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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cupich Aims to Destroy Faithful Priest Who Burnt Sodomy Flag

Edit: The previous pastor died as sordidly as he lived, a friend of Cardinal Bernardin, he was an avid supporter of the evils of sodomy. Meanwhile, +++Cupich has marshaled his evil forces and thrown Father abruptly from his rectory. There have been numerous death threats and vandalism from the NOH8 crowd. This is an exact duplicate of the treatment meted out to the late Bishop Rogelio Liveres.

 Has anyone read the story of Lot?

And you’d think that this priest had burned an icon or desecrated the Sacrament.
[Mahound’s Paradise] Just hours ago, new Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic arrived unannounced at Resurrection Parish on Chicago's Northwest side and told Pastor Paul Kalchik that he had just minutes to get his belongings together and vacate the premises or the police would be called to arrest him for trespassing.

Fr. Kalchik was about to perform a wedding.

Soon after, Fr. Kalchik left for an undisclosed location, accompanied by his brother who had been visiting the parish.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pastor Karl Tropper -- An Exemplary Missionary and Shepherd from Austria

Sancta Ecclesia

On 25 August Rev. Mag. Karl Tropper departs on a well-earned retirement from the parish church of St. Veit am Vogau Place, from where he has worked an extraordinary benediction for over 30 years. St. Veit am Vorgau is a village in Austria in the Diocese of Graz. He was previously silenced and suspended for telling the truth about fornication and sins which should not even be discussed among Christians. Long may he live.

A Worthy Priest's Personality

In this ceremony, I like so many others again realized what this priest with a versatile personality has already done for our country and the Catholic Church.


Karl Tropper was born on 23 October, 1937 in Glojach and yet experienced the war, far from its front.

After attending the school and diocesan seminary in the period from 1948 to 1956, he studied from 1956 to 1961 at the Universities of Graz, Tübingen and Bonn.

His first job took him from 1961 to 1963 as chaplain to the village of Bad Walter and then up to the year 1968 as chaplain to Eibiswald and for one year after at Stainz.

After completion of the AHS certificate, he taught religion at a Gymnasium in Deutsclandberg, was then provisor in St. Ulrich in Greith and assistant chaplain in Stainz.

From 1971 to 1978 he also taught religion courses as a spiritual director at the diocesan Gymnasium, on which he devoted himself to the comprehensive education of his pupils, according to the testimony of former students and this was partly promoted accordingly through the donations of books.

Missionary and CSI

From 1971 to 1989 he worked as a mission consultant of the diocese and in the years 1975 and 1978 head of the office of CSI (Christian Solidarity International) Austria, which he co-founded.

This led to international contacts with bishops, mission priests and other senior figures such as Christa Meves, the couple Inge and Max Thürkauf, Josip Terelya from Ukraine, the chess grandmaster Ludek Pachman (the beginning of the 80's, he had already predicted the end of the Soviet Union ), Hansjörg Stückl Berger (founder of CSI) Sabatina James, Tatiana Goritschewa etc. to which he was also invited to give a series of interesting lectures in Styria, drew numerous participants across our borders.

Something of the greatness of this humble priest was hinted at by Tatiana Goritschewa when ended her visit to St. Vitus with this note: "This man has saved countless lives through his activities!"

From 1978-1981 he was spiritual director and rector of education at Maria Trost and in 1980 also the parish Provisor of Graz-Kroisbach.

Parish of St. Veit am Vogau

From 1 September 1981 to 1989, he worked as a "pastor" in the parish of St. Veit am Vogau and Gabersdorf. During this time he was also for three years provisor in Strasbourg / Styria.

With the acquisition of the now independent Parish in the meantime, of St. Veit / Vogau on the 1st of September, 1989 he has continued for two years as pastor in Gabersdorf and again in 2002, shortly as Provisor of Gabersdorf and Strasbourg.

During this time, not only were costly renovations carried out, for example on the old sonorous organ, but Pastor Tropper also paid attention to the "interior renovation" of his parishioners. To this end, not only several parish missions, retreats, etc., were carried out, but also the famous and very readable parish bulletin of St. Veit was published, with comments on current world affairs, encouraging discussion and reflection. For his closest collaborators, he wrote another letter involving extensive extra-theological training.

In addition to building the public library and casino at St. Vitus at Vogau, he also tried, by voluminous knowledgeable correspondence, to actively counteract the disintegration of the faith in the parish church.

For the children, the basket was always full with attractive reading in church.

That our pastor Tropper has a great sense of humor and zest for life, he proved not only with the publication of appealing and sophisticated parish carnival fliers but also with the introduction of the parish festival in Strasbourg and St. Vitus.

Youth as a Special Concern

Pastor Tropper was the one who always encouraged young people to participate in World Youth Days and Roman trips. To inspire young people to live in accordance with God's commandments, he organized TEEN - Star courses and sea stays at a house in Donja Klada in Croatia, which he had renovated, where the participating youth were served by faithful families.

Of particular concern to him was that he had at heart the young, he finally also provided them with the publication of a separate parish youth bulletin.

To counteract the generally high divorce rate, he visited the Family Congress in Vienna with interested couples, and he built bridges to the Schoenstatt Movement, which were gladly accepted. Thus, two family celebrations and countless family gatherings in the parish hall he organized. The result was that a great multitude parishioners visited the family Academy and trained as presenters.

After a serious mountain accident in which several young people were seriously injured from his parish and died, he offered a most blessed "Night Prayer".

Importance of confession

Pastor Tropper has presented to us this healing sacrament by his goodness and mercy in the confessional, and was often asked by traveling or Foreign priests in our parish for this service, not only before Mass but especially in the confessional. I could even see it in beaming faces of children, as well as he knew how to explain to the people, to take as often as possible the sacrament of penance as a blessing and deliverance.

All barriers and obstacles he turned over to the example of his Lord of All, like suffering, lonesomeness and sickness. For them he was available day and night. His concern for the sick led him to introduce additional consecrations of the Sacred Heart on First Fridays. So he came into the homes of the sick and could contribute much in this way to physical and emotional recovery.

He gave impetus to organize visits to seniors and in the process then resulted in a partnership with the Murauer seniors.

Through the organ renovation in 2002, he came up with the idea not only to perpetuate the recipes of St. Veit in a ring binder, but noted also funny and thoughtful events in writing.

The seniors were especially very grateful for the monthly care at home or in the village chapels, which he regularly came to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice for the village population.

These village chapels and Christian landmarks in the villages of his parish, he also asked to renovate and made a good example in the case of the newly built cemetery cross and the impressively designed stations of the cross behind the church.

Influence Across Borders

He was also one of the few pastors who have helped in the Yugoslav crisis, of affected poor priests with medicines and money.

For newly built parsonage Shega Arad in Romania, rebuilt 20 years before, he was a key driver, as well as for more than 10 years for the care of the parish Kolibe in Bosnia.

Another highlight was the dedication of the bell: "Mary, Queen of Families" after his serious illness in 2007. He expressed the view that Christianity is not only meant for him, solidarity and critical position in regard to society, but also to show the world the signs of a kind and benevolent God as well.
That may have been the impetus for the publication of a book with the title: "Christ Carrying the Cross ... the Unreadable Book", which can be obtained from him now.

Pastor Tropper always put emphasis on, had prepared for the Liturgy with much attention and love.

Attractive and valuable Music and beauty in the cultus was not a luxury, but for him it is participation in the glory of God.

He certainly was a missionary in a certain way.

He who so struggled to grasp the gospel more deeply simply could not remain silent or pretend as if it would touch the souls entrusted to him, his parishioners, to not really think about it.

He has always let his new knowledge in this field to come to let us participate in this ineffable mystery of God in a dignified manner.

In his sermons and petitions he often brought from far to then plant the central message like a seed in our hearts. He has not dodged the big questions about our future and our way of life, but always related specifically to the situation back to the pressing issues and concerns of his community.

And the people have taken along with them and then discussed at the Gasthaus, at the church and at home - and yes you can say in this way, the living Word of God left no one in our parish in the cold.

He has also found himself in the way of the cross following Jesus Christ.

Pray for this great priest, that he may remain with us for a long time with his example and his vast knowledge of the faith.

Discussions with him at any time.

Post by Anna Fellner , St. Veit am Vogau Link to

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Enemy is Within -- In the Church There is a Homosexual Takeover

Edit: We translated an article previously about Father Stefano back in April long after its appearance in Katholisches. Father is not well known in the English-speaking world, and it's our hope that he becomes so. He is currently undergoing the same kind of persecution undergone by faithful priests all over the world.

(Rome) The Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, under the baton of Riccardo Cascioli and supported by prominent sociologist and former OSCE Representative against discrimination and intolerance against Christians, Massimo Introvigne, the Archbishop of Ferrara, Bishop Luigi Negri, Radio Maria and life rights groups, led a conversation with a priest of the Diocese of Rome, Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo (born 1963) about homosexuality in the Church. The subject had been addressed by a Jewish convert about a chapter in his latest book The Devil Made ​​Himself Triune. Relativism, individualism, disobedience: dedicated to an analysis of the Catholic Church in the third millennium.

In his Christmas message to the Roman Curia, Pope Benedict XVI. delivered a withering verdict on 21 December on the gender ideology. The Pope referred to them at the same time as a threat to the faith and the Church. Levi di Gualdo denounced that gender ideology today in a commentary for Nuova Bussola Quotidiana to that theological journal Concilium, the flagship of the progressive recently with benevolent tones dedicated an entire issue (No. 4/2012). That ideology, Pope Benedict XVI. explicitly designated as anti-God. With its eleven editions in as many languages, ​​Concilium is one of the world's most influential theological forums. Given this fact, says Levi di Gualdo, only one of the full implications of that statement will not understand the importance when the Pope speaks not only of an external enemy, but also, and especially, of one within.

Don Ariel, you describe homosexuality within the Church as the "Via Crucis". Why?

The specification "within the church" is important because I have never fought against homosexuals as such. I have always treated everyone with homosexual tendencies who has approached me with the utmost respect. Some asked me for spiritual help, others came to my confessional, from which no one was sent away without absolution. My job is to manage the grace and forgiveness of God. The motives and socio-psychological influences are numerous, to entice the youth of the 21st century from a lifestyle which is "bad" or "disordered", who don't easily bear these words. I prefer the fatherly manner and prefer to speak of a "non-Christian lifestyle," as I think of the saying of the Lord: "publicans and the harlots go unto the kingdom of God" (Mt 21,32). For this reason, I write: "The homosexuals are perhaps more compatible with paradise than other types of sinners that are often tolerated by the best Catholic morality with great diplomacy. They are not for the priesthood, in the midst of a male world, consisting of men, of whom psychological balance and sexual abstinence is required, which can be reached, but is not easily accessible and not easy to maintain."

When I was ordained a priest, the bishop asked me to, "Be always be yourself". But how can you say to a homosexual priest: "Always be yourself" or maybe you can build the priesthood on a fiction, a double life? Instead of being with the Lord as the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), homosexual priests will be constantly on a self-centered Via Crucis that they will not find in the stone rolled from the empty tomb. The result is serious damage to themselves and to the Church. That's not because they are persons with homosexual tendencies, for which forgiveness, grace and salvation are not closed, but because they are not free and happy to be themselves. Therefore, the homosexual priest runs, as opposed to homosexuality laity, into serious dangers to forgiveness, for grace and salvation remain closed to him.

Why have you decided to publicly denounce this phenomenon? What goals have you set it? Some will say: Would it not have been better to spread over it a cloak of silence?

Because my divine "employer" is the Word made flesh, in order to proclaim the truth better, He assumed our human nature. The divine truth in Jesus and through Jesus takes shape in a body, has a face, gestures and facial expressions in front of the large crowds, who listened and followed after Him. The phrase, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us" (Jn 1:14), is to say, the truth is visible, even become tangible. This concreteness contained in the Gospels shows us a conduct and behavior, for example: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck in the deep sea were drowned "(Mt 18.4 to 7, Lk 9, 38-47). For this reason I explain in the first part of the book, what is charity, and that it remains incomprehensible without truth and justice. Whenever necessary, charity is to practiced, what concretely also means reflecting the doctrine and authority of the Church. Not to do so, leads to the corruption of the idea of ​​charity, in which it would be emptied of its true sense, transformed into a parody. If the Christological charity is transformed into a clerical "charity", creates a thousandfold miserable silence, ultimately the aim is really to place the actual Divine with the potentially Human.

The goal I set for myself as a man and a priest, is to be more alive, an active servant of truth, who is the Word made flesh. The harsh and direct words of Jesus against the immorality of the corrupt power of decadent Jewish priesthood of his time, took him to fail on the cross, but shortly afterwards the glory of the resurrection, because Jesus, the Word, "was God" (John 1:1) . Today, Jesus would use against the immorality of the corrupt power of a decadent Catholic clergy the same words: "brood of vipers" (Luke 3:7), "for ye are as graves" (Mt 23,27). , who, if he had come upon these branches of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which some in the Vatican have been transformed, who provoked the Pope to say: "Pray that I will not flee for fear of the wolves" (Homily of April 24, 2005). Who knows how many scourges He would administer to the modern temple dealers (Mark 11:15-19). He would probably call not only use the words of the prophet Jeremiah: "Is it in your eyes this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers?" (Jer. 7:11). Perhaps he would say: "A tavern and a brothel of robbers intoxicated by the incense of homosexuals surrounded by lace and baroque vestments". And again he'd see the Sanhedrin and the cross. And who knows how many bishops, priests and theologians would accuse Him of arrogance that would deny him any credibility, claiming that he had no right to speak: "Is not this the carpenter's son? Is not his mother called Mary? "(Mt 13,55).

What are the objectives of this lobby? What mechanisms do they use?

Destruction of the Church from within, that is obvious! Some years ago I was trained as an exorcist. My bishop entrusted me with this task, although I've only exorcised twice. Compared with alleged cases of obsession I'm very skeptical. Almost all cases are mental disorders that are sent to the appropriate specialists. I was involved in a real case, however, as indicated already, and is my perception, I had not understood how much the mystery of evil intelligence is in its pure form for none of us can fight with our own powers. The devil has even tempted God incarnate (Matt. 4:1-11, Mk 1:12-13, Lk 4:1-13). To achieve its goals, Satan uses refined, superhuman skills by confusing and creating structures, in which the divine order is turned on its head, from the good to the evil and evil seems to be for the good, virtue is vice and vice virtue, sound doctrine a heresy, and heresy to sound doctrine. Hence the metastases have developed, which have infested the ecclesial body. They caused a lack of leadership at the various levels of resolve in one a Gnostic theological relativism, an exaggerated individualism and disobedience to the weakened Church, Pope and bishops. This mechanism of inversion is aimed to replace God with own's own ego. It is enough to listen to some priest-theologians in suits and ties who have created their personal egonomic Council in the post-Conciliar period and the teaching of the chairs at the pontifical universities only their own dubious teaching. Not by chance are the most commonly used formulas: "How do I mean," "I have written", "like I said."

Why do you think there is such a massive presence of men with homosexual tendencies in the sanctuary? What draws these men to the priesthood or to pay for the training in seminaries helping to give rise to these trends? Where does this alleged compatibility between the consecrated life and a homosexual personality?

In my book I talk about the homosexualization of the church that results from complex historical and social problems. I am 49 years old and think of the priests of my childhood. Before me, I see only men who are above suspicion. If there were occasional problems, it came to women, sometimes even giving up the priesthood. Nevertheless, caution is advised to beware of generalization, the clergy was healthier "back then". Society was different. No one would have acted out homosexual tendencies. To address this issue seriously, it needs honesty above all. In the book I write: "Having been shot through for long of sickly Jansenism on sexuality, as if it were the sin of all sins, we are now experiencing the recoil in the opposite direction and to account for acts and omissions, we priests can appear as the least suitable to speak credibly about sexual morality and bioethics, considering on the one hand, the numerous cases of priests who are affected by sexual disorders that incline them to be incompatible with the priesthood and the episcopate, on the other violations of human dignity, which are also within the Church."

We have created papal councils for peace and justice for the family, for the health and bioethics, but it seems as if the wolf has just put on a thicker skin, but not lost his vice. Or to put it more concretely: When I brought evidence and witnesses to Rome to show that a priest gave a group of hustlers money from the Church, I was not only removed from that basilica, but I was even had my celebret from the Diocese of Rome. And in the diocese, whose bishop is officially the Pope, the Roman Catholics of Ireland accused in an exaggerated fear for the scandal that was held up to the Church in 2010, which would have meant that the canonical punishments were not timely and not applied with sufficient rigor against those clerics, who had failed. On my entries I made at different departments of Rome, including the Secretary of State, I did not even receive a response. I mean, when I speak of the mechanisms of inversion: justice is injustice and justice is injustice.

The truth is that since the late 60s the strict equilibria were broken in the seminaries, which were based on forms of sexual repression. In just 30 years, the doctrine has been attacked and the deposit of faith called into question. Everything was relatively eccentric or subject to experiments. One need only think of the liturgy or to that, what some call the anthropological theology. Finally we came to the homosexualization of Church and the homosexualization of power. It is urgent to reassess the seminaries as quickly as possible, where the future priests are made clerics in the head, instead of Christians in the heart. Often in the seminaries, education is missing, because before you train, it is necessary to have even enjoyed a healthy and solid education. For this reason I have found myself repeatedly in the situation of getting young men, destroyed on the ground, some in the middle of a crisis of faith, because they had been cast as heterosexuals by more or less homosexual educators from seminaries, who are also obviously protecting gay seminarians. To not even to speak of certain ancient orders, which looked down from above on the "poor", "plebeian" secular clergy. What lessons life gives when the proud crash from their thrones! Today, when you enter the novitiate of certain thousand year old abbeys or some monastic Universities, you're afraid to get a sexually transmitted disease just from breathing.

To avoid having to be restrictive, certain venerable orders are so fallen, that they receive all the ones we throw out of the seminaries. It seems superfluous to mention: for serious moral reasons. This apparent reconciliation between the consecrated life and a homosexual personality arises from this precarious situation, which has produced a real coup for homosexualism. Or to put express it more frankly: some seminarians in the seminaries, religious brothers who 'spearheaded in the 70s and 80s are today bishops, and no sooner had they got it, then they have to be first surrounded with like-minded subjects who are placed systematically in all key positions in the diocese, including the seminaries, in order to correspondingly protect and reproduce," as they could euphemize the faith and homosexualize the Church.

What remedy do you propose to solve the problem?

The apostolic authority. The word "authority" is frightening because many egomaniacal theologians have confused "more collegiality" and "democracy" with authoritarianism and autocratic arbitrariness: Especially with that authoritarianism, represented with the aggressiveness of the ultra progressive groups or certain sectarian lay associations against those who do not think like them. The Church is the rightful custodian of a power that has been entrusted to Her by God and by which it decided, if necessary must make use of it to avoid any form of anarchy in its interior. An inquisitorial police state is not meant with this power, but the resolute defense of truth against error and the impertinent rebellion of people blinded by individualism. The Holy See has issued various documents and statements in this sense, but day by day I'm a new witness to its non-application. We are facing a veritable plague. Since there is no other solution but to do so, as the Gospel tells us: "If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and it is gone! For it is better for thee that one of thy members lost, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! For it is better for thee that one of thy members lost, and not that thy whole body go into hell. (Mt 5,29-30). We, however, continue to drip a chamomile extract in the eye, as we comfort ourselves with the notion that the Church "had survived worse moments." But this is wrong, because in previous eras, the Church was attacked by forces from outside who could only hope for more or less numerous traitors inside her. Today, she is attacked but not only from the outside, but produced in their interior the evil that they consume, the risk of making her an institution consumed by sin, manufacturing the sin. In what bygone era in which anything like this happen? Not even the time of John XII., who was chosen at the age of 18 years as pope in 955, and died at 26 in a less than edifying manner.

What were the Reactions to your Advice? How did your Brothers React?

Seemingly with complete indifference. On a personal level, several prelates have been cited me who unanimously assured me that I did the truth a good service. Someone went so far as to use such flattering terms that I was embarrassed, perhaps a proof that the devil when he knocks on vanity, is always dressed in Prada red? Excellent. Specifically, however, what did this solidarity compliment forge for the dissemination of the book which they have referred to as "service to the Church"? Nothing. Although they know that I'm under the bombardment of the homosexualistic snipers, powerful Clerical-gay mafia, what they have they done to disarm them or to protect myself? Nothing. To be reduced to cattle for slaughter is part of the occupational hazards for our priests. The priesthood received by us is indelibly inscribed, because we are called to be one with the sacrificial Lamb, Christ Redeemer. Finally, whoever is a little familiar with the real essence of theology and its complex history knows that in 20 centuries, and after numerous councils in the history of the Church, only one decision was taken by a unanimous collegiality, without contradiction and without dissent: "Then leaving him, they fled" (Mark 14.50, Mt 26.54). In any case: I'll never be alone. Christ is always with me. He trusts even my hands to be living body and living blood, the visible presence in His Church and food for the people of God. I could not be happy in this life and in the future, given the fact that I am a priest of Christ and that I will be for all eternity?

I thank your Internet daily for information work that your operating on this topic by you, in which you break the wall of silence. which surrounds this epidemic drama. Christ will reward you and the Church will benefit greatly benefit by it through long suffering, piece by piece.

Interview: Roberto Marchesini / Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
 translation: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Fides et Forma
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Diocese of Graz Silences Faithful Priest

"The Bishops of Austria have failed."
Because of his statements on homosexuality and Islam a priest of the Diocese Graz-Seckau will not lead the liturgical celebrations for his parish on Easter.

Graz ( / pm) "Pastor Karl Tropper (St. Veit am Vogau) has proved particularly concerned with certain important issues like “homosexuality” and “Islam" ‘repeating unreasonably simplistic and statements offensive in a tone." So reasoned Spokesman Georg Plank for the Diocese Graz-Seckau in a recent statement, why Vicar General Henry Schnuderl will in the short term take over liturgical celebrations for the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday instead of the local pastor. "The central message of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ" should not be obscured by conflicts. Pastor Tropper “will enter on permanent leave on 31 August 2013.”

The statements made by Rev. Tropper prevented, "a necessarily nuanced discussion on these complex issues. The relatively milder diagnosis of the pastor for a mitigating diagnosis due to ‘the stubbornness of age stubbornness' is no longer in the overall assessment.”

Link to…

 Here’s an interview from Kleine Zeitung:

Pastor, like an Amen in prayer, you renew a rant every spring against Islam or against homosexuals. Recently, you even wrote in the parish bulletin about gay perverts. Why?

KARL TROPPER: They're perverts. When you can’t say so, you have to go into retirement as a pastor.

Is it the right way, even in the Church proclaim such weird opinions about homosexuality and Islam? KARL TROPPER: Who will say otherwise, if I do not? All priests should do this. The bishops in Austria and Germany are failures, they haven’t understood what is brewing. In 50 years, Vienna will be a Muslim city, the Votive Church [a large parish near downtown Vienna], a large mosque.

Back to the current case: Why does the Catholic Church just weigh just as hard with homosexuality? KARL TROPPER: It is a huge injustice. And it is perverse.

 The diocese has declared consequences in the past few years. The diocesan bishop had warned you last year in writing. Did he rebuke you in this particular instance?

KARL TROPPER: He said, I can not write anymore. But in this particular case I was even relieved by the prosecution (Note: There were two criminal charges of incitement [verhetzung], both cases were dropped by the prosecution).

They will no longer allow your opinions to be public?

KARL TROPPER: I only speak through my lawyer.

Give a sermon in the church with your attorney? ...

KARL TROPPER: you can even write something.

You are not afraid of canonical consequences?

KARL TROPPER: What have I done wrong?

You insult minorities, fulminate against other religions. Excuse me, if not?


Because you stir up?


Do not you think that you scare many churchgoers with such statements?

KARL TROPPER: All right, no one is forced to come to church.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Germany: Faithful Priest Cancels Nuptial Mass

"In such an atmosphere I can't celebrate Mass."

A pastor in the Diocese of Munster was not prepared to conduct a marriage  for a Godless public to play along with a show-Mass.

(  On June 1st a certain Irene Stock spread a blatant propaganda article against Pastor Heio Weishaupt.

Fr. Weishaupt is a pastor in a Catholic community of 38,000 population city Haltern am See in the Diocese of Munster.

In any event he celebrated his 25th priestly jubilee -- and was praised and celebrated by his community.

Emotions Instead of Facts

The emotionally drenched article by Miss Stock put emotions in the place of facts.

Fr. Weishaupt had "simply cancelled" a wedding Mass on the Saturday before last in the Sixtus Kirche.

This turned the "most beautiful day" in the life of a Halterner bride and groom into a "nightmare" -- howled the woman.

The pair were a Gladbecker grade school teacher with ecclesiastical responsibilities as a Catholic religious instructor and an active soccer player from Hamm-Bossendorf.

The priest refused the wedding party Communion and cancelled Holy Mass.

Erratic Allegations

Miss Stock's allegations against Fr. Weishaupt are erratic and chaotic.

The pastor supposedly "deliberately refused to use the microphone".  In that way he was hardly understood by community.

To start with the celebration by Fr. Weishaupt had been clearly "indignant",  because those present "were not participating".

The text for the marriage vows had been placed on the altar so that the bride could hardly read them.

The pastor announced "before the Eucharistic celebration" that he could not give out Holy Communion, "because she didn't go to Church".

He also -- supposedly -- gave no "concluding blessing".

"Very little interest"

Miss Stock didn't make any effort to hear the other side.

This was caught up on the website ''.

"I went to the celebration in a good mood and a sense of inner peace" -- said the clergyman concerned  according to the site:

"As I noticed the very little real interest in singing, responses and liturgical actions, my emotions were on a carousel."

Unnecessary Apology

For that reason he addressed the Godless present at the concluded wedding with the following words:

"The most important thing in this hour has happened, that the bride pair has received the sacrament of matrimony.  I also take it as true that what has taken place here is very unfamiliar to many here.  That isn't an accusation, that's the way it simply is.  I can not celebrate Holy Mass in such an atmosphere."

For that reason he concluded the wedding liturgy following the intercessory prayers, prayers for peace and final blessing.

Father Weishaupt has written the married couple in the mean time to apology -- it remains unclear why.

The pair has accepted his apology.