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Here We Go: First Time a Cardinal is Charged with “Homophobia” -- Pope-Friend Fernando Sebastián Aguilar Before the Court

(Madrid) Here we go. For the first time in history  a  Cardinal of the Catholic Church is being investigated because of "homophobia". On 6 February the prosecution of Malaga brought charges against the Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis, Archbishop Emeritus of Pamplona, ​​Monsignor Fernando Sebastián Aguilar. The 84 year-old Claretian and friend of the Pope, who will receive the Cardinal’s biretta from his hand in two weeks, had been interviewed shortly after Pope Francis had announced in January his elevation to cardinal status.  On this occasion he was also asked about the journalistic perennial  "homosexuality". The appointed cardinal said here that homosexuality can "be cured by proper treatment".

LGBT Activists Want the Cardinal in prison: Prosecutor “Obeys" Immediately

Cardinal Sebastián Aguilar is called because of his name "the eagle", as his "student" Pope Francis called him, he never had a reputation for as a "conservative". But that does not matter: neither this fact nor his past merits or his age are to protect him from persecution by the gay lobby.
The LGBT activists want to see the old Cardinal in prison. "The prosecution of Malaga obeyed 'immediately  the demands of the homosexual lobby, supported therein by a unanimous decision of the municipal council of Malaga, in which the Christian Democrats of the Partido Popular voted against the old Archbishop,” said the religious sociologist Massimo Introvigne. The Neo-cardinal will be officially ruled against. He faces a prison sentence for breach of the Spanish Anti-Homophobia Law.

Cardinal Gave an Interview to Diario Sur

But what has Archbishop Sebastian perpetrated that is so terrible? In an interview with Diario Sur, the daily newspaper of Malaga, the newly appointed Cardinal was asked on 20  January to comment on the statements of Pope Francis on homosexuality. Specifically, it was about the controversial statement about homosexuals: "Who am I to judge him" Archbishop Sebastian said:
"The Pope accentuates the gestures of respect and appreciation towards all people, but he betrays neither the traditional teaching of the Church nor does  he modify it. It is one thing  to manifest towards a gay man acceptance and affection, it is another to morally justify the exercise of homosexuality. "
He continued: "To a man I can say that he has a deficiency, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate this person or help him. I think this is the position of the Pope. "

"Fix Homosexuality Through Therapy and Normalize"

The journalist asked if the archbishop had brought the word "deficit" of "moral point of view". The neo-Cardinal replied: "Yes. Many get upset about it and do not tolerate it, but with all due respect I say that homosexuality is a deficient form to bring their own sexuality to expression, as this  depends in its structure and purpose to establish reproduction. The homosexuality does not fulfill this purpose, it is false. To say this, is by no means an insult. In our body we have many weaknesses. For example, I have high blood pressure: Should I be upset if you tell me that? This is a deficit that I try to correct as much as possible through its own therapy. Making a homosexual aware of his deficiency  is not an insult, it's a help, because many cases of homosexuality can be remedied and normalized by appropriate treatment. That's not an insult, but appreciation. If a person has a defect, then is the one who tells him that is a true friend. "

Anti-Homophobia Law: Legacy of the Zapatero Government

The gay activists saw the course differently and were immediately angry that the new Cardinal had called homosexuality "a disease", a term which is punishable in the Spanish courts due to the anti-homophobia law. The law against "homophobia" is part of the legacy of Spain, which was left by the Socialist Zapatero government (2004-2011).
The Emeritus Archbishop of Pamplona may be old, but he is not naive. He weighed his words carefully and was careful not to use the word "disease." Literally, the Cardinal spoke not from the fact that a homosexual is "cured", but the fact that he can be "restored".

Since When are Dissidents in  Jail?

It was also explained in a broadcast of the Archdiocese of Malaga, which, rightly points to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. “It might have added,  why someone who holds a different opinion on the difficult issue on  the origin of homosexuality, should go to jail, even if  the word  “healing” were avoided, which anyway possesses a variety meanings,“ said Introvigne.
Anyway, the climate has become rough and the opinion police seem omnipresent.  So the Cardinal took advantage in the careful choice of words  of nothing. In Spain the enemy of the Church, Zapatero, no longer rules.  There govern the Christian Democrats of the Partido Popular . But whoever thought that at least where Catholics govern, "homophobia laws against bishops and cardinals are wouldn’t be used  in any case," which is why you can safely leave the Leftists their ideological playing fields when they have such fun with it already, which has now been definitively refuted by the prosecution of Malaga. For the first time  charges have been brought against a Cardinal of the Church, because he has said what the Catholic Church has always taught  on homosexuality and what is part of the truth of faith, which they can not change.

Christian Resistance Should be Organized Before  Dictatorship of Opinion is Established

Perhaps it's the comfortable Christians who think it would already not so bad, should wake up and start with the resistance in the countries where there is no homophobia Act, before they too need to weigh with care every word, and because of a Catholic thought crime, stand trial.
Text: NBQ / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred


Aged parent said...

Well, if the Cardinal should actually be jailed it is quite possible that such a thing would be the tipping point for a number of the still-Catholic Spanish and result in a much-needed confrontation between the scum in the government and the Catholics.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

May God bless and protect this Holy Cardinal (to be) who has proclaimed the Church's teaching with love and concern for the souls of those struggling with SSA (who seem to be dealing with their own unacceptaphobia...fear of not being accepted). Would his example touch all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious to proclaim with love the Church's teaching(s)...even in Germany.

schmenz said...

I would hope that His Eminence confronts his accusers with this phrase, first used by St Augustine:

Lex iniusta non est lex (an unjust law is no law at all).

And then he should ignore any court order for him to appear before their "tribunals."

Lynda said...

The law prohibits people from speaking the truth. Out and out tyranny. It must be resisted by the Church and all people of goodwill.

Timothy Johnson said...

Militant homofascists who seek to terrorize those who uphold Christian morality should be indicted for intimidation, hate speech, and promoting a environment that is hostile and dangerous to ordinary people. They should be charged with terrorism and, if found guilty, incarcerated.