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Friday, July 8, 2016

Tübingen: Tabernacle Stolen With Blessed Sacrament

Around 10,000 euros damage and on top of that violation of religious sentiments no less Catholics by the theft of the Blessed Sacrament.

Tübingen ( Around 10,000 Euros damage and on top of that, no less than the violation of the religious sentiments of Catholics by the theft of the Blessed Sacrament. This is the result of thieves at St. Pancras in Buhl in Tubingen (Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart). The thieves stole the whole tabernacle and its contents, they pulled the heavy loot apparently on a rug in the church and then to a vehicle parked near the parsonage. This was reported by the "Südwestpresse" and other media. Tübingen police have asked for witnesses to step forward.

The tabernacle contained, according to the "Südwestpresse," two hundred year old gold gilded chalices, interiorly lined with gold pewter and two golden patens.

The perpetrators entered the church through the unlocked main door, then broke the sacristy door and stole the tabernacle out of the sacristy, according to the press reports.

According to Catholic understanding Jesus Christ is physically present in the Holy Eucharist. A theft as described above is, therefore a very serious sacrilege for Catholics.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hans Küng Foundation to Collaborate With Chicom Government for "Peace"

Tübingen/Peking ( The Tübingen theologian Hans Küng founded controversial project "Weltethos" [World Ethos], has extended itself to China.

At the end of October the University of Peking has opened its own "Weltethos-Institute".  There is a planned collaboration with the Tübingen Weltethos-Institute, along with the Eberhard Karls University.

The center will  inform people  by way of  science and instruction of a global social ethos and a common basis of people's values, excluding the true religion.

During the opening in China's capital, Küng said that an ethical orientation above peoples and religious boundaries is more important than ever before in a globalizing world.

The Rector of Tübingen University, Bernd Engler, spoke of a "new chapter in the cooperation between Germany and China".  The new institute may establish further bridges between Germany and China and participate in a better understanding between the cultures.

The Peking Research Center will be financed by German businessman Karl Schlecht,  who also enabled the Tübingen establishment and a Chinese mechanical engineering company.

Behind the world ethos research is the Weltethos Foundation, which was brought to life by Küng
in 1995.  The Foundation strives to make a consensus of religions in questions of values.

In that respect it works for the establishment of a new, worldwide value codex (Ethos), in which all religions are included.

These new world commandments are directed to brotherhood and peace.  In this respect ever individual may include his own personal image of God and his personal convictions, equally, in whichever religion he feels he belongs.

This idea is identical with the Freemasonry in 18th century established a world brotherhood without the benefit of a true religion based on Christ.

Seminal in this connection is the part of John 18:37.  There, Christ stood before PIlate accused by the high priests and scribes, he answered, " For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth."

About to the idea of a peace independent of the truth Christ addressed himself to this statement saying: "For that I was brought into the world, to give evidence for brotherhood."

For further reading:  The most recent entry was concerned principally with the phenomenon of Freemasonry and the penetration of these ideas into the Catholic Church.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tubingen Theologian: 'The Church Tends to Live a Half Heresy'

Edit: the theologian admits that the Church has "a tendency to half-heresy" whatever that means. He strikes one as schizophrenic. At one point he complains about how the Pope wasn't ecumenical enough during his trip to Erfurt and that the there was a positive ferment before the Pastoral Council, then he's saying things like "ecumenism can't come at the price of truth".

He is the lay successor of Cardinal Kasper and the Holy Father.

Dogmatic Theologian Hilberath:  Instead of the Pope and Bishops, only the Pope and the Curia lead the Church -- Better not to have a 'Third Vatican Council', there isn't any progress expected from the curia in terms of current occupants of the Episcopal chairs.

Stuttgart ( / CBA) Dogmatic theologian, Bernd Jochen Hilberath holds that a Third Vatican Council is not currently desirable. Whether the current staffing of the bishops is not occupying expected episcopal offices, there are no steps currently for the future, said the Catholic theologian on Tuesday evening in Stuttgart.

He fears in one such case many more backwards steps for the Catholic Church. For a further Council, he foresees the need for "a comprehensive process of fermentation" in the entire population of the Church, as was also present in the years from 1962 to 1965.

The Church lives according to Hilberath's estimation, "tending to a half heresy", therefore with false doctrine: in the sense of the Second Vatican Council all of the Bishops and the Pope had to lead the Church together, however the Church was headed de facto only by the Pope and the Roman Curia.

The theologian directed criticism at the ecumenical meeting of Pope Benedict XVI in the wings of his Germany visit in Autumn. The testimony that he gave at the Erfurt meeting with representatives of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) where no "ecumenical gift" [Some concession or praise for Lutherans in general was expected in some circles] was brought was "below par". It went without saying that ecumenism can not be accomplished at the expense of truth.

In the view of the theologian some of the ecumenical problems within the Church itself would be resolved, if Christians were more involved with the fight for justice. 99.9 percent of humanity is not particularly interested in the question of apostolic succession, but are very interested, however, in questions of justice. Hilberath stressed, in the sense of a saying of the Ex-Constitutional Judge Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde, the Church also exists from presuppositions which they could not make, and had not made. The Church lives not for itself, rather for the Gospel.

Hilberath spoke at an event in the house of the Catholic Church in Stuttgart. The layman occupied the Professor's chair, which was held previously by Cardinal Kasper, and before that Joseph Ratzinger, today Pope Benedict XVI.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Georg Ratzinger, Pope's Uncle, Disciple of Heretical Döllinger

Editor: The Pope's Uncle, Georg Ratzinger, was a laicized priest who was a disciple of the heretical Döllinger who opposed the Dogma of Papal infallibility and left the Church.  So, not only did the Holy Father study under some of the students of some of the worst heretics of the Ninteenth Century, but his uncle actually served them and studied them in varying capacities.  NCR has the story, here:

Next Wednesday is the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, when archbishops appointed during the past year will be in Rome to receive their pallium. (A narrow band of woolen cloth, the pallium symbolizes the archbishop’s office.) This year the event takes on extra significance as the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination to the priesthood, which took place in the Freising Cathedral in Bavaria on June 29, 1951.

As it happens, the pope isn’t the only Bavarian priest celebrating his 60th anniversary. His brother Georg, 87, was ordained in the same ceremony by then-Cardinal Michael Faulhaber, along with a seminary classmate named Rupert Berger. The brothers offered their first public Masses on July 8, 1951, in St. Oswald’s church in their home village of Hufschlag -- an event known as a Doppelprimiz, or “double first.” Since concelebration was not yet normal practice, the Ratzinger brothers celebrated two separate Masses.
The scripture verse the future pope selected for his first Mass card came from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians: “We aim not to lord over your faith, but to serve your joy.”
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Destroyer of the Faith Leaves the Curia

"Porous, ambiguous, deceptive", the famous Mainz Canon Lawyer, Father Georg May, let loose a scathing condemnation on the departing president of the Vatican Office for Unity.

[] "In the era of Kasper the extraction of the knowledge of the faith from Catholic Christians was expedited."

Mainz canon lawyer, Father Georg May, said this for the Catholic Monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau' about the newly President Emeritus of the Papal Office for Unity, Walter Cardinal Kasper (77).

The unrestrained ecumenism tore apart all the boundaries: "The people didn't know truth from error, or to distinguish the Church of Christ from schism."

Father May did not blame this entirely on Cardinal Kasper. Actually, he accused him of not having done anything to oppose this development.

Cardinal Kasper had not been qualified for transfer to that office.

He worked for false principles, that there are more commonalities with the protestants than things that separate us.

Fr. May contradicted that: "The opposite is the case."

The protestant theology is "almost in every way an unceasing opposition to Catholic Faith and moral teaching."

The Faith Distorted and Falsified

The third edition of the standard work 'Lexikons fuer Theologie und Kirche', which today's Cardinal Kasper had circulated in the years 1993 to 2001, Father May indicted as a danger for Theology and Church:

"Here the Catholic Faith in numerous places was distorted, falsified and deficiently represented."

The actual articles for the elucidation of the Faith were "porous, ambiguous and deceptive".

Even the moral teaching was "twisted, falsified and brought close to protestantic views."

The most recent history of the Church in an accompanying work was "progressivistically assigned".

Falsely Distorted

On the suggestion that today's Cardinal Kasper was promoted by the famous Catholic Theologian Leo Cardinal Scheffzczyk (+2005) in Tubingen, Father May exclaimed:

"As Cardinal Kasper was promoted, the Church showed immediately then the first twitches of disaster, that would break over it."

Today's Cardinal Kasper was completely gliding on the Progressive channel.

He followed exegetes, "who had not learned the bible methodically, and in whose hands the Gospel was transformed into a novelistic tale. "

Cardinal Kasper had worked to "loosen the Dogma" -- cited Father May the convert and Indologue Paul Hacker (+1979).

For example Father may mentioned the fact, that the Cardinal had portrayed the teaching on Christ's divinity and humanity as overreaching":

"It is too little, when Walter Casper merely says that the death of Jesus is, >>the consequence of his act<<".

This Theology is incapable of securing young people in their Faith.

Illusions About Successor

Father May is enthusiastic about Cardinal Kasper's successor, Msgr Kurt Koch (60).

He is is supposedly in opposition to the Princes of the Church, a pastor.

Also, he has no illusions about hostility to the Church -- especially in Switzerland:

"If he will be able to ward off the pressures of unteachable ecumenists, remains to be seen."

Father May holds it to be a first duty to diminish ecumenism.

Next time: abyssal opposition desperate the Church from the Protestants.

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