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Monday, April 21, 2014

Protest Day Against Gender-Ideology in France -- Participation Doubles

(Paris) On March 31, the second day of protest to the French parent initiative Journée de l'école de retrait (Jre) took place, which is supported by Printemps francais. In protest against the socialist re-education policy on the basis of gender ideology the parents are keeping   their children  out of school  one day a month. The initiative is one of the actions that have arisen in the course of the protest of the civil rights movement Manif pour tous against "gay marriage".
On  the first day of protest 17,924 students stayed at home, then  on March 31, there were 31,548, almost twice as many. The parents' initiative may include only those cases that have officially joined the initiative. The actual number of students who were kept  home deliberately by  the parents, is therefore estimated  to be even higher.

Twice as Many Children Kept From School

The second protest of the Journée de l'école de retrait was  a  "great success" said the initiator, the writer and filmmaker Farida Belghoul. "The participation grows. The reprisals scare the families less and less. The more time passes, the more parents despise the illegal and senseless pressure from national school board. The stronger the identity of the parents, the more they are connected to their traditions and the more heroism they demonstrate  by taking part in the protest days. "
44.8 percent of students who were kept at home, attend kindergarten, 40.2 percent of primary school. These figures confirm that the parents' main concerns were the government indoctrinating the youngest, says Belghoul.

No to "ABC of Equality"

Farida Belghoul and Béatrice Bourges are the two women who have organized the unusual parents protest, which is directed against the state school program ABCD de l'égalité (ABCs of Equality), which was introduced by the Hollande government  in the autumn of 2013. It it supposed, according to information provided by the government, to "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes" because this could be the supposed starting point for "discrimination". The gender ideologues have so interpreted this   that children are to be "educated" as early as the age of six to "choose their sexual orientation." There is no natural sex and not  merely a husband and wife. The sex could be "selected" by themselves and indeed,  from any of a variety of "gender". The socialist re-education program provides on the one hand, for the destruction of marriage, family and sex as "artificial constructs" and at the same time provide for the promotion of aberrosexuality for"Marriages", "family" and gender. These textbooks are employed like "Father Wears a Skirt" or "Bill's New Dress".

"Irrational Movement" is Becoming Increasingly Popular

France's Education Minister Vincent Peillon, socialist and Freemason, has been trying for months to downplay the resistance against the state sexualization and re-education program. Participation in the protest was  something he only considers to bee "marginal" and the initiators of an "irrational movement."  But more and more parents are joining the protest and are rejecting the government's attempt to "keep changing the mentality of the students" with the coercive authority of the state, as Peillon  had stated as an objective of the government initiative "ABCs of Equality" in a letter to the school directors.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Jre

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Annagate" Rocks France -- Young Russian Girl Extorted to Spy on Manif Pour Tous

(Paris) In France, people are talking  of Anna Gate: the case of a young woman who spied on the civil rights movement Manif pour tous for the government. "You know, we love  KGB methods." 
François-Xavier Bellamy, Vice Mayor of Versailles explains how he has helped the young woman and is pursuing legal action against the state: "In Hollande's France,  it is not enough just to agree with the President in order to be treated like a criminal ".
"I'll never forget Anna's face," said the letter from the only 28 year old, non-partisan, Catholic, Vice Mayor of Versailles, François-Xavier Bellamy, as he begins in an interview with the French daily newspaper Le Figaro .
Anna, the given name of Annagate, is a 19 year old Russian woman. The French police are  doing this, what is called an indecent offer: one can be expelled unless they spy on the civil rights movement Manif pour tous from, but might obtain French citizenship in return.

"We Love the Methods of the KGB"

"When Anna  knocked at my door, she was deeply frightened, because of the threat of deportation and the threat by the police," said Bellamy. "You know, we love the methods of the KGB," said the civil servant. "One can easily imagine how such words must make an impression  on a young girl," said the deputy mayor. "Despite the threat against talking to anyone about the police pact, she had the courage to speak," said Bellamy.

"I am Ashamed of France"

The Versailles Deputy Mayor, said Le Figaro , as he listened to the girl. "In the end I apologized to her for my country. I was ashamed for France, because of such methods, one of which I had never thought of having to encounter in a free society," said Bellamy. He took Anna in and offered her help: "Today she is out of danger. But where  would  she be today if we had not found the courage to trust each other? ".

A "Serious Case"

The publicized case of Bellamy shocked even more the confidence of the French in their current .governing Interior Minister, Manuel Valls .  Meanwhile there is an investigation underway which is to examine the allegations.
Vice Mayor Bellamy described "three reasons why this matter is of particular severity."
"Primarily it is because it proves that the current government has misused the police to identify and spy on citizens just because they are  engaged in lawful and democratic rallies to manifest a different opinion than that of the government." And again further: "The Interior Minister is not  using the police to not guarantee the safety of the French, but to spy on innocent citizens whose only crime is to be opposed to a proposed law  [the "gay marriage"]. I do not mean the individual police officers who carry out excellent work. The culprits are the high officials who force their subordinates to employ methods to  use terrorism against the democratic domestic opposition. "
"The methods are the second reason for the scandal. Is it normal to terrorize a student in such a way? To isolate them to hold without a lawyer and without due process, to separate them from their parents in order to put pressure on them with the brutality of an arbitrary state? Is Mr. Valls ready to get the names of some young people who dare to have a different opinion other than him, ready to destroy the lives of Anna?" said Bellamy.
And third: "The Home Secretary will have some explaining to do. It is not enough to add still another injustice  injustice by letting fall the blame on any police officials, officials who have following a command that could only come from the political side. The story of Anna poses a fundamental problem for our democracy: In Hollande's France  it is enough to have disagreed with the President in order to be treated like a criminal," said the Vice Mayor of Versailles.

"Thank You Anna"

Bellamy   promised Anna not to make the matter public, unless she herself  would be willing to talk about it. "I am grateful to Anna that she has found the courage to speak about it a few months later. I thank her on behalf of France. I thank her on behalf of our community, which must not be robbed of the legacy of their parents, stealing the sacrifice of their blood: the guarantee of a democratic debate, the right to fair trials and freedom of conscience," said François-Xavier Bellamy, young non-party, vice mayor of Versailles.  The 28-year-old Bellamy has a leading function in the traditional Catholic Boy Scouts of France, with the German-speaking world, the  is connected with the Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas (KPE). 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hollande Honors the Fallen of the First World War in Grande Mosque -- "Forgets" About Christians

(Paris), France's Socialist President visited the Great Mosque of Paris for a visit to secure the votes of Muslim constituents  for the local elections in March. All presidents in the world are participating in honoring the fallen of the wars, especially now, since the outbreak of the First World War is approaching its centennial.   Only Hollande is instrumentalizing it  to divide the dead according to their religious affiliation in two classes and to honor only the Muslims among them, but not Christians.

VIP visit to the Great Mosque of Paris

On Tuesday, the French President went to the Great Mosque of Paris to unveil a memorial to the 70,000 Muslim soldiers who had fallen from the colonial territories of France for the Grand Nation. The mosque was erected in the Maghreb style  after the First World War as a recognition for the fallen Muslims and bestowed for the first time visibility for Islam   in Paris.
"The Republic it indebted to them," said Hollande and directed attention to  the present: "Islam and its message of openness are perfectly compatible with the values ​​of the Republic in France." Here, the Socialist head of state did not forget to add that "discrimination, inequality and racism" would have to be "fought", because they would form the basis of "anti-Islamic rhetoric and reality".

Campaign Appearance

The daily Le Figaro commented that the principle laudable initiative for the country to honor Fallen, in fact, is mostly indebted to  the approaching municipal and European elections. More than 80 percent of the Muslim electorate in France in 2012 chose Hollande. The mood will have changed by an unfavorable economic development and the "gay marriage". Hollande's Socialist Party strategists fear the loss of what previously seemed to be sure votes.
The expression of honor for the fallen Muslims in France was a long cherished desire of the Muslim organizations in the Grande Mosque. Hollande pushed the date out again and again. The approaching elections have now encouraged him to act.

No ceremony for fallen Christians

In France, a debate has broken out about why Hollande  has divided the fallen into two categories. Once to Muslims, according to their religion, and once to the  French with no religious affiliation. A tribute to the Catholics who have fallen for France and surpass the number of Muslims many times, is not on the program of the presidential office. In a lively debate on various blogs, many French are asking whether only Muslims are allowed to have a religion. Muslims may be, according to Hollande French and  Muslims. Catholics or Protestants, however, may only be French, but not Christians. A blogger asked, "Will Francois Hollande   now also visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to pay homage to the Catholic soldiers and for the honor of those fallen for France in World War I? We already know the answer. It is because of the aversion of the President against Christianity, of course, 'No?'"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Avignon pour Hollande
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hollande: "I Surely Didn't Ask the Pope for Forgiveness" -- Abortion not a Topic

(Vatican / Paris)  Corresponding to diplomatic custom little was made known officially about the content of the meeting of French President Francois Hollande and Pope Francis. Details were reported in the meantime by Dominique Quinio, the chief editor of the Catholic newspaper La Croix . Quinio was a member of the French delegation that accompanied President Hollande in the Vatican. The delegation did not participate in the actual conversation between the Pope and Hollande. "Hollande  said to us in the delegation that  he had surely not asked the Pope for forgiveness," said the La Croix -print manager. Quinio nor could conjecture, if the killing of unborn children was the topic of conversation. 
According to Dominique Quinio it was an encounter in a "warm atmosphere when you considered that on fundamental issues such as marriage and adoption rights for gays, abortion and end of life, the positions are incompatible." Quinio was one of ten people in his entourage who were allowed to follow Hollande's reception in the Vatican. In an interview with the Corriere della Sera  she named some details of the meeting, about which the content so far has been very little known.

Was the Killing of Unborn Children an issue?

The meeting had been highly anticipated because the contrasts between church and state have been scarcely, as radically  visible  since the Socialist electoral victory in France in May 2012.   France Catholics foremost of all looked eagerly to Rome. More than 110,000 had turned in an appeal to Pope Francis and requested clear words from him.  Last year, millions of French people had gone against the intention of the government's legalization of "gay marriage" on the streets. They expected a signal of support from Rome.
The topic of abortion should have been the subject of the conversation. This was indicated in the official note from the Vatican. The Corriere della Sera reported this: "Also, according to close presidential circles   it seems that the two Francis' have addressed the topic of abortion".

Minimum Expectations

But Dominique Quinio is dismissive: "Hollande and Pope Francis had only vaguely and generally 'indicated to  the dignity of human life' at the end of the conversation. Abortion was not a topic. . "For the rest, no one had expected to be able to convince the other," said Quinio. "I do not think that the meeting with the Pope is sufficient to overcome the divorce that has taken place in France between  Catholic opinion and Hollande. The prevailing impression that the government has regularly adopted positions   and within a short period of time that contradict our values ​​and perspectives. Gay marriage, a further liberalization of abortion, the legalization of euthanasia, which  has alienated Hollande from the Catholic electorate that surprisingly elected him in part and was surprised by it."
The  warden of   the Elysée Palace had wanted to put a gesture of "attention" and "respect" towards the Catholics, "with a view to the upcoming regional, local and European elections," said Quinio. "Immediately after the meeting with the Pope, Hollande put us turned by the delegation, in order to make a point,    had  certainly not asked  the Pope for forgiveness. Literally, he added: 'I am come as  head of state who meets another head of state.' "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / tempos (assembly)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 11, 2013

France: Calls to Dissolve National Assembly at Scandal Ridden Socialist Government

The furor (see English-language video above) over the revelations of the offshore bank accounts of former Socialist budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, now banned from the Party, has produced a tidal wave of articles, speculation, recriminations against the government, calls for the resignation of the prime minister and, from Marine Le Pen, repeated calls for the dissolution of the National Assembly. In a brief video at Nations Presse, she commented on François Hollande's television appearance on April 10 during which he denounced the deeds of Cahuzac as an outrage to the entire nation. This was Hollande's second address to the nation in one week:

"He reiterated his desire to fight against tax havens, but you have the feeling that you've heard this speech fifteen times already. I'm surprised because I thought that at the G20 Summit on April 2, 2009, he had declared the end of tax havens. And now I see that in reality that was never done! When there is a rupture of confidence in the men who are leading us, when there is a total rupture of confidence as is the case with the political and economic policies that are being followed, then it is time to dissolve the National Assembly. But that was not the decision made by the president. I am sorry, because there too it was a measure that was, I believe, expected by the French people!”

Back on April 3, 2013, when the public was still reeling from this explosive scandal of tax evasion and lying, Gilbert Collard, deputy from le Gard, who ran on Marine Le Pen's coalition party in June 2012, commented on the responsibility of the government to step down. In the video below, the reporter asks him if he feels, as Marine Le Pen does, that the National Assembly should be dissolved and that the government should resign. He responds:

"The situation is no longer manageable, the government is dysfunctional, the government no longer governs, the president no longer presides, the National Assembly is monolithic - one side systematically says yes, the other side systematically says no. We must arrive at a process that defines our policies."

Link to Gallia Watch….