Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homo-Provocation in Rome Churches Shut Down

Edit: it's said that we have to post something from the Huffington Post, but here it is. They're displeased by the Vatican's responsible concern for the souls of Catholics. The Local quotes Claudio Tanturri to say that the exhibition is a violation of the Italian constitution.

We'd reported earlier about this, and it's been out in the German and Italian press quite a bit, now someone has done something about it and the show is being cancelled. How they ever got permission to do this in the first place is another question that needs answering.

Despite Pope Francis' earlier remarks about opening up the Church, the Vatican has firmly shut the door on artist Gonzalo Orquin's latest exhibit, "Trialogo," scheduled to open at the Galleria L'Opera on Wednesday evening.

The exhibit consists of photographs of same-sex couples kissing in churches mainly located in Rome, but the pictures have been covered up after the Vatican sent the gallery a notice threatening legal action and saying that "the church is against the exhibition."

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