerned with abuses of the Liturgy and holding hands, other Bishops and Abbots, are seeing to it that their parishes are stocked with unsuitable and evil men, as if they wanted to curse, rather than bless, the Faithful, even putting the women and children in serious moral and even physical danger.
His Work Looks Violent and Evil.

Going back to the very earliest days of the so-called Sexual Revolution to today, there has been what can only be described as a festering malignancy at a Modernist Monastery in Collegeville, Minnesota, where a decadent clergy is bitterly fighting to hide and continue living out its evil crimes. Patrick Marker, who operates the Pine Curtain site, which is devoted to exposing this evil, has released a letter sent on January 7th to 1,100 residents of a the town of St. Joseph, which has been overseen by the Benedictines of Collegeville for more than a century and a half.  It is also the home of the currently missing Jacob Wetterling.

 Its current pastor, a man by the name of Father Jerome Tupa, is very much the kind of decadent pornographer, in fashion during this vulgar age.  He can be easily be compared to another such man whose works were proudly portrayed in Austria at St. Stephen's Cathedral, where Cardinal Schönborn exhibits the depraved works of a Communist named Hrdlicka, whose remains even desecrate the Cathedral cemetery, hang there to this day.  Some of Tupa's ourvre below, where he works in the medium of actual gold to represent the sexual organs in his eroticism:

Father Tupa enjoys a great deal of freedom and esteem today, and operates with impunity. In addition to being an "artist" whose distorted paintings reminiscent of madness and drug addiction has been turned loose on the small parish, in the home of the still missing Jacob Wetterling, despite being accused of being a sexual predator himself. As Pat Marker writes of a monk who suffered at Father Tupa's hands:

How different might Saint John’s had been if monks like Father Jerome Tupa left the monastery to pursue their own selfish pleasures and allowed individuals such as these two men, who were called to monastic life, remain! How many good men did Father Tupa drive from religious life?
The former monk himself writes:
“… my memories of those days are negative ones. There certainly seemed to be a great deal of ‘sexual’ tension and many of the monks seemed to have agendas aside from monastic brotherhood. As a young man and monk I ended up very confused about the whole experience. Upon leaving the monastery all those years ago I have never returned to the Catholic church. Although still a ‘believer’ I’ve just never gone back.”

Image source.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CDF Archbishop Mueller to Tackle LGBT-Masses

(Vatican) The New Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith Gerhard Ludwig is determined to end the problem of Mass for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals. The offensive event is offered two times every month in a Novus Ordo Eucharist in Warwick Street in the London district of Soho. The Homosexual-celebration takes place with the approval of the current Archbishop of Westminster, Msgr Vincent Nichols.

London LGBT-Mass with the Approval of Archbishop Nichols

London Catholics have turned after futile attempts to address the Ordinary, to Rome.  Several contacts in the Roman Curia have shown themselves concerned by the action and have looked for an explanation of the London Andersrum-Service.  Thereupon, the principle aspects were discussed principally in terms concerning pastoral validity and a ghettoization within the Church, if such specifically prescribed group-services are celebrated.

Catholics Pray the Rosary at the Church -- Their Petitions Unheard

London Catholics were especially offended by the form in which the Mass was celebrated. In a petition already sent a long time previously to Archbishop Nichols,  several Roman Congregations were made aware, that they complained that in the preaching, the condition of homosexuality was justified and with that there was a position taken which contradicts the teaching of the Church.  The Catholics then complained that with every positive approach toward pastoral support of people with homosexual inclinations it will then be nullified.  The Catholic teaching of penance, contrition and forgiveness  is not taught, but the "otherness" is celebrated  as being-as-it-is.

In the Catholic Church in Warwick Street there are significant portrayals of the rainbow flag of the homosexuals.  The rainbow flag, originally portrayed representing God's manifestation in the rainbow as a symbol of peace,  has been usurped by homosexual groups in recent years to be perceived as a militant symbol of an offensive homosexual movement.

Altars and Holy Statues Draped with Flags and Banners

The Catholics of the English capital complained in their petition that numerous flags and banners of dubious content were draped over crosses, altars, Mary and Saints statues and other religious symbols in the Church.   Most were  encouraging transvestites and transexuals to declare themselves.

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gregory is covered in a dazzling twice a month, so that it veils from the faithful,   not only the Catholic Faith, but also a holy place.  As there is no one among the authorities, neither pastor, nor Archbishop to whom the faithful can give an ear but to "hustle and bustle", the faithful have resorted to self-help.   They gather during the homo-Masses in front of the church and on the street and pray the rosary as a sign of disapproval, above all in any case as a gesture of reparation.

Archbishop Nichols Confirmed the Homo-Mass in February

Archbishop Nichols confirmed first in February 2012 the intention, to continue "pastoral care for Catholics with same-sex orientation" in the church on Warwick Street.  The action was brought to life under his predecessor Cardinal Cormack Murphy O'Connor.  On the internet site of the Archdiocese  corresponding documents by Cardinal Murphy O'Connor and Cardinal Basil Hume are exhibited. The pastoral reality looks however clearly different.  At the yearly "Gay Pride" there is a "Pride Mass" celebrated in Warwick Street for interested participants from the Gay Pride March through London.  "The spectacle which is played out in our church is revolting", complained a Catholic from Soho.

In Great Britain as in several states in the western world the relatively small homo-lobby attempts, supported by strong left-Liberal powers to introduce legal equality of homosexual-"marriage" and the right of adoption.  The "Soho-Masses" will be seen as a part of this homosexualization of society, which have introduced themselves into the Catholic Church,  which shows the most resistance to the attack on marriage and family, on children and the social order.  The question of the LGBT-Mass of Soho has then a religious dimension in relation to Catholic doctrine, evangelization and pastoral care, but even a political dimension.

Anglican "Concurence" influences the Catholic Ordinary

In nearby St. Anne Church, there is also Anglican "competition" with extended pastoral "services" for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. A "competition" that is not of the praying in front of the Catholic Church Catholics understood as such, but which was perceived at the diocesan level and has contributed to the establishment of a Catholic "counter offer".

From Rome, Archbishop Nichols, who is among the contenders for Cardinal, already suggested several times to act cautiously and complies with his duty of supervision. He was also warned that Rome would otherwise take over the duty of monitoring. The "advice" has recently have become more intense, because recently, the Archbishop of Westminster has publicly stated that everyone should be careful not to judge others.

Cardinal Levada let the matter sleep - Mueller wants to act

The former Prefect of the CDF, William Cardinal Levada, who asked in 2011 to be released from office for health reasons, let the matter lie in the final months of his term. His successor, the new Prefect of the CDF, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, wants to clarify the matter, however, and with determination, because the case is not as isolated as Soho. There are other churches in other countries, where dubious gay counseling takes place.

The homosexual issue is a hot button issue for the Church. It has developed into one of the major challenges for the Church and a central point of attack against the Church the last 15 years.  Self-conscious homosexuals want to rebuild society, but they also wish to alter the legal order and to overcome the Christian teaching on homosexuality. In the last year, the appointment of Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki as Archbishop of Berlin was perceived in the national media almost exclusively in terms of the gay question. That's surely the case because of the media's reportage, but it is also due to the contorted, rarely clear words of religious leaders with which they represent the Catholic Faith and the Catholic position.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GLBT: Auxiliary Bishop is OK With Committed Relationships

Edit: echoes of Cardinal Schonborn.

German Bishops are actively participating in supporting the homosexual decadence of their land. 

( The Old Liberal Hamburger Auxiliary Bishop Msgr. Hans-Jochen Jaschke (70), he does not want to weigh in on the planned privilege of homosexual couplings.

The Homosexually disturbed supposedly ought to have the "right" of a "appropriate treatment and equality in our society."

The Auxiliary Bishop would not explain why everyone doesn't have a right to the privilege of marriage.

A meaningless bending of the knee

The concrete form of homosexual privilege is something Msgr. Jaschke want to be "well thought out and balanced".

He is "not in any case a friend of homosexual marriage".  Marriage must remain something "completely special".

It is related to a society of man and woman, to which belong children.

Society would be poorly advised, if married people "were equated" with gomorrists.  The comes the big but.

The Auxiliary Bishop Doesn't think Much of Abstinence

The Auxiliary Bishop wants "to do justice" to those who are homosexually perverse.

Actually, for that he should invite them to his confessional and recommend a good psychiatrist.

But Msgr Jaschke expressly doesn't want "everyone"  --- thus no one -- "to say to homosexuals:  you must reach the goal of abstinence in any case."

A gomorrist must see how he might live and embrace "Christian responsibility" -- he said beating about the bush.

The dirty fairy tale of committed homosexuals

Msgr Jaschke told the dirty fairy tale of homosexual fidelity.

He considers it better if a man lives in a "secure, stable relationship", in "responsibility for each other, than when he lets his sexuality tramp around."

That is a complex and supposedly completely personal question.

That must be "something for each individual to decide for himself".  With his lewd manner of speech, the Auxiliary Bishop contradicted Holy Scripture.

He rites about homosexual privilege:  "If a homosexual pair find themselves in love, fidelity, preparedness to commit, then it must be recognized in accordance with the law."

Eager Beaver: is he for homosexual adoption as well

Msgr Jaschke didn't shrink back from the child abuse of handing over of children to homosexually disturbed individuals.

He is indeed supposedly against it essentially.

But: "It would surely involve exceptions, that with homosexual partners can recommend or enable them at once for adoption."

It may only "in no case" be the rule.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pioneer of Same-Sex Unions Arrested for Child Porn


Edit: he was one of the pioneers.  It's noted that several of the stories we've read in the sparse coverage this item has received in the national news has avoided associating him with anyone sacred to the cause.

San Francisco is a small place and all of these people know each other.  It would be interesting to see what happens when the sun shines.

Yet it's also interesting, if not to say discouraging, to see the thing perpetuate itself, evidence notwithstanding with the entertainment figures, media personalities and "educators" who are being put in jail.  Despite all of the evidence, figures like San Francisco's own Allen Ginsberg, who served on the board of NAMBLA, still escape the infamy they well deserve.

This champion of unnatural unions was paved the way for same-sex marriage legislation when he was involved in a highly public case against Union Pacific Rail when his partner in depravity died and he was deprived of bereavement  leave.

The San Francisco examiner also left out reports about his e-mail exchanges involving racist diatribes.

Gay rights icon Larry Brinkin has been arrested on charges of child pornography, according to San Francisco police.
Brinkin, 66, best known for fighting for equal rights on behalf of the LGBT community, was booked into San Francisco County Jail on Friday night. He posted bail and was released Saturday, SF Weekly reports.
The San Francisco Police Department seized computers, videos, VHS tapes and a floppy disc from Brinkin and his husband’s [sic] home, according to a search warrant obtained by SF Weekly.
Will others be implicated?  We're sure of it.  It's times like this when if we aren't encouraged by the media, we're at least encouraged by the perseverance of this police.

Note the complete silence on this.  If it had been someone more, say, fitting, we'd probably be hearing more of it.

This parallel case involving a white male is getting more coverage.

Another high profile case involved a white male, which was prominently featured by MSN.  It's unfortunate that neither of these men were allowed to marry.  Maybe, somehow, their situation would have been different.  

Barry McOwen, 67, was charged with 651 total counts including multiple rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse of children, endangering the welfare of children, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, invasion of privacy and drug violation charges.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

+Wuerl Chancery Issues Cowardly Apology in Face of Media Frenzy

Edit:  the days when the American Church could be counted upon to withstand public opinion seem far away.  Many prelates will use public opinion to their advantage, but when it really comes to defending the Sanctity of the things they're sworn to defend, they cower like hirelings before the baying of the wolves that are threatening the flock.

Here's how it's going to play itself out, more or less: the next step will be to summon Father Guanizo for a meeting where he will be expected to apologize, and he'll be expected to undergo counselling as well while the Diocese considers his suitability for future ministry.

“You brought your politics, not your God into that Church yesterday, and you will pay dearly on the day of judgment for judging me,” she wrote in a letter to Guarnizo. “I will pray for your soul, but first I will do everything in my power to see that you are removed from parish life so that you will not be permitted to harm any more families.”

Late Tuesday, Johnson received a letter of apology from the Rev. Barry Knestout, one of the archdiocese’s highest-ranking administrators, who said the lack of “kindness” she and her family received “is a cause of great concern and personal regret to me.”

“I am sorry that what should have been a celebration of your mother’s life, in light of her faith in Jesus Christ, was overshadowed by a lack of pastoral sensitivity,” Knestout wrote. “I hope that healing and reconciliation with the Church might be possible for you and any others who were affected by this experience. In the meantime, I will offer Mass for the happy repose of your mother’s soul. May God bring you and your family comfort in your grief and hope in the Resurrection.”

Johnson called the letter “comforting” and said she greatly appreciates the apology. But, she added, “I will not be satisfied” until Guarnizo is removed.

The priest’s action has also triggered an uproar among gay rights activists and enlivened some religious conservatives. It came just days after the Maryland Senateapproved legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in the state; Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) is expected to sign it this week.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Budapest's Mayor Distances Himself From "Lifestyle"

Berlin's homosexual propagandist, Comrade Klaus Wowerweit, just fell on his nose in Budapest.  The answer of his colleague in Budapest.
István Tarlós
of Budapest
© Pressefoto, Wikipedia

Very dear Governing Mayor [Klaus Wowerweit],

My Dear Colleague,

Regarding your recent inquiry, [to support the homosexual-rout "14th Euro Games 2012"] I would like to inform you with the following.

The event "14th Euro Games 2012" planned by the [homosexual] organization Atlasz-Frigo in Budapest was supported by Dr. Gábor Demszky as a private person.

I personally can't agree with this.

Naturally I recognize that there are people who are members of the named organizations are in agreement with that way of life.

I naturally recognize  the rights of these people.  But I would not like to personally mix in the work of this organization.

On my side -- as the Head Mayor and also as a private person -- I would in any case distance myself from such manners of living their events.

It is not in my power to support them.

I then must ask that you accept my point of view and I am grateful for your understanding.

I would also like to take this opportunity to once more contraguate you on your relection as governing mayor of Berlin and wish you much success and health in your mayoral work.

Budapest,  27th September 2011

 With friendly greetings,

 István Tarlós

Head Mayor [of Budapest]