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Monday, April 17, 2017

Evil Austrian Cardinal: He Who Doesn't Accept Invasion Should Not Receive Communion

The Viennese archbishop washed feet during the feast of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday - "Nobody leaves his homeland voluntarily!"

Vienna ( KAP) The concern for the poor and the distressed is a prerequisite for believers to receive the Communion. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn recalled the feast of the Lord's Supper in the St. Stephen's Cathedral on Holy Thursday. "We meet Jesus when we help the poor and when we receive Him in the Communion - but both are inseparable," stressed the Cardial. What Catholics perform with receiving Communion, they must also prove in their lives.

"If we do not serve one another, the Communion is unworthy," said Schönborn, in the context of the ritual of washing the feet, which is part of the Liturgy of Holy Thursday in memory of Christ's humiliation at the Last Supper. Jesus had given an example to all Christians with foot washing. "If we do not serve one another, bow down to each other as Jesus has bowed down to his disciples, when we meet one another arrogantly, despise each other, how shall we receive the Eucharist?" Asked the Cardinal.

The washing of the feet illustrates the inner attitude of believers to the altar. If those who went to the Communion refused to serve the poor or the suffering, or if the forms of contempt, separation, and injustice were well received, they could not receive the Communion in a worthy manner, said the Cardinal quoting Pope Francis.

Footwashing was once slavery

The Viennese Archbishop washed the feet twelve young women and men at the worship service. Among them were four members of the family, as well as eight people who came to Austria as refugees and were "already baptized or on their way to baptism," as Schönborn explained.

The washing of the feet in the Orient at the time of Jesus was slavery, said the Cardinal in his homily, recalling that even today people are enslaved. Explicitly, Schönborn mentioned refugees from Africa "who are fleeing from hunger and then slavery." In Vienna, slavery and human trafficking were also carried out, the Cardinal pointed out. Women would be forced to prostitution and then held as slaves. "This is happening with us," the cardinal said, not to hide this reality.

"Thinking of refugees on Good Friday"

"On Good Friday, it is good to think of the many who have to leave their homes today." To this end, Cardinal Schönborn called for this in his free-time newspaper "Heute" in his Friday column. Their need should not leave us indifferent, "even if we can not alleviate all their need." We should at least remember this," wrote the Archbishop of Vienna.

Schoenborn quoted his 97-year-old mother (her birthday this time on Good Friday), who had been forced herself to flee during the war - for many, "Nobody leaves his home voluntarily". From her home in Bohemia, Eleonore Schönborn had fled with her four young children, who at that time had to start a new life in Vorarlberg as a single-parent and single-mother. The Cardinal in retrospect: "We found ourselves in a poor Austria after the war. I understand that my mother is thinking differently about refugee issues than many people in our country today."

Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 18, 2016

Schönborn's Leftist Wormtongue, Fr. Paul Zulehner, Recommends Self-Censoring of the Hemorrhaging in Church Membership

Cardinal Schönborn Effect: Between 2002 and 2015 approximately 220,000 Catholics have left the Conciliar Church  [graphic: Kreuz-net]

The wave of departures continue unabated

The Schönborn-Church with its devotion to the political left deals mainly  with the business of Muslim immigration. Repulsive example is the convert and Caritas CEO Fr. Michael Landau, who was implanted by  Fr. Helmut Schüller into the troupe of Schönborn apparatchiks.
In return, the Conciliar Church under Schönborn has massively neglected  taking care of the Catholics, rather he's offended them by his political agitation (for example, in the period just before the local elections in Vienna, holding a press photo-op with the socialist mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl).

Mass Departures Under Schönborn 

Since Schönborn took over the Vienna Archdiocese, approximately 300,000 Catholics from the church-tax church have departed: in 2015 there were, according to official Church statistics (presented on 12 January 2016) 16,103 people leaving, in 2014 15,897 Catholics have turned their backs on Schönborn, while in the previous year (2013) it was 15,889.
The house sycophants of Kathpress have downplayed that with the strengthening wave of continued exits, "the number of Catholics in Austria [had] remained broadly stable" - "only" 56,365 departures?

The Nazi Church-tax Revenues Are Still Rising

In 2015 the Church had revenues from the church-tax in the amount of 435 million EUR,  8 million EUR more than the year before. As long as the money (the Church-tax) is in order  then the Church-tax apparatchiks are satisfied. Even in Vienna the revenues from the Church tax have risen despite the loss 1.2 million euros because of departures.

Proselytizing the nadir

The factor that is  primarily  responsible for the defections, is the current Church policy of conciliar emasculation which also leads to a decline of proselytizing.
The protestations of Schönborn's spokesman Michael Prüller, that a focal point in Vienna must be missionary, are empty words: The re-entry numbers are negligible, as are activities also. In addition, the Conciliar Church has no missionary efforts among the heretics. [At least not in Austria]
In fact, the missionary must begin with the Vienna clergy and church officials: A replacement of at least half of the functionaries would be necessary,  in Schönborn's immediate circle, a complete overhaul would be a perfect asset for the Church.

Schönborn's leftist wormtongues and
the instructions for self-delusion

Of particular usefulness is the statement by the religion sociologist Paul Zulehner (one those mainly responsible  for departures), one should expect the numbers leaving to be small. His "very pragmatic Tip", which he has given to the left at Cologne Domradio in July 2015:
  • "We now figure we are 100 percent different from when we came from a time when religion was fate. In the future, we should rather turn the tables and say we expect from zero percent up, and could then say, oh, it's interesting, in many European countries so many people are very committed Christians. It's almost a miracle that people dial in to the freedom of the gospel. We need to 'benchmark,' as it were,  change, and  not from the top down but from the bottom up. Then we would also stop this whining about the departures. "

"Underground Catholics"

Already in 2009, Erich Leitenberger, the former spokesman of the Archdiocese of Vienna, tried to gloss over the numbers of departures by pointing out "that the official number is yet difficult to estimate since the group of 'underground Catholics' should be added" - well that did not change the continuing progressive Development.

The Haze of Mercy in the Decaying of Faith 

The Church is  "reaping" the undiminished  fruits of failing faith and is even more so unwilling under the current  Pope   to rethink, stressing the need to reflect the beliefs: The haze of mercy currently existent in Rome  does not help against the decay of faith.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Is the Bundeswehr Preparing for a Civil War? -- Schönborn: "Concerned" About Arming Against Their Own People

(Berlin) Is the Bundeswehr preparing for the suppression of uprisings in the interior? One is amazed and rubs his eyes. Where is the threat? Who is the enemy? Politics and the media draw a very different picture. And yet, from the 20-22nd October the second International Urban Operations Conference (IUOC) was held in Berlin with more than 400 representatives from 40 countries participating. For three days   the crackdown on civil wars and rebellions in urban areas was discussed. And the media do not report it?
The conference was organized by the German Association for Defence Technology (DWT). The meeting was directed by Major General Erhard Drews, commander of the Office of the Army Development begun in 2013 chaired by the Bundeswehr. The DWT was founded on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Defence in 1957 and serves the defense industry lobbyist to government and parliament. Accordingly, the meeting was financed by defense contractors. The sponsors are described on the Conference website. At the meeting, new weapons and other products were introduced.

"From a demonstrations of power to street fights" in urban areas

The conference program states: "In today's world, urban areas are key areas". It follows: "The maintenance and the production of stability and security in urban areas is one of the challenging tasks of today's security forces. [...] The scenarios can quickly and suddenly change. From routine help or a show of force to full blown street fight " And further: "The risk of riots, terrorism and guerrilla wars can only be countered with the best intelligence technology, the best education and best monitoring systems. "
The International Urban Operations Conference defined their goal as follows: "Presentation of solutions for the above challenges. It provides a platform for the exchange of experiences from current operations and will provide an overview of the new military concept of the Bundeswehr for urban operations." And also: "Representatives of the industry have  the chance to present their ideas, visions and solutions to senior representatives of NATO and introduce other military officials."

The Picture Signed by politicians and the media does not match conference theme

Even if one takes into account that the meeting was primarily lobbying the German armaments industry on the foreign market, or, the  Bundeswehr preparing for more and more combat missions anywhere in the world, it is amazing that the  focus is yet on an internal threat. It is diametrically opposed to the drawn between politics and media image. For a long time there has been no lack of critical voices that warn of the danger of civil war like conditions in the interior, as occured in the French banlieues  or Swedish cities. In both cases, the authors of the violence came from  the predominantly Muslim immigrant districts. Still, politicians don't   want to hear the policy about that.  At the same time, however, an  International Urban Operations Conference is held for a second time, and to the exclusion of the public This raises questions. Not that the organizers have kept the matter secret.  Not at all. However, if all major media are silent about it, this can hardly be assumed to be random.
But where does the danger really come from within? Is there  preparation against a possible Salfist uprising? Or even equipping the state against its own citizens? The Office of Conference Chairman Major General Drews was entitled "Perspectives of the German Army in Urban Operations". The Israeli Reserve General, Rami Ben Efraim, spoke about the defense contractors "Rafael and the urban challenge", the British Brigadier General Bob Bruce on 'land forces in an urban environment ", the British Colonel Mark Kenyon on "Urban combat - Report of a Battalion Commander" and, truly amazing, a Member of Parliament and Chairman of the German Association Reservists Roderich Kiesewetter on "Political and strategic challenges of urban operations". As far as the first  presentations go.

In Accordance to Announce the End of Military Restraint against Outside and Inside?

A total of 60 papers were presented. Speakers were military officials, scientists, arms lobbyists and politicians. A representative of the company Securiton about talking about "Mobile monitoring - urban reconnaissance and control."
Last spring, the German federal government announced an end to the military restraint. At the same time established a Bundeswehr reform, which is focused on operations against external enemies. The Bundeswehr "only" prepares for combat operations anywhere in the world  and  fighting there in urban, densely populated areas? Or they also equiped against internal enemies? And if so, which ones? Combat operations in urban areas can affect Afghanistan or the Middle East. You might as well mean German cities, in view of the events in France, Sweden and most recently in Greece, and related  social tensions. The causes can be varied from  migration to national bankruptcy.
Present at the Berlin conference are commanders with combat experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel / Palestine, who provide examples for the Bundeswehr to base its preparation.
In the conference report in 2012 it stated: "Today's crisis operations are increasingly characterized by inserts and fighting in densely populated areas and partially also in cities. This is difficult and for many NATO countries, the new approach of the classic battle fields towards crisis operations in urban areas is off base in a fundamental restructuring of their own armed forces. The Bundeswehr follows with its realignment exactly these changing conditions."

Cardinal Schönborn's "concern" about upgrading the States against its own citizens

In the Rheinische Post from last August 12th, Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna made ​​a surprising statement. In the midst of an interview, which mainly revolved around Pop;e Francis, the Cardinal suddenly spoke of his "concern" for an arming  of governments against their own citizens. In his own words, the Archbishop complained that "too little" talk about that will be  "directed inward, with more and more with a view to possible uprisings in their own countries' military and defense strategies. This development was "appalling" and the drama illustrative of the present situation, because - as the Cardinal - will expected "with a growing discontent among the population" ". The Church had allegedly "to remember in this situation because there is still time to repent." The surprising statements were made ​​by the Cardinal were not elaborated.  What does the cardinal  know that the public?
Text: Andreas Becker
image: IUOC (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Love is Love" -- Cardinal Schönborn's Inclination to Aberrosexuals and a Perverse Logic

(Rome) Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna agreed in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera to praise  homosexual relationships. As to the matter  of the Bishops' Synod on the Family the President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference gave an interview.
In a seemingly already quite unrealistic addendum, he relates, is his appreciation already under the context of the article.  If homosexuals interpret their relationship in sustainability, then, says the Vienna cardinal, homosexual relations are "exemplarily human". The Holy Scriptures, which the Cardinal concealed as far as possible,  speaks of a "abomination in the sight of God," on the other hand.

68er Slogans with 50 Years Delay in the Church

He himself, the Cardinal,  knows a Gay couple in Vienna (!) who live in a registered partnership. As one of the two gay men became ill, the other has "not left his side." Schönborn's exact words were: "It was wonderful, human and Christian, as the one  took care of the other."
This "exemplarily human behavior must be recognized" the cardinal took issue against those who make objections in principle to homosexuality and those who flatter them. A condemnation of homosexuals was not possible, said the Cardinal. And so, what Schönborn did not say, there is no condemnation of homosexuality. "Love is Love" was one of the dumb 68er sayings that seem to have arrived in the Church after an  almost 50 year delay.

Bishops and Priests Should Bow Before Aberrosexual "exemplary human behavior" 

Schoenborn also provided a selective presentation of the Scriptures, in which the Cardinal pitted Jesus against himself and his teaching position. If bishops and priests are not able  to bless them, then they should at least bow before the "exemplary human behavior of homosexual," said the ÖBK-President. "These things must be acknowledged," he added, turning to a condemnation of homosexuals. Jesus told the people, even the tax collectors and prostitutes would enter heaven, a message that should not be forgotten especially by bishops and priests.

"All is love": In Addition to Homosex Polygamy, Pedophilia and incest?

The statements of Cardinal Schönborn was published in the Tuesday edition of the Corriere della Sera. In it, he accepts the thesis of an alleged "gradation" of relations, according to which there are no bad or sinful relationships any more, but only more or less perfect forms ("long form"). This applies to open marriages, premarital relationships, gay relationships, polygamous relationships. Only implicitly, it seems are pedophilic or incestuous relationships are not excluded, neither from the interim report of the Synod or by Cardinal Schönborn.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Archdiocese of Vienna
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Council: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn Rejects Extreme Interpretations

Edit: the kinds of hermeneutics and developments that would allow you to give a funeral to a Communist pornographer?

Vienna (  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has turned against extreme positions in the estimation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). In an interview with "Kathpress" and the media of the Archdiocese of Vienna the Cardinal has rejected all previous interpretations, where in the Council radically breaks with Tradition.

This determination is directed at those are only more fixed on novelties and reject Tradition, while the others demand a return to Tradition and reject the reforms of the Council.

Pope Benedict XVI. has warned against both versions and proposed a "hermeneutic of continuity". It is an organic development, says Schönborn. The Council has not been a break, actually it has been a "true doctrinal development" in the Catholic Church, for instance in relation to religious freedom, the Episcopal office or relations to non-Christian religions.

That in the wake of a Council that there are tensions and discussions about its correct interpretation, is nothing new in any case, says Schönborn. So it took about 300 years for example till the Church could prevail the doctrine of the Council of Nicea (325). From the earliest Councils till the Second Vatican Council, there have always been divisions or tendencies in the wake of Episcopal gatherings.

It is a very urgent task, says the Cardinal, that at least the central texts of the Vatican Council would have been reread, where for many it would probably be the first reading.

Admittedly there are still urgent tasks, which Pope Benedict XVI. also portends with the three volumes of his Jesus books. "It is completely decided on the question of the discipleship of Christ," stressed the Cardinal also with a view on the "Year of Faith".

A Christendom, "in which a vague love of God is somewhere on the horizon of lit and not the concrete visible living form of Jesus Christ with his invitation to follow" will sooner or later lose its ability to attract. A vague general religiosity is not able, "to gather people and imprint a society."