Friday, December 30, 2011

Budapest's Mayor Distances Himself From "Lifestyle"

Berlin's homosexual propagandist, Comrade Klaus Wowerweit, just fell on his nose in Budapest.  The answer of his colleague in Budapest.
István Tarlós
of Budapest
© Pressefoto, Wikipedia

Very dear Governing Mayor [Klaus Wowerweit],

My Dear Colleague,

Regarding your recent inquiry, [to support the homosexual-rout "14th Euro Games 2012"] I would like to inform you with the following.

The event "14th Euro Games 2012" planned by the [homosexual] organization Atlasz-Frigo in Budapest was supported by Dr. Gábor Demszky as a private person.

I personally can't agree with this.

Naturally I recognize that there are people who are members of the named organizations are in agreement with that way of life.

I naturally recognize  the rights of these people.  But I would not like to personally mix in the work of this organization.

On my side -- as the Head Mayor and also as a private person -- I would in any case distance myself from such manners of living their events.

It is not in my power to support them.

I then must ask that you accept my point of view and I am grateful for your understanding.

I would also like to take this opportunity to once more contraguate you on your relection as governing mayor of Berlin and wish you much success and health in your mayoral work.

Budapest,  27th September 2011

 With friendly greetings,

 István Tarlós

Head Mayor [of Budapest]

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