Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GLBT: Auxiliary Bishop is OK With Committed Relationships

Edit: echoes of Cardinal Schonborn.

German Bishops are actively participating in supporting the homosexual decadence of their land. 

( The Old Liberal Hamburger Auxiliary Bishop Msgr. Hans-Jochen Jaschke (70), he does not want to weigh in on the planned privilege of homosexual couplings.

The Homosexually disturbed supposedly ought to have the "right" of a "appropriate treatment and equality in our society."

The Auxiliary Bishop would not explain why everyone doesn't have a right to the privilege of marriage.

A meaningless bending of the knee

The concrete form of homosexual privilege is something Msgr. Jaschke want to be "well thought out and balanced".

He is "not in any case a friend of homosexual marriage".  Marriage must remain something "completely special".

It is related to a society of man and woman, to which belong children.

Society would be poorly advised, if married people "were equated" with gomorrists.  The comes the big but.

The Auxiliary Bishop Doesn't think Much of Abstinence

The Auxiliary Bishop wants "to do justice" to those who are homosexually perverse.

Actually, for that he should invite them to his confessional and recommend a good psychiatrist.

But Msgr Jaschke expressly doesn't want "everyone"  --- thus no one -- "to say to homosexuals:  you must reach the goal of abstinence in any case."

A gomorrist must see how he might live and embrace "Christian responsibility" -- he said beating about the bush.

The dirty fairy tale of committed homosexuals

Msgr Jaschke told the dirty fairy tale of homosexual fidelity.

He considers it better if a man lives in a "secure, stable relationship", in "responsibility for each other, than when he lets his sexuality tramp around."

That is a complex and supposedly completely personal question.

That must be "something for each individual to decide for himself".  With his lewd manner of speech, the Auxiliary Bishop contradicted Holy Scripture.

He rites about homosexual privilege:  "If a homosexual pair find themselves in love, fidelity, preparedness to commit, then it must be recognized in accordance with the law."

Eager Beaver: is he for homosexual adoption as well

Msgr Jaschke didn't shrink back from the child abuse of handing over of children to homosexually disturbed individuals.

He is indeed supposedly against it essentially.

But: "It would surely involve exceptions, that with homosexual partners can recommend or enable them at once for adoption."

It may only "in no case" be the rule.


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