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Thursday, October 24, 2013

German Bishops Will Pump Almost a Billion Euro into Its Porno and Esoteric Book Store Weltbild

(Augsburg) The Diocese of Augsburg is ordering liquidity support of 15 million euros for the battered Weltbild publishing group in which it holds a 11.7 percent interest. This was decided by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the Diocesan Tax Committee, on the initiative of Bishop Konrad Zdarsa.

The envisaged contribution of the diocese to "restructuring of the publishing group" is numerially far in excess of Augusburg's shareholder share, they say. But now we hear that the other partners have provided assistance in view as Augsburger Allgemeine has reported.

Prelate Fuchs, Vice-chairman of Weltbild, declared, after previously strong criticism of the German Bishops' porn business became very loud, on 07-15-2012 according to the Tagespost ( see separate report "German Bishop's Porno Business Continues to Hum") that they would continue operating in the business of pornography, especially violent pornography. The disgusting "novel" Shades of Gray - Geiheimes Verlangen is still available in Weltbild and is sold there without age verification.

Text: Linus Schneider Image: screenshot 24.10.2013 12:00 clock Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Germany's Catholic Publisher 'Weltbild' Sells Sadomasochistic Tripe

Who can wonder?  In the area of sadomasochism the German cringer and Church-persecutor Bishops have no limits.

(, Augsburg)  Since the 9th of July the English publication of  the pornographic "Shades of Grey" is available in German.

The violence dominated piece of tripe has appeared at the tripe publisher 'Goldman'

The private fantasies of a house wife

The author of the book is Britin Erika Leonard (49), who is also known as E.L. James.

She is the mother of two sons and worked briefly for a television broadcaster.

Time Magazine indentified Mrs. Leonard in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The more primitive, the better

From 2009, Mrs. Leonard published her tripe on the Internet.  The it appeared in a small publisher in Australia.

Since April she has been operating from a US publisher in grand style.

In English there are already 10 million copies that have been sold.

Depraved History

The porn involves a literature student (21) who becomes enslaved to a millionaire (27).

The millionaire was abused as a child and is psychologically disturbed.

The book excessively describes the violence, with which the student is inflicted.

Sado-Rubbish in 'Weltbild' branch

In German the book is also available from one of the affiliates of 'Weltbild'.

At the same time the publisher has distanced itself then as it writes in its website:

"The description of the oppression women in this book is contrary to the world- and human image, which we want to portray as a book seller."

This hypocritical distancing will hardly interest anyone.

On the website of '', which belongs to 'Weltbild' in any case, the tripe is available without a hypocrisy warning.

Slaves of the Market

A speaker of 'Weltbild' sees that her publisher for the Old Liberal 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur' (Catholic Information Agency)  is in a dilemma.

The sadomasochistic book is 'omnipresent' on the market.

'Weltbild' will not promote the title and its distribution in any way.

They have distanced themselves from its content and given critics room.

But it will be sold all the same.