Saturday, August 10, 2013

State Police Invade Offices of "" in Vienna: Priest Suspects on the Run!

Ed: here's one for Amnesty International.  Sounds like the police even roughed up the sister of one of the suspects while she was trying to keep them from steeling their computers and rifling through their offices.  I wonder how many would have that kind of courage?

The Austrian government definitely needs to be made ashamed of this.

According to "Kronen"  news, the national justice gave the green light for it.  A house search in Vienna escalated the situation.  Computers were confiscated and evidence secured.  It also involved "".

Vienna ( A number of days ago in Vienna, police executed a search warrant on the facilities of the internet website "".  This was reported on Saturday by the "Kronen" news.  According to the report, it was directed against two priests from Lower Austria and Vienna.  The charges are serious.  According to "Krone" it was related to an article with radical right as well as anti-Jewish and homophobic contents, which had been published on websites "" and "".

In Germany and also in Switzerland there have been investigations ongoing for some time.   Now the Austrian judiciary has given a green light.  The situation has been escalated by a house search in Vienna.  According to "Krone" the sister of the accused priest is being charged, for attempting to erase computers and obstructing the officials by taking the PCs with her.  An official is said to have been injured.

At present the national police are surveying the confiscated computer as well as the secured evidence.  The suspects were sought at churches, according to "Krone".  They are, in any case, still at large.

Edit: remembering when all of this happened to earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

What a dreary world over there.

Unknown said...

When Jews become the leaders of concentration camps that will show how revenge has made justice turn on its head. Jewish communal mores have always worked strictly for Justice and has never included Mercy. The story of the "Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare has provided evidence of a historical behavior found in the Jewish culture. Revenge is sweeter than Mercy has been the primary tenets in which the Jewish culture set example of its prime reasons for its historical existence. Justice beyond reasonable justice is merciless justice and in itself will demand moral accountability.

It just never stops, and it is likely an addictive behavior. The Austrian, German and now the Swiss governments have become so traumatized by this historical merciless judicial behavior that it is now becoming a laughing joke.